29 Gorgeous Seashell Wedding Invitations For Your Big Day

A major theme for all beach/tropical/ocean/destination weddings is the wondrous world of sea creatures! Today, we’re focusing specifically on seashells- in all of their aesthetically pleasing, coastal glory!

When designing your wedding invitations, you may be stuck trying to figure out how to make your invites feel like a vacation without going overboard (no pun intended) into tacky territory. Well, you’re in luck – we’ve got a huge selection of gorgeous seashell wedding invitations to inspire your wedding journey!

Hot tip: Seashells are the perfect way to not only adorn your invites, but also your actual wedding venue- they’re cheap, plentiful, and easy to find! So whether you’re going for something ornate that would make Triton envious, or something simple and artsy that encapsulates the feeling of being oceanside, we’ve got it all right here at Wedding Pioneer. 

Custom Laser Cut Seashell Trifold Wedding Invite Suite

Love the lacy look? When applied to seashells, the effect is dazzling; we love the way these custom laser-cut mollusk shells look on this trifold wedding invitation. 

For all of you crafty brides, you have the option of doing it yourself, or you can order it all pre-assembled if you’re in a crunch for time. Choose from a wide array of card stock colors and themes to make your invite unique. 

Neutral Watercolor Seashell Wedding Invitations

When it comes to wedding trends, nothing is as timeless as neutrals and nudes. Just take a look at these beautifully dreamy watercolor shells, rendered in tones of sand and sun-bleached coral. 

In case you’re worried, neutral shades are not boring in the least. With intricate detailing in the shapes and shadows of these shells, people are going to love this classy wedding invite!

Beach Wedding Large Seashell Photo Wedding Invite

Want to be whisked away to a sunny beach destination? Us too- we can hear the ocean waves already! 

Get up close and personal with the sand and surf on this beachy, fuss-free wedding invitation. 

Under the Sea, Translucent Blue Vellum Wrapped Invite

Vellum is such a great material when it comes to creative ocean and beach-themed wedding invites; it’s got that delicate balance between opaque and translucent, similar to the feel of swimming underwater.

We love the gorgeous sea coral and shells gathering at the bottom, but most of all, we’re obsessed with the white vellum wrap- it looks like a piece of sun-bleached coral!

Minimalist Oyster Shell Wedding Invitation Suite

Want something sweet and simple? Take a look at this beautifully minimalistic wedding invitation that highlights the beauty of the oyster shell. 

If you’re a seafood fanatic or getting married on one of the coasts famous for fresh oysters, this is a wonderful way to pay homage to the humble, tasty, and delicious delicacy. Doubly so if your wedding will be featuring pearls in any capacity!

Destination Wedding Seashell Boarding Pass Invite

To embody the true spirit of a destination beach wedding, why not get creative with a set of boarding pass wedding invites?

These feature bright seafoam and coral tones with lots of seashells and underwater ocean creatures. 

This is a great way to welcome your first-class wedding guests to what’s guaranteed to be a splash! (We just can’t help the ocean puns. Not sorry.)

Navy Blue Ombre Seashell Themed Wedding Invite Set

For all of you artsy types, you’ll enjoy the natural watercolor effects on this navy blue ombre wedding invitation.

With lots of beautiful seashells featured in white print, along with whimsical little decorative bubbles, this invite would fit a beach or nautical theme perfectly.

Glamorous Shell Shaped Wedding Invitation with Pearl

Holy Mother of Pearl! Check out this stunning shell-shaped wedding invitation- with its darling little pearl, this embodies a classy wedding that’s sure to dazzle. 

We just can’t get enough of the delicately detailed ridges of the scalloped shell. Best of all, lots of add-ons are available if you’re a stickler for a cohesive theme.

Rustic Beach Wedding Invitation with Wooden Starfish

Are you a fan of the rustic look? Just take a look at this beachy wedding invitation with starfish and pearls set on burlap!

It’s serving us cozy beach shack vibes and we are here for it! You can’t go wrong with a little bit of texture on your wedding invites, and the twine and burlap are always a knockout combo!

Ocean Themed Shells and Seahorses Wedding Invite

If you’re a fan of seahorses, this wedding invite was made for you! We particularly love the blue and gold theme.

This joyful wedding invite features vibes straight out of The Little Mermaid. With sand and shades of blue tones, you’re instantly transported to an underwater fête! 

Beachfront Lily and Shells Wedding Invitation

The beautiful ubiquitous lily flower gets center stage along with a starfish and sand dollar on this beautiful beachfront wedding invitation.

If your beachy wedding venue features a boardwalk, how perfect would it be to feature it in your invite?

Sand and Coral Themed Seashell Pocket Wedding Invite

The demure scallop gets the limelight here on this sand and coral-colored wedding invite.

We love the charming, laidback font, whether you choose white or ivory as the card color, it’ll be sure to pop!

Laser Cut Beach Waves with Seashells Wedding Invite Set

Love the laser-cut paper look? Take a gander at the impossibly thin details on the shells, seahorses, mollusks, and starfish on the cover of this gatefold beach-themed wedding invite!

The inclusion of twine with a small silver starfish charm is just darling, too.

