39 Upbeat Wedding Songs for Each Moment of Your Big Day

You’ve chosen a beautiful dress, picked out your flowers, and booked an amazing venue. But there is one vital thing left to check off your wedding planning to-do list: selecting your wedding music!

But what type of music should you choose? Should it be lively or mellow? Well, ideally a combination of both!

While relaxed songs certainly have their place in your wedding playlist, upbeat songs will get your guests out onto the dance floor and create that high-energy and celebratory ambiance every great wedding reception needs!

Take a look at our list of top 39 upbeat wedding songs to give you some ideas on how to get your party started!

Upbeat Wedding Songs

“Good Time” by Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen

Notable lyrics: “Doesn’t matter when/It’s always a good time then/Doesn’t matter where/It’s always a good time there.”

This feel-good song is perfect for a fun, upbeat wedding reception because it is reminiscent of carefree days.

“Fingers Crossed” by Agnes

Notable lyrics: “Beating love, you’re already close to me/I can’t fight it or deny it no more/But it seems I find it so hard to give/Is it real or is it just make-believe?”

A modern love song with a hopeful message, this is bound to get guests on the dance floor.

“Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5

Notable lyrics: “If it feels right, then aim for my heart/If you feel like/And take me away/And make it okay.”

With its fast tempo and pulsing rhythm, how can you not have this chart-topping pop hit on your wedding playlist?

“Waiting For Love” by Avicii

Notable lyrics: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way, kinda beautiful/And every night has its day, so magical/And if there’s love in this life, there’s no obstacle/That can’t be defeated.”

This song is all about hope and determination, perfect for a couple who has overcome adversity.

“King” by Years & Years

Notable lyrics: “I caught you watching me under the light/Can I realign?/They say it’s easy to leave you behind/I don’t wanna try.”

These meaningful lyrics will stick with you long after the song fades and the next song’s chorus kicks in. If you’re looking for a modern love song with a powerful message, this is it.

“Love Somebody” by Maroon 5

Notable lyrics: “I really wanna love somebody/I really wanna dance the night away/I know we’re only halfway there/But you take me all the way.”

You can never go wrong with a Maroon 5 song! This one is perfect for getting guests on the dance floor while keeping everyone thinking about their own love life and what’s to come.

“Treasure” by Bruno Mars

Notable lyrics: “Treasure, that is what you are/Honey, you’re my golden star/You know you can make my wish come true/If you let me treasure you.”

These fun lyrics and Bruno Mars’ signature vocals will have your guests bobbing their heads in no time.

“All My Loving” by The Beatles

Notable lyrics: “All my loving I will send to you/All my loving, darling, I’ll be true/All my loving, all my loving, ooh/All my loving I will send to you.”

Guests from older generations will love hearing this classic song from The Beatles on your wedding day.

“Alive” by Empire of the Sun

Notable lyrics: “Freedom is within you/Giving makes us feel good/Hello to our people/Say hello to the future.”

Hope and happiness for the future are the messages of this upbeat love song, making it the perfect choice for a cheerful wedding dance.

“Do You Believe in Magic?” by The Lovin’ Spoonful

Notable lyrics: “If you believe in magic, come along with me/We’ll dance until morning till there’s just you and me/And maybe if the music is right/I’ll meet you tomorrow, sort of late at night.”

This will make even the most introverted guest start tapping their toes and singing along. If you’re looking for a fun and lighthearted track to close out your wedding playlist, this could be the perfect song.

“Love You Will Still Sound The Same” by Oh Honey

Notable Lyrics: “So when our eyes have seen their better days/And our hearing starts to fade/Put your arms ’round my neck, and your heart on my chest/I love you will still sound the same.”

This sweet and sentimental song is perfect for a wedding, renewal ceremony, or anniversary celebration.

“Step With Me” by MIKA

Notable Lyrics: “Sun is shining up ahead/In 30 years we’ll still be happy/Making movies in my head/Making Hollywood look tiny.”

This one will leave you in your feelings. A cute song about enduring love is just begging to be part of your wedding playlist.

“Magic” by Kylie Minogue

Notable lyrics: “You got me started/Ain’t nothin’ on Earth can stop it/It’s crazy, I’m fallin’/I don’t know what else to call it.”

