29 Clip-On Wedding Earrings To Complete Your Look

Being a bride is exciting, but it also presents you with an overwhelming variety of options for hair, makeup, dresses, and — of course — jewelry. 

A pair of earrings is a significant wedding decision, as they will frame your face in the 1,473 pictures you will likely take on your big day!

But, what if you’re the type of bride who finds earrings annoying, painful, or just too much for her sensitive ears? Or what if you simply don’t have your ears pierced at all?!

Well, don’t fret! There is a myriad of beautiful clip-on earrings that are perfect for you!

You might be a bit nervous about wearing them if you’ve heard that they tend to fall off or just aren’t as reliable as post-earrings. But rest assured — these highly-rated clip-on sets will stay sturdy and comfortable, even when you’re hitting the Cha Cha Slide on the dance floor! 

Plus, with prices from $15 to $50, none of these clip-on wedding earrings will cause you to break the bank either. Win-win-win! 

LottieDaDesigns Antique Boho Earrings 

Antique Style Clip-On or Post Boho Wedding Earrings

These stunning vintage inspired dangling statement earrings are perfect for your wedding, bridesmaids, grad, prom, special occasion or everyday pop of bling!

These striking earrings are an excellent high-quality option that would pair well with a princess look. Think princess with pizzazz! 

With these antique boho beauties, you will look classic but also not too gaudy.

If you’re not keen on the silver look — no worries. You have nine color options such as rose gold, standard gold, or a combination of gold and a color that pops — like green or blue.

Dareth Colburn Floral Bridal Earrings 

Clip On Bridal Earrings

Our Sydney Floral CZ Clip On Earrings are handcrafted with CZ stones in a floral design.

This floral pair is similar to the boho earrings above but is more subtle and minimalistic. 

With the options of silver, gold, and rose gold, these are an excellent choice if you already have a lot of bling on your dress.

They could also work well if you are just going for an overall more subtle and toned-down look. 

These delicate floral earrings will also pair well with a floral head crown. Too cute! 

BlueJCraftsArt Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Freshwater Pearl Clip on Earrings

We made these stunning pearl studs with 6A high quality genuine freshwater button pearls, which have no flaws on the front surface.

These freshwater pearl bridal earrings are super simple, sleek, and elegant. 

If what others call “traditional” and “old-fashioned” you see as “classic” and “timeless”, this pair might be the perfect fit for you.

Additionally, this set is very stable and comfortable. Many customers claim they can’t even tell they had clip-on earrings on!

Wear these with an updo, especially if you plan to include diamond or floral clips on your bun. 

Pink Carnation Design Crystal Droplet Earrings 

Clip-On Rose Gold Bridesmaid Earrings

You choose earrings style you want , also clear crystal or any color on chart , silver or gold or rose gold

With 96,000 sales, you can trust PinkCarnationDesign to give you high-quality products, which is why we included three of their items on our list!

This crystal droplet design is perfect for brides — but also bridesmaids! Why? Because they are so classy and look good with everything. 

Pink Carnation Design Clear Crystal Droplet Earrings 

Personalized rose Gold Bridesmaid Gift Set

All of our jewelry they are nickel free, lead free and all hypoallergenic.

If you love a droplet-shaped design but need a little extra oomph, try these dangling droplet earrings from the same Etsy shop. 

The crystal teardrop hangs slightly, as opposed to sitting right on the earlobe resulting in a very sophisticated dangling look.

If you want to do an updo, we recommend this choice over the stud!

Joaillerie Daisy Floral Clip-On Earrings 

Clip on Crystal Earrings

Length: 1.25 Inches; Width: 0.5 Inches.

If you like cubic zirconia earrings but want a more modern, floral vibe as opposed to a classic pearl combination, then this could be the pair for you!

These nickel- and lead-free earrings are just flashy enough to stand out on your wedding day while still allowing alignment with your dress and other accessories. 

Also, who doesn’t love a matching bracelet? We sure do! 

