18 Of The Best John Legend Wedding Songs To Add To Your Playlist

Have you ever been excited to go to a wedding and then sooner than later thought, “Oh, great. Ave Maria is playing… Again.”

Yeah—us too. 

Don’t get us wrong – we love our classic wedding tunes, and we’re very aware that a classical number like Cello Suite No. 1 in G by the legendary Sebastian Bach can’t really go wrong at a wedding. 

But, if you’re looking for music that aligns more to your romantic yet fun, sweet yet jazzy, corny yet seriously loving relationship, then you might want to throw in some John Legend songs on your wedding playlist. 

Whether you’re looking for tracks to play before the ceremony, during the reception, or after all the older folks have gone to sleep, the legend that is John Legend has a beautiful song for every part of your big day. 

So without further ado, here are our top lovey-dovey picks for the best John Legend wedding songs:

john legend wedding songs


These tracks are great for when your guests are entering the ceremony. 

“A Good Night” 

This is a groovy, moderately upbeat song that’s perfect for gradually getting people in a great mood for what’s about to be a great day! We recommend playing this pre-ceremony, as people are coming in. 

Alternatively, if you have a cocktail hour before the main reception, this would be the perfect addition to the wedding playlist. We can hear it already: “Wow, what a great song… I’ll have another Cosmo, please!”

Best lyrics: “And oooooh I feel like something good is about to be going on…. / And baby it’s you / And everything’s going to be alright / I think I just met my wife.”

“God Only Knows” (Ft. yMusic)

This rendition of “God Only Knows” has beautiful instrumentals that’ll set a classy, almost whimsical tone to your wedding day. 

Some might feel thrown off by the first lyrics, “I may not always love you”—but don’t worry. It’s still a great wedding song!

This is primarily a good option for the beginning of the ceremony when everyone’s taking their seat and casually chit-chatting (and hopefully only selectively hearing the heart-warming music that comes after that first line). 

We also love the beautiful featured voice of yMusic that puts the cherry on top of this sweet, sweet rendition. 

Best Lyrics: “God only knows what I’d be without you.” 

“Open Your Eyes”

Weddings don’t have to be so stiff! Open your eyes isn’t the most eye-wateringly romantic song on this list, but it’s a great starter song for a fun-loving mood. 

It’s a pleasant, upbeat, agreeable number that will add a welcoming tone to the beginning of the ceremony. 

Best lyrics: “Darling, open your eyes / Let me show you the light.” 


The following songs will bring tears to your guests’ eyes as you and your party walk down the aisle. 

“You & I” 

Oh my goodness. Just imagine…

Everyone stands up in preparation for the bride’s entrance. The lyrics blast, “Out of all of the girls / You’re my one and only girl / Ain’t nobody in the world tonight…” as the bride slowly starts walking down the aisle. 

The groom is obviously speechless, so the song is conveniently doing the talking for him. I mean, he’s about to marry the woman of his dreams!


If you don’t use this song for the aisle walk, then I guess we’ll have to! 

Another excellent opportunity to use this track is for the first dance, where the two of you will undoubtedly feel like you’re the only ones in the world, let alone the room. 

Best Lyrics: “You keep wondering if you’re wanting / You don’t even have to try.” 

“So High”

Everything about this song is perfect for the bridal party entrance: the tempo, the lyrics, the dreamy vocals, the background vocals. 

It will also make your entrance more unique! Instead of classical instrumentals, like most people go for, the party will get to walk to a smooth, jazzy song filled with all the romantic vibes you could ask for. 

Best lyrics: “Maybe later we can go to the moon / Or sail among the stars before the night is through.”

Reception Entrance 

Let everyone celebrate both you and your closest friends as you walk into your wedding reception with the following lovable songs on the sound system. 

“Conversations in the Dark” 

If you’re looking for a calmer number for the bride, groom, and bridal party, this is a less famous but supremely touching John Legend song.

Because most people won’t recognize it, all of the focus will be on cheering on the party and taking all the pictures they couldn’t get during the ceremony entrance.

Best lyrics: “I won’t ever try to change you, change you / I will always want the same you, same you.”

“I Love, You Love”

This is another calm reception entrance song that would be a good choice if you have an MC announce your bridal party’s names over the speaker. 

Since the track’s instrumental is calm but not too calm, interesting but quite repetitive, and not too dynamic, it’s a fitting tune to speak over while still keeping the romantic feel alive! 

Best lyrics: “Come and share my house, my home / And all I own / I’d love to give to you.”

First Dance Songs 

Here come the real tear-jerkers. We shouldn’t even have to really explain why these are notable first dance song picks. But no worries, we will anyway. 

“All of Me” 

It’s challenging to choose which part of this we admire the most. It’s almost as if… “all of us love all of this song.”

Already one of the most popular wedding songs, this would be a fantastic and touching addition to your wedding day, no matter the theme or location. 

Plus this soft, instrumental, less radio-pop version is sentimental as ever; perfect for your first dance. Get ready for the tears! 

Best Lyrics: “My head’s underwater but I’m breathing fine / You’re crazy, and I’m out of my mind / Cause all of Me loves all of you.”

