25 Wedding Guest Book Alternatives For Your Big Day

If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’ve been to dozens of weddings — where you’ve seen (and probably signed) dozens of guest books. 

These are supposed to be a reminder of all the people who shared your wedding day with you, but guess where they usually end up? In a storage box or on a dusty bookshelf. 

The good news is that more and more people are coming up with creative guest books and gorgeous new ways to make a special remembrance of their wedding day. These pieces aren’t meant to sit in storage — they’re meant to be a part of your new home.

If a classic wedding guest book isn’t your style, here are some of the best wedding guest book alternatives for your special day.

Rustic Wedding Sign

Rustic Wedding Guest Book Alternative

Our alternative guest book will decorate your holiday, and give your loved ones the opportunity to leave their desires by hand with a white marker, one white marker is included in the order!

You can customize this rustic wedding sign with your family name or your first names together. Have your guests sign with a metallic Sharpie and hang it on your wall in your home!

It’s not only fun and unique, but it is a perfect piece of decor to commemorate your special day.

Glass Heart Wishes Drop Box

Hearts Wooden Wedding Guest Book Alternative

This beautiful book can be both on the stand and on our new wall mount to become a part of your decor. These stylish guest books are made in rustic style!

How cute is this glass heart drop box? Invite guests to write their names, advice, or well wishes on the included hearts and deposit them in the drop box.

It doubles as a piece of wedding decor that is beautiful and personal!

Personalized Initial Wedding Guest Signage

Personalized Initial Wedding Guest Signage

All our guest books are made in one brown color. Our guest book will be in the form of the first letter of your last name. You can choose one of our font options and we will engrave with your name and date.

Here’s another creative wedding guest book idea that will look great on the wall of a living room or entryway while serving as a reminder of the best day of your life!

Who knew a simple initial with your wedding guests’ signatures could mean so much?

Custom Names Drop Box

Wooden Custom Names Drop Box Guest Book

A charming white frame made in a shadow box style, the personalized drop box guest book is a creative option for your guest sign-in. A modern alternative to traditional signature style guest books it’s perfect for your wedding reception!

This striking piece of artwork is a fun way for your guests to leave their signatures on a piece that will grace your home in the future! Looking at this lovely piece will remind you of your wedding day for years to come.

The concept is pretty simple: guests take a heart, sign their name, and drop it in. 

Wooden Mountain Guest Book Sign

Mountain Wedding Guest Book Alternative

This Wedding guestbook sign will look perfect at your Wedding reception. Have guests sign with an oil based sharpie in White, Black, Gold or Silver.

Want a gorgeous, customized piece of art that doubles as a guest book sign? If you and your fiance love the outdoors, this is a perfect choice for an alternative guest book idea. 

You can get this sign customized with your names and wedding date and invite your guests to sign their names.

Golden Guest Globe

8 Globe Guest Book Alternative for Wedding Signing

Perfect for a wedding globe guest book alternative, baby shower gift, graduation gift, nursery or office decor.

Marriage is the start of a new adventure, and the world is your oyster! If you are having a travel-themed wedding, this stunning globe guest book is a wish for all your future experiences together. 

It’s also a perfect alternative wedding guest book for any couple that loves to travel. Now you get to do it together!

Custom Wooden Guest Beehive Sign

Bee Rustic Custom Wedding Guest Book Alternative

Cherish the wonderful memories of your wedding day shared with your family and friends, by gazing at this beautiful custom alternative wedding guest book. 

This eye-catching custom wooden beehive sign is a gorgeous addition to a spring or summer wedding. You customize it with your names and wedding date, then invite your guests to sign their names in the segments. 

One thing is for sure: this sign really shows what the “buzz” around marriage is all about. (Sorry, not sorry!)

Personalized Wooden Guest Book And Scrapbook

Personalized Alternative Wedding Guest Book

Not the standard one there is at every other wedding you have been to. This beautiful guest book is a playful way for your guests to get involved in your big day and get creative whilst leaving their well wishes.

This one is technically a guest book, but it’s a guest book like you’ve never seen before. This gorgeous wooden book is customized with information about your wedding day. 

