27 Beautiful Clear Wedding Invitations For Your Special Day

So, you’ve nailed down the venue, the date, half a dozen other vendors, and your overall wedding theme! If you ask us, that’s already a cause for celebration!

Now you’re on to choosing a wedding invitation to send out to your excited guests. With so many options out there, you want to be sure to give your guests a glimpse of the aesthetics of the wedding you’ve been planning.

Clear acrylic invitations are a great way to make a statement. They’re minimalistic, trendy, and very versatile!

We’ve gathered up some need-to-know information about clear wedding invitations and have a list of 27 awesome ideas to check out below! 

What Are Acrylic Wedding Invitations Made Out of?

Acrylic (or plexiglass) is a plastic material that is firm and transparent. It’s a lightweight material that can also come in a variety of colors, as well as frosted clear or metallic shades. 

Sheets of acrylic are also utilized for their strength and stiffness, making them a popular option for wedding signs and other placeholders. It’s a cheaper substitute for glass and will have the same aesthetic qualities while being half the weight and much, much stronger.

Because of the rigid shape of these types of invitations, do take care when mailing your acrylic wedding invites out.

Consider that postage may be more if you’re taking the route of bubble mailers (to protect the invite from breaking during its journey) or mailing out boxed sets as a parcel. 

Which Wedding Aesthetic Is Best for an Acrylic Wedding Invitation?

Acrylic wedding invitations blew up in popularity originally because of modern, trendy weddings. Their sleek and beautiful look has now been incorporated into a wide variety of celebrations, and because of this, we believe that acrylic wedding invites can be a great option for any type of wedding aesthetic!

Because the transparent look is so adaptable, you can dress the invites up as outrageously as you want, or pare them down for a simple, natural look.

If you’re throwing a modern celebration, you have the advantage of the sleek and trim lines that acrylic elements can give you. 

If you’re planning a softer and more rustic wedding, dress down your invitations with florals, botanical elements, or vellum paper. 

Whichever way you end up designing your transparent wedding invitation, your guests will appreciate having a keepsake that lasts much longer than a typical piece of paper!

Simple Laser Engraved Clear Wedding Invitations

Laser Engraved Luxury Acrylic Custom Invites

Each Acrylic Invite is custom made with a commercial laser engraving machine, therefore text prints white and cannot be altered to another color

It doesn’t get any easier than this minimalistic laser engraved acrylic wedding invitation! With all the detail arranged in neatly elegant fonts, you can be sure your guests will “clearly” get the information they need. 

We love that each one of these pieces comes with a protective backing; you can be sure these will come out looking perfect!

Acrylic Plexiglass Wedding Invitation with Ivory Roses

Clear Wedding Invitations With Ivory White Roses

Our invitations are a Hand Made product individually designed for each client. Change the colors, text, wording, language or fonts to fit your occasion. The text can be in any language.

Is there anything more romantic than ivory white and emerald green? These elegant plexiglass invitations are adorned with delicate white roses and lots of sprigs of botanical greens. 

If you’re planning to festoon your wedding venue with tons of ivory roses and green accents, these sleek wedding invites are for you!

Clear, Black, and Gold Foil Pocket Wedding Invitation

Elegant Pocket Acrylic Invitations

Acrylic Wedding Invitations Set With RSVP, Order Wedding Invitation Suite with customized wordings. This Wedding Invitation is completely customizable as per your choices.

We at Wedding Pioneer love a pocket-fold wedding invitation!

These gorgeous black, gold and clear acrylic invites are giving us awesome Great Gatsby vibes. The gold foil is especially eye-catching against the black background!

If you’re throwing a classy, modern soiree, a polished acrylic invitation will exude all those glamorous vibes you’re seeking.

Minimalist Geometric Gold Acrylic Invitation with Envelope

Acrylic Gold Wedding Invitation With Minimalist Design

This invitation will add classness and elegance into your wedding. Our stylish design collection will impress you and your guests. It is made just for you.

Not sure if “peekaboo envelope” is an official term, but that’s what we’re calling it! These beautiful clear wedding invites with gorgeous gold foil come with an adorable envelope. 

We’re partial not only to unique wedding invitations but also to envelopes! Your guests will be so excited to receive a charming invite like this in the mail. 

Botanical and Transparent Custom Wedding Invite

Luxury Custom Acrylic Wedding Invitation

Standard Size: 5" x 7" inches. (Allows different size and shape). Standard thickness: 2mm. (Allows different thickness). Allows 100% customization. Invites will be packed with standard envelope. Material is Clear/Frosted acrylic.

If your wedding is featuring lush greenery, put it in the spotlight ahead of time by highlighting it on your acrylic wedding invitation!

The delicate gold lines add a refined element against the wild and robust greens. 

Navy and Blush Acrylic Invitation Suite

Navy Blue and Rose Gold Acrylic Invitations

All samples are generic in color and content. I am constantly rotating styles and samples that I have in stock. I put the samples together based on matching the material and the finishing. 

As far as wedding color combinations go, navy and blush have been a classic pairing for many brides.

This is another beautiful wedding suite with many customizable options like color and acrylic weight!

