27 Best Beach Wedding Invitations for a Waterfront Ceremony

Getting married on powdery sand with endless waves as your backdrop is beyond romantic!

But when it comes to the coveted invitation to your beach wedding, just how important is it to stick to “beach-themed” and “nautical?”

We know of a bride and groom planning a destination beach wedding who refused to have sand dollars, sandcastles, shells, or seahorses pictured on the invitations. Sure, they’d chosen the beach for their special day, but that didn’t mean they were going overboard with the whole aquatic theme.

The point is, it’s your beach wedding, and when it comes to the invites, we know there’s an ocean of possibilities!

Here are 29 of the best beach wedding invitations, whether you want to hit every beachy note or make subtler hints to your heavenly surroundings.

Modern Tropical Wedding Invitation Suite With Palm Leaves

Tropical Wedding Invitation Template With Palm Leaves

This DIY PRINTABLE wedding invitation template suite features watercolor palm leaves and an elegant script font. Use this template to edit all wording, font, font color, and the background color to match your event style.

Our first wedding invitation shows that a tropical vibe can be yours without a beach or ocean image in sight!

This digital wedding invitation features dramatic leafy palms and a minimalist design. It’s easy to customize and edit this instant download too! 

Hearts in the Sand Beach Wedding Invitations

Romantic Beach Wedding Invitation

The wedding invitations are fully customizable for your big day, including the text, font and background color. This listing is for printed invitations.

The imagery of sandy pinks, turquoise blue waters, and a golden sky on these invitations is keepsake art, and we admit, the two hearts drawn in the sand took our breath away.

We love how the card looks shimmery and that your names and wedding date don’t get lost under the invitation details. This design is exceptional for any romantic waterfront wedding.

Pop up Palm Tree Wedding Invitation

Palm Tree Design Laser Wedding Invitations

This gorgeous beach invitation card will wow your guests!

When you’re planning a beach wedding with glamor, this pop-up invite brings it and then some.

The lacy, laser-cut detail on the front is gorgeous enough, but imagine your guests opening your invite to see the pop-up bridal couple under palm trees! We can almost hear people gasping with admiration as we write.

A final note with this spectacular invitation is the color choices—including silver, royal blue, turquoise, or (yay! our fave!) rose gold.

This invite gets a star on our beach wedding boardwalk hall of fame.

Bring on the Starfish Romantic Invitation

Romantic Beach Wedding Invitation Set Hawaii Shells

Print your design at home or have it printed at a photo or copy shop. You can also use the same file to send via text/email for your personal occasion/invitation purposes only.

It’s hard for starfishes and shells not to be appealing on printed and shipped beach wedding invites like this.

We love the electric blue water on a golden shore and the effect of the starfish’s shadow peeking out underneath. The layout of your event details on this invitation card is also well-presented.

You’ve Got a Beach Wedding Email

Beach Wedding Electronic Invitation

This template is EDITABLE that allows you to personalize your printable directly in your web browser or on your phone. No software to install or fonts to download.

There’s a lot to love about this pretty beach wedding invitation suite.

It’s affordable to purchase and easy to download the template instantly, with no additional software required. Furthermore, you can edit and personalize the details from any device, even your phone!

Whether you want to print out invites at home or at a print and copy outlet, it’s easy to do.

Some purchasers even use this template to send out “e-vites” (email invites) or to make changes to a wedding date or location details. Whatever your needs, this perfectly beachy invitation will deliver.

Subdued Seaside Invitation Template 

Printable Beach Wedding Invitations

This beautiful beach wedding invitation set is perfect for your wedding!

This simple seaside-inspired wedding invitation is another digital download idea. It’s elegant and budget-friendly, and the design layout is beautiful.

Passport Destination Wedding Invitation

Tuscany Passport Wedding Invitation

All of Our Wedding Invitations are custom made for each wedding. We love custom orders! Each Wedding invitation is totally handmade, unique and may slightly differ from each other.

Announce your destination wedding with these gorgeous handcrafted “passports” that include an invitation card (with a photo of you two!), an RSVP card, and an envelope with a sweet little gold-colored airplane tag.

Couples who have ordered this passport invitation rave about its high-quality look and unique details. It’s a one-of-a-kind ticket to your wedding destination.

Go Boho With a Pampas Grass Invitation

Boho Pampas Grass Wedding Invitation

This bohemian wedding invitation features gorgeous pampas grass printed on vellum which give that elegant boho vibe so many are looking for! 

You’re planning a boho wedding on a beautiful beach, and maybe you’d like your invites to be more chic than sandy.

That exact vibe is what you receive with this rustic but lush design, thoughtfully handmade and printed on deckled paper with the elegant finishing touch of an almond-colored wax seal.

