The Best Wedding Cake Flavors of 2022: Our Tasty Guide

Believe it or not, there was a time when the most popular (and pretty much only) cake flavor was a fruit cake. Even for couples who didn’t like it very much!

Nowadays, there are a lot of options, with plenty of popular and unusual flavors available, and of course, the tried and tested best wedding cake flavors!

In this handy guide, we tell you what to consider when choosing a cake flavor. We look at some of the best wedding cake flavors around, and as a bonus, we have included a few of the most unusual (but worth a try) flavors of 2022!

 Ready to tuck in? 

Top Tips To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Cake Flavors 

Chatting with the team here at Wedding Pioneer, we gathered a few important tips to keep in mind when deciding on flavors for your delicious cake.

Don’t Decide Too Early!

Our experts all agreed on one thing: don’t decide on your cake too early in the planning stages!

All the elements of your wedding day, including the cake, are part of your love story. Before you choose the style and flavors of your cake, make sure you have an idea of the venue, theme, and color scheme.

In other words, it’s easier to choose a cake that fits in with all the elements of your wedding day, rather than planning a wedding around a cake.

Pick Flavors You Love

Make sure you pick the flavors you love, rather than taking all your guests into account. As selfish as this sounds, it’s your special day.

Think about flavors that you and your fiance both like, as well as textures and scents. If you can’t decide on just one, why not incorporate different flavored layers into your cake?

For couples that are battling to find the perfect flavor, a solution may be to have a traditional cake and different flavored cupcakes.

beautiful newlyweds posing near the big wedding cake
Photo by: Allison Slater Photography

Carefully Consider Presentation 

Presentation is important! Your theme, venue, and decor ideas will determine the shape, size, and presentation of your cake.

Think about toppers, flowers, icing details, and the cake stand. A good idea is to have your stylist, planner, florist, photographer, and cake designer meet, so they can pull all the elements together.

Stick to the Budget

Decide on your budget. Stick to your budget.

It’s no secret, weddings can be expensive and costs can quickly get out of hand. Set a budget and have an open and honest conversation with your cake maker about what you can afford. They’ll be able to advise on the best way forward.

The Best Wedding Cake Flavors for 2022

Now it’s time to sink our teeth into the best wedding cake flavors!

You’ll be glad to see we’ve included a few of the most common wedding cake flavors, some all-time classics, and a couple of new cakes on the block that are quickly becoming firm favorites.

Carrot Cake 

Adding vegetables to the batter keeps the sponge super-soft and moist. Carrot cake is, and always will be, a firm favorite, especially if it’s paired with cream cheese frosting.

Lemon and Raspberry Cake

We love a delicious lemon cake with raspberry filling. It’s the classic summer wedding cake flavor choice for a summer wedding.

You can play with seasonal flavors when it comes to lemon as it blends well with a myriad of berries, curds, and nuts.

Think blueberries with lemon buttercream, lemon curd layered with fresh strawberries or banana mousse, and good ol’ vanilla cake with a raspberry and lemon filling.

beautiful cake with red roses on the top
Photo by: Allison Slater Photography

Red Velvet Cake

One of our favorite flavors, and clearly Naomi Watts’ too, red velvet cake with cream cheese filling isn’t going anywhere soon.  

Confetti Cake

Who doesn’t love a cake with sprinkles?

Confetti or funfetti cake is a fun way to thrill and delight your guests! A lemon or plain white cake shows off the rainbow sprinkles best.

Caramel Cake

A caramel cake with all its combinations is a popular choice for soon-to-be-married couples. Think caramel and banana, salted caramel mousse, or caramel apple spice cake.

wedding cake with caramel glaze decorated with fresh flowers and figs
Photo by: Allison Slater Photography

Café Latte Cake

Coffee lovers, rejoice!

A deliciously decadent layered chocolate and roasted almond cake, with chocolate espresso and chocolate ganache filling, is a must-have. Add some Kahlua for a bit of a kick!

Cookies & Cream

We’ve never met anyone who doesn’t enjoy cookies and cream.

A chocolate cake with crushed cookies inside and vanilla buttercream is nostalgic and yummy.


A great way to incorporate different flavors into your wedding dessert is with donuts.

We love the idea of donut bars with lollipop sticks, a donut wall, or simply stacking donuts on different-sized cake stands.

wedding donuts with glaze
Photo by: Allison Slater Photography

Southern Hazelnut Praline Cake

Nuts about nuts? Then you’re going to want to serve a southern hazelnut and praline cake to your guests.

A traditional vanilla cake with hazelnut praline buttercream and a layer of chocolate ganache is simply delicious.

Unusual Wedding Cake Flavors You Need To Try

If your taste buds venture on the more adventurous side, then you’re going to want to try out some of our more unusual wedding cake flavor ideas.

Ask your baker for a cake-tasting session. They should be more than happy to oblige!

Strawberry and Basil Cake

Before you “eeewww” us on this one, we suggest you give it a try.

Strawberry and basil go together like love and… well, marriage. Don’t knock before you try it. Take it up a notch with an olive oil ricotta cake with strawberry basil compote.

Lemon Beer Cake

Grooms, listen up!

Beer is often added to cake batter to make it lighter and more fluffy, so why not add it to your lemon cake? It’s zesty, light, and it’s got beer!

Coke Float Cake

Here’s a throwback to happy memories – a coke float cake.

Using everyone’s favorite soft drink, the cake is topped off with vanilla ice cream. Other sodas work well too, like root beer or cherry cola,

Floral Pistachio

Always a popular choice, this particular pistachio cake is infused with balsamic-soaked strawberries and rose buttercream.

To make it extra delicious, be sure to add plenty of nuts and more salt than usual!

Chocolate Beetroot Cake

Another cake combination that’ll have you turning your nose up until you taste it, is chocolate and beetroot.

The addition of beetroot makes an already decadent chocolate cake extra moist and rich. Trust us on this one!

Key Lime and Oregano Cake

We love a Key Lime cake and we’re excited that they’re turning up at weddings!

Take it one step further by adding oregano to the buttercream. Pure heaven!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cake

You didn’t think we’d forget Reese’s peanut butter cake, did you? 

This rich chocolatey sponge is topped off with a nutty peanut butter buttercream. Yummmmmm!

Tea-Infused Cake

Whether it’s Earl Grey, Chai, or black, tea-infused cakes are popping up everywhere!

Go all out with Osmanthus tea cake with roasted apricots for a unique and delicious flavor combination. You can also add some texture with sliced almonds for a true masterpiece! 

Ice-Cream Cake

It is cake? Or is it ice cream? What would you say if we told you it’s both?

Especially good for summer weddings, this new and fabulous dessert includes layers of your favorite sponge cake and ice cream. Sounds delish, right?

Chili and Dark Chocolate Cake

While it’s not a new flavor combination, it’s still a popular trend and one you might not have thought about.

A chili and dark chocolate cake combines the sweet and bitter taste of dark chocolate with spicy chili. Just one bite, and you’ll be hooked.

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