20 Glowing Wedding Centerpieces With Lights

Let there be light!

On your wedding day, it’s time to let your light shine, and we have some decorating ideas that will get your wedding centerpieces glowing!

At outdoor weddings, it’s best if there’s an easy way to transition your lighting from daytime to nighttime. If your reception is indoors, you may want to choose how brightly lit your tables are.

Or, maybe, you’ve heard about the coolest way of decorating tables at your reception, which is (drumroll, please) wedding centerpieces with lights!

Let’s shine our light and reveal these great centerpiece ideas.

Silver Copper String Lights

This 32 ft silver copper string of 100 warm white LED lights can be the starting point for any lighted centerpiece for your wedding.

It’s easy to see why this item is a bestseller because they look like tiny, delicate, twinkling stars that remain cool to the touch.

In addition, the silver-copper string is durable and completely bendable, so you can shape, hang, or fix each string in countless ways.

Of course, the lights are available in basic white too, but we prefer the natural-looking glow of warm white for ceremonies and receptions.

Waterproof Lighting for Wedding Centerpieces

These battery-operated LED lights are waterproof, and they come with a handy remote.

So at an outdoor reception, you’ll look like a magician when twilight hits because you can control every set of LED lights in your wedding centerpieces with a single remote.

Super-cool and convenient! Perfect for floral centerpieces in a vase of water,  you won’t have to worry about a real candle tipping over or a breeze blowing out the flame.

Submersible Tea Lights With Remote

Here’s another waterproof idea that looks like a real floating candle, but unlike real flames that have to be lit (or relit) and can pose specific hazards, these underwater LED lights don’t get too hot, and they work with an easy-breezy remote.

Geometric Terrarium Wedding Centerpieces with Lights

While a terrarium usually houses indoor plants, these stylized glass terrariums (with black, gold, or our favorite: rose gold trim) are perfect wedding centerpieces to hold dried flowers and fairy lights.

Another great idea is a beach wedding centerpiece containing LED lights, sand, shells, and starfish accents.

A Wedding Wreath for All Seasons

A faux eucalyptus wreath that looks simple, lush, and natural is the perfect base for your lighted wedding centerpieces. These wreaths work well with clear vases and LED tea lights or mason jars with fairy lights. 

Up and Away With an LED Balloon Centerpiece

Balloon centerpieces have always been popular at parties, and this lighted balloon centerpiece is next level!

Clear balloons on a stationary plastic stem get wedding-worthy after wrapping them up in shiny LED lights. It’s cost-effective, and it creates a simple but stunning look for your wedding reception.

Wedding Centerpieces With Confetti Balloon Lights

We certainly aren’t knocking the gorgeousness of LED fairy lights on strings, but for a really unique spin for your lighted wedding centerpieces, we present individual confetti balloons!

These confetti lights are a fab way to fill clear jars or bottles, and each tiny balloon works for up to twelve hours after you pull the tab. 

Floating White Pearls

Your guests will be in awe of these floating white pearls! Totally on-trend, these stunning accessories come in 3 different sizes and can be used as fillers in your centerpieces.

We like that you can prepare them before your wedding, and best of all, they’re budget-friendly.

A Golden Trumpet Centerpiece

This trumpet-shaped base comes in a 32-inch or 40-inch height to create a lofty centerpiece. You can choose a gold-tone, silver-tone, or “French gold” base (we like the sound of that).

Although it doesn’t come with lighting, the height provides ample space for simple LED votives underneath and around the base.

You could also get creative and string fairy lights or lit garlands around this centerpiece, or crown the top with a bouquet of LED balloons…  Endless possibilities with this beautiful trumpet base!

Rustic Wood Lantern Base

Sometimes simplicity is all you need! We love this rustic wood lantern base that is available in chestnut, amber, charcoal, or smoke-colored stain.

You can place an LED pillar candle in the base and accent it with dried floors for an elegant centerpiece at your outdoor wedding.

Metal Hoop Wreath

A basic gold-tone hoop might require quick assembly, but it’s an affordable DIY option to create the wedding centerpiece of your dreams.

We love the idea of wrapping these hoops in LED garlands with dried flower accents fixed to the base.

Burlap and Lace Mason Jar Sleeves 

If you’d like to use mason jars with lights to create your wedding centerpieces, you can count on these unique, shabby-chic mason jar sleeves.

Each sleeve is handmade with burlap, lace, and twine, AND some have pearly accents. To finish off the look, fill the jars with LED balloon confetti and a pretty little sunflower flower arrangement!

Sunflower Bouquet

Here’s the faux sunflower bouquet we mentioned above that would look perfect in lit and decorated mason jars.

Stunningly life-like and very cost-effective, they’re perfect for your reception, in your home, and as thoughtful gifts for your guests.

Rustic Flameless Wood Candle Holders

Are you a Boho bride looking for some gorgeous woodland fairy accents for your wedding centerpieces? These sweet little flameless candle holders are perfect for you!

The remote-controlled LED candles are sold separately, but there’s an easy link provided to order the correct flameless candle sizes to fit these holders perfectly.

The wood is cut and styled in different sizes for variety and an eye-catching look that’ll leave your guests impressed.

Hanging Wedding Lights 

These glass globes are lightweight and easily hang from the ceiling or create individual centerpieces at your wedding reception.

They’ll look perfect holding an LED tealight, or hanging on a trumpet base or a hoop base as your lighted wedding centerpiece. Available in 24, 60, or 96 pieces, you can order the orbs with or without side holes.

Bring On the Rose Gold Candle Holders

Quick disclaimer: we’ve got a bit of a crush on anything rose gold when it comes to engagements and weddings! That’s why these shot glass LED candle holders caught our eye.

They’re affordable and easy to place as accent pieces around centerpieces on your reception tables. If you’re not mad about the rose gold, you have a choice of gold, silver, or aqua blue candle holders.

We also love that this seller (at the time of this writing) provides complimentary LED tea lights to purchasers. A thoughtful gesture that everyone can appreciate.

Lighted Centerpieces With Crochet Balls

As if we needed another reason to love LED lighting, we find these little crochet balls (sold in sets of 5) in a range of colors and even two options on how to display them (open at the top or enclosed around a flameless votive candle). So simple, but oh so effective.

Flameless Candles

First off, we love this set of 6 flameless ivory candles of varying heights, with a “dripped wax” effect that looks so authentic.

These candles will dress up a wooden tray or a mirrored placemat as a wedding centerpiece. Or, if you really want to take things up a notch, why not wrap strings of fairy lights around the base for an extra glowy effect? 

Lighted Wine Bottles 

What a great idea if you’re having a seasonal wedding! Frosted, lighted wine bottles decorated with cute and festive sayings will adorn your wedding centerpieces with chic elegance.

The cork contains the on/off battery pack, and you can gift these bottles later or reuse them for perfect holiday decorations.

Table Runners With Lights

Here’s a fun effect for added glow on your reception tables⁠—long, lacy natural jute-burlap table runners with LED lights.

These runners come with timers and 16 color options, including flashing modes for the party afterward. A fun idea to go along with your lighted centerpieces!

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