19 Birdcage Wedding Centerpieces For Extra Flair

If you have an upcoming wedding, choosing your centerpieces is just one of the fun and creative tasks you’ll have to complete before your big day. So if you’re thinking of something other than a typical floral display then why not consider a birdcage centerpiece?!

Birdcages have a certain flair and elegance about them which make them great additions to any reception. Not only do they make great focal points, but they’re versatile enough to suit any wedding style, be it modern, rustic, or vintage!

Decorate your birdcages with crystals, feathers, or greenery, and fill them with candles, cards, or flowers! The possibilities are endless!

Take a look at these stylish birdcage wedding centerpieces that might just look perfect on your reception tables. 

Scroll Ivory Birdcage

Classic Round Decorative Birdcage Ivory

10 inch Diameter; 16 1/2 Inch tall. Alloy Metal Wire.

This alloy metal birdcage gives a classic and timeless feel with its neutral ivory color. 

It measures 10 inches across and only 16.5 inches high, making it an ideal size to place in the center of a table without blocking guests’ views of each other, or the festivities. 

Vintage Metal Crown Birdcage 

Vintage Metal Crown Birdcage 

Although this lovely birdcage is covered in chippy, distressed paint and rust, its metal structure is still study.

For a more retro look, this vintage birdcage is ideal. It has a chippy white and green paint design that emulates a 1940s motif. 

It measures 12.5 inches in diameter and 15.5 inches tall, the perfect size to use as a centerpiece with flowers.

Distressed Conservatory Style Rustic Birdcage 

Distressed Conservatory Style Rustic Birdcage 

Distressed White Metal Bird Cage Conservatory Style. 

For a unique take on a birdcage wedding centerpiece, this Distressed Conservatory Style Rustic option will fit the bill.

The elongated design is ideal to house tea light candles or flowers for a beautiful touch on each table.

It measures 14 ⅙ inches long by 7 ⅞ inches wide and stands 18 1/9 inches tall. 

Victorian Style Wrought Iron Rustic Birdcage 

Victorian Style Metal Outdoor Birdcage

Decorate your home or garden with this beautiful vintage-style bird cage. The top and door can both be opened.

If you want to make a statement, this Victorian Style Wrought Iron Rustic Birdcage will do the trick.

This vintage cage is an impressive item that measures 18.9 inches tall and 9.25 inches wide. 

Its grandiose size is ideal for filling with flowers to make an impressive wedding table centerpiece. 

Great Gatsby Antique Gold Elegant Birdcage 

Great Gatsby Antique Gold Elegant Birdcage 

The birdcage in interior offers a great focal point, drawing the eye to the window and adding some visual interest without making the room feel cluttered.

If you are following a Great Gatsby theme for your upcoming wedding, or just love a vintage vibe, then this antique gold birdcage will suit your wedding decor perfectly.

You can choose from various elegant finishes to ensure that your centerpieces make the statement you want. 

It measures 10.2 inches tall by 5.7 inches across, making it suitable for filling with candles, flowers, or both. 

Wooden Antique Victorian Birdcage 

Large Wooden Bird Cage Decor

This is a beautiful and large shabby chic antique bird cage.

Who says you have to choose a metal birdcage?

A centerpiece that is different from all the rest, this Wooden Antique Victorian Birdcage is an unusual pagoda shape.

The impressive two tiers and white chippy paint make this item the definition of shabby chic; ideal for any boho or farmhouse-style wedding.

It stands at an impressive 33.5 inches tall, measures 14.2 inches across, and is 8.25 inches wide. 

Illuminated White Birdcage

Illuminated Birdcage Winter Wedding Card Holder

The white painted metal birdcage is the perfect piece to add to any romantic elegant gift table.

This Illuminated White Birdcage is suitable for weddings during any season for a trendy take on a classic decor item.

It dons decorative flower blossoms that incorporate lights instead of using tea light candles.

Its battery pack hides beneath the top dome out of sight. It is 17.32 inches tall and 8.86 inches in diameter, perfect for holding cards or sitting independently. 

Rustic Barn Wedding Floral Birdcage 

Rustic Barn Wedding Floral Birdcage 

Floral decor can be customize to match your wedding theme and colors.

If you are looking for the perfect addition to your rustic barn wedding, this is it!

This white rustic birdcage piece comes with dried florals that you can customize to accompany your decor. 

It stands at 11.81 inches tall and is only 4.92 inches wide. You can include candles or leave them as is in all their rustic glory. 

Country Style Antique Birdcage Centerpiece 

White Decorative Birdcage Table Lanterns for Centerpieces

The shabby chic decor candle holder is made of beautiful antique white, with distressed finishes around it.

The classic look of this iron birdcage is fit for any country-style wedding.

You can choose either a round or square base to fill with candles, flowers, or both. 

Each style dons a bird on top for an added decorative touch.

