27 Winter Wedding Centerpieces For Your Big Day

Whether you want candlelight and frosted boughs, glittering gold-encrusted leaves, or a pinecone and cinnamon sticks kind of ambiance; it all works in the winter season!

Winter wedding centerpieces range from glitzy and glamorous in style to soft and romantic. From festive red and green designs to icy hues of blue and white. From simple ethereal woodland vibes to an all-out winter wonderland tablescape!

So whether you have dreams of glittering frozen landscapes or hope to inspire warmth and cheer; you’re sure to find inspiration for your winter wedding centerpieces right here!

Rustic Wood Tray

Take this simple wood tray and fill it with your choice of winter decor.

Candles or fairy lights would look beautiful, or seasonal touches like cranberries or evergreen garlands would look stunning against the naturally stained wood.  

Silver and White Magnolias

This centerpiece is perfect for an icy winter-themed table. 

White magnolias look simply gorgeous alongside frosted pine cones, silver berries, and deep green boughs. 

Wood Candle Holder

These real wood candle holders come in your choice of willow, apricot, or birch.

The differing heights provide plenty of visual interest, and the surrounding frosted green wreath makes these centerpieces perfect for a winter wedding. 

Burlap with Red Berries and Evergreens

Slouched burlap sacks lend a warm and homey feel to these centerpieces.

We especially love the pops of red from the holly berries and the strategically frosted evergreen branches. 

Wooden Lanterns

For a sleek and modern look, you can’t go wrong with wood lanterns.

Throw a candle or two in each, add a few flowers or evergreen leaves, and your centerpieces are complete! 

Natural Forest-Themed Centerpiece

If frosted leaves or bright metallics aren’t part of your winter wedding theme, you might want a more natural centerpiece.

This forest-themed piece includes plenty of dark green leaves and even a few dried mushrooms for a whimsical pop. 

Icicle Tree

We love an icy winter wedding full of sparkle and shine!

This icicle tree is made with shimmering silver beads, sure to add a touch of glamor and luxury to the atmosphere. 

Sparkling Poinsettias and Candle Centerpiece

If your wedding is around Christmas, but you want to avoid the typical green and red look, this centerpiece might be a good option.

White poinsettias arranged with gold and silver ornaments retain a holiday feel without becoming kitschy or overstated. 

Ribbon Wrapped Christmas Box

Give a nod to the festive season with this stylishly simple box.

This option is the perfect mix of sparkle and natural hues. Simply choose the ribbon color to match with the rest of your wedding decor. 

Bold White and Gold Florals

For a white and bright gold event, this floral set is stunning.

The distinct gold candles and striking white flowers would look great on a head table or as a sweetheart’s centerpiece. 

Eucalyptus Garland 

This simple eucalyptus garland features romantic roses tucked between the leaves.

The roses come in various colors, including white and deep burgundy, both of which would look gorgeous decking the tables of a winter wedding. 

Hurricane Vase with Winter Florals

This centerpiece boasts sparkling silver poinsettias and gold-covered leaves for glitz and glamor, while a warm glowing candle contrasts beautifully with cool frosted evergreen boughs. 

Hexagon Terrarium

This hexagon terrarium is sure to get second looks!

It’s modern, engaging, and easy to customize with winter blooms of any kind. 

White Winter Lanterns 

If you’re dreaming of a winter wedding out of a fairytale, these lanterns are ideal.

We love distressed paint and easy-to-customize insides. Just add candles, flowers, ornaments, or lights. 

Custom Wooden Box with Mason Jars

Engrave the front of this rustic box with your names or a sweet message. Then, fill the mason jars within with florals and greenery to reflect the season. 

Rustic Wood Tree Ring Trays

These wood slices look fantastic with a few candles or a bud vase on top. Or, add more elaborate florals and turn rustic wood into something more glamorous. 

White Mistletoe

There’s nothing more romantic or quintessentially winter than snow-covered mistletoe.

Ancient Celtic Druids used this plant to express romance when the world was covered in ice and snow!