Glamorous Bijoux Vintage Pearl Drop Earrings

Screw Clip-On Earrings

These amazing screw clip-on dangle earrings feature dainty Art Deco style filigree pendants with intricate details as the focal point, delicately embellished with cz.

These intricately detailed Art Deco style dangle earrings will coincide not only with a refined updo but also with a simple hair curl down each cheek.

With nine color options including a finish of either gold, silver, or rose gold — and a pearl that is white, ivory, or champagne — you know these earrings will match your dress. 

Allure Wedding Jewelry Rhinestone Earrings

Clip on Crystal Earrings Rose Gold

These wedding clip on earrings are designed with tiny, sparkling rhinestones in a teardrop pattern set in brilliant rose gold.

These show-stopping earrings have a teardrop pattern on both the top and bottom of the design for a complex yet symmetrical look. 

They’re rhinestone-studded and can have a finish of either silver or rose gold. 

With the rose gold option, your rhinestones will pop. With the silver option, you’ll have a more classic, super sparkly blend. 

Either way, customers said they were light on the ears (plus) and looked even better in person (BIG PLUS)!

Dareth Colburn Freshwater Pearl Clip-On Earrings 

Clip On Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Simplistically elegant, our Elsie Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings are now available as clip ons. 

If you like a hanging pearl design but want a bit more zing, these freshwater pearl earrings might be a better option. 

The cubic zirconia gemstone isn’t just a classic circle but a flower cut design. This brings a little more spice to your look whilst remaining classic and timeless. 

Basically, both your maid of honor and your grandma will love them — what more could you ask for?

SanMarelDesigns Cluster Drop Earrings

Clip On Bridal Earring

Make an unforgettable grand entrance wearing Mariell's brilliant Cubic Zirconia clip-on cluster earrings featuring dozens of glistening prong-set marquis-cut Zirconium gems. 

If you like the look of an earring that drops but get annoyed with the dangling, you might just fall head over shiny heels for this option. 

Since the marquise-cut cubic zirconia gems are clustered together, you have a sturdy, classy, mature look that still glimmers in the light. 

PoetryJewelry Crystal Drop Clip-On Earrings 

Clip On Drop Earrings Wedding

These earrings are for non pierced ears and are CLIP ON wedding earrings.

These crystal drop earrings from PoetryJewelry come with a finish of either silver, rose gold, or gold. 

Maybe you’re just not an overly bold bride; that’s okay! Or perhaps you don’t want big dazzling earrings taking away from your face, your hair, or even your dress. 

These clip-on wedding earrings are a great option if you are looking for a small simple pair that still has a shiny and elegant design. 

BalmDesigns Long Chain Invisible Earrings

Invisible Clip On Earrings

These simply stunning earrings are made using beautiful shiny snake chain soldered together to create a dangle that hangs gorgeously on high quality resin (invisible) clip on earrings.

So here’s the deal: 

If you couldn’t care less about traditional looks or antique designs, and you want something hip, modern, sleek, and stylish, well, these beautiful statement earrings are for you. 

These gold or silver clip-ons would pair perfectly with an elegant, slim-fitting silk wedding dress for an expensive, Hollywood look.

And here’s the best part — the clip-on part is “invisible,” as in transparent!

If you like the idea of clip-on earrings but don’t necessarily like the look of them, then these earrings tick all the boxes!

SanMarelDesigns Ivory Pearl Earrings

Clip On Bridal Earrings

Mariell's classic pearl clip on earrings for brides feature a fiery cluster of mixed-shape CZ's in a beautiful crescent design.

If you’re going for a classic studded look, or you like the “I’m not trying that hard” type of fancy, check out these cubic zirconia bridal earrings paired with a pearl. 

SanMarelDesigns uses genuine silver platinum rhodium plating with a cluster of cubic zirconia gems that look elegant and way pricier than what you’d actually pay. 

