20 Excellent Elvis Wedding Songs To Celebrate Your Big Day

Have you ever seen an old technicolor beach movie at your gram’s house that starred Elvis Presley?

Maybe not, but the recent biopic “Elvis” is now the second biggest moneymaking movie about a singing celebrity, and all of his fans—both old and new—believe Elvis was “the king of rock and roll”.

So many Elvis Presley tunes have become beloved classics that it’s hard to narrow down which ones are the most popular. That’s why we’ve picked 20 of his best tracks for your playlist because we “Can’t Help Falling in Love” with Elvis Presley’s wedding songs!

elvis wedding songs

Can’t Help Falling in Love

This song begins with the famous line, “wise men say, only fools rush in, but I can’t help falling in love with you,” and it’s timeless!

The melody was inspired by an ancient French love song (written in 1784!), and it’s such a familiar tune that your guests will recognize it and hum along to every beautiful rendition, including this beautiful instrumental version.

When to play: The instrumental version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” makes a gorgeous bride’s processional into the ceremony, and it’s also fun to learn wedding choreography for the song (check this vid out) because it makes a unique and memorable first dance.

Hawaiian Wedding Song

Elvis starred in a string of movies early in his career. While Blue Hawaii has a pretty cheesy script by current standards, the island scenery, Polynesian fashion, and the 1960s backdrop still look stunning and colorful.

Perhaps the best thing about this movie is the soundtrack of love songs by Elvis, and “Hawaiian Wedding Song” is a lovely example.

When to play: “Hawaiian Wedding Song” is ideal for your tropical-themed wedding or, better yet, your destination wedding on Aloha sands! If you are planning a Hawaiian wedding, check out our great article on what to wear.

Love Me Tender

Elvis recorded this love song in the 1950s, and if that sounds super-retro, the melody comes directly from a ballad written during the Civil War!

There’s no doubt that Elvis’s original recording of Love Me Tender can give you goosebumps with his haunting vocals and nothing else but harmonies and a strumming guitar backup. It’s old-school romantic music at its finest!

When to play: Make “Love Me Tender” your bridal processional or your first slow dance as newlyweds. This guaranteed tearjerker also sounds beautiful played instrumentally, and other singing superstars like Andrea Bocelli have covered the song with a more operatic feel.

The Wonder of You

Many people identify the late great Elvis with Las Vegas, and for decades, there were countless Elvis impersonators officiating weddings in Sin City!

He recorded “The Wonder of You” in February 1970 in Vegas, and the song became especially popular with fans in England, Scotland, and Ireland. A few football teams (or soccer teams, in the US) still use “The Wonder of You” as their club anthems.

When to play: We love this version done by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra—this would be a fantastic wedding theme and a tremendous newlywed entrance to your reception.

Thrill of Your Love

This vintage-sounding tune has fun romantic lyrics and a fantastic piano-bar vibe. It’s the kind of Elvis song that impersonators love to sing, but it sounds equally good acoustically on guitar (check this vid out).

When to play: “Thrill of Your Love” isn’t the best-known Elvis song these days, but the tempo works as the entrance theme to your reception. If you’re lucky enough to know that guy singing on guitar in the video (or you know someone like them), it’s also an excellent bridal processional!

Today, Tomorrow, and Forever

Elvis starred in a very famous movie Viva Las Vegas with actress Ann-Margret. Their onscreen chemistry spilled over into their real lives, creating a love triangle between the two of them and Elvis’ then-girlfriend, Priscilla.

That sounds messy, but at least we have love songs from the movie that sound just as wedding-worthy as they did back in the day, especially “Today, Tomorrow, and Forever.”

When to play: This Elvis tune says it all if you want a throwback song with heartfelt lyrics as your first dance.

Loving You

Here’s another short, classic Elvis love song with retro harmonies. It’s also notable because the music comes from the movie Loving You, the first movie Elvis starred in and received top billing.

