How To Display Photos at Your Wedding: 20 Creative Ideas

Well, your big day is almost here! You’ve already said yes to the dress, done your cake tasting, and selected all of the best vendors in your area. Now, all you need to do is work out the details of your decor.

One of the most simple, yet effective ways to create meaningful decor for your wedding is to utilize photos. Family photos, engagement photos, and classic, framed photos are all excellent options that will highlight the beauty of your already stunning event.

If your guest list is particularly photogenic, you may even want to invite them to take and display some of their own photos throughout the day, allowing them to truly join in on your celebration of love.

Keep reading to discover 20 creative ideas on how to display photos at your wedding.

How To Display Photos At Wedding

How To Display Family Photos

Hanging Bouquet Charm

A hanging bouquet charm is one of the best ways to display a family photo during your special day.

When using this method, you simply find a small (ideally, locket-sized) picture of an important member of your family, such as a grandparent or late parent. Tie the photo to your bouquet using a ribbon, chain, or string, and relax knowing that this person will be with you every step of the way!

Boutonniere Photo

A boutonniere photo is an opportunity to keep your most precious family members close to your heart on the happiest day of your life.

Again, you will want to find a relatively small photo that allows you to honor this person while still fitting neatly with your charming boutonniere.

Aisle Markers

This one is pretty straightforward; just hang your sweet family photos on the end of the pew or an easel at the end of each row.

As you walk down the aisle, you will feel the unending support of your beloved family cheering you on all the way to the altar.

Family Tree

If you are hosting an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception, a family tree is one of the most charming ways to share family photos.

It’s the perfect medium to honor your precious family and show your wedding guests all of the people who helped to make you who you are today.

How To Display Engagement Photos

Ceremony Programs

Adding engagement shots to your ceremony program is a creative wedding photo display idea.

As a bonus, you can hold onto one of the programs and display it in your home as an heirloom from the best day ever!

Table Markers

Imagine your guests making their way to their seats and just below the table number is a heartwarming photo from your engagement shoot.

While you can utilize images from any point in your relationship, your engagement photos will most accurately reflect this more recent season in your love story. 

Hoop Display

If you’re going for an elegant, modern vibe on your wedding day, the hoop display can add a little more sophistication to your soiree.

Dress it up by wrapping vibrant florals, eucalyptus vines, or colored ribbons around the hoop.

Guest Book Display

This fairly effortless way of displaying your engagement photos involves staging a couple of your most amazing pictures (either framed or on a wall) next to your wedding guest book.

As guests arrive, seeing your lovely photos will give them plenty of inspiration to offer romantic words of wisdom.

How To Display Framed Photos

Bookshelf Photo Display

If rustic decor is your jam, the bookshelf display will fit perfectly with the tone of your big event.

Just arrange your framed photos with other charming decor items on each shelf, and your guests will not be able to take their eyes off this beautiful collection of memories.

Childhood Photos

Childhood photos are especially frame-worthy because of the sense of nostalgia and innocence they provide.

With just one look, your aunts and uncles will be tearing up as they reflect on how far you’ve come over the years.

Memorial Table

If you have experienced the unfortunate loss of loved ones prior to this special event in your life, you’ll be glad to know that there is still a way to include them in the big day.

Dedicating a memorial table allows you to create an honored space to pay your respects and celebrate this moment with all of the important people in your life.

Gift Table Display

The gift table is another perfect space to showcase your framed photos, providing a charming backdrop as your stack of goodies grows higher and higher.

Customize this look to fit your style by placing the photos in metal or wooden frames, then simply leave them nestled among your wedding gifts throughout the event.

How To Display Guest Photos

Hanging Display Above Tables

Up your table marker game by hanging photos above each table for the reception. This is a fun, engaging way for guests to find their way to their seats, and as a bonus, it gives other guests at their table some insight into their personality and relationship with you!

Polaroid Picture Station

Make a celebrity-inspired wall of classic polaroid photos for your guests to show off their incredible style.

Be sure to save these adorable images for a wedding day scrapbook, as you will not want to forget your guests’ priceless expressions on this special occasion.

Seating Chart

While you could go with the obvious option and list each guest by name, seating chart photos are certain to add a sense of character and personality to your big celebration.

This works best for small to medium-sized weddings, as your guests should be able to find their pictures and tables rather quickly.

Photo Booth Display Wall

Photo booths are all the rage in the wedding world right now, and why shouldn’t they be?

With fun props, a vibrant backdrop, and some killer ambient lighting, you can turn a basic photo booth into a dynamic decor option that your guests will never forget.

Extra Special Ways to Display Photos at Your Wedding

Collage Table Runner

If you can’t narrow down your massive photo collection to just a few favorites, why not use them all?

Making a collage allows you to incorporate way more photos into your decor, and your unique table runner will have guests buzzing for years to come.

Mason Jars

These chic rustic photo displays are a great way to bring a vintage vibe to your special event.

Just slide one of your favorite photos into each of the mason jars and use them to add a little charm to your reception tables. 

Suit Jacket With Custom Photo Liner

While this display option is mainly for the groom’s benefit, he may want to spend the entire reception showing everyone just how much he loves this custom job.

Not only is this an excellent way to include a variety of photos; but it also works as the perfect wedding gift for your handsome hubby.

Signature Cocktails With Custom Picture Garnish

If you’re planning on having an open bar at your wedding reception, you’ve got to try this unique photo display!

Each time your guest orders a signature cocktail, they’ll be treated to a (completely edible) photo garnish of you two precious lovebirds.

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