Minimalist Nautical Themed Seashell Wedding Invitation

Straightforward and to the point, this simple wedding invite features a scattering of shells and starfish in shades of grays and blues.

If you’re wanting fuss-free wedding invites that still evoke a sense of beachy wonder, this could be the set for you!

Tropical Beach Wedding Invitation with Shells

No tropical wedding is complete without beautiful flowers like hibiscus blossoms or frangipani, right?

In tandem with beautiful pink blooms, this mod wedding invite gets the addition of bluish-purple starfish and scallop shells. 

If you love the botanic and geometric look but are hoping for a tropical beach feel, this invite is the way to go. We love the beautiful assembled design on the envelope’s interior, too. 

Laser-Cut Beach Shells Themed Gatefold Wedding Invite

Are there any Moana fans in the house? Make Tamatoa jealous with these glittery laser-cut paper shells! 

There are so many customizable options to make this invite truly unique. Choose from shimmery metallic, matte, vellum, and patina papers as well as font and color options! You can go nuts with the gold and blues for a truly regal ocean-themed wedding feel!

Turquoise Seashell Beach Wedding Invitation Suite

Gorgeous turquoise, cerulean, and light blues are the star of this wedding invite. Featuring shells and blended watercolor-like splatters, this invitation is perfect for a coastal gathering. 

We can smell the ocean spray already!

Coral Themed Starfish Wedding Invite Set with Vellum

Dreamy vellum is at it again with this beautiful coral and starfish wedding invite! We love the high-definition, up-close-and-personal image of the detailed coral with breezy calligraphy. 

If you’re obsessed with peachy-pink shells and all things ocean life, what’s better than featuring them as a theme for your destination wedding? 

Refined Nautical Navy and Gold Shell Wedding Invite Set

In the market for a classy and polished wedding invite that showcases all the glory of nautical navy and gold themes?

This invite features a beautiful gold scallop and would be perfect for an East Coast soiree!

Seafoam Green Under The Sea Themed Wedding Invite

Bright, punchy colors are the theme for this “Under the Sea” styled wedding invite!

With a pastel seafoam green setting the mood, this invite features a variety of shells that frame all the party information. 

We love how editable this template is; you can even add photos or resize the decor to your liking.

Ocean Blue Coral and Seahorse Wedding Invitation

This wedding invite is named Sanibel and for good reason! If you’re planning a wedding on Sanibel Island, Florida, or just love the aesthetic of that wonderfully sunny beach, this invite encapsulates the gorgeous shells that can be found all over the island.

Pink Seashell Wedding Invite Set

When you think of the oceans and beaches, what are the first colors that come to mind? Most likely shades of blues and greens, right? 

We tend to forget that the ocean is full of brilliant colors, and peachy-pink hues work especially well for charming wedding invitations.

Check out these scallops, sand dollars, starfish, and conchs drawn in baby pinks and light purples… delicately feminine and effortlessly bridal. 

Navy Pocket Rustic Wedding Invitation with Twine

Navy and tan is a classic combination for many weddings- whether it’s nautical, coastal, beach, tropical, or any combination of the above, you can’t go wrong with these color combinations.

That’s why, with the addition of a little starfish charm and brown twine set against the deep navy, this pocket invitation feels delightfully rustic!

Seashore and Starfish Wedding Invite Set

Don’t you just want to kick off those flip flops and run right into the shallow ocean waves? That’s what one glance at this beachy wedding invite makes us want to do! 

With a darling little starfish and a coral decal on the additional information cards, the dazzling seawater image on this invitation just takes our breath away!

Neutral Seashell Wedding Invitation Template

Looking for something neutral and funky? Check out this gorgeous, nude seashell wedding invitation with breezy calligraphy!

We love how easy it is to download this digital template; you can edit it to your liking from the comfort of your home computer (but just promise to keep those big, beautiful shells! We love them.)

Delicate Watercolor Ocean Themed Wedding Invite

One of the most beautiful things about the ocean is its magical ability to change color; whether it’s the deepest, storm-tossed navy blues, the glittery jewel tones of aquamarine and turquoise, or the sun-struck green hue of sea spray… we could wax poetic about ocean water forever!

This wedding invite is set in a refreshing light bluish-green color palette with the most delicate, barely-there white coral and starfish hiding in the corners.

Elegant Laser-Cut Underwater Themed Wedding Invite

If you’re a Disney fan (specifically of The Little Mermaid) this underwater-themed wedding invite is the stuff of dreams.

With the sandy creatures laser cut into the paper, and a peekaboo golden monogram in the center, this custom wedding invitation would fit any ocean-themed celebration!

Assorted Seashells in Light Blue Wedding Invitation 

Looking to match a specific shade of light blue? Hopefully, this wedding invitation does the trick, because we are loving the light blue treatment of these seashells and underwater plants!

Also, how cute are those nautical knots on the envelope liner?

Elegant Neutral Underwater Wedding Invitation

If you’re planning to incorporate neutral tones into your overall wedding aesthetic, don’t feel like you have to be limited to beiges and nudes! When it comes to seashells, we like to think that the power color is the entire range of shades from sun-bleached sand to the dark browns of a striped lionfish. 

With a wide variety of coral, shells, starfish, and underwater grasses, this elegant wedding invitation is sure to impress. 

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