This pair would go well with your hair down, or half up and half down. 

SanMarelDesigns Crystal Teardrop Earrings 

Gold Clip On Bridal Earring

These gleaming non-pierced chandelier earrings will guarantee an unforgettable grand entrance.

These gold-plated earrings have a sizeable crystal teardrop down below. They are stylish, they are bold, and they certainly stand out! 

You’re going for big. You want everything to be flashy and out there on your wedding day because WHY NOT? 

Marmelo Simple Vintage Gemstone Screw Earrings

Edwardian Simple Gemstone Stud Earrings for Woman

Our customers love our clip-on earrings because they are not pinching their ears.

So let’s say you got super scared by the description above. You want the exact opposite of that and are looking for something straightforward and very versatile. 

Then these are for you!

With a length of .5 inches and an adjustable screw for the clip-on part, these earrings are great for a comfortable, casual wedding, such as in a barn or a pretty backyard. 

You can definitely wear these again and again, perhaps to dinner parties, or even to work. 

Ana Inspirations Sterling Silver Pearl Earrings 

Sterling Silver Clip On Pearl Wedding Earrings

These beautiful earrings are made to match my other bridesmaid earring sets but with a clip on base for those without pierced ears.

These earrings come in white and ivory, but they also come in more unique color options such as light pink and light and dark grey. 

These are great if you’re going for a super cute and dainty look that is more unique than a simple stud. 

Given their relative simplicity, you might be afraid that if you wear these earrings, they won’t be noticeable at all. But if you were to pair them with a simple dress that doesn’t have too much texture, they would certainly still stand out. 

KatherinesCraftyShop Heart Wire Earrings

Heart Wire Clip-On Earrings

Made with tarnish-resistant, silver plated, permanently colored, copper wire.

If you don’t like to follow the crowd, check out these bridal earrings. 

Why get your standard CZ, silver, or pearl earrings like everyone else? 

You like a more crafty, handmade look, and these heart-shaped wire earrings might tick all the boxes. 

We think they would specifically be best suited for a more casual, outdoor wedding, like at a park or at a beach. 

Pink Carnation Design White Opal Gold Earrings

White Opal Gold Clip on Non Pierced Ears

All of our jewelry they are nickel free, lead free and all hypoallergenic.

White opal is gorgeous! If you didn’t know, now you do. 

These opal earrings can come in a classic, easy-matching white color. 

But you can also go for a more bold and unique hue — green, blue, pink, purple, yellow — opals are natural stones that come in all these colors and more.  

SanMarelDesigns Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings

Silver Clip-On Wedding Earring

The brilliant look of fiery genuine diamonds is yours wearing these 2 Carat CZ solitaire pear-shaped clip-on stud earrings.

These platinum silver earrings might be your winning pick if you’re aiming for a simple look. 

They are simple, lightweight, and would pair well with virtually any dress. 

These earrings are also a good option if you haven’t decided on a dress yet and want something that will go well with anything you choose. 

AMYOBridal Rose Gold Wedding Stud Earrings

Rose Gold Clip On Earrings

18K White Gold, Gold, Rose Gold plated over brass.

Similar to the above, these gold studs are a good option if you are looking for something simple that will pair well with any dress.

Unlike the others, these have a little more flair, as well as an option to add a pop of color if you choose a gold or rose gold finish. 

These earrings would look fabulous paired with a diamond-studded crown. I am kind of tearing up just thinking about it.

Wisteria Sky Boutique Rose Gold Druzy Earrings

Rose Gold Druzy Clip On Earrings for Women

Our Rose Gold Faux Druzy Clip Earrings are set in Plated Brass Clip On Bezels. 

If you can’t get enough of rose gold, then these earrings are for you. 

Opt for a fully rose gold look with a rose gold finish. Or, make the interior pop even more with a finish that is silver, gunmetal, bronze, stainless steel, or even black!

