12 Shania Twain Wedding Songs to Fill the Day With Love

From country couples to music lovers of every genre, Shania Twain’s song list is beloved all over the world. This popular artist boasts a discography full of dance tracks, ballads, and chart-topping hits spanning several decades.

In 2022, Shania Twain was inducted into the Nashville Songwriter Hall of Fame, cementing her status as a music legend. It’s impossible not to love this country queen, so why not feature a few of her tracks on your special day?

From her greatest hits to the hidden gems, Twain has penned some of the best songs ever written, so it may be difficult to make your picks. That’s where we come in—we combed through album after album, track after track, and found the best Shania Twain wedding songs, just for you!

Dance With the One That Brought You

If you want to celebrate this special moment in style, you can’t go wrong with this classic Shania Twain song. Released in 1993, Dance With the One That Brought You captures all the best parts of Twain’s repertoire.

Rooted in traditional country music, this song would make a great addition to your ultimate wedding playlist. If you and your partner have a small-town kind of romance, you’re sure to fall for this hit single right away.

On your wedding day, you deserve a song list that honors all the raw, real moments of your love story. Dance With the One That Brought You will keep you focused on what really matters: enjoying every moment spent with the ones you love.

Life’s About To Get Good

For couples in search of an upbeat dance track, this popular song is a must-have for your dream wedding. Life’s About to Get Good celebrates Shania Twain’s unique style, bringing only the best vibes to your special day.

Weddings are all about love, joy, and celebrating, making this tune a perfect choice for your ceremony or reception. We highly recommend using this song as a recessional track as you begin your new life together.

Life’s About to Get Good also works as a fun reception song to keep your guests moving and grooving. They won’t be able to resist the infectious beat, singing and dancing along as you two enjoy this moment together.

When You Kiss Me

As things turn in a more romantic direction, When You Kiss Me will transport you back to the beginning of your relationship. From your first date to the wedding day, and every moment beyond, every kiss with your soul mate feels just as special as the first time.

Get ready for all the warm, fuzzy feelings as you reflect on a lifetime of memories with your favorite person. As a processional song, When You Kiss Me will have your spouse tearing up long before you reach the end of the aisle.

This tune can also be used during your first dance, highlighting the romance of this special moment with your spouse. As your loved ones watch on, you can share a sweet dance in celebration of your marriage.

Don’t Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)

Flirty and fun, this hit single is guaranteed to keep the party going on your wedding day. If you and your partner know how to cut loose, you’ll love this classic Shania Twain track.

We suggest playing this tune during your reception when you want to keep the mood light-hearted and relaxed. Whether your guests are out on the dance floor or catching up with old friends, they’ll enjoy listening to this popular song.

In Don’t Be Stupid, Twain reminds her partner that they can always be certain of her feelings for them. Now that you’ve made one of life’s greatest commitments to one another, there’s no better way to celebrate your union.

You Win My Love

Continuing the theme of upbeat dance tracks, here’s another Shania Twain song to highlight your special day. For married couples and new relationships alike, it’s impossible not to connect with this romantic song.

Your wedding playlist should have a wide variety of tracks, and this country-style love song is sure to add plenty of charm. With You Win My Love, you can tell your partner just how they make you feel.

You Win My Love would also make a great bouquet toss song, setting the mood for a fun competition between your guests. Wherever you choose to feature this hit, it’s sure to bring good times and great memories to your wedding day.

Honey, I’m Home

Whether you’re a country girl or just enjoy relatable love songs, Honey, I’m Home is the perfect tune for your big day. If you’ve ever had a long day at work and couldn’t wait to get home to your partner, this one’s for you.

Honey, I’m Home is another one of Shania Twain’s well-known dance songs, getting even the shyest wallflowers to start toe-tapping. Trust us, your wedding reception playlist won’t be complete without this beloved single.

If you and your partner have been together for years, you know relationships aren’t all sunshine and roses. It’s on those long, hard days, however, that you’ll be reminded why your love story is oh-so worth it.

Home Ain’t Where His Heart Is (Anymore)

While this may not be Shania Twain’s most romantic song, this is a classic that your guests are sure to recognize. Slow and sweet, this tune about heartbreak will make you hold onto your partner that much tighter.

While you definitely want to keep the party moving, your wedding guests will be thankful for a moment to relax. As this country ballad plays, they can grab a drink and catch up while admiring the beauty of your venue.

Home Ain’t Where His Heart Is can be featured after a series of upbeat songs, giving you some time to get off your feet. After a few slow jams, you two will be ready to get back out on the dance floor with your loved ones.

From This Moment On

Performed with the incredibly talented Bryan White, From This Moment On is a beautiful song for your wedding playlist. If you’ve been on the hunt for a powerful ballad, we cannot recommend this romantic hit enough.

From This Moment On can be played as you make your grand entrance to the ceremony, moving your partner to tears as you prepare to exchange vows. Nothing says “I’ll love you forever” like a classic song about neverending romance.

This is also a lovely song choice for your first dance as husband and wife. As you sway gently to this track’s steady beat, you will feel like the only two people on Earth.

That Don’t Impress Me Much

If you want to speed things back up, That Don’t Impress Me Much is the perfect way to get things going again! With this playful, fun song, you can enjoy a lighthearted dance with your loved ones during the reception.

The tongue-in-cheek nature of this track is great for couples who don’t take themselves too seriously. If you’re not afraid to get flirty and show off your best (or worst) dance moves, you’ll love moving and grooving to this hit.

That Don’t Impress Me Much is a classic tune, so your guests will likely be singing and dancing along. As they’re belting out the chorus, you’ll know that you picked a fantastic song to add to your wedding playlist.

Man! I Feel Like a Woman

One of Shania Twain’s most iconic hits, Man! I Feel Like a Woman has had a special place in our hearts since its 1997 release. Still going strong decades later, this tune is guaranteed to take your wedding day to the next level.

Man! I Feel Like a Woman is the perfect song to play during the garter removal and subsequent garter toss. This fun, flirty song will help you to loosen up and enjoy this cute moment with your brand-new spouse.

This song also works well for an all-girls dance with your bridesmaids during the wedding reception. There’s no better way to celebrate your gal pals than by belting out the chorus to this wildly popular Shania Twain song.

You’re Still the One

Moving on to another wildly popular hit, You’re Still the One is a heartfelt track that honors endless love stories. If you’ve been with your partner for what feels like forever, this tune will capture your relationship perfectly.

This classic single’s touching lyrics are perfect for the big day, bringing plenty of emotion to your wedding ceremony. There are plenty of opportunities to feature this hit, and there’s no end to the joy you’ll feel singing along.

We recommend playing You’re Still the One during the procession, celebrating your union as you exit the ceremony. While you share a gentle slow dance with your spouse, this tune will help prepare you for a lifetime of love together.

Love Gets Me Every Time

To finish out this list of the best Shania Twain wedding songs, we had to include this irresistible track. With a steady rhythm and energetic lyrics, Love Gets Me Every Time is great for guests of all ages.

Twain is at her best in this playful love song, capturing all of the elements that have made her a music legend. It’s no wonder that this song has been on repeat at weddings, girls’ trips, and wild parties for several decades now.

No wedding playlist is complete without a few songs from the country queen, and this tune is one of the very best. As you dance the night away with your favorite people, you’ll be all too excited to begin your beautiful marriage together.

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