Remembering Loved Ones at Wedding Ceremony: 19 Beautiful Ways

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Two things I’ve learned when it comes to weddings. Not only is it one of the most unforgettable days of your life, but your special day also comes with an un-mathematical equation:

Weddings + emotions = tears.

There’s no shying away from your feelings on your wedding day, and while we hope most of your tears are joyful, it’s also heartfelt and heart-wrenching if you’re missing a loved one on this beautiful occasion.

While they’re not there in person, you can (and should!) make a point of remembering loved ones at wedding ceremony.

Here are the sweetest, most touching, and fondest ways to do that with a memorable sign or recollection in words, perhaps during your wedding speech.

Keep reading because we’ve got a neat idea at the end too.

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Include Them In Your Unity Candle Ceremony

The unity candle tradition is a longstanding part of many faith-based wedding ceremonies. Still, you can also honor your loved ones as a couple by lighting a candle together as part of any ceremony.

This stunning unity candle set comes in timeless but trendy rose gold, and it features an inspirational biblical quote.

While this is perfect for a religious ceremony, you can request a different quote or words to reflect on your loved ones and have their light shine while you’re getting married.

It’s a great idea to talk about your candle lighting wishes with your wedding officiant. You, your fiance, and the officiant can discuss what you’d like to say or have your officiant say if it’s too emotional for you.

Your Wedding Memorial Shines Bright

Here’s another option to have a lighted wedding memorial during your ceremony and reception. This frosted acrylic piece is a beautiful design with durable wood, and the words say what’s in your heart.

Another unique idea is pairing this memorial display with a dedicated memory box at your reception.

On your wedding website, invite your guests to leave notes in the memory box about your loved one for you and your spouse to cherish later.

A Wedding Advice Box Makes Beautiful Memories Too

This “advice box” is also perfect for notes your wedding guests can leave you with their favorite memories of your loved one.

It’s priceless and will probably mean more to you than gifts taken off your wedding registry.

Their Memory Blooms in Your Wedding Locket

A bridal bouquet photo locket is a touching way to keep your loved one’s memory close.

This beautifully detailed selection holds a photo inside. There are many colors available in the pearl accent and ribbon to coordinate with your floral arrangement.

Remember Loved Ones at Wedding With a Blue Dress Label

This idea is super-special because it incorporates your “something blue” into a custom label with your handwritten dedication to your loved one embroidered in blue cotton thread.

It’s not hard to pin or sew your label into the underside of your wedding dress (or another item of clothing if you’re the groom or a wedding party member).

Wedding Tuxedo Charm Is Double-Sided

If your groom or your dad wants to remember a loved one on the big day, this double-sided tuxedo or boutonniere charm contains a favorite picture on one side and a personalized message on the other.

Wedding Portrait With Your Loved One—They Walk With You

This customized selection features the bride in her gown or the groom in a tux, flanked by their loved ones—the angels among us.

It’s a beautiful memory for newlyweds or their parents after the wedding. Or, if you can get a picture of the bride in her dress, it makes an incredibly touching presentation to the newlyweds during the reception.

Handwritten Handkerchief Close to Your Heart

I count a handkerchief as an essential item to catch wedding day tears.

This custom hanky includes a printed scan of a handwritten message, and it’s a heart-melting addition to your wedding day accessories.

Carry something special from someone close to you now or with you in spirit.

We Won’t Forget Rover on a Wedding Handkerchief

We miss everyone we love on special occasions! This custom handkerchief features a picture of your favorite pupster and a sweet sentiment. What a genuinely lovely idea.

Wear an Angel Wing Close By in Their Honor

A dainty necklace with an angel wing charm is a beautiful way to keep their special memory close on your wedding day.

It’s a great look for a beachy bride or an excellent accessory for the bridesmaids.

Remember Them With a Wedding Decor Sign

We love this memory sign selection because it’s sweet, touching, and guaranteed to make people smile and shed a tear.

Depending on how many photos you want to hang on the pallet with clothes pins (easel not included), you can choose from three sizes.

This pallet also comes in two finishes, making a beautiful decoration at your reception.

Save a Chair for Your Loved Ones With This Memorial Set

It’s a nice touch to have a photo memorial table at your reception as a reminder of lost loved ones, and this wooden set adds an even more touching element to your display.

The heart and chairs are laser-engraved, and you can customize your message. You can also select how many little chairs you want in this thoughtful item.

3D Memorial Remembering Loved Ones at Your Wedding

You might wonder what a bereavement brick is, but looking at this stunning selection, you’ll see why it’s an unforgettable way to honor loved ones at your wedding, and it’s a gorgeous keepsake too.

This crystal brick comes in several sizes. The beauty of this piece is the 3D image of your loved one engraved within the crystal, and the crafter can also engrave your personalized message.

If you include an LED base with this item, it’s exceptional when it’s lit up!

Your Loving Memory Table Sign

Sweetly decorated, this affordable table sign is a subtle way of remembering loved ones at your wedding.

Because it’s a digital download, you can edit this sign and print it at home on paper of your choice.

The seller may have already included a template for table signs if you purchase a digital suite of wedding invitations and stationery online. Check it out because it can save you a bit on your budget.

Wine Bottle Lights for Your Loved Ones

Did you have a special relationship with your wine-loving grandmother? That’s adorable, but this clear or frosted wine bottle with fairy lights is beautiful and a special way to remember any loved one on your big day.

Remembering Loved Ones in Rustic Fashion

I love everything about this memory sign with a photo. Your loved ones will want you to think of them on your wedding day with smiles on their faces!

This memory sign is another gorgeous keepsake that would look beautiful hanging in your home as newlyweds. I especially love the barn wood frame for a rustic wedding celebration.

Photo Socks to Remember the Groom’s Loved One

Everyone who notices your groom’s feet on your wedding day may catch a glimpse of dark-colored socks, but the secret you two will share is a special note and photo he’s wearing in tribute to a lost loved one.

Memorial Wind Chime Makes Beautiful Sounds

If you’re getting married outdoors or planning a beach wedding locally, this memorial wind chime can be personalized with a message and hung close by to where you say your vows.

Lastly, Boogie to Their Favorite Tune

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We’re always tearing up happily when we see a “daddy-daughter” dance at a wedding reception, and some newlyweds also choose a slow dance to the favorite song of a departed one. It’s lovely, quite emotional, and a beautiful way to honor their memories.

You can also take it in a faster-paced direction as I did at my reception. The last dance of the night was a catchy pop-rock tune because we wanted to end our special day on an upbeat note.

My hubby and I danced in the middle to celebrate the memories of our loved ones. Our guests joined hands and danced around us in a circle, and I’ll never forget that sacred moment.

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