Bride Guide: Who Wears a Corsage at a Wedding?

If you’re at the stage of wedding planning where you’re speaking to your florist about wedding flowers – you’ll need to think about more than just your bridal bouquet.

So let’s talk about corsages. What do they symbolize? And who wears a corsage at a wedding?

Here we give you the full low down on everything you need to know about the trusty corsage.

Firstly, What Exactly Is a Corsage?

Corsages are petite floral arrangements that are usually worn on the wrist like a bracelet. They are tied on with a ribbon, but they can also be pinned onto an outfit.

Corsages are made with any type of flowers, ribbons, and greenery. They can be creative, colorful, and elegant and normally match the wider color scheme of the wedding and bouquets. They are designed to be pretty and to enhance a person’s wedding outfit.

The corsage has become very popular to wear at proms and graduation parties, but they are also still commonly designed and worn for weddings.

What Does a Corsage Symbolize?

In ancient times, a corsage was worn to ward off evil spirits.

Today, wearing a corsage at a wedding is more about honoring someone significant. It identifies a select special group of women who are important to the couple.

It should be seen as an honor to be invited to wear a corsage at a wedding – and make the wearer feel special and loved.

So, Who Wears a Corsage at a Wedding?

Who Wears A Corsage At A Wedding

It is your close female friends and family members that will traditionally be given a corsage to wear. Your male guests will most likely wear buttonholes (or boutonnieres) pinned to their suits.

Whilst your bridesmaids are most likely going to be carrying a floral bouquet, here’s a list of people who could receive and wear a corsage on your big day:

Your Mother

Mothers of both the bride and groom are the first people who should traditionally receive corsages.

It’s a great idea to design the corsage knowing what colors your moms will be wearing – so that it complements those all-important outfits! However, don’t worry about this too much; a neutral bloom color palette within the corsage should work with any attire.

We recommend that the bride and groom try to give their moms their corsages in person, to create a special moment on the morning of the wedding and ensure they feel the love! This is a nice touch and it also makes a cute photo opp, so don’t forget to tell your photographer!

And let’s not forget the stepmothers… they should also receive a corsage if appropriate.

Your Grandmother

When deciding on who wears a corsage at a wedding,  think about other special family members. If you are lucky enough to have a grandmother (or two!) attending your wedding then it is a lovely gesture to offer her a corsage too. 

This act should mean a lot to her, and she might also like to keep it afterward as a little keepsake (dried flowers work best for this very reason!)

Your Close Female Guests

You could also consider offering a corsage to other important female guests. Whilst your sisters and your besties might have the role of bridesmaids, there may be extra friends, family members, or female ushers that deserve this badge of honor too.

There are really no hard rules about who wears a corsage to a wedding, so feel free to give any special people one to wear if you so wish. This could be old roommates, friends doing readings, close cousins, a special auntie, or anyone important who has helped you with the planning of your wedding

Some brides choose to give their whole bridal party a floral corsage instead of a wedding bouquet – it is up to you. 

Your Officiant

It’s a lovely thought to offer your female officiant the chance to wear a corsage.

Not only is it a sweet gesture, but it will visually tie her into the themes and colors of your wedding – adding an extra subtle element to the photos of the ceremony.

Top Tip for Giving Out a Corsage

Although giving out a corsage on your wedding day could be seen as a nice gesture on the day itself, we feel that you should talk to each recipient about it ahead of time. This is mainly to decide whether each important person would prefer to wear the corsage on their wrist or have one pinned onto their clothes. 

You will find some won’t want to have anything pinned to their dress, to avoid possible damage. Others may find wearing something on their wrist a little clunky or uncomfy. So it is best to check first. 

If you are thinking of including particularly bright and colorful flowers within the corsage then it might be a good idea to let people know ahead of time so they can think about their color schemes accordingly.

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