The pampas grass accents hint at a wedding by the sea, but these invites are perfect for a boho celebration anywhere.

Tropical Wedding Invitation in an Instant

Tropical Wedding Invitation Template

This wedding invitation bundle is from my PAIGE collection and features a whimsical mix of watercolor foliage, faux gold touches, and exquisite lettering.

Digital wedding invitations are getting popular for many good reasons: they’re easy to download and edit to your satisfaction, and they’re often far more affordable to get printed.

This tropically-inspired download offers digital convenience and a contemporary design, but it’s still luxurious with the watercolor foliage and faux gold effects.

A beautiful choice for any destination wedding or if you’re dreaming about paradise as your theme.

Palm Tree Invitation Template

Palm Tree Invitation Template

This listing is an Instant download digital file for you to edit right in your web browser with Templett after purchase. Templett is a fully customizable template editor that allows you to personalize your printable directly in your web browser. 

Here we have another digital download with a classic feel for a laidback destination wedding.

The palm trees are beautiful accents to a simple design that’s perfectly laid out, and we love the personal touch of the happy couple’s engagement photo.

Wedding Invitation Goes Old-School Boarding Pass

Beach Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation

Text and layout can be modified to fit your needs, so don't worry if some of the above are not applicable for you, you can add more text and details as long as it doesn't affect the overall design!

We smiled at this fun, functional, and creative wedding invite designed like a boarding pass to your beach wedding.

This invitation gets printed and shipped to you after you approve the design with all of your requested customization details.

We love the inclusion of a Q.R. code for phone scanning, so your guests can get instant information on your wedding website!

Your Wedding Invitation in a Bottle

Message in A Bottle Signature Wedding Invitation

Your guests will love receiving this unique 8-inch-tall wedding invitation in a bottle.

Another truly old-school and romantic idea… your beach wedding invite as a simple message in a bottle!

Nope, this isn’t cost-effective to ship, primarily if your guests live across the country. But if you’re having a smaller, more intimate celebration, imagine how beautiful it would be to deliver these unique and special invitations to your guests.

Rustic and Embossed Beach Wedding Invitation

Rustic and Embossed Beach Wedding Invitation

Rustic Invitations with two wooden starfish, pearls, and jute twine in a floral embossed on top. It's beautiful. Super Elegant Wedding Invitations. This Invitation's so Unique with all details on them.

This selection is a super-unique and stunning wedding invite, with a “rustic and embossed” design that people must touch (not just see!) to believe.

It’s printed on a beautiful yet durable cardstock with a raised floral pattern on the front. The invitation suite gets lovingly wrapped in jute twine with a pearly effect, and two sweet little wooden starfish complete the beautiful beachy look.

Terrific Tri Folding Wedding Invitation

Tri Folding Wedding Invitation

Our tri-folding Wedding invitation is a gorgeous and efficient alternative to traditional wedding suites.

This invite is modern and fun, with its “tri-folding” style printed to fit into an A6 white envelope.

The cover brings to mind a Caribbean sea lapping onto a golden shore. All of your invitation details are printed in a neat font, and the RSVP postcard has a perforated edge that’s easy to return. What a perfect example of affordable quality for any beach bride!

Romantic Sunset on the Sea Invitation

Romantic Beach Wedding Invitationhearts in the Sandsandy - Etsy

The wedding invitations are fully customizable for your big day, including the text, font and background color.

When the backdrop of a wedding invitation looks like a stunning sunset photo on the beach, you’ve got something memorable that will make your guests get into full beach wedding mode.

The unique and dramatic typeset of your first names against the changing hues of a fiery sky adds to the beauty here.

This invitation speaks to any rustic romantic with the wood fence border and two hearts drawn in the sand. We adore this look!

Party Under the Palm Trees Beach Wedding Template

Editable Beach Wedding Invitation Set

Printable beach wedding invitation template set for you to edit yourself using Templett and print yourself or at a print shop. Personal use only.

We selected this digital download invite for any beachy-casual couple.

Are you planning a laidback wedding followed by a funky cocktail party under the palm trees? Awesome sauce! The only stipulation with this sweet and sexy design is to edit it on a desktop computer.

Elegant Beach Wedding Invite Focuses on You

Elegant Beach Wedding Invitationwhite Sand Beachblue - Etsy

Our wedding invitations are printed on premium quality cardstock paper with a commercial grade digital copier. 

This gorgeous wedding invite by pro graphic designers features a gentle wave lapping onto the sand.

We love how the invitation text is laid out to center perfectly over the beach image. The stunning font on the first names of the bridal couple is also spectacular! It reminds us of two seabirds in flight.

Clear Wedding Invite With Golden Palms

Gold Palm Leaves Clear Acrylic Wedding Invitation

All invitations can be customized in any way for any event! Change the colors, text, wording, or fonts to fit your theme!