You can choose from flexible acrylic as the thinnest option, all the way to thick acrylic that comes in both black and clear. 

Transparent Wedding Invitation with Pink Peony Motif

Vintage Flowers Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Our invitations are a Hand Made product individually designed for each client. Change the colors, text, wording, language or fonts to fit your occasion.

Getting hitched in the spring? Promote those perfectly pink peonies by putting them on a clear wedding invitation! 

Nothing says delicate, feminine, and romantic quite like a see-through wedding invite with pink floral detailing.

Clear Acrylic Invitation with Gold Foil Leaves

Acrylic Gold Wedding Invitations

You can write the text suitable for the invitation you like or choose from the sample texts page. Invitations and Envelopes are as seen in the catalog.

These stylish invites feature beautiful gold leaves that are sure to imbue your guests with a sense of elegance.

We love that you can customize the acrylic type (hello, frosted and matte options!) as well as the actual shape of the invitation!

The wax seal is also such an impressive look if you’re wanting guests to know that they should expect nothing but the finest on your big day!

Simple Dark Green Acrylic Invite with Rose Decal

Elegant Green Acrylic Wedding Invitation

Our invitations, professionally produced on elegant clear acrylic, are gorgeous. The personalized invitation for you will make your organization or nuptials special for you. Clear acrylic and gold foil details provide an additional level of uniqueness to your invitation cards.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest wedding invitation of them all?'”

We were instantly drawn into the swooping gold oval! With the beautiful roses on the top edge, this invite feels very much like looking into a romantic mirror. 

Round and Clear Wedding Invitations

Round Clear Acrylic Invitation

Round Clear Acrylic invitation. Clear acrylic invitation. Oval acrylic invitation. Acrylic invitation. Foil printing. Parchment Envelope. Wax seal. Dried flowers.

Who said your invite had to have corners? If you’re looking for something truly unique, consider playing around with the shape of your invitations. 

These round and clear wedding invitations come with a parchment envelope and a gloriously indulgent wax seal with dried flowers. 

Pampas Grass Acrylic Wedding Invite

Pampas Grass Acrylic Wedding Invitations

WOW your guests with these stunning pampas grass acrylic wedding invitations. These boho acrylic invites are UV printed on a super clear acrylic/PVC

At first glance, we thought this was ocean spray- which would be a gorgeous idea for a beach wedding, don’t you think? However, it turned out to be pampas grass, which is another uber-popular wedding decorating element!

If your wedding is going to have boho elements like dried flowers and grasses, this beautiful, natural-looking invite is a must. The unassuming brown envelope and ivory-colored wax seal are the perfect complements.

Clear Wedding Invite with Gold Foil Spray

Acrylic Wedding Invitation Quinceanera

You will love these minimalist acrylic wedding invitations in simple white envelopes with silver lettering!

Are you a minimalist bride? There’s nothing you’ll need more than this beautiful acrylic invitation with a delicate spray of gold foil. 

Don’t write off simple designs- they still pack a punch! 

Black and Gold Themed Frosted Wedding Invitation Set

Luxury Black and Gold Foil Acrylic Wedding Invitation

Your invitation is prepared to add elegance to your wedding. Our beautiful, minimalist invitation and envelope collections will impress you/your guests. This invitation will be for you only.

This luxurious wedding invitation suite has the options to add on RSVP cards, wedding day details, and even the menu for dinner!

This seller is a one-stop-shop if you’re planning a wedding that has a lot of moving parts. 

Square Acrylic Invitation with Wax Sealed Envelope

Square Acrylic Invitation with Wax Sealed Envelope

You can personalize your invitation with any information which you would like. All wording and colors can be fine-tuned to match your specific needs.

We think envelopes don’t get enough attention!

This acrylic invitation comes with a beautiful square envelope, along with a wax seal (a popular choice for these types of invitation suites), but we love this one for the elegant floral and greenery detail, and nice little gold ribbon that ties the entire look together. 

Dusty Rose Clear Wedding Invitation

Classic Rose Gold Clear Acrylic Wedding Invitations

 All invitations can be customized in any way for any event! Change the colors, text, wording, or fonts to fit your occasion!

Oh, dusty rose, how we love thee. The ultra-feminine look of these invitations is enhanced by the rosy font and pink envelope. 

If blush tones and dusty rose are part of your wedding color palette, going with this invitation set would be a smart choice!

Summer Wedding Transparent Invitation with Daisies

Floral Daisy Clear Acrylic Wedding Invitation

Clear, acrylic wedding invitations are the new, classy way of dressing up your event. Minimalist was never classier than in these clear, acrylic invitation cards. 

If you had to conjure up an image of an event held in the summer, what comes to mind?

For us, we get notes of fresh and clean white fabrics, sunny flowers, and lots of warm tones. 

This acrylic wedding invitation invokes a simple ring with daisies, and a frosted envelope for that “barely there” look. If you’re featuring beautiful daisies for your summer wedding, this is an invite you need!

