How To Tastefully Display Wedding Photos: 19 Beautiful Ways!

Once you have your beautiful wedding photos in your possession, deciding how to tastefully display them can be overwhelming.

You have so many images and you love them all, but how can you display your wedding photos in your home without going overboard?

If you’re not a fan of framed prints, are there any other options that still look professional?

We have gathered 19 wedding photo display ideas to please everyone, so you can start enjoying them right away!

How To Tastefully Display Wedding Photos

Gallery Wall

If you like the idea of displaying lots of your wedding photos together, try creating a gallery wall.

A gallery wall is a group of items arranged together on a wall to create a gallery-like look. You can use framed photos and mix them in with other artwork, like a print of your names together or why not mix and match the frames to make it more interesting?  

If you want a uniform look for your gallery wall, there are sets of identical frames to choose from too.

Canvas Print

You do not need heavy frames to display your wedding photos. Canvas prints can be hung without a frame and look lovely!

Canvas prints are easy to order online and you can even use Amazon to order your customized canvas wedding photo in the size that you want to display.

A grouping of canvas prints in different sizes looks nice together as well. For your favorite wedding photo, go big with a 24×36 canvas or choose something smaller like an 11×14 to fit in a tighter space or as part of a gallery wall. 

Classic Framed Print

The classic framed print is traditional and always tasteful.

You can choose the size and style frame that works best with your photo, then hang it on the wall or sit it on a side table.

If you have a traditional bridal portrait to hang in your dining room, choose a more traditional frame that matches your decor and complements your photo. An ornate gold frame with matting comes to mind for this style. 

A simple, modern frame will give you a clean look for a more casual style. We think this black frame would be nice for displaying a candid wedding photo. 

Photo Calendar

If you want to display wedding photos in your office but are short on space, why not make a photo calendar? Every month you will get to enjoy a different photo on display.

Wedding photo calendars also make great thank you gifts to family members who helped with the wedding. 

Restickable Photo Tiles

You have all the digital images from your big day and you want to display as many as possible. However, you can’t completely cover the walls in frames and canvases. You might think that would be a little over the top or maybe you rent your home and cannot hammer in nails all over.

Try these re-stickable photo tiles to create a grid of wall photos! You won’t damage the walls and they look gorgeous. Plus, if you want to make a change, just move them around! 

Picture Ledge

Show off your photos on a picture ledge or small shelf. You do not need large built-in shelves to have a space for small framed prints. 

A picture ledge looks great in any room and there are lots of options to match your decor. We like these white, rustic, and grey options!

Custom Spotify Plaque With Your Wedding Song

If you’re searching for a unique way to display a photo, look no further than this custom photo plaque. It is scannable and connects to Spotify!

You can include the wedding song from your first dance and you’ll have a beautiful art piece to put on a desk or bedside table. Anytime you want to hear your song, just scan it with your phone!

Wire Mount With Clips

Another effective way to display a lot of photos is to use a wire mount with clips.

This option is nice when you have a big collection of pictures because you can easily change out the photos when you want to share different images from your day. Just unclip one photo and clip in a new one. 

Shadow Box With Other Keepsakes

Tastefully display your wedding photos with other keepsakes in a shadow box.

You can put some dried flowers from your bouquet or centerpiece, a wedding invitation, or another small item that reminds you of the day, in the shadow box with a wedding photo.

This is an eye-catching way to honor your marriage in your home. 

Digital Photo Frame

If you’d rather display your photos in a more modern way, then upload all of your digital wedding photos to an electronic photo frame and enjoy them every day as a slideshow!

This Skylight frame lets you upload photos via email or the app. All you do is connect the touchscreen frame to wifi and you can start uploading your wedding photos right away.

Frames Hung With Chains

Not all frames need to be wooden and heavy. These dainty glass frames, for example, hang from lovely thin chains.

This is such a stylish and minimalist way to hang wedding photos in individual frames. You can find them in gold or black.

Hoop Photo Display

Keep your photos organized and display them simply with a hoop photo display.

The iron hoop is easy to install on any wall. Simply clip the photos across the grid in the hoop and you instantly have a wonderful wedding photo display.

You can mix in other items with your photos as well, like cards or love notes.

Photo Wreath

Bring a feminine touch to your wedding display with this photo wreath.

This handmade wreath made with pampas, dried flowers, and silk ribbon creates a one-of-a-kind display for your favorite photos from your special day.

A more subtle display than one giant print, why not hang these wreaths on the wall above your bed?

Boho Macrame Display

For boho brides, display your photos in your favorite style with a macrame photo display.

This one comes with mini clothespins to attach your wedding photos and would look dreamy hanging in your bedroom. 

The creator makes these to order, so pick a twine that matches your wedding colors!  

Stainless Steel Photo Print

Not all wedding photos need to be displayed in classic or feminine ways. You can also tastefully display them in a more masculine style.

Try a stainless steel photo print for a desk or a bookshelf. This print is personalized, just add both your names and wedding anniversary to the bottom.

The print is designed to stand on its own, with no frame needed. 

Photos Displayed With Anniversary Date

Whether you choose canvas prints, framed prints, or a gallery wall, add a pop of style with an anniversary date sign.

This farmhouse-style sign displays your anniversary as the numerical date and gives your photo display a clean look.

You can choose the color you prefer for the numbers, so match the prints you will hang the sign with and you will create a gorgeous wedding photo display in your home. 

Printed on Wood

If your design style is more rustic, print your wedding photos on wood. A wood print always gives you that simple style we love.

You can choose a large print and still hang it on your wall worry-free since you won’t have a heavy piece of glass to contend with!

Wedding Photo Ornament

Want to add a personal touch to your display? Why not create a sentimental piece from one of your favorite wedding photos?

Making a wedding photo ornament, for example, turns one of your photos into a family heirloom. You will look forward to hanging up your ornament every holiday season. This is a sweet way to display a wedding photo and make it part of a family tradition.

There are lots of ornament options on Etsy to choose from so pick your favorite design. 

Printed Collage

When you have more than one photo to display but a small amount of space on your wall, a printed photo collage is a good choice.

Design a custom canvas featuring your favorite wedding photos together. This option lets you display several photos in one space and looks great. 

However you decide to include your wedding photos in your decor, make sure you love it. Trends come and go, but you should feel good about the way you display the memories of your big day.

Choose something that fits in with your home and flows with the style of your wedding day and you are guaranteed to love the way it looks!

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