Even though it’s a traditional book, it is anything but boring. It’s one piece of memorabilia meant to be displayed.

Rustic Pinewood Guest Sign

Wedding Guest Book Alternative

Are you looking for a unique way to display your wedding guest book?! These beautiful pine boards come at 16” X 30”.

Is rustic wedding your jam? Then this pinewood guest sign is the perfect calling card for your special day.

This sign is simple but stunning, customized with your initials, and easy for your guests to sign on their way in or out.

Customized Photo Wooden Guest Sign

Customized Photo Wooden Guest Sign

Have your guests sign your board to commemorate your special day. Hang it later in your home as meaningful artwork.

You probably took some amazing engagement photos, so don’t let those go to waste. Use one of your favorites on a customized photo sign at your wedding. 

This is an amazing way to display a wedding photo of the two of you with remembrances from your special day.

Customized Happily Ever After Canvas

Canvas Magical Wedding Guestbook

Looking for a guestbook that you can display in your home AFTER the wedding? Something that won't just sit in the closet? Look no further than a canvas wedding guestbook!

If you love fairy tales (Disney or otherwise), this customized Happily Ever After Canvas is the perfect choice for your wedding. It’s a fun nod to your personal interests that also looks right at home in a wedding venue. 

Four In A Row Wooden Hearts

Four In A Row Wooden Wedding Guest Book

This wooden wedding guest book alternative is a fun way to look back on wedding messages for years to come.

You probably remember playing Connect Four, right? This guest heart message sign is basically the same concept but way cuter. 

It looks adorable and definitely stands out from the rest of the guest books you’ve seen.

Custom Couple Initial Guest Sign

Custom Couple Initial Wedding Guest Book

You can keep these warm words for the rest of your life. After the wedding it will be a great addition to the decor of your home!

This is a great custom piece that’s perfect for placing in your master bedroom. It features the initials of the married couple and their wedding date.

Guests can feel free to sign anywhere on the sign. Just make sure to provide metallic markers in the right color! 

Lantern Lights Wooden Sign

Lantern Lights Wedding Guest Book

Personalized Wedding Guest book with hand-painted bride and groom peg dolls. Have your guests sign a wooden circle, depicting lantern lights.

Does anyone else get Tangled vibes from this adorable sign? I know I do!

But the cutest part about it is that the little lanterns double as spots for your guests to sign their names. 

Elegant Drop Heart Guest Book

White Wedding Guest Book Alternative

We know how you are waiting for the most special day of your life when two people in love become a single entity. That is why we have prepared the ultimate wedding décor that will beautify your ceremony and bring you unforgettable memories!

This glass heart box is transparent — at least until it gets filled up with good wishes from your guests. 

It’s a striking take on other wedding drop boxes and turns an outdated idea into something elegant and modern. 

Written In The Stars Sign

Celestial Custom Wedding Guest Book Alternative

This luxurious wedding guest book design is more than just a collection of your guests' signature, it's a beautifully fashioned keepsake worthy of displaying in your home for years to come.

Are you and your fiancé amateur astronomers, or do you just believe in fate? Either way, this Written In The Stars sign is a perfect choice. 

As you probably guessed, those cute wooden stars double as spots for your guests to write sweet messages to you both!

Fingerprint Wedding Guest Tree

Wedding Fingerprint Tree Guest Book

This fingerprint poster print comes personalized with Bride and Groom names, wedding date and a verse from the bible which reads "Love is patient, love is kind. 

Forget just having your guests’ signatures — how about having them sign with their fingerprints? 

This customized wedding guest tree includes your names, wedding date, and a custom quote as the backdrop for “signatures” from all your guests.

Star Wars Fingerprint Guest Sign

Star Wars Wedding Guest Book Alternative

This guest book poster would be perfect for your Star Wars theme wedding! It has a beautiful watercolor effect image of Princess Leia and Hans Solo. Makes for a great keepsake!

Here’s a fun idea and a nerdy spin on the fingerprint signature trend that’s perfect for any Star Wars fans walking down the aisle!

The sign includes a picture of Princess Leia and Han Solo, your names and wedding details, and plenty of space for your guests to “sign.” Hopefully, your vows don’t include the word “nerf herder.” 