Transparent Wedding Invitation with White and Gold Floral

Acrylic Flower Wedding Invitations

Our invitations, professionally produced on elegant clear acrylic, are gorgeous. The personalized invitation for you will make your organization or nuptials special for you. Clear acrylic and gold foil details provide an additional level of uniqueness to your invitation cards.

These elegant, white flowers are so in-your-face and we’re here for it! Contrasted against a black envelope, they really do pop.

For a wedding that is featuring black and gold, this minimalist (or maybe maximalist?) wedding invite does just the trick. 

Ornate Acrylic Wedding Invitation

Custom Acrylic Wedding Invitation

We can do coordinating items, Such as RSVP card - Details Card - Accommodations Card –Menus –Place Cards –Signs , Custom Envelopes - Paper Card Invitation - Gift Box- Wax seal- Sticker and More

This wedding invite is the perfect marriage between modernity and being ornate. With the interesting shape, guests will pick up that your wedding celebration is going to be unlike any they’ve attended before. 

Pick a font that suits your personality when you’re customizing your invites.

Here, they’ve paired a cursive script that lets us know that their party is going to be refined, elegant, and classy- and for some reason, we’re picking up on some heavy classical music vibes (but we’re not complaining)!

Elegant Gold Foil Wedding Invite

Elegant Gold Foil Wedding Invite

Definitely, we beautify your engagement parties or wedding day ceremonies with unique acrylic invitations. You can choose custom invitations with gold foil font and suitable stamp designs.

With a few masterfully placed gold lines, this acrylic wedding invitation gives us Art Deco vibes. This would be perfect for an understated, elegant wedding.

Also, check out this wax seal with your initials! How much more personalized can it get?

Plexiglass Invitation with Metallic Paper Box

Luxury Wedding Invitation Acrylic Invitations Plexiglass - Etsy

Wedding bells are ringing for you! Fully customizable wedding invitations that will amaze your guests will make your happiest day unforgettable!

Upgrade your wedding invitations by sending them in a beautiful metallic paper box! The most clever and customizable thing about this set is that you can place whatever your heart desires behind the acrylic invite. 

We love the look of pressed or dried flowers, a sprig of eucalyptus, or even ribbon, as a surprise to guests when they open their invite box. 

Transparent Wedding Invitation with Gold Wreath Decal

Elegant Gold Acrylic Invitations

Professionally printed on premium quality acrylic, our Gold Acrylic Wedding Invitations absolutely eye-catching. A personalized invitation just for you is a special piece for your wedding or organization. 

Take a look at this gorgeous gold wreath on this wedding invitation!

Nothing says “fancy” like an ornate design, and this is a subtle way to hint to your guests that they should get gussied up for your big day!

Blue and White Acrylic Glass Wedding Invitation

Blue and White Acrylic Glass Wedding Invitation

This High-Quality Safe Glass Wedding Invitation is what you are looking for unique and luxury wedding and quinceanera invitations.

Blue flowers are so unique and eye-catching. This clear wedding invitation features lots of blue and white botanic action, and we love that big burst of color. 

This invite does not come with envelopes, but the seller does offer them in their shop!

Geometric Jewel Shaped Clear Wedding Invitations

Acrylic Clear Geometric Wedding Invitations

Clear Acrylic Invitation & Black Color Box with Real Gold Foil Printing Names which is a very trendy and unique nowadays. The customization possibilities are endless with these exclusive invitations...mix and match the different color and customize it the way you want..

Modern, sleek, and unforgettable, this many-sided wedding invitation looks like a huge gem! 

Silver Foil Print Acrylic Invitation

Clear Acrylic Silver Foil Invitation

These delightful and stylish invitations will win your hearts and impress your guests!

To convey a high-class event, consider going with a monochrome theme with your wedding invitation set.

There are a lot of options out there that feature gold detailing, and we thought this silver take was very refreshing. 

Clear Wedding Invitation with Vintage Florals

Vintage Flowers Pink Peony Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Our invitations are a Hand Made product individually designed for each client. Change the colors, text, wording, language or fonts to fit your occasion. 

The best thing about acrylic wedding invitations is how long they last. And what’s more everlasting than love, when it comes to weddings? 

This invitation features beautiful vintage flowers, and with one look at this invitation, we just know that the flowers at your wedding will be unstoppable. 

Black Font Acrylic Wedding Invitation with Gold Frame

The Frame'd Collection With Custom Vellum Belly Band Cards

All invitations can be customized in any way for any event! Change the colors, text, wording, or fonts to fit your occasion!

Here’s the long and short of it when it comes to translucent wedding invitations. Standalone, they look great but they look even better when paired with colors, details, and VELLUM.

This set has a stunning vellum belly band holding the entire set together, and it is just the right touch of romance for an invitation that looks like a perfect picture frame. 

Acrylic Wedding Invitation with Photo

Acrylic Invitation With Photo

Acrylic invitation with photo. Photo invitation. Wedding invitation with photo. Navy blue envelope.

Did you and your darling take the best engagement photos ever? We are huge proponents of sharing them, so have the best of both worlds: your photos AND a clear wedding invitation!

These come in a navy envelope with a wax seal and dried flowers. We love the opulent detailing from the photo border to the actual invitation, too. 

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