19 Amazing Heart Shaped Wedding Cake Ideas & Accessories

Is there anything more romantic than a simple heart? In any form and design, the heart is a timeless sign of adoration.

Most couples nowadays will choose either a square/rectangle, or a round-shaped wedding cake, and there’s nothing wrong with that! But if you’re in the market for something different, why not consider a heart shaped wedding cake? 

After all, the heart shape is an instantly recognizable declaration of love… and on your wedding day, ’tis the time to declare A LOT of things! (Mainly, “I do.”) So, in that spirit, we’re saying “I do!” to all things heart-shaped! 

Baking a Heart Shaped Wedding Cake

Dear bride, are you sure you don’t have enough to do? As someone who personally identifies as a crafty DIY-er, I remember being in awe of my friends who were determined to bake their wedding cakes on their own.

It’s simple enough- you’ll need a heart shaped cake pan (or several), trusty piping set for experimenting with your frosting, a solid recipe (or two), and a bit of time for some trial and error in the kitchen… and it wouldn’t hurt to have some hungry taste-testers. Where do we sign up?

That being said, baking your heart shaped wedding cake is an undertaking that we at Wedding Pioneer applaud you for. After all, it’s your big day- make it undeniably yours!

We’ve included some helpful tools for your baking endeavors, as well as some decoration tips and ideas! 

Heart Shaped Cake Toppers

A great way to incorporate more of the heart-shaped theme is to top your wedding cake with a heart shaped topper. Whether you’re having a  wedding on Valentine’s Day, or you just want that retro look, heart shaped cake toppers are plentiful! 

When you’re shopping around for cake toppers, be sure to keep an eye out for the metal or wire ones. They should be sprayed with a food-safe coating; we wouldn’t recommend making your own out of metal. 

Safe materials for cake toppers include acrylic, plastic, food-safe sealed wood, or wire, just to name a few. 

We’ve included cake topper ideas from modern acrylic to boho-chic dried flowers, so we’re sure you’ll find something you love that speaks to you and your partner- and nowadays everything can be customized or personalized just to your liking!

Decorating With Flavorful Fruits

What goes best with a heart shaped cake? Bright red fruit or berries!

Think fresh strawberries or cherries set on a pillow of swirled white buttercream. These pops of red go so well with heart themes- and obviously, the red color is a major tie-in. 

Depending on the season, you may also want to take advantage of Mother Nature’s bounties! If you are having a summer wedding, go nuts with all the ripened berries. Even a wedding during the fall season will see things like pomegranate, cherries, or a helping of toasted nuts, for example!

Of course, you can go any route you want and nobody would turn their nose up at mangoes or blueberries on a cake as long as they’re sweet. Support your local fruit farmers and get something close to the area, if you can, too!

Decorating With Florals

We’re not going to sit here and tell you that there are superior wedding flowers because we truly believe every bride has their vision and a happy bride is the best!

Heart shaped cakes look incredible with ANY flower. Read that again- yes, roses are a classic, but there’s nothing wrong with deviating from the norm. 

Do you love sunflowers, with their big, sunny faces? Or maybe you love sprigs of lavender and leggy wildflowers with their wild and natural stems. 

You can decorate your heart shaped cake any which way you want. My only tip is that fresh blooms work better on wedding cakes in the sense of removing them for cutting slices. Dried flowers tend to crumble and leave bits of detritus on the frosting. 

If you have a florist that you’re working with, always defer to their professional opinion. Flowers on cakes are super common, so depending on what you’re looking for, they’ll be able to guide you best. 

Rustic Three-Tiered Heart Shaped Pound Cake

Homemade from scratch Three Tier Heart Shaped Pound Cake

Three Tier Heart Shaped Pound Cake made with love! A taste of heaven ❤️ All of our cakes come in three different flavors: chocolate, cream cheese, or sour cream.

Naked cakes are seriously coming back in vogue, and this one is so classic and refreshing to look at.

Pound cake is sentimental, a huge crowd pleaser, and in classic flavors of chocolate, cream cheese, or sour cream, it’s just… *chef’s kiss*!

We can see this cake at a winter wedding – with the dusting of powdered sugar and its juicy strawberries, it looks like a decadent cake you’d want to nibble on by the fireplace. 

