13 Faith Hill Wedding Songs for Your Happily Ever After

We could talk about Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s proposal story forever!

In 1996, Hill was a rising star in country music, and she opened for McGraw on tour. They fell in love quickly, and one day before going on stage, Tim dropped to his knee, proposed to Faith, and rushed out to perform for thousands.

We all know she accepted, but McGraw didn’t know for sure until he returned to his trailer after the concert to see “YES!” Faith had written in lipstick on the mirror. 

Their marriage continues to be rock-solid, and this twosome is like “couple goals” for millions of fans worldwide.

So we’re happy to bring you 13 Faith Hill wedding songs for your big-day playlist. Enjoy!

faith hill wedding songs


Faith Hill fans will always adore her music video for “Breathe” and she looked and sounded so spectacular it made her an international star and a country-pop crossover success.

When to play: Perhaps her best solo song for a first wedding slow dance, an instrumental version of “Breathe” also makes an unforgettable bridal entrance, particularly at a beach or outdoor wedding as the sun glows like in the video.

“Let’s Go to Vegas”

This early song in Faith’s career shows her fun, adventurous side. The video is nothing close to the big-budget production of “Breathe,” but it definitely makes you smile.

When to play: An upbeat song about eloping to Vegas is great for any elopement. We also think this would be fun to play as a recessional for a casual civil ceremony!

“There You’ll Be”

The cinematic video for “There You’ll Be” has a 1940s theme because the song is taken from the soundtrack for the dramatic movie Pearl Harbor, set during World War II.

When to play: “There You’ll Be” gives us chills and we think it’s a beautiful father-daughter dance, a family dance, and a great way to honor loved ones at your wedding. 

“This Kiss”

Hill had plenty to celebrate when it came to her hit single, “This Kiss.” Happily married with a young daughter, she was expecting baby number two during the video filming.

The song was a crossover hit, and it’s still on our current playlist of feel-good tunes. “This Kiss” makes an excellent addition to your big-day playlist too!

When to play: We love songs that can begin to play after the officiant announces you’re married and you share that first kiss. Of course, you can make it your ceremony recessional too.

“Wild One”

One of the earliest videos of Hill’s career, “Wild One,” was shot in a rustic farm setting, and fresh-faced Faith looks like every pretty country girl coming out of Star, Mississippi.

When to play: It’s a fun, fast song, but still perfect as a father-daughter or family dance, especially when you listen closely to the lyrics!

“If My Heart Had Wings”

Hill sings with meaning in the energetic song “If My Heart Had Wings.” The video shows her performing during her concert tour, and it sure looks like everyone was having a great time!

When to play: “If My Heart Had Wings” has a nice intro and builds to a lot of energy, making it a good choice for your bridal party entrance number.

“Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me”

You can’t put together a list of Faith Hill wedding songs without mentioning her favorite duet partner, hubby Tim. 

Together, they’ve recorded some of the most stunning love songs with gorgeous videos showing the depth of their love. “Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me” is one of our faves!

When to play: Better keep tissues handy for everyone when you make this your bride’s entrance. It will be tear-jerking and unforgettable.

“I Need You”

We love the video for “I Need You” and the simple concept of Faith and Tim sitting in a rustic room surrounded by candles, taking turns singing this love song into one another’s eyes. 

The couple made a big splash acting together in 1883 (prequel to Yellowstone), but when you watch “I Need You,” you see real love and nothing pretend!

When to play: At a rustic barn wedding, this song is a gorgeous ceremony processional, and it’s also the perfect first dance.

“It’s Your Love”

Hubby Tim takes the lead vocals on this classic 90s country love song. The video is notable for its palace-like setting and the fact that Faith has that expectant mom glow.

Here’s some sweet tea that the couple recently spilled about “It’s Your Love.” Faith was craving milkshakes during the video shoot, and Tim says she accidentally spilled a shake all over her gorgeous golden gown!

When to play: A beautiful song for a groom to serenade or dedicate to his bride during the wedding reception.

“The Rest of Our Life”

This song is unique because it comes from the first-ever album that Tim and Faith recorded and released together.

“The Rest of Our Life” features intimate lyrics and a gorgeous blending of their voices. What they say and sing will resonate with you in this wedding-worthy song.

When to play: This is perfect as your wedding song or great for a parents’ and grandparents’ dance to celebrate the love of everyone in your lives.

“Let’s Make Love”

The video for “Let’s Make Love” has two stunning elements. It’s shot in black and white with Paris as a backdrop, and for a good chunk of the video, Tim McGraw appears without his cowboy hat (don’t get us wrong, we’re still “Team Tim Hat!).

Faith takes the first lead vocal on this song, and “Let’s Make Love” is one of the best examples of her ability to express genuine emotion. What a talented voice!

When to play: We love the piano intro here, and “Let’s Make Love” would sound beautiful played instrumentally as your wedding processional. Of course, it’s just as magical as your first newlywed slow dance.

“The Lucky One”

Taken from Hill’s down-home country album Fireflies, we love how authentically she sings joyous lyrics like ‘I’m on a roll, when I’m with you, don’t stop me now, I just can’t lose” on “The Lucky One.”

When to play: Ceremony recessional for your rustic barn wedding or a fun bridal party entrance at your reception.

“You Can’t Lose Me”

Faith Hill’s video for “You Can’t Lose Me” looks like it could have happened yesterday, and it’s so much fun!

Everyone in the video is dressed in white on a beautiful beach with the ocean sparkling like jewels into the horizon. The lyrics are a tribute to the love of a family and how you’ll never be alone when people care about you.

When to play: Surprise your loved ones (parents, grandparents, extended family) with this upbeat song at your wedding reception. 

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