Top 10 Craziest Water Slides at All-inclusive Resorts Worldwide

Looking for the craziest resort water slides? Perfect, because we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re honeymooning or just looking for a thrill, you can find some of the most jaw-dropping water slides at all-inclusive resorts.

A well-designed water slide can take a resort from being boring and stale to out of this world. When it comes to finding the best water slides in the world, thrill seekers know, the bolder the better.

From unbelievable heights to endless twists and turns, you deserve a truly unforgettable trip. If you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for a little fun, check out some of the wildest waterslides all over the world.

Kilimanjaro Slide

Why not kick things off by checking out the tallest water slide in the world—Brazil’s own Kilimanjaro? If you’re searching for the ride of a lifetime, Aldeia das Aguas Park Resort is a great place to get started.

Just a short trip away from Rio De Janeiro, this water slide will leave you breathless, both literally and figuratively. With a height of 49.9 meters and a speed of 57 mph, Kilimanjaro more than lives up to its name.

Whether you’re heading to this resort for your honeymoon or going on a couple’s trip, you’ll want to try this famous slide. If that doesn’t satisfy you, we’ve got plenty of extreme slides that are guaranteed to blow you away.


At the famous Chimelong Water Park, you can find one of the most creative water slides in the world. From start to finish, the Slide-Wheel delivers a wild ride that you’ve just got to experience for yourself.

Just a short drive from Guangzhou, South China, Chimelong Water Park is every thrill-seeker’s playground. While they’ve got plenty of wading pools and casual rides, there’s nothing that compares to the energy of the slide-wheel.

In this rotating slide, guests are thrust into a “hamster wheel” of sorts, making their way through the tube system with two other parties. As crazy as it sounds, this incredible ride has been tested for maximum safety and fun.

Leap of Faith

Mayan Temple slide
Photo Credit: Depositphotos.

If you’re a couple of world travelers with a need for speed, you’ll want to check out this Mayan Temple slide. Leap of Faith is the gem of the Bahamas, and the perfect water slide for your thrilling vacation.

Located in the Atlantis Paradise Island Water Park, this insane ride has it all: height, speed, and an incredible view. Before trying this one out, be warned—it’s certainly not for the faint of heart.

If the vertical drop doesn’t take your breath away, get ready to explore shark-infested waters. To finish out the adventure, this tube slide takes riders through a vibrant lagoon, surrounded by sharks on either side.

Mammoth Water Coaster

If you want to experience the ride of a lifetime without leaving the U.S., Mammoth Water Coaster is the perfect choice. In Indiana, you’ll find Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, a luxurious water park with some of the most adventurous rides around.

Although you’ve got plenty of thrilling options to choose from, there’s one big reason to head straight to Mammoth Water Coaster. With over 3 acres of twists and turns, this ride holds the record for the world’s longest water slide.

Linear induction motors power this famous slide, coincidentally the same type of machinery that moves roller coasters. If you love coasters as much as water slides, the Mammoth Water Coaster gives you the best of both worlds.

Tower of Power

tower of power siam park
Photo Credit: Depositphotos.

Moving beyond the wide, open lands of Indiana, let’s take a trip to the other side of the world. In Spain’s Siam Park, you can check out a wide variety of slides, rides, and heart-stopping attractions—including the popular Tower of Power.

This water slide is every adrenaline junkie’s dream, sending guests into an extreme freefall that they’ll never forget. As you plummet from the 28m drop, reaching a speed of 80km/hr, you’ll have an incredible view of the park.

Speaking of the view, this slide ends by taking you through an aquarium, surrounded by live rays and sharks. If you can get past the initial rush, this is one ride that you’ll want to experience over and over again.

Sky Calibre

Heading back to the States, New Jersey’s Sky Calibre is widely regarded as one of the craziest water slides ever! Located in Mountain Creek (formerly known as Action Park), this ride goes above and beyond to give guests a major thrill.

Sky Calibre’s claim to fame? This insane ride is only the second water slide in history to feature a vertical loop. To up the ante even more, Sky Calibre delivers a whopping 6G level of G Force, propelling riders into a whole new world.

If you’ve been searching for a resort water slide that will get your heart racing, Sky Calibre is one of the best. With this stellar slide, you can expect a thrilling experience that goes beyond your wildest expectations.

Scorpion’s Tail

Located in the heart of Noah’s Ark Waterpark, Scorpion’s Tail is a jaw-dropper that will take your breath away. From freefalls to loop-the-loops, this crazy slide has everything you could ask for, and so much more.

At this Lake Delton, Wisconsin water park, guests will find chills and thrills at every turn. It’s Scorpion’s Tail, however, that delivers the greatest adrenaline rush that this water park has to offer.

While there have been countless advancements over the years, it’s worth noting that Scorpion’s Tail was the first loop-the-loop slide in the United States! If you want to experience the rush of a lifetime while enjoying a piece of water park history, this ride is the perfect choice.

Poseidon’s Revenge

Aquaventure waterpark in Dubai
Photo Credit: Depositphotos.

Named after the famous Greek deity, Poseidon’s Revenge is a daring water slide that will leave you breathless. Be warned—from its sharp turns to the breakneck speed of 37mph, this wild ride is not for the faint of heart.

If you want to try out this death-defying slide, you’ll have to make the trip to Aquaventure Waterpark in Atlantis the Palm. At this United Arab Emirates-based park, guests can experience a once-in-a-lifetime thrill.

Due to its unique design, Poseidon’s revenge is best enjoyed with a partner or friend to experience the ride with you. Once you’ve made it through the dueling waterslides, you can check out the timers to find out who finished fastest.

Jumeirah Sceirah

Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai
Photo Credit: Depositphotos.

Let’s extend our stay in the United Arab Emirates to check out another unbelievable water slide. At Wild Wadi Waterpark, you can grab your partner and head straight for the eye-catching Jumeirah Sceirah.

Similar to Poseidon’s Revenge, Jumeirah Sceirah is a tandem slide, one that you can experience with your favorite person. Whether you’re competing or just riding for fun, this is one water slide that you’ve got to try for yourself.

This slide is ideal for speed demons, as riders have been recorded reaching nearly 50 miles per hour during their descent. Starting from a height of 105 ft, Jumeirah Sceirah will deliver plenty of thrills and chills the whole way down.

Massiv Monster Blaster

Massiv Monster Blaster
Photo Credit: Depositphotos.

In case you haven’t heard, everything is bigger in Texas—and that includes the water slides. One look at the Massiv Monster Blaster, and you’ll be booking a trip to Galveston Island’s Schlitterbahn Waterpark in no time.

The Massiv Monster Blaster is more extreme than your average water slide, being classified instead as a water coaster. With seemingly endless ups and downs, this ride will keep you guessing at every turn.

In addition to its winding course, the Massive Monster Blaster boasts dizzying heights for its fearless riders. Known as the tallest water slide in the world, this ride is meant for only the strongest of hearts.

Honu of the Honu ika Moana

Universal Volcano Bay Water Theme Park
Photo Credit: Depositphotos.

If you want to spend some time working on your tan, then why not head down to the great state of Florida? When you’re not sunbathing, we strongly encourage you to explore one of Orlando’s greatest water parks.

In association with Universal Studios Resort, you can find Honu of the Honu ika Moana at Volcano Bay. As one of the craziest water slides in the world, this jaw-dropping ride will leave you full of adrenaline.

Riders slide back and forth between two walls, taking in an incredible view of the massive water park surrounding them. In a state known for having some of the best theme parks, this ride certainly brings something new to the table.

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