“Magic” is a free and happy love song that is bound to make everyone want to get up and dance. Soon you’ll have everyone “started” as they lose themselves to the music.

“Finally” by CeCe Peniston

Notable lyrics: “Finally you’ve come along/The way I feel about you it just can’t be wrong/If you only knew the way I feel about you/I just can’t describe it.”

A hit single from 1991, this song is still a crowd favorite for wedding receptions.

“Shut Up and Dance” by WALK THE MOON

Notable lyrics: “Deep in her eyes/I think see the future/I realize this is my last chance/She took my arm/don’t know how it happened.”

Reminiscent of 80s pop-rock, this dreamy dance anthem is perfect for getting everyone out on the floor.

We think this song is the perfect way to start the night and will get guests young and old to shut up and dance!

“Crazy In Love” by Beyoncé & JAY-Z

Notable lyrics: “I look and stare so deep in your eyes/I touch on you more and more every time/When you leave, I’m beggin’ you not to go/Call your name two, three times in a row/Such a funny thing for me to try to explain.”

While they were dating, the now real-life husband and wife Beyoncé and JAY-Z, teamed up for this dance-worthy and undeniably catchy love song.

“Love On Top” by Beyoncé

Notable lyrics: “Baby, it’s you, you’re the one I love/You’re the one I need, you’re the only one I see/Come on, baby, it’s you/You’re the one that gives your all/You’re the one I can always call.”

An up-tempo, R&B dance hit that harkens back to artists like Stevie Wonder and Anita Baker, this song is a perfect addition to any wedding playlist.

“CAN’T STOP THE FEELING!” by Justin Timberlake

Notable lyrics: “And under the lights when everything goes/Nowhere to hide when I’m getting you close/When we move, well, you already know.”

With sweet lyrics that capture the feeling of falling in love, you can’t help but want to get up and dance to this modern pop song. You just can’t stop the feeling that music and love inspire!

“Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry

Notable lyrics: “You make me feel like I’m livin’ a teenage dream/The way you turn me on, can’t sleep/Let’s run away and don’t ever look back/Don’t ever look back.”

This high-energy dance hit has an infectious beat that makes it the perfect soundtrack to a carefree evening of love.

“Only Wanna Be With You” by Hootie & The Blowfish

Notable lyrics: “Yeah I’m tangled up in blue/I only wanna be with you/You can call me your fool/Only wanna be with you.”

This feel-good song is the perfect laid-back dance track for your reception.

“One Kiss” by Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa

Notable lyrics: One kiss is all it takes/Fallin’ in love with me/Possibilities/I look like all you need/One kiss is all it takes

With a beat that will have every wedding guest on their feet, this catchy pop song gets bonus points for being about finding the one you love.

“Love Me Do” by The Beatles

Notable lyrics: “Love, love me do/You know I love you/I’ll always be true/So please, love me do.”

This classic Beatles love song is a sentimental choice that will never go out of style. Educate those younger friends and family with a little Beatles charm.

“Adore You” by Harry Styles

Notable lyrics: “You don’t have to say you love me/You don’t have to say nothing/You don’t have to say you’re mine/Honey/I’d walk through fire for you/Just let me adore you.”

The second single from Harry Styles’ sophomore album, this ballad is a passionate and soulful declaration of love.

“Heatstroke” by Calvin Harris

Notable lyrics: “When you do things like this/And you set me free/How can anyone get tired?/When you do things like this/And you set me free/I think I’ve just been inspired.”

This song is about the joy that comes from feeling loved and appreciated. Let this one be a celebration of the love you’ve found! 

“Raise Your Glass” by Pink

Notable lyrics: “So raise your glass if you are wrong/In all the right ways, all my underdogs/We will never be, never be anything but loud.”

This anthem celebrates being different and encourages everyone to be themselves. Who can resist getting out of their seat to dance along to the catchy beat of this hit?! 

“Happy Anywhere” by Blake Shelton feat. Gwen Stefani

Notable lyrics: “I’m runnin’ wide open/I was born with my feet in motion/But since I met you, I swear/I could be happy anywhere.”

This heartfelt ballad is about the joy of finding someone who makes you happy, no matter where you are. It’s a fast-paced but sweet song that could represent just how special your love together is.