You can choose either 13.4 inches or 20.5 inches for height, depending on which base you want. 

Burlap and Gold Floral Birdcage Centerpiece

Bird Cage Card Holder

The big size cage will be the perfect touch to your next event! It is totally stunning and very elegant.

For a touch of luxury, this Burlap and Gold Floral Birdcage Centerpiece is just the thing!.

With floral accents and added crystal brooches, these pieces are simply stunning. 

They are available in three sizes, ranging from 9.5 inches tall to 17 inches tall, with the biggest option able to hold 500 cards! 

White Iron Woodland Birdcage Centerpiece 

White Iron Woodland Birdcage Centerpiece 

This is a unique centerpiece, beautiful and different from every angle.

This White Iron Woodland Birdcage Centerpiece is customizable to suit your decor and will bring a unique touch to any table.

The white iron cage gives a classic touch, while the addition of flowers, ribbons, beads, and other items make it personable.

They are available in three sizes, from miniature up to 18 inches, to fit your needs and budget. 

Custom Colored Metal Birdcage Centerpiece

Decorative Bird Cage

A beautiful distressed metal bird cage on a stand. 

If you want a little variety in your wedding, these Custom Colored Metal Birdcage Centerpieces are the answer.

You can choose from 8 different colors! Why not mix and match them to give an eclectic feel to your reception?

These birdcages are 13 inches tall by 5 inches wide, making them perfect for holding cards, candles, flowers, or simply sitting alone with a string of lights as a decorative piece. 

Elegant Iron Birdcage Candle Holder Centerpiece

Elegant Iron Birdcage Candle Holder Centerpiece

Materials: Wire birdcage favor box/candle holder.

For a simple and elegant table centerpiece, these iron candle holders are ideal.

This ornamental Elegant Iron Birdcage Centerpiece stands 10 cm tall and is 5 cm wide at the base, suitable to fit any standard-sized candle.

They also come in white or silver for a classic look and have a stable base to avoid tipping over. 

White Birdcage Lantern Centerpiece 

White Birdcage Lantern Centerpiece

Really cute white metal bird cage candle holder lantern perfect for indoor use of for outside to light up summer nights.

This attractive piece combines a birdcage look with a traditional lantern.

The all-white iron has painted roses and a butterfly giving it a simple and classic look. 

It measures 4.5 inches tall and 5.9 inches wide at the base, making it the perfect way to house candles on your reception tables. 

Decorative Black Metal Birdcage with Flowers 

Medium Hanging Bird Cage with Flowers

Wonderful for displaying all your wedding momentum's.

This decorative piece comes in classic black metal with floral accents and greenery to create a gothic and romantic atmosphere.

Fill it with flowers or lights to bring added beauty to each table and place it on your garden patio afterward.

These birdcage centerpieces are available in two sizes ranging from 13 to 16.5 inches in height.

Silk Flower Birdcage Centerpiece 

Premium Silk Flower Birdcage Flower Arrangement

Artfully arranged in a patina aged tin aluminum round bird cage with intricate designs and fancy metal work.

If you want to add a burst of color to your wedding, this Silk Flower Birdcage Centerpiece will do the trick. Each item is handcrafted and original, making it a one-of-a-kind item. 

This patina-aged round metal birdcage boasts intricate metal work and is the perfect setting for silk flowers such as roses, peonies, lily of the valley, magnolias, and others.

The finished product measures approximately 15 inches tall and will add a chic look to any wedding. 

Shabby Chic Twigs Birdcage Centerpiece

20" Twigs Birdcage

Very unique, beautifully made with twigs Birdcage.

For a birdcage wedding centerpiece that is entirely different, choose this shabby chic twigs option.

Ideal for an outdoor or country wedding, this Shabby Chic Twigs Birdcage Centerpiece is handcrafted and showcases florals for a vintage look. 

It measures 20 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter, giving you plenty of space to fill with flowers.

Sunflower Rustic Iron Birdcage Centerpiece 

Sunflower Rustic Iron Birdcage Centerpiece 

Birdcage can be used to store light. In this case, birdcage lantern is placed as a wedding table centerpiece.

If you are a fan of sunflowers, this centerpiece will accent your wedding tables perfectly.

It is made with iron and sports a chocolate brown color, an ideal complement to the yellow sunflower. 

Use this Sunflower Rustic Iron Birdcage to hold cards, lights, or show off your collection of sunflowers. It measures 10.2 inches tall and is 5.7 inches in diameter. 

Chic Vintage Silk Flower Birdcage Arrangement 

Premium Silk Flower Birdcage Flower Arrangement

Artfully arranged in a patina aged tin aluminum square bird cage with intricate designs and fancy metal work.

This silk flower arrangement is suitable for many wedding styles and will bring color and class to the table. 

Uniquely handcrafted, the square design gives you an alternative look from the traditional round birdcage shape.

It measures 12 inches high and is compact enough to sit without taking up too much space.

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