9 Best Wedding Guest Book Trees For An Alternative Memento

If you’re at all sentimental about who is going to be there to share your wedding day, then a wedding guest book is probably on the list of things you’ll want to invest in. But if you’re all about embracing the special little details, you might appreciate a wedding guest book tree instead! “What is that?” you ask. 

Well, a guest book tree is simply an alternative wedding guest book, with a twist. Unique and highly personalizable, wedding guest book trees are a way for your guests to record their presence at your wedding in a quirky and less traditional way, making for a charming wedding memento. 

Guest book trees can also function as items of decor in your home in the manner of frames and ornaments!

Keep reading for the top picks off Etsy to make your wedding guest book one to remember!

Simple Pine Tree Guest Book Tree

Pine Tree Signature Tree Guest Book

Keeping track of your visitors and guests has never been easier! This naturally drawn pine tree is scaled down from one of our popular conifer guest log trees. It is the perfect way to add character to your wedding. 

If you are having a mountain or outdoor wedding, this printed pine tree on paper is a perfect choice. 

The blank branches of the tree are for your guests to sign their names on, and leave a short but sweet message if they choose. 

This one comes in four different sizes ranging from 11×14” to 20×30”. You can also choose from seven fonts to make your guest book tree personal to you!

Circular Guest Book Tree with Insertable Leafs

Round Guest Book Frame Wooden Tree Insert With Leaf Drops - Etsy

The "Tree with Leaves" design in our round guest book frame is stunning. Your guests will write a note, sign their name, and drop the leaf inside the frame. As the frame fills up with leaves, it looks like a tree with a large leaf canopy.

The circular tree is a good idea if you need something small that doesn’t require framing. 

Blank leaves are included for guests to leave their signatures. The leaves are then inserted into the circle, making it look like a full tree at the end! 

It comes in four diameter choices based on the number of guests you expect to have. 

Double Pine Tree Guest Book 

Custom Pine Tree Wedding Guest Book

I elaborately designed and hand drew this beautiful double pine trees in pencil - Classic, elegant - with pine branches for your guests to sign on.

Another variation on the pine tree motif, this item perfectly blends with rustic wedding decor.

Featuring full trees, there is still plenty of room for your guests’ signatures. 

You can choose between art canvas or art paper for this print. Canvas gives an elevated experience, but the paper version is notably easier to write on. 

Product details include having six sizes to choose from, with the smallest being for 0-50 guests and the largest for 50-300 guests. Plus ten font options!

“Two Trees Into One” Wedding Guest Book Tree

Alternative 3D Wood Tree Wedding Guestbook

This wedding guest book alternative gives a unique touch to your wedding. The 3D guestbook is made in wood and features two tree of hearts symbolizing two individuals that grew from different roots but today are joining their branches to become a family that starts growing together. 

This sweet guest book tree is larger than others on the market, but its meaning runs deeper. 

The two large three-dimensional trees are on opposite sides of the artwork, meeting in the middle to become one.

The leaves are slightly heart-shaped and pre-attached to the artwork. You specify the number of leaves, so you know you’ll have just the right amount. 

You can customize the background color to fit your theme, and choose the font you’d like to use for your names across the bottom.

Wedding Guest Book Tree with Bird Motif

Rustic Wedding Guest Book Alternative

Make a lasting impression on your big day with our wedding tree guestbook. Each guestbook is wrapped over a solid wood frame so it does not require a picture frame to hang on your wall. 

If you want a truly personal touch, then this tree might be the one for you! 

Great for any wedding theme, this highly customizable guest book gives you options on everything from color, font, number of leaves, and background. 

The image of two birds perching on a branch symbolizes the sweet couple surrounded by friends and family. Very cute!

Willow Wedding Guest Book Tree

Willow Tree Wedding Guest Book Alternative

Weeping Willow Tree Wedding Alternative Guest Book is a creative way for your family and friends to help create a memory of your special day. "Each guest signs the tree creating the look of more branches.