Clear acrylic invites are quickly becoming the hot new choice for bridal couples, and this selection with its golden palm accents is our beach invitation inspiration for the near and far future!

Sand and Shells SVG Template for Cricut Wedding Invitation

Beach Wedding Invitation SVG Template

Invitation Design in the Beach Theme for Wedding or Event. Instant Download of digital cut file for use with Cricut, Silhouette, etc.

While our bride-to-be friend banished sea creatures from her invitations, we also happen to know “Cricutting” brides who want intricate, lacy-looking details on their laser-cut wedding stationery.

The shell and starfish cutout effects look spectacular, and you open the card to see kissing seahorses in the RSVP fold (we love this, sorry, not sorry!)

Check out this beautiful SVG template if a beachy ocean theme speaks to you.

Tri-Fold Beach Wedding Invite with Seahorses and Shells

Tri Fold Seahorse & Seashell Beach Wedding Invitation

Included Template is for 5x7 in invitation/envelopes, resizing the template is should not be necessary but you can make it bigger or smaller keeping the proportions.

An SVG template for a 5×7 inch DIY wedding invitation may not sound too exciting, but this tri-fold beachy invite is a step above many digital downloads.

It’s a Cricut Design Space template with exquisite laser-cut details of seahorses, shells, anchors, starfishes, and sailboats. 

Any bride on a budget will appreciate the affordability of this design for mailing in smaller envelopes

Quirky Kraken Wedding Invitation Is the Coolest

Kraken Wedding Invitation Octopus Nautical

This creative, inspiring beach wedding invitation suite features the legendary “Kraken,” an enormous sea monster that supposedly looked like a giant octopus.

Maybe you love quirky stuff, or you’re into myths and mystery. Perhaps you’re both! Either way, this exceptional invite is so cool and unique.

This creative, inspiring beach wedding invitation suite features the legendary “Kraken,” an enormous sea monster that supposedly looked like a giant octopus.

This option celebrates watery weirdness at its best, making it an unforgettable wedding invitation.

Beach Hut Wedding Invitation Booklet

Beach Sunset 3pg Booklet Wedding Invitation

The livret booklet is one of our signature layouts. Ideal for a unique couple who wants to set an artsy, elegant, organized and simple mood for their big day. 

This beautiful selection is a serene wedding invitation to behold, especially if you’re familiar with a lineup of colorful mismatched beach huts on the shore at sunset.

But there’s so much more to this invite than just a laidback scene. It’s also a mini-booklet with all of your wedding details!

If you’re a bridal couple looking for rustic yet practical elegance, this clean and simple invitation is like a sweet little guide to your wedding day. 

Wedding Invitation Suite With Hawaiian Theme

Hawaii Wedding Invitation Suite

Hawaii wedding invitation suite with gorgeous hibiscus florals includes an invitation, RSVP card and details card. Your suite comes with envelopes. 

The detail of Hawaiian hibiscus florals on these 5×7 inch invitation cards is understated glamor; perfect for both a beach wedding or garden celebration.

We love the extra-special stuff going into this, most notably that these invitations are printed in golden ink, not foil. Sweet and stunning!

Wedding Invitation Template Is Mapped Out

Map Wedding Invitation Template

This DIY PRINTABLE wedding invitation template suite features an editable watercolor map and elegant script font. Use these templates to edit all wording, font, font color, map color, and the background color to match your event style.

This invitation template is a simpler version of the grand “invitation passport” we mentioned earlier.

It’s a classy design and a digital download that is easy to edit and print with instructions provided. You can even change the background color to match your wedding theme.

Ocean Wedding Invitation Evites

Ocean Wedding Invitation Template

This DIY PRINTABLE wedding invitation template features a light blue ocean themed watercolor and edgy golden font. 

Planning a fun wedding celebration is often more like a labor of love. At least ordering wedding invitations online is simple and convenient!

This “Gemma” ocean wedding invite is an instant downloadable template that’s easy to edit and print with your engagement photo and event details. This style looks equally professional as an affordable e-vite, too.

Dramatic Invitation With Tropical Monstera Leaves

Tropical Monstera Leaves Gate-fold Wedding Invitation

This laser cut invitation tropical monstera leaves Gate fold envelope template for cutting plotter was created using my original hand drawn design.

An invitation that’s laser-cut in turquoise-teal on a black background… one thing’s for sure with this DIY template; it’s unforgettable!

Coastal Wedding Digital Download for Minimalists

Destination Beach Wedding Invitation

This 3 piece wedding invitation suite features a clean and crisp coastal theme with a hint of watercolor coral.

We’re keeping the digital template choices coming with this beautifully understated coastal theme. The fonts make this stand out, and it’s equally as crisp printed or as an e-vite.

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