Heart Shaped Cupcakes With Strawberries

Heart Shaped Cupcakes With Strawberries

These are fake strawberry, heart-shaped cupcakes with no liners.

Go for a little nibble with these beautiful heart shaped cupcakes. What a great way to celebrate sweet love as well as delicious seasonal fruits!

Cupcakes are a great way to also figure out your guest headcount- in case you’re worried about ordering too many (or not enough), assume most people will have at least one cupcake. Some people might even want two!

10″ Wilton Decorator Aluminum Heart Cake Pan

Wilton Decorator Preferred Heart Shaped Aluminum Cake Pan

Say "I did it for love" when you bake a heart-shaped cake with this specialty cake pan. A must-have for Valentine's Day baking, bridal showers, weddings and anniversaries

Baking your wedding cake is an undertaking, to say the least! Make your life easier with this easy Wilton heart-shaped cake pan! 

Aluminum pans are great heat conductors, ensuring that you’ll have an even bake all around. They’re durable, and will definitely find a home in your kitchen for future romantic bakes!

8″ Wilton Decorator Aluminum Heart Cake Pan

Wilton Decorator Aluminum Heart Cake Pan

The Wilton aluminium baking pans are unique for many reasons. Aluminum's uniform heat conduction makes for an even, light golden finish, while being warp and rust resistant for commercial-level performance

Another cake pan, but smaller? You’ll need it if you want a tiered heart shaped cake!

Thing is, two hearts are better than one. So stack and layer away, baking brides- and when you’re all done, they can conveniently nestle into a tidy stack for easy keeping. 

Quirky Non-Stick Heart Shaped Bundt Pan

Mienca Heart Shape Cake Pan

With a 10-inch diameter, it's perfect for making a huge variety of baked treats, like exquisite cakes and delightful syrup savarins, or you can even use it as a unique jelly mold.

While yes, this is not technically a “heart-shaped cake pan”, it’s a heart-shaped BUNDT!

For a casual wedding, you can’t go wrong with a delicious and uber-sliceable cake that even comes apart in the shape of heart wedges!

We love the look of this cake topped with a variety of ooey-gooey drizzles; please save us a slice!

115-Piece Cake Decorating Piping Kit

Is 115-pieces a lot to keep track of? (Yes, probably.)

But does that mean you now have literally every cake decorating tool at your disposal and can go bonkers with the buttercream and decorate your wedding cake? ALSO YES.

12-Piece Grecian Pillar Cake Tier Separator

12Pcs Grecian Pillars Cake Stand

Made of high quality Food grade Plastic, ensuring your family completely safe

Want an elegant and tall look for your layers of heart shaped cake bases? You’ll need some pillars to get that lofty look! 

A fun idea when you’ve got spaces between your tiers is to fill them with an abundance of flowers or fresh fruit- a delicious, easy, and gorgeous way to add some pizzazz to your masterpiece. 

Stainless Steel Heart-Tier Cake Spacer

HEART Tier Cake Separator

Exclusively designed and manufactured by Prop Options, this spacer provides the perfect way to add height, luxury and love to your cake.

Taking the heart theme to another level (literally), this adorable cake spacer was simply too charming for us not to include!

Even if you don’t have an actual heart shaped cake, this is a darling way to incorporate another sweetheart into your dessert table. 

We love cake spacers for their “invisible/floating” effect. Too good!

Laser-Cut Wooden Gold Hearts Cake Stand

Hearts Cake Stand

Enhance your space or event with one of our 'hearts' cake stands.

This looks like one of those puzzles we had when we were kids- “how many hearts can you count?” we lost track at ten. 

We love the look of this cake stand carrying a heart shaped cake. It’s easy enough to assemble with three pieces, and no tools are needed!

Personalized Dried Flower Heart Wreath Cake Topper 

Dried Flowers Initials Heart Cake Topper

Beautiful dried flower and initials wreath heart cake topper, for a wedding cake that is as unique as you are.

How beautifully rustic is this dried flower heart wreath? If you’re planning on having a heart shaped cake, this is a gorgeous way to tie in the heart theme!

This is also an awesome eco-friendly option for a bride who is planning a garden or country-themed wedding.