White Pumpkins

For a wedding in early December, white pumpkins are an excellent centerpiece choice.

They’re whimsical and especially charming when you tie their stems with ribbons or add in fabric florals. 

Frosted Mason Jars with Box 

Nothing screams winter quite like frost!

Add in a few strings of holiday lights, and these frosted jars look as warm and wondrous as a snow-covered farmhouse in December.  

Winter White Round Topiary 

Tall centerpieces are visually stunning, but they can block conversation.

These topiaries avoid that problem by being tall enough to see beneath them. 

Frosted Tree with Winter Scene 

This winter scene adds a fun element to any wedding table.

Place a few flowers, candles, or holiday baubles around the ice-skating figurines, and your guests are sure to be entertained. 

Custom Wood Vase

A wooden vase etched with your initials in a cupid’s heart gives a soft and romantic look to a head table.

Add your wedding date and create a keepsake you’ll love to display in your home. 

Wooden Flowers

Flowers don’t last…unless they’re made of wood that is!

These artful wooden flowers come in a distressed mason jar, and they’ll look just as good in your living room as they will on a reception table. 

Blue and Silver Centerpiece 

Many brides and grooms choose white, red, or gold for their winter nuptials, but silver and blue are also beautifully appropriate.

This winter wonderland centerpiece is the perfect complement to the more icy hues.

Tall Lit Winter Tree

A lit centerpiece adds drama and flair to winter receptions and we can just imagine how beautiful these glittering blossoms will reflect off a bustling dance floor.

Eucalyptus and Pine Cone Box 

This simple centerpiece is packed to the brim with natural greenery. It will give a soft and classic romantic look to any wedding. 

Simple White Winterberry Stems

White winter berries are always a good choice for wedding decor.

We love these centerpieces because they’re so sweet and simple in either a vase or mason jar. 

How to Choose a Wedding Centerpiece 

Choosing a winter wedding centerpiece is mostly a matter of personal taste. You can include anything from candles and florals to holiday ribbons and ornaments. 

However, there are a few universal rules you should consider following:

Eye-Contact is Crucial 

The first rule in choosing centerpieces is eye-contact!

If guests sitting at the table have to lean around the centerpiece to speak to someone on the other side, then the centerpiece is the wrong size. 

Most of the time, a short centerpiece should be around twelve inches tall, but if you want to add height to your tables, consider a centerpiece over 32 inches high so that guests can see under it. 

Stick with the Season

For a winter wedding, you’ll want to use winter plants or warm-lit candles. Mistletoe, and blooms like magnolia, and poinsettias are all great seasonal options. 

If you plan to use candles, make sure you check with your event venue first. They might not allow real flames, and you may need to opt for battery-operated ones instead.

Holiday baubles and ribbons are also good winter options, as are evergreen plants. You could use eucalyptus or pine boughs alongside gold and silver ornaments, even weeks after Christmas. 

Red or white roses are also more than acceptable in a winter wedding but avoid spring or summer-focused foliage. Peonies, tulips, and calla lilies may look out of place during the winter season, not to mention hard to find!

Work with Your Wedding Planner and Event Venue 

Before you purchase your centerpieces talk to your planner and the event venue to get an idea of the big picture.

They’ll be able to point out when something doesn’t fit and give opinions on what decorations work best in the room. They may even have a few pieces available for you to rent or purchase. 

Keep in mind that the venue may also have rules or regulations about decorating that will help inform your decision. 

For example, some venues have hanging chandeliers that might get in the way of a tall centerpiece. 

Consider Mixing it Up

Many couples assume that each centerpiece needs to match. And, while that’s certainly the easiest way to decorate, it’s not the only way to do things. 

Some of the most gorgeous weddings use a few different centerpieces at once. This look is especially stunning when you use a mix of tall and short pieces. 

Alternatively, you could consider a different centerpiece at each table with one underlying theme. We’ve seen this turn out beautifully when using books, candles, and antiques. 

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