“Black And White” by Niall Horan

Notable lyrics: “Yeah, I see us in black and white/Crystal clear on a starlit night/In all your gorgeous colors/I promise that I’ll love you for the rest of my life.”

This romantic song is a beautiful declaration of love that reminds you of the importance of commitment. Let it be an anthem that symbolizes everything that your wedding represents.

“Go Crazy” by Chris Brown & Young Thug

Notable lyrics: “Oh, baby/Everything you do is amazing/Ain’t nobody watchin’, go crazy/I got what you need so.”

This party anthem is all about giving in to your desires and enjoying yourself with no inhibitions. Who doesn’t love a song that encourages you to let loose?

“Dreams” by Phil Soda & GoodLuck

Notable lyrics: “Oh, thunder only happens when it’s raining/Players only love you when they’re playing/Say, women, they will come and they will go/When the rain washes you clean, you’ll know.”

This song is a dance remix of the Fleetwood Mac classic, and the lyrics are just as poignant and relatable. 

“’Til I Found You” by Jeremy Loops

Notable lyrics: “Take these things away from me/The useless bits I’ll nevеr need/Starve my breath, so I’ll be free/I won’t, I won’t stop ’til I found you.”

This song is about the journey to finding someone who makes you feel complete. It’s a beautiful and heartfelt ballad that will stay with you long after the song is over.

“Lovin’ On You” by Luke Combs

Notable lyrics: “But I’m in love and lovin’ on you/I feel that rush soon as you walk in a room/I can’t get enough of you, honey/You’re right on the money.”

This country song is about the intense and all-consuming love that can happen when you meet the right person. It’s a passionate declaration of love that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

“Make You Mine” by PUBLIC

Notable lyrics: “Put your hand in mine/You know that I want to be with you all the time/You know that I won’t stop until I make you mine.”

“Make You Mine” is an infectious song all about wanting to be with the person you love and never letting them go.

“Sugar” by Maroon 5

Notable lyrics: “Sugar, yes, please/Won’t you come and put it down on me?/I’m right here, ’cause I need/Little love, a little sympathy/Yeah, you show me good loving, make it alright/Need a little sweetness in my life.”

“Sugar” is all about the sugar rush you get from being in love. It’s a fun and upbeat love song that will make you want to jump up and dance.

“Rather Be” by Clean Bandit

Notable lyrics: “If you gave me a chance, I would take it/It’s a shot in the dark, but I’ll make it/Know with all of your heart, you can’t shame me/When I am with you, there’s no place I’d rather be.”

This beautifully emotive song is about being so in love with someone that you would do anything for them.

“Simple” by Florida Georgia Line

Notable lyrics: “We used to live on Instagram/Worry ’bout who all gives a damn/’Bout where we’ve been and where we ended up/Then I met you and you met me/And all the rest is history/An epiphany that all we need is us.”

This fast-paced country song is all about how falling in love can simplify your life and make everything better.

“Dance With Me Tonight” by Olly Murs

Notable lyrics: “Don’t stop, keep going till the morning light, yeah/When I saw you there/Sittin’ all alone in the dark acting like you didn’t have a care/I knew right then, that you’d be mine/And we’d be dancin’ the whole damn night right.”

“Dance With Me Tonight” is a carefree and upbeat dance song all about twirling the night away with the one you love. 

“Happy” by Pharrell Williams

Notable lyrics: “Because I’m happy/Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof/Because I’m happy/Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth/Because I’m happy/Clap along if you know what happiness is to you/Because I’m happy/Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do.”

With its positive vibes and feel-good beat, “Happy” is all about living your life to the fullest. It’s a song that will make you want to dance (and clap) along.

“Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me),” by Whitney Houston

Notable lyrics: “Oh, I wanna dance with somebody/I wanna feel the heat with somebody/Yeah! I wanna dance with somebody/With somebody who loves me.”

This classic Whitney Houston song is all about wanting to dance with someone who loves you and makes you feel alive. It’s a recognizable and feel-good party song that everyone can enjoy.

“September,” by Earth, Wind & Fire

Notable lyrics: “Do you remember/The 21st night of September?/Love was changin’ the minds of pretenders/While chasin’ the clouds away.”

This beautiful and timeless soul song is all about the feeling of love and how it can change everything, listening to it takes you back to those early days of love.

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