Have fun choosing all of the colors and metallic wire options to make this beautiful cake topper a keepsake for ages!

Pink and Gold Diamond Heart Cake Pops

Cake Pop Diamond Hearts

Pink and gold Cake Hearts (vanilla) - perfect for any occasion!

Maybe you’re fretting about how to flesh out your dessert table with other heart-shaped goodies? Did you think about heart shaped cake pops? 

This is a refreshingly modern twist on cake pops; the geometric diamond shape catches the light nicely, and you can even get them in customized colors if pink isn’t your thing.

Bespoke Acrylic Heart Shaped Cake Pop Stand

Heart Cake Pop Stand

Our cake pop stands are laser cut from 3mm, child safe acrylic. All edges are laser polished. 

Well, clearly, you’ll need this for your delicious cake pops! They’re lightweight and super easy to put together, too.

Variety of Mini Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes

Faux Mini Heart Cake

These Faux Mini Cakes are such an elegant addition to any Valentine's tier tray decor, or added to your coffee bar, hot cocoa bar.

Do you have too many flavors of wedding cake and you just can’t pick one? Why not go mini with your heart vision and have several cakes in a variety of flavors- nobody will complain about having extra sweets!

Your baker will have a fun time configuring all your flavors and treats! Enjoy that taste test!

Custom Three Tier Heart Cake Stand

Three Tier Heart Cake Stand

All products are supplied in a protective cover that needs to be removed prior to use.

You’ll need something fabulous to hold the aforementioned mini heart cakes and cake pops, so why not snag a heart shaped cake stand to display all the delicious desserts?

When it comes to themes, is there such a thing as “too much?” Especially when it comes to love? (No. The answer is no.)

Red Silk Fabric Ribbon

Red Silk Fabric Ribbon

The size of the satin ribbon is 1-1/2 inch (38mm) wide x 25 yards each color.

To accentuate the curves of your lovely heart cake, a colored ribbon is a smart move! It’s bold enough to catch the eye and will highlight that sought-after heart shape.

If you’re having trouble attaching your ribbon to the cake’s frosting then use a tiny dab of buttercream to hold it in place; just remember to take the ribbon off during your cake cutting ceremony!

Acrylic Cake Heart Topper With Etched Names

Heart Cake Topper

Our Heart Wedding Cake Topper is a classic addition to your wedding or anniversary cake.

Acrylic is a great way to achieve that “glass-like” look without the danger of literal shards in your dessert!

We love this etched heart acrylic as a cake topper because the white etching brings out the classic white wedding buttercream frosting!

There’s a variety of sizes for the topper, with a 2-inch stake that holds it in place on the top of your cake. We particularly like the casual calligraphy script that gives this topper an effortless feel. 

Retro Pink and Red Cherries Heart Shaped Wedding Cake

Handmade Fake Cake Ornament

Comes on a silver cake tray thats 25cm

This cake just screams Valentine’s Day wedding!

In shades of completely cute, this pink and red cake is festooned with bright red cherries and it just looks so tantalizing. 

Valentine’s Day weddings and their cakes are a sight to behold- what a great way to have a sweet dessert with your sweetie. Even if it’s a teensy bit kitsch, it’s still adorable. 

 Vintage Cream and Roses Decorated Heart Cake

Pink Fake Cake

8x4 inch faux pink heart shaped cake.

Piped to perfection, when one is dedicated to decorating a heart shaped cake, you better be dang sure your frosting game is up to par! 

We love the delicate roses and the variety of frosting nozzles used to achieve every little flourish.

Petal nozzles will be your best friend when it comes to creating buttercream roses, and you’ll want to practice with the basket-weave nozzle too before you start outlining the cake- good luck!

White Heart Cake With Piped Roses and Pearls

Vintage White Heart Cake with Roses and Pearls

4 inch thick heart cake featuring pearlized roses and pearls.

Classic white with a little pearlescent twist, this cake has gorgeously piped buttercream roses with little pearls nestled between them.

It’s a great example of a way to add some vintage luster and shine to your dessert without using things like glitter or sprinkles (although, we wouldn’t say no to some wedding cake with sprinkles- you do you, boo!)

It just comes to show you that even if you decide to go the heart route, you can go any direction with the frosting colors- even white frosting shades still have that magical romance.

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