15 Beatles Wedding Songs That Sound Beautiful on Your Big Day

You are my rock and roll, you are my A side and B side, you are my verse and chorus. I love you.”

Sir Paul McCartney to his wife on their anniversary (via Instagram).

A long time ago (between 1960-1970, to be exact), The Beatles enjoyed the most successful music career of any popular band in history. Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr were an OG boy band, but their songwriting skills set the “Fab Four” apart forever.

Maybe you’ve seen a recent Beatles-inspired movie like Yesterday, which shows how timeless and masterful their music will always be.

We sighed reading Sir Paul’s musical love note to his wife on socials, and it inspired our list of 15 unforgettable Beatles wedding songs for your big day playlist.

“Let It Be” on your wedding day with these original Beatles recordings and covers of their classics!

beatles wedding songs

All My Loving 

The Beatles recorded this fun pop song in July 1963, and the melody is still unmistakable.

While the youthful lyrics paint a picture of lovers separated by distance and longing for each other, we’ve heard grander cover versions of “All My Loving” worthy of a wedding ceremony.

When to play: we would be delighted to hear an instrumental version of “All My Loving” played at a wedding ceremony, particularly during the bride’s entrance.

When I’m 64

In 1968, The Beatles composed the entire soundtrack to an animated movie called Yellow Submarine, that’s still considered a “landmark of animation.”

While that’s excellent news for animated film buffs, the soundtrack contains a few wedding-worthy hit songs, including “When I’m 64.”

When to play: check out this ukulele cover version for your destination wedding and this romantic groom’s serenade to the bride during their reception.

And I Love Her

Here’s a perfect example of a short, sweet, simple-sounding love song recorded by some young lads in their 20s that sounds as romantic today as it did back then.

Paul’s vocals and George Harrison’s acoustic guitar riffs are particularly swoon-worthy!

When to play: the original recording makes a beautiful first dance.

All You Need Is Love

I know most people consider Love Actually a Christmas movie, which is why everyone still watches it every year.

We also think Keira Knightley’s whimsical wedding dress remains timeless boho perfection. The flash mob performance of “All You Need Is Love” during her character’s wedding scene is everything too!

When to play: borrow from a rom-com holiday classic and make “All You Need Is Love” your wedding ceremony recessional. A flash mob would be cool, but the original Beatles recording is equally spectacular.

Here Comes the Sun

Music buffs seem to agree that Lennon—McCartney was the powerhouse duo behind most Beatles lyrics and melodies.

But bandmate George Harrison managed to get a few of his lovely compositions into their musical catalog. One standout Harrison hit is “Here Comes The Sun.”

When to play: whether you play Harrison’s original version or have an acoustic guitar play serenade your processional, “Here Comes The Sun” is an exquisite bride’s entrance to the ceremony.

Till There Was You

Does the name Meredith Willson sound familiar?

He composed “Till There Was You” for a Broadway musical in the 50s, and when the still-unknown Beatles began covering the song in their nightclub act, record labels recognized the tune and signed the group to their first record deal.

So without a cover song, would The Beatles even be?

When to play: the remastered version of “Till There Was You” is an upbeat song with a retro nightclub feel. It’s short and sweet, perfect for a dance with your parents and grandparents during your reception.

I Saw Her Standing There

Well, she was just seventeen and you know what I mean, and the way she looked was way beyond compare…

McCartney’s lyrics for “I Saw Her Standing There” aren’t just a musical masterpiece!

The song describes just what a young dude thinks and feels seeing his intended for the first time.

When to play: let the dance moves break out from gram-gram to your toddler cousin playing “I Saw Her Standing There” at your reception. For proof, check out the good time everyone’s having in this wedding video from Bulgaria!

Love Me Do

Songwriting history says McCartney started writing “Love Me Do” as a teenager about his then-girlfriend.

When Lennon’s Aunt Mimi heard their song demo, she complained to the boys they’d never “make a fortune with that.” But, thankfully, Aunt Mimi didn’t recognize the sound of greatness!

When to play: it’s an upbeat song and a great reception dance number, but instrumental versions of “Love Me Do” also make outstanding ceremony recessionals. Check this out for a rustic outdoor wedding!

Eight Days a Week

Watching color concert footage of when The Beatles took America by storm in the 60s makes anyone appreciate the star quality of those boys and how their music holds up.

But let’s not forget. One of those girls partying and clapping in the stands could’ve been your gram-gram!

When to play: we’d love to hear “Eight Days A Week” as a bridal party entrance to the reception, especially for smaller wedding parties because, like most Beatles songs, this one is short and sweet.

I Want to Hold Your Hand

With perfect harmonies, a rock ‘n roll beat, and infectious handclapping, The Beatles’ recording of “I Want To Hold Your Hand” makes you “happy inside” as the lyrics say.

We also found a slower, moodier female cover version that’s unique and spellbinding!

When to play: The Beatles’ version is top-of-the-line for your fast dance reception playlist, but we also love the cover version for a stunning bride’s entrance.

In My Life

Lennon wrote highly personal lyrics for “In My Life,” and many music critics consider this slow, reflective song a masterpiece.

When to play: we think “In My Life” is a wonderful way to honor the memories of loved ones at your wedding reception. 

Got to Get You Into My Life

The Beatles recorded “Got to Get You Into My Life” in tribute to the Motown sound of the 60s.

With its snappy rhythm, big production sounds including a horn section, and McCartney’s crazy-good vocals, this is singalong music to raise the roof!

When to play: whether you play it as a bridal party entrance or a fast dance, “Got to Get You Into My Life” kicks your reception festivities into high gear.


Another memorable song by George Harrison, “Something,” is heralded by many music critics as proof that Harrison (who lacked confidence in his abilities when the band started) had equal songwriting talent to Lennon and McCartney. 

When to play: this sweet and sensual song is heart-melting as the bridal couple’s first slow dance. Check out this gorgeous piano cover if you’d prefer a whimsical instrumental version for your wedding ceremony.

With a Little Help From My Friends

As with many Beatles songs, “With a Little Help From My Friends” is credited as a Lennon-McCartney composition, but Lennon admitted long after the band broke up that it was mainly McCartney’s tune

Whoever wrote it, “With a Little Help From My Friends” is one of the best cover tunes (like, ever).

The song has been professionally covered and re-recorded at least 50 times since its initial release. If you search it on YouTube, you’ll see plenty more by undiscovered talents!

When to play: there are many ways to use “With a Little Help From My Friends” on your playlist, whether you’d like a classical-sounding version for your ceremony, a boho cover for your rustic reception, or the fantastic Beatles original!

Can’t Buy Me Love

McCartney wrote “Can’t Buy Me Love” when The Beatles were in Paris performing. The band stayed at a chic 5-star hotel and had a piano delivered to their suite so McCartney could hammer out the melody.

When we hear songwriting stories like that, we think of what it must have been like for people staying next door to the boys and hearing that musical racket coming through the fancy hotel walls. Just amazing!

When to play: any song with a lyric like “say you don’t need no diamond rings, and I’ll be satisfied” is a fun, tongue-in-cheek testament to your love and perfect for a reception fast dance.

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