13 Best Super-Romantic Keith Urban Wedding Songs

Country superstar meets Hollywood superstar, and it’s love at first sight. 

It sounds like the plotline for a blockbuster rom-com, but thankfully for all of us, it was also the real-life meet-cute between Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. Their relationship and marriage are so romantic that brides.com wrote about them!

So if any singer-songwriter knows something about wedding songs, we think it’s Keith Urban, and we’ve got the 13 best Keith Urban wedding songs for your happily-ever-after.

Add these terrific Keith Urban tunes to your wedding playlist!

Keith Urban Wedding Songs

Making Memories Of Us

In 2005, Urban released his version of country singer Rodney Crowell’s “Making Memories of Us,” a song Crowell wrote on Valentine’s Day in honor of his wife, Claudia. 

Urban definitely made “Making Memories of Us” his own because it became a #1 country hit, and Nicole Kidman loves the song, too, because she used it on an IG post celebrating their anniversary.

When to play: Urban sang the song to Kidman during their wedding ceremony; if you can’t get Keith to serenade your wedding day, this version or a live performance by a singer on acoustic guitar is a perfect ceremony recessional!

Only You Can Love Me This Way

Do you remember back in the day (before the whole “finger heart” craze) when the heart shape sign you made between your index fingers and thumbs had a gigantic moment?

We love Urban’s video for “Only You Can Love Me This Way” because of the heart shape love he gets from the crowd, but besides the visuals, the song is and will always be a wedding classic.

When to play: it’s beautiful and tear-jerking to use as a bride’s processional, and if you want to get closer as it plays, it also makes a gorgeous first slow dance.

The Fighter

We love this 2016 duet with Carrie Underwood off Urban’s huge hit record, Ripcord. But have you seen Keith and Nicole’s version of “The Fighter” filmed live from the family jeep at home?

It’s super cute and gives us plenty of inspo about using “The Fighter” on your wedding playlist!

When to play: it’s you two against the world now, so have fun playing “The Fighter” as you enter your wedding reception hand-in-hand. You could even do a lip-synch version on the dancefloor—remember to video it as Keith and Nicole did!

Put You in a Song

Fun, fast song and really romantic lyrics—we get so uplifted hearing “Put You in a Song,” we’re always happier after hearing this Keith Urban banger.

When to play: we don’t often suggest songs before your wedding. Still, as Keith sings about putting his love “in the car,” we think “Put You in a Song” will make you happy and help eliminate any pre-wedding jitters as you drive to your wedding ceremony!

God Whispered Your Name

Urban has been open about his struggles with addiction and how his wife helped to get him clean.

While he didn’t write “God Whispered Your Name,” the powerful lyrics and melody are meaningful to the strength of people in love, and the faith-based elements are beautiful.

When to play: “God Whispered Your Name” works as a processional or recessional, whether you’re marrying in a church or on a beach, especially when you want elements of faith and hope in your wedding ceremony. 

Kiss a Girl

From the first guitar riffs, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the song “Kiss a Girl,” it remains one of our favorite Urban tunes!

When to play: it’s normal to feel awkward about your first kiss. However, if your ceremony venue is less formal or you’re getting married outdoors, play “Kiss a Girl” after the minister declares you’re married and enjoy that first newlywed smooch!

Your Everything

1999 was a turning point for Keith Urban because he released his first American hit album! “Your Everything” was the second single from this self-titled record.

Although he didn’t write the song, we love the vintage 90s video starring a young Urban, and the setting for “Your Everything” is a pretend wedding by a pool—it’s sweet to watch!

When to play: it used to be a tradition for the bride’s father to lift her veil, but times have changed, and we think “Your Everything” would be a beautiful bride’s entrance, with the groom lifting her veil like the lyric mentions in the song.

Somebody Like You

There are many “top 10” Keith Urban song lists online, but every list we found has different songs because he’s had more than ten hits!

So we were pleased to find this list of Urban’s best songs because it does include one of our older favorites, “Somebody Like You,” with its joyous and unmistakable banjo intro.

When to play: as Urban sings, “it sure feels good to finally feel the way I do,” make a grand entrance at your wedding reception with this song and soak in all the love!

You’re My Better Half

As Urban croons in “You’re My Better Half,” it’s a “sweet love that you give to me!”

This song will become your lifetime melody when you include it in your wedding playlist.

When to play: it’s a faster song with meaningful lyrics, and we think it’s a great dance for your parents and grandparents to join at your reception. Give all the “better halves” a chance to shine!

Better Life

Another banjo banger we love, “Better Life” is a song that makes you believe you’re heading for a better life together, as the lyrics say.

When to play: ceremony recessional, reception entrance, or a fun, fast song, “Better Life” deserves a place of honor on your wedding playlist.

Somebody Like You / You’re My Better Half / Better Life Medley

It always gives us chills when a cover band takes a superstar’s hit song and creates a unique version all their own.

That’s why we got excited finding this talented duo online who covered more than one Keith Urban song in a fantastic medley!

Caleb and Kelsey perform their minimalist version of three Urban hits. For wedding song inspo, check out the link because this is live wedding music goals!

When to play: these songs are perfect for your wedding ceremony, performed by a singer on piano or guitar. We also love a medley with one piece as your bridal entrance, one as you sign the register, and one as your ceremony recessional.

Sweet Thing

There are many sweet things about “Sweet Thing,” a hit song Urban co-wrote that became his tenth #1 single and his third Grammy for best male country vocal.

If you’ve never seen the video for the song, it was shot inside a barn in Spring Hill, Tennessee, and we always think of the tune when we’re at a rustic barn wedding.

When to play: there’s no sweeter way to close out your wedding reception than by playing “Sweet Thing” and singing and dancing into the night.

Coming Home

This hip-new country duet features some cool instrumental riffs and the smooth boho-sounding vocals of Julia Michaels. “Coming Home” is our dream song!

When to play: the lyrics are heartwarming, and it’s a great singalong at your wedding reception, especially if you’re getting married in your hometown but live far away.

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