LILU Studio Dainty Dangling Clip-On Earrings

LILU Studio Dainty Dangling Clip-On Earrings

Clip on cubic dangling earrings (1 pair). Tiny and dainty!

When you think of wedding earrings, you might not necessarily think about hoops. 

But hey, some of us ladies just love our hoops, okay?

If you love them too but feel that a simple single ring isn’t “bridal” enough for your big day, these hoop-to-dangle earrings might be the right fit.

They combine traditional aspects with a more modern, youthful, and overall adorable look. 

Ilonti Cluster Clip-On Earrings

Bridal Clip On Earrings

Dazzling Cluster Crystal earrings feature a Marquise cut crystal set on secure prong settings.

Some of the cluster earrings on this list have looked very classic and mature. 

These clusters however are multi-colored and super stylish for the fashion-forward bride. 

We think they would pair well with a funky, contemporary dress.

IckleAccessories Pearl Stud Earrings

Girls Ivory Pearl Clip on Earrings

These are made with ivory/white pearl flatbacks on a 10mm gold plated clip on earrings.

Are you thinking, “ugh, why complicate things, I just want a simple pearl earring”

Well, here it is. You’re welcome. 

These are also perhaps the most versatile earrings on this list because they go with literally any outfit! 

BlueJArtsShop Golden Leaf Invisible Clip-On Studs

If you are having a wedding in a forest, jungle, or somewhere even slightly on the wild or tropical side, then your search for clip-on wedding earrings is over. 

You don’t want to transport a ton of sparkly items to this setting, so stay on theme with these fun leaf-design earrings. 

TakeHeartClay White Floral Teardrop Clay Earrings

White Floral Teardrop Stud Dangle

All earrings are handcrafted which means each pair is unique and may have their own imperfections!

These earrings are one of the few on this list not made of gold or silver. Instead, they are made of clay!

If you like the uniqueness of a metal design but you want white and/or floral to match your dress, this could be an excellent option for you.

MaioreAccessories Gold Linked Hoops Clip-On Earrings

Gold Clip On Earrings

These Clip On Earrings are unique yet elegant. Makes a great gift for a loved one or just for yourself.

We’ve discussed how single hoop earrings don’t necessarily look bridal — but what about linked hoops? 

Go for a contemporary artistic look with this unique and modern option. 

Ana Inspirations Sterling Silver Pearl Clip-On Earrings

Sterling Silver Clip On Earrings

These beautiful earrings are made to match my other bridesmaid earring sets but with a clip on base for those without pierced ears.

If you loved the other Ana Inspirations earrings on this list but want even less sparkle, here’s a great option! 

These timeless earrings would pair well with a silky, sleek, ivory-colored wedding dress.

Just beware — people might start asking for your autograph on your way to the venue.

Swarovski Crystal Invisible Stud Earrings 

Swarovski Crystal Clip on Earrings

The bestseller invisible clip on earrings.

These crystal clip-on studs might be your favorite pick if you liked the SanMarelDesigns pair from earlier.

However, rather than the teardrop look, these are simple, classic, round studs.

Things to Consider When Buying Your Clip-On Wedding Earrings:

Your Hairstyle 

An updo typically pairs well with big or dangly earrings, while studs tend to go better when you are wearing your hair down. 

Your Head Accessories

If you have a floral crown, a floral earring design will work well. 

If you plan on having lots of sparkle in your hair, you can pair it with sparkly earrings, but choose a smaller pair so that the sparkle isn’t overdone. 

Your Dress

The style of your dress should match the style of your jewelry, including your bridal earrings. 

Is your dress vintage? Classic? Have a princess look? Tropical? Modern? Pair it with jewelry that has the same vibe. 

Your Wedding Setting and Theme 

Most brides know to pick a dress that fits their wedding’s setting and theme, but you should also consider your jewelry. 

You don’t want super heavy or sparkly jewelry for a beach wedding, for example, or earrings that are very simple if you are having a large, chandelier-studded ballroom wedding. 

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