The Most Unique Engagement Photo Ideas

Boom, baby! It’s happened! Your person popped the question (or maybe it was you), and now there’s a ring involved. 

All of your real-world responsibilities are fading from view as you dig yourself deeper into the never-ending hole of engagement and wedding inspiration (thank you, Pinterest).  

First of all, congrats! You found somebody to roll through life with you. Your ride or die. 

This world is strange, and it’s a beautiful thing to find someone who won’t judge you when you eat your weight in bagels. (I have no experience with that. It’s a totally random example). 

Anyway… I’m here to talk to you about what happens after you get engaged. 

“You get married, right?”

Yes, but a lot happens between then and now, and one of those things is an engagement photo shoot! 

Sure, engagement photography is optional, so let’s talk about why you’d opt to have one…

Why Spring for an Engagement Shoot?

One big reason to book an engagement session is to get to know your wedding photographer. In fact, many photographers include an engagement shoot in one or more of their packages. Think of it as your trial before those all-important wedding photos! 

You may have been corresponding with your photographer like they’re your bestie, but you’re not going to really know how it feels in front of their camera until, well, you’re in front of it. 

Every photographer has a different style and way of making their couple feel comfortable. On that note, are you comfortable in front of the camera? 

It’d be unfortunate to show up on your wedding day still feeling the photo stresses, so work ’em out in your engagement session, it really is excellent practice!

Not only will you learn to mesh with your photographer and relax in front of the camera, but you’ll also leave with some usable photos! 

Use them for Save the Dates, holiday cards, or your wedding website! Friend, your wedding photos are going to be lit, but you’ll be on a time crunch. You’ll also be in a wedding dress. 

If you want photos representing your everyday life, or you want to take your time and relish the process, book an engagement shoot!

Engagement Session Tips

Feeling like an engagement shoot might be your thing? Here’s what you should be thinking about:

Book Your Photographer, Now

This one might seem obvious, but I want to make sure it’s on your radar. Seriously, book your photographer now. They probably have a busy schedule. 

Also, book the photographer you love. This ain’t the time to skimp!

If you want those gorgeous, story-driven, golden-light-dripping photos, you’re going to have to pay for them. 

Pick a Meaningful Location

Maybe this is when you book that flight to Norway and AirBNB a cabin in the wilderness, or perhaps you don’t want to leave your front door. 

Either is great. Just make sure you’re choosing something that excites you

Wear What Feels Comfortable

I’m not talking sweats and slides. Although, I bet you’d rock it. I’m referring to style here. 

Don’t bend to the pressures and trends of TikTok, Instagram, or our frienemy Pinterest. Wear what makes you feel like the fabulous unicorn rockstar you are, whether that’s jeans and a flannel or a naval-grazing deep-v ballgown. 

Not sure which one feels more you? Do them both. 

Bring multiple outfits and switch them out so you can find the vibe that fits. 

Pick the Perfect Time

If we’re talking time of day, the best time for an engagement session is either slightly before sunset or slightly after sunrise; that’s when you’ll get all of that golden goodness.

Talk to your photographer about this. They’ll make sure you get the right kind of light!

If you want to know how long you should wait after getting engaged, there’s no correct answer. The typical amount of time is a couple of months, but just do what’s right for you. 

Think about how you’ll use the photos (Save the Dates, anyone?) and then prioritize the season you’d like. 

Okay, now to the good stuff.

Unique Engagement Photo Ideas That are Winning the Internet

Ditch the Dog

Don’t hate me, dog lovers, but I’m here for an adventure cat. If your cat will tolerate it, get them out on a leash and prep yourself for one of the most hilarious photoshoots of your life. 

Give the Camera a Wink

lovely couple wearing green shirts photoshoot
Photo by: Emily Blackford Photography

Break the third wall and give the camera some love. Because dahhhhling, the camera loves you

Embrace the Waves

sweet couple photoshoot in sea
Photo by: Photography By Ali K

Literally. Get yourself some dramatic ocean water, and sis, we’ve got some interesting photos.

But please be careful; heavy dresses plus water can definitely equal trouble. 

Stay Hydrated

happy couple opening wine at seashore photo
Photo by: Emma Paul Photography

This option does double-duty to help you loosen up and get a memorable shot. Also, if this is what most weekends look like for you, then we’re hitting the authenticity mark too. 

Light Up Your Life

Jesse and Hanna engagement shoot
Photo by: We The Blackwells

Get cozy in front of a fire and hang some lights!

Get Competitive 

kissing couple photoshoot with jenga blocks in table
Photo by: We The Blackwells

Get your mind off of some of that pre-wedding stress, and play one of your favorite games together! 

Float Away

couple photoshoot on mountain with hot air balloon
Photo by: Allison Slater Photography

Isn’t it a miracle that hot air balloons exist? And isn’t your love a miracle? 

I’d say that’s a match. 

Get Schooled 

couple school wedding photoshoot
Photo by: Rachel Mae Photo

Did you and your beau meet at a school? Maybe even way back in your elementary school days?

Please include your adorable beginning in some engagement shots. 

Vacant Lots Not Vacant Hearts

couple on top of building photoshoot
Photo by: Rachel Mae Photo

Have some retro buildings near you that aren’t being given the love they deserve? Show up and show out.

No trespassing, please. 

Take a Dip

intimate engagement photoshoot
Photo by: We The Blackwells

Can this become a trend? 

Find a man (or woman) who will take some saucy pictures in the shower with you. Oh wait, you already did.

Bathe in Bright Colors

inn hotel engagement photoshoot
Photo by: Jenny Marie Photography

Find some art as vibrant as you, and work it. 

For All You Goths Out There

intimate photoshoot at pool
Photo by: We The Blackwells

Again, be yourself. If you can do that, you’re going to get photos no one else can re-create. 

Park It Right Here

lovely couple photoshoot
Photo by: Taylor Rae Photo+Film

Who knew a parking garage could make such an interesting backdrop?  

You. You knew it. 

Snuggle Up

couple kissing in couch at home photo session
Photo by: Photography By Ali K

Let’s all drop the act and fess up. What we really want is to not have to leave our couch. Am I right? 

Invite your engagement photographer into your own space, and have the coziest session yet. 

Glam It Up

couple on mountain adventure themed photoshoot
Photo by: Emma Paul Photography

Or go in the complete opposite direction and glam it up at your favorite location. Why not?

Make Your Own Hallmark Movie

close up shot of couple photoshoot
Photo by: Taylor Rae Photo+Film

If you’re getting your engagement photos done around Christmas, why not go to a Christmas tree farm?! 

Love in Covid Times

couple wearing mask photoshoot
Photo by: Jennifer Mercier Photo

Add some humor and make light of this ridiculous time.  

Work After the Sunset

Who says the photos have to stop once you lose the light? 

Keep the fun going.

Now Make It Yours

Okay, that was fun, but the point I’m really trying to make here is that you should be yourself. The most gorgeous photos are produced when you’re enjoying the moment. There are no rules!

So plan a date, invite your photographer along, and let the rest go!

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