For the classic wedding, this willow tree image is perfect! Like many other printed guest book trees, it is customizable to you. 

Guests are required to sign along the long, draping branches of the willow tree for a stunning result. 

It comes in two different sizes and is hand-drawn and printed onto professional-grade poster paper. You won’t be weeping with this willow!

Thumbprint Tree Wedding Guest Book

Tree Printable Wedding Guest Book

This wedding fingerprint guest book tree is designed to replace the traditional guest book. Guests will bring this piece of art to life leaving a thumbprint to act as a leaf on your tree. 

Are you looking for some color at your wedding? This is a great choice, not to mention the most personalized wedding guestbook you could ever receive!

Have your guests leave their thumbprints along the branches to create an entire tree! Just be sure to provide something to wipe off their thumbs afterward!

This guest book comes with a few colors of non-toxic stamping ink. It also has two lovebirds perched on a branch to symbolize you and your partner. 

It comes in sizes that can accommodate anywhere from 25-200 guests. 

3D Wood Wedding Guest Book Tree

Fall Colors Themed Wooden Wedding Guest Book

Looking for a unique item for your wedding? This one of a kind and beautiful rustic themed alternative to a wedding guestbook gives a stylish touch to your wedding and will be something unique you'll always cherish in your home. 

For a textured look, go with something like this 3D wedding tree! It is a muted wood color with three-dimensional accents. 

The leaves are heart-shaped, giving off a romantic and rustic vibe, while a silhouette of a bride and groom adorns the bottom corner. 

There are options to buy enough leaves for 50-150 guests.

If you have a farmhouse, you can’t wait to style once you and your partner move in; this is the perfect decor piece! 

Standing Wooden Tree Wedding Guest Book

Tree Unique Wedding Guestbook Alternative

We offer these tree colors: Lightwood and Darkwood. Tags not painted

Place this standing wooden guest book tree on a mantle or entryway table for a stunning wedding memento. 

Hearts come on a small string and hang from the branches of the tree. This tree is ideal for a more intimate wedding because the tree is gorgeous enough on its own. 

It comes in a light or dark wood option and there are options to buy 50-250 tags. You can also buy the tree on its own.

Things to Remember

Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a wedding guest book tree! Of course, it is your special day so do what is right for you and yours. 

Should I get a traditional guestbook or a wedding guest book trees? 

It is up to you! You could also get both if you’d like. It also depends on if you’d like a guest book tree on canvas, 3D, or mantlepiece. 

Many couples like the guest book trees because they are both a memento from your special day, and they can be a decor piece in the home you make with your partner. 

Each of these options, including a traditional guest book, have their pros and cons. The most important thing is that you are happy with the outcome!

How much should I spend on my wedding guest book tree?

Your budget is up to you. Like anything else, you decide what is most important for your wedding, but overall a guest tree is an affordable item. 

If you opt for a simple printed guest book tree, you can expect to pay about $30 for it without the frame. This is a reasonable price for something that will have memories attached to it! 

Is Etsy the only place to buy my guest book tree?

Short answer: No. There are wedding guest book trees available at party supply stores and craft stores at comparable prices to Etsy. 

However, one of the perks of shopping at Etsy is the customizable aspect. For things that require personalization, like a wedding guest book, Etsy is a good bet!

If you can streamline your wedding shopping by going online as much as possible, do it! Take it from experience; it is always better to return something from an online retailer. 

Ship it and forget it! 

How do I know how many tags to get for my wedding guest book tree?

This is also something that will be different for everyone. Depending on the type of wedding guest book tree you get, you may have to purchase tags along with it. 

The canvas prints are more manageable if you are unsure how many people will be coming to your event. However, wedding RSVPs are typical and expected. 

Another perk of ordering from a site like Etsy is the ability to customize how many tags you need based on your guest list. 

Either way, it is always better to have more than not enough!

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