17 Gorgeous Wooden Boxes for Wedding Centerpieces

Choosing the right table centerpieces to decorate your wedding reception can be one of those unexpectedly tricky decisions.

There are the gorgeous, fragrant floral centerpieces that unfortunately become a sneeze fest for allergy-plagued guests! Or the stunning centerpiece on each table of tall tapered candles, which look breathtakingly beautiful, but guests can’t see each other over the decor!

To get around this (quite literally), we’ve found some sweet wooden boxes for wedding centerpieces and also some imaginative decorating ideas that are rustic, elegant, and fun.

Open your mind to these beautiful box possibilities!

Color Choice Wooden Box Centerpiece

Succulent Planter Window Box

lanter Boxes come from wood that has been weathered which gives them the perfect Rustic look!

Rustic oak or antique gray are easy colors to visualize when thinking of wooden boxes for wedding centerpieces. But with these reclaimed color choice wooden boxes, you’re not limited to a typical color scheme. 

Picture a vintage teal wooden box for a splash of sea blue at your beach wedding or an antique distressed white wooden centerpiece for sheer romance at your renovated barn reception.

You could even mix and match colors and sizes of wooden box centerpieces for an eye-catching look on your special day.

Bulk Buy Wooden Boxes for Wedding Centerpieces

Set of 5 Square Succulent Planter

The boxes are available in three colors.

This affordable wooden box set contains five boxes and is available in three color choices: natural, rustic, or whitewashed. Used as a base for your centerpieces, you can let your imagination run wild with decorating ideas.

Personalized Wood Photo Block

Personalized Couple Portrait Photo

The laser engraved photo frame on wood is made of 100% natural wood. Thanks to watercolor design the product shows your love in vivid colors.

This personalized wood photo block is the perfect accent for a wooden box centerpiece, and you can have fun with your partner selecting the photos you want to use for each table.

After the big day, they make great decorations and conversation pieces in your home or give them to your guests as a ‘thank you’ gift.

Wine Stopper Fairy Light Accents

Wine Bottle Lights

Simply add these fairy lights to any standard wine bottle or liquor bottle to make lighted bottles.

These wine stoppers are such a fun and unique decor idea! Each pack contains five wine stoppers with a string of 20 LED fairy lights.

You can fix the lights onto your wooden boxes, or better yet, thread the strings into various sized bottles and place them into your wooden boxes for wedding centerpieces with a firefly glow.

Unfinished Wooden Box

Unfineshed Wood Box Wedding Centerpiece

The box looks great as a table centerpiece with flowers in it or whatever else you need to put in one.

Yes, these are unfinished baltic birch wood boxes, but that’s half the fun! You can decorate these boxes to your heart’s content or even leave them undone and add little details for a simple, elegant wedding centerpiece.

They come in various sizes so feel free to mix and match to your heart’s content.

Personalized Labels for Your Wooden Boxes

Custom Party Labels

Whatever your event, these custom labels stickers will create a cohesive look for your party

and make your guests feel so welcome. 

Need any ideas to decorate your wooden boxes? Why not take a look at these personalized labels?

With a wide variety of colors, borders, and sizes available, you can create your very own work of art. Simply place them on your wooden boxes for a wedding centerpiece that’s all you. 

Wooden Box Wedding Centerpiece Engraved With Love

Engraved Mason Jar Centerpiece

Engraved with your choice of several stock phrases, this rustic jar holder is perfect for any occasion. 

This pinewood box comes in a gray or walnut stain. You can order it with pint jars and fill them with decorative silk flowers or faux beachgrass, or you can order without the jars.

But the most exceptional detail with this wedding centerpiece is the engraving! Choose the saying you want to be engraved, or better yet, include your very own favorite quote or phrase.

Oh So Pretty Ottoman Tray

Centerpiece Ottoman Tray Wooden Box

Add a little rustic charm to your home with our Everyday Rustic Centerpiece Box. 

These low-profile ottoman trays are the perfect way to dress up the tables at your rustic or Boho reception! They’re available in different sizes and finishes and will suit any type of floral arrangement.

Rustic White Centerpieces With Jute Twine Handles

White Rustic Centerpiece Box

The jute twine handles make it easy to carry and move around. 

These long wooden boxes feature a perfectly distressed-looking white stain, and jute twine handles for a great look that’s also convenient to carry. Easily accessorized with floral accents, mason jars, and LED candles.

Burnt Wooden Boxes

Burnt Floral Ornament Wood Box

The option to add felt and nameplate is listed below. 1/4 Inch Natural Cork mounted on wood backing with black felt on inside lid. 

Create some beautiful memories with these burnt cedar wood boxes. They come in various lengths with a 4-inch height and width.

The beauty of this selection is the wood-burning technique (called Shou Sugi Ban) that originated centuries ago in East Asia. After your wedding day, these centerpieces are perfect for outdoor use as planters.

Sola Wood Flower Arrangement and Wedding Centerpiece

Sola Wood Flower Arrangement

Hand dyed flowers are made of sola wood from tapioca trees. 

When you decide to go with wooden boxes as your wedding centerpiece, you may also want the convenience of an “all-inclusive” centerpiece with accent colors you can customize.

If so, these sola wood flower arrangements are for your wedding centerpieces! Compact in size, each box contains a stunning array of dyed flowers made from something called sola wood that comes from tapioca trees.

Wood Mason Holder Box

Wood Mason Holder Box for Centerpieces

Dimensions: Height: 6.5 inches Width: 4.5 inches

Although it doesn’t come with the mason jar or other accessories, these wood holders are easy on the budget, and you can decorate them with whatever accents you choose for your reception centerpieces.

Of course, they’d make great gifts for friends and family after your wedding, too.

Wood Pedestal Tray With Handles

We love this unique centerpiece idea, especially for shorter rectangular banquet tables or longer vineyard tables (and the handles are super-convenient for setup and takedown).

Each tray can hold wine bottles, small plates of appetizers, or candles. To finish off the look, decorate them with an LED garland and a sequined runner. 

Now, let’s get into fun accent details for your boxes that give a fun and glittery effect, as well as a cool, clear balloon idea that will light up the night at your reception!

Fill That Wedding Centerpiece Up With Diamond Confetti

DIAMOND Confetti

Diamond Confetti in lots of colors and sizes.

To add glittery pops to a lit shadow box centerpiece, sprinkle diamond confetti in the box’s interior, on top, and around the box.

You have so many stunning colors and sizes to choose from with this accent, and bags of diamond confetti are among the most affordable accent decorations you can choose.

Led Balloons Lift Your Wooden Wedding Centerpiece

Led Balloons

Led light up clear bobo bubble party balloons.Big balloons can inflate to 22 inch. 

22-inch clear balloons covered with LED fairy lights? Heck yeah! Helium-filled balloons are easy to use in a centerpiece, and it’s easy to mount them to the top or side of a wooden shadow box.

We love the fact that they’re clear, so your guests will still be able to see each other across the table, and you can repurpose the lights for seasonal decorating afterward.

Wooden Crates Make Great Wedding Centerpieces

Smaller-sized, slatted crates are always easy to decorate and fill with rustic and elegant accents for cost-effective, DIY wedding centerpieces.

These crates come in four different stains (or plain/untreated), and they’re handmade with that distressed look everyone loves.

Personalized Mini-Wooden Wedding Centerpiece

Personalized Mini Wooden Barrel

This mini wine barrel can be used as a small *vase or pen holder. 

These little (that’s why they call them mini!) wooden barrels are just adorable to hold a small bunch of flowers.

You have standout wedding centerpieces when you complete the look with your married name and wedding date engraved into the barrel.

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