When to play: It’s becoming popular for a multi-generational dance at wedding receptions with your parents and grandparents. If you decide on this, “Loving You” is a great song to include on your wedding day.

I Want You, I Need You, I Love You

A lot of drama went into the recording of “I Want You, I Need You, I Love You,” and when this love song was released in 1956, Elvis had already scandalized people by dancing to his hit Hound Dog (he had nothing on twerking, but check out the vid here!).

When to play: It’s a fun first dance song at your wedding reception!

Teddy Bear

The full title is (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear, and it’s one of the most fun Elvis party songs he ever recorded.

When to play: We love this song as an uptempo father-daughter dance, and after a verse or two, you can invite everyone onto the dance floor!

Blue Suede Shoes

This song is pure Elvis, and it still sounds great because it was one of the first songs ever to incorporate blues, country, and pop music into what they called rock and roll.

When to play: To really kick your wedding reception into gear, get your groomsmen to make their best Elvis impressions while they rock out on the dancefloor to “Blue Suede Shoes.”

Viva Las Vegas

Most Elvis fans count “Viva Las Vegas” as their favorite Elvis tune. It’s fun and frantic, and you’ll still hear it played everywhere you go in Sin City.

When to play: It’s a great wedding theme to enter your reception as newlyweds, and it also makes a great group dance with your entire bridal party.

All Shook Up

Okay, so maybe there’s competition for the most popular Elvis fast tune ever.

“All Shook Up” is a pure vintage delight, and we dare anyone not to start tapping their feet when they hear it!

When to play: The truth is, there’s no wrong time to play “All Shook Up” at your reception. Whether it’s your bridal party entry theme or your first fast dance, you’ll surely be getting the party started.


This pretty Elvis song has simple but memorable lyrics that honor those we love.

When to play: We love the Spanish-sounding guitar on “Memories,” and it’s an uplifting song instead of being too melancholy or depressed. It’s a beautiful choice for your reception playlist when you want to remember loved ones.

Pledging My Love

Many Elvis songs are dedicated to loving, but the lyrics to “Pledging My Love” are so obviously perfect for a wedding.

When to play: An instrumental version of “Pledging My Love” is a good tempo for the bride’s processional. Also, Elvis’s original version makes a great recessional at your ceremony or during the signing of your wedding registry.

I Love You Because

Elvis Presley experienced tragedies in his life and some unhappy times, but you can hear his love for his family in songs like “I Love You Because.”

When to play: The song’s video features home videos of the Presley clan, and we think it’d make a great parents’ dance or a way to honor loved ones at your reception.

It’s Now or Never

Fun and catchy, “It’s Now or Never” has been featured in movie soundtracks and commercials, and everyone loves this tune!

When to play: This is perfect bridal party theme music as everyone gets introduced at your reception.

Are You Lonesome Tonight

Classic Elvis vocals on this melancholy song, and the original version includes his dramatic spoken lyrics.

When to play: This isn’t a happy love song, but the melody is well-known and beautiful. We think an instrumental version would be lovely as a couple’s first slow dance.

I Just Can’t Help Believing

We’re back to the heartwarming love songs with this Elvis tune. “I Just Can’t Help Believing” has an easy listening feel, and his vocals sound great.

When to play: We like this version backed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Many wedding couples include multimedia presentations at their receptions, so if you’ve got a video cued up, this makes excellent background music.

Burning Love

This popular wedding song is hands-down our favorite fast Elvis tune. It stands the test of time, and we can’t recommend it enough on your wedding playlist.

When to play: As your bridal party reception theme music, a fast song to get everyone on the floor, or even as your ceremony processional if you’re down for it!

Amazing Grace

True-blue Elvis fans know he was an exceptional gospel singer. Check out his collection of gospel hits online, like “Amazing Grace;” it is absolutely amazing.

When to play: You can choose from many Elvis gospel songs if you’d like some outstanding spiritual music during your wedding ceremony.

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