“Stay With You”

If you love “All of Me” but want a first dance song that not every single person you know has used at their wedding — fair enough. You could use “Stay With You”, it’s beautiful and is perfect for the more jazzy, bluesy music lovers. 

The lyrics will solidify all of the vows from the ceremony and make your guests cry all over again. Win-win. 

Best lyrics: Though relationships can get old / They have the tendency to go old / We have something like a miracle / And I will stay with you.”

“U Move, I Move” (ft. Jhene Aiko)

It doesn’t take a genius to realize why this would be the perfect song for the first dance. I mean, we were sold at just the title alone.

But when you actually hear the lyrics—such as “you control me fast and slow .. when you move I move”—you realize that this song is 70% romantic, 20% dreamy, and 10% sexy. Perfect. 

To top it off, it has Jhene Aiko’s beautiful voice on it. It can’t get much better than this. 

Best lyrics: “If you ever hurt / Then I’m gonna bleed / But I’ll pick you up / Put you back on your feet / That’s how this works / I put you first / Yeah I do for you / What you want me to.”

“P.D.A” (We Just Don’t Care)

This song will be a fantastic addition to your track-list if you plan to make out (at least a bit!) at the end of your first dance. You can pull a bait-and-switch by starting with a softer, more gentle song, then switching to this dancey jam. 

The lyrics indicate not caring about P.D.A. (public displays of affection) — so it’s pretty much asking for you two to kiss! Get ready for the roaring applause! 

Best lyrics: “You know I love it when you’re loving me / Sometimes it’s better when it’s publicly.” 

Wedding Reception Dancing 

Time to dance! Get your guests off their feet with some of these more upbeat John Legend songs.

“Bigger Love” 

Right at the start of this jam, you hear Legend’s inviting voice sing-talk “I don’t want to think about nothing / just watching / you dancing,” and you’re hooked. It’s clearly time to dance people—the Legend himself declared it! 

This Caribbean/reggae-inspired song is so much fun to groove to while keeping the sentimental lyrics we all love about John Legend’s music. 

Best lyrics: “We got a one-way ticket, love / We ain’t going no place but up / Nothing can stop this/ No one can top us.”

“Each Day Gets Better”

The parents will love this one, especially when they need a break from the cha-cha slide and other more upbeat songs. This jazzy hit is the perfect choice to simply groove to. 

Best lyrics: “Where do we go? / Who knows? / But each day gets better / I just can’t let her go.”

“Like I’m Gonna Lose You” 

This is actually Meghan Trainor’s song, with John Legend featuring in it, but it is definitely the song you play when it’s time for couples to have a slow dance. 

It’s not the greatest option on the list, so you probably don’t want to use it for an extraordinary moment, but it’s definitely catchy and sweet enough to be included!

Plus, it’s a song that many people know, which tends to help break the awkward ice. 

Best Lyrics: “You could lose everything / The truth is you never know / So I’ll kiss you longer babe / Any chance that I get.”

“One Woman Man”

You know that awkward, questionable part of weddings where the groom scuffles under the bride’s wedding gown in search of the garter on her thigh? You know, the part where everyone watches timidly, with shifty eyes, not knowing the appropriate facial expression to have? 

Yeah, well, if you are deciding to throw this into your wedding schedule, you might as well make up the ante and use this deliciously sexy song, written for “Fifty Shades Darker” to complete the act. 

And honestly, we’d love that for you.

Best lyrics: “From the moment that I met you / I knew that I would never let you / Slip away / So it’s okay / You can make me / A one-woman man.”


Time to settle down – or not. It’s completely up to you! Pick your favorite of the following John Legend wedding songs for winding down or keeping the party alive.

“Love Me Now” 

This track may seem like a dancing hit, but because of the changing tempos and down-times within it, your guests might actually find it a bit hard to dance to. 

Unless they’re all professional dancers—and if that’s the case, can we get an invite? 

However, you might find it a little bit too upbeat for the earlier stages of the wedding as well. Plus, it also alludes to things in the relationship potentially ending one day, which obviously sets a strange tone. 

That’s why we’d recommend saving it for the after-party. It’s a good hit with loving intentions, and it’s upbeat enough to keep people lively after hours. 

Best lyrics: “I don’t know how the years will go down / It’s alright /Let’s make the most of every moment /Tonight.”

“Made To Love”

Similar to “Love Me Now”, this song is a masterpiece, don’t get us wrong, but the dynamic nature of it isn’t exactly “dance-worthy.” Use this for the after-party for sure, especially if you have a highly energetic and upbeat group! 

Best lyrics: “I was sent here for you / We were made to love / You were sent for me too / We were made to love” 

“Under the Stars”

If you’re having a more mellow, kicked-back after-party, this song is appropriate because it is laid-back but not too sleepy. 

It will leave all romantic guests (e.g., your cousin Fred) feeling hopeful for love until the very end of the celebration. 

Best lyrics: “Heaven is not so far / Heaven is not so far / Heaven is not so far / Under the Stars… Let’s raise a toast to all the good days to come”

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