20 Taylor Swift Wedding Songs for the Perfect Love Story

At one time, Taylor Swift was a singer-songwriter who was mainly known for her songs written about past relationships gone wrong. Online accounts vary wildly, from 7 tunes about exes to 21 ditties dedicated to the bad boys in and out of her romantic life.

But T Swift music lovers like us know better! We’re equally fond of the gorgeous and heart-melting songs she’s written, especially those that would make a perfect addition to your wedding playlist.

News outlets recently revealed that Taylor and her long-time beau Joe Alywn are reportedly engaged, so in honor of them and the hopelessly romantic Swifties everywhere, here are our top 20 Taylor Swift wedding songs!

taylor swift wedding songs

“Love Story”

The history behind “Love Story” is inspirational in and of itself.

This iconic single peaked at #1 on Billboard’s Country charts when it was released in 2008. In 2021, Swift re-recorded “Love Story” to begin a new chapter of her career and claim her musical freedom as an artist.

If you grew up loving the lyrics and the Cinderella-style music video, you’ll want to “say yes” to this perfect wedding song by Swift.

When to play: Instrumental versions of “Love Story” make an incredibly romantic bridal entrance. The song is also ideal as either a recessional wedding tune or your couple’s entrance at the reception.


The personal lyrics to “Lover” and the fantastic music video demonstrate what a sophisticated artist Taylor Swift has become.

She wrote the song about Joe Alwyn, her long-time love and now, fiance. We love how the song celebrates the little things that people in love do—all happy couples can identify with this!

When to play: Swift’s original version makes a gorgeous first dance (check out some beautiful first dance choreography here), and instrumental versions of “Lover” make an exquisite bridal entrance or recessional wedding song.

“Wildest Dreams”

We love both versions of Swift’s dreamy “Wildest Dreams,” and the sexy, romantic song was also famously covered as an orchestral piece on the soundtrack of the first season of Bridgerton.

When to play: The instrumental version makes a gorgeous wedding song as either your bride’s entrance or recessional music. Consider including Swift’s version as your couple’s entrance at the reception or a song dedicated to your new spouse during the night!

“Everything Has Changed”

Taylor Swift changed Ed Sheeran’s life when she first heard him perform and invited him on tour as her opening act.

A musical friendship was born, and they co-wrote the hit “Everything Has Changed.” The lyrics strike a chord with many couples in love, making this a wedding tune fave.

When to play: We love the live duet Swift and Sheeran did for the song, so if you’re thinking of wedding singers on acoustic guitar, a live version would be perfect as your wedding recessional or your first dance.

“You Are In Love”

We love Swift’s lyrics here, and we can all identify with her falling in “love, true love” in this slow and beautiful song.

When to play: Swift’s version would be gorgeous as your first dance, dedicated to your new spouse. We also adore instrumental versions like this piano cover for the bride’s entrance or during your signing of the wedding registry.


The chorus to “Daylight” is particularly special to us, and it’s one of our fave Swift love songs.

When to play: If you cut to the chorus of “Daylight,” it’s glorious as your wedding recessional music.

We also love musical mash-ups like this “Daylight” piano instrumental that threads “Prelude in C” by composer Johann Sebastian Bach into a gorgeous song to walk down the aisle.

“Invisible String”

While “tying the knot” is a longstanding reference to marriage, our hearts beat faster hearing Swift singing about the “invisible string, tying you to me?”

When to play: Boho brides will adore a harp instrumental of “Invisible String” that makes it feel like you’re floating down the aisle to get married!

“Paper Rings”

The lyrics of this fun uptempo Swift tune appeal to rustic couples who get it that “shiny things” are fine, but they’d marry even if it meant “paper rings.”

When to play: We’d love to see a couple grooving to this song as they enter their wedding reception together!

“Mary’s Song”

Released in 2006, “Mary’s Song” was penned when Swift was very young, and she was inspired to write the song after hearing the lifelong love story of an older couple who lived next door.

When to play: It’s a fun first song for a rustic barn wedding or to surprise your parents with a group family dance during the reception.

“New Year’s Day”

There’s a powerful and emotional vulnerability to “New Year’s Day,” a solemn track that Swift co-wrote with Jack Antonoff. 

In a touching story about her live performance of the song on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, viewers found out that the song’s lyrics reminded him of his late mom.

When to play: “New Year’s Day” makes a beautiful mother/father dance with the newlyweds, and it’s also a touching way to remember loved ones at your wedding reception.

“Call It What You Want”

Swift’s lyrics are like a movie playing in your mind when you listen to this song, and the melody is toe-tapping.

When to play: “Call It What You Want” makes a great bridal party entrance at the reception or the last fast song of your night.

“Shake It Off”

Anytime we feel like it’s us against the world, we play “Shake It Off,” and everything seems better!

When to play: First fast song of your wedding reception. It’s guaranteed to fill the dance floor!

“The Best Day”

We can’t get enough of the lyric video for “The Best Day,” and the home videos featured are especially poignant with the news in recent years that Swift’s mom is battling brain cancer.

When to play: “The Best Day” is our #1 choice for a parent’s dance at your wedding reception.

“Holy Ground”

Swift’s mature lyric-writing is on point with “Holy Ground,” and various song interpretations show its versatility as wedding music.

When to play: Swift recorded a gorgeous, slow live version of “Holy Ground” that we love as wedding processional music. We also found a group version of “Holy Ground” that makes us think it would be a great wedding flash mob number to surprise and delight your guests!


The marching band tempo of “ME!” is crazy-good enough, but Swift’s vocal duet with Brendon Urie (of Panic! At The Disco) takes this fun love song up a few tuneful notches!

When to play: Groove to this tune as you enter your reception as newlyweds hand-in-hand.

“Long Live”

Talk about goosebumps! Listening to “Long Live” lyrics is like hearing an anthem we want to play as the soundtrack to our lives.

When to play: It’s ideal as your bridal party enters the reception, and as the two of you enter as newlyweds, play the chorus of “Long Live” as Swift sings, “all the kingdom lights shined for me and you.”

“You Belong With Me”

One of our fave T Swift videos, “You Belong With Me,” has also been released as an instrumental version and even an acapella video with some gorgeous harmonies.

When to play: This super-sweet piano version of “You Belong With Me” can give your wedding ceremony processional music a romantic Hollywood vibe. Swift’s original version is also perfect as your reception entrance theme, and the acapella version could be a fun flash mob!

“How You Get The Girl”

It might feel like you’ve waited “forever and ever” for your wedding day, but a T Swift song like “How You Get The Girl” will make you happy your day is here!

When to play: This is perfect as your wedding reception theme music… play it as you enter the hall as newlyweds, and play it again as the first fast dance of the night.

“Our Song”

Swift’s original “Our Song” cut is cute and youthful, and this piano instrumental version is equally joyful for your wedding ceremony playlist.

When to play: The piano version is excellent to play as your recessional music at a casual outdoor or beach wedding, and Swift’s original recording is fantastic as your first fast dance!

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