Leather Photo Wedding Guest Book

Embossed Leatherette Wedding Guest Book Alternative

It’s more than just a book of signatures, it is luxurious wedding album! It will be a precious reminder of the people who came to celebrate with you, and you’ll cherish it for years to come.

Here’s another option for a traditional guestbook that still stands out as something you’ll want to display in your home. 

This gorgeous leather book is customized with your names and the date of your wedding. Now that’s a perfect coffee table book.

Wedding Guest Wishing Well

Guest Book Alternative Wishing Well Country Charm

Invite your guests to create a charming keepsake that you will enjoy long after the big day. This unique wish box has been designed to accommodate small scrolls containing the hand written messages from your guests.

This beautiful wedding guest book alternative invites your guests to write you and your spouse a handwritten note, then roll it into a scroll to store in the wishing well wall. 

You’ll have a wonderful time opening up each personal note in your free time (it might even bring a tear to your eye!). 

Night Sky Wedding Guest Sign

Night Sky Wedding Guest Book Alternative

Talk about a personal and sentimental way to memorialize those special moments!

Want to remember what the night sky looked like on the most important days of your lives? This unique night sky sign shows the sky map from your first day together, the night you became engaged, and your wedding day.

Talk about a personal and sentimental way to memorialize those special moments!

Wooden Heart Wedding Guest Mason Jar

Mason Jar Wedding Guest Book Alternative

Incredible, stylish, modern, mason jar guestbook will impress your guests. Your guests will sign hearts or leave their wishes on them.

This wooden “Mason jar” gives your guests the chance to leave you a message and display it for years to come. 

All they have to do is sign the wooden hearts and drop them into the reservoir, leaving you with a heartfelt and beautiful piece of art for your home.

Up Wedding Guest Sign

Carl and Ellie Up Wedding Guest Book Alternative

Inspired by the movie Up, this guest book poster would be the perfect addition to your Disney theme wedding.

If you or your fiancé have a soft spot for Pixar (or sobbed at the beginning of Up like the rest of us), this adorable sign is perfect for your wedding. 

It includes a quote from the movie that’s guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes: “You are my greatest adventure.”

Modern Wedding Guest Sign With Date

Rustic Wedding Guest Book Alternative

This is one of the best alternative guest book designs you can get for your special event.

If you love a chic, minimalist, or modern look, this custom wedding sign is a perfect choice! It includes your name and wedding date. 

Your guests can leave their heartfelt messages anywhere on the sign. It’s a gorgeous piece of art that will stand out anywhere in your home!

Spooky Halloween Skull & Bats Sign

Large Halloween Wedding Guestbook Alternative

5 Panel Backboard Stained Espresso with Bare Wood Laser Cut Skull and Bats with names and date.

Are you or your fiance fans of all things spooky, including horror movies, Halloween, or something else? 

This custom Halloween sign is perfect for an autumn wedding — and it is one that your guests are bound never to forget. Forget signing your name on a heart when you can sign it on a bat!

Buying Tips

So, what should you look for when choosing a wedding guest book alternative that’s unique to you? 

Think About Your Interests

Are you obsessed with Disney movies? 

All about Halloween and spooky stuff?

Or are you a total nerd?

The great thing about the internet is that you can find custom pieces for every interest imaginable. 

It’s your wedding day, so you get to choose what you want! Remember that this will grace your home for years to come, so pick a piece that you and your future spouse love.

Well Wishes Or Just Names?

Some wedding guest book alternatives don’t have a lot of room for guests to leave more than just their name.

If you want advice and heartfelt wishes (or if you have particularly chatty friends and family), make sure to get something that leaves them plenty of room to write.

Traditional guest books are for leaving messages to the couple, but they’re also just to serve as a reminder of who shared your special day. 

It’s totally up to you to decide if you just want to remember who was there or if you want to memorialize their loving words! 

To Customize Or Not To Customize

Most of the options on this list are customizable, meaning that you can have them monogrammed with personal information. 

This usually includes your names and wedding date, though it might have more. 

It’s your call if you want something more unique or just to stick to a classic template!

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