18 Unique White Pumpkin Centerpieces For A Wedding

Fall is the perfect time for an outdoor wedding! It’s not too hot, or too cold and it allows for a lot of creativity when it comes to wedding decor. This includes the colors, textures, and items used in wedding centerpieces.

To help you with decor ideas for your upcoming wedding, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite white pumpkin centerpieces, as well as items that can be used in wedding centerpieces.

Carry on reading to find out more!

Fall White Pumpkin Centerpiece

White Pumpkins Fall Centerpiece

Comes with a Rectangle Whitewashed Wooden Box, which can be used to create the fall centerpieces.

This spectacular fall centerpiece is absolutely perfect!

With accents of white pumpkins against a backdrop of leaves in some of autumn’s most beautiful colors, this centerpiece screams “vintage-inspired fall wedding” while also looking impressive.

We also love the little acorns tumbling out of a vintage chest!

Blush and Burgundy Flowers in White Pumpkins

Blush and Burgundy Flowers in White Pumpkins

This beautiful, pastel fall arrangement is full of white sunflowers, pink roses and tons of eucalyptus.

A floral arrangement that uses a white pumpkin as its vase is a great option for more reasons than one.

First off, substituting a pumpkin for a vase is the perfect way to incorporate the beauty of a white pumpkin in an autumn wedding centerpiece.

Secondly, pumpkins are biodegradable, which makes this an eco-friendly wedding decor option. And then there’s the gorgeous color combination. Enough said!

Fall Floral Arrangement in White Pumpkins

White Pumpkin Centerpiece

The white faux pumpkin filled with fall flowers and grasses. It is mirrored imaged so both sides are the same which make this a perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving Table! 

Similar to the floral arrangement above, these floral arrangements also use white pumpkins instead of vases.

We love the large, almost ruffled flowers used in this floral installation, especially when combined with the rust orange berries in it.

Something else to love is that this listing includes two pumpkins with flowers. It’s an affordable option for the bride on a budget!

White Flowers and Greenery White Pumpkin Centerpiece

Pumpkin and Floral Centerpiece Arrangement

Elegant off-white pumpkin centerpiece arrangement. Includes two plastic pumpkins with elegant sunflower and pumpkin floral. Sage green, brown and off-white accents.

Perfect for the chic bride who’s having a modern wedding, the color scheme of this white pumpkin centerpiece is simply beautiful. With such contrasting colors, these arrangements will be a hit at your wedding!

Harvest Floral Arrangement in White Pumpkin

White Pumpkins

12 inches tall 10 inches wide.

We love how this harvest floral arrangement, which uses a white pumpkin for a vase, is composed mostly of differently colored leaves rather than the traditional flowers.

The effect is just as beautiful and lush, though! Our favorite detail here is the little orange pumpkin placed among the leaves. This is undeniably a perfectly fall-inspired wedding centerpiece!

White Blown Glass Pumpkin Centerpiece

Blown Glass Pumpkins

The IVORY colorway features creamy ivory white layered with iridescent gold veins and golden ribs.

These blown glass white pumpkins are exquisite! They remind us of the beautiful glass from the Murano area of Venice, which is known for its gorgeous glass art.

Just look at the delicate curly stem! With multiple sizes and shapes to choose from, you can use these gorgeous glass pumpkins as the focal point on your wedding tables, or as an accent to a floral arrangement.

White Pumpkin Floating Candles

White Pumpkin Floating Candles

All candles are hand made, hand poured and hand finished. 

This trio of white pumpkin floating candles is absolutely adorable. They’d be a great addition to any wedding table centerpiece, but especially ones that incorporate water.

Handmade, hand-poured, and hand-finished, the candles have a “pumpkin crunch cake” scent, and their burn time is about four hours, so they’ll last throughout your entire wedding reception.

Multicolor Fall Floral Arrangement in White Pumpkin

Multicolor Fall Floral Arrangement in White Pumpkin

This gorgeous faux white pumpkin was hand painted to give a realistic look. 

We love the natural dried grasses and blue ribbon loops in this are fall-inspired wedding centerpieces, but our favorite thing has to be the way the ribbons match some flowers in the arrangement.

It’s the beautiful coordination and attention to detail that makes this whole centerpiece all the more pleasing to the eye!

Assorted Sizes Soft Fabric White Pumpkins

Assorted Sizes Soft Fabric White Pumpkins

Unique handmade soft fabric pumpkins each with a real dried pumpkin stem.

Don’t these fabric pumpkins look soft as clouds? They’re made using cotton quilt batting, so we’re sure they’re just as soft as they look!

Like the blown glass pumpkins further up on this list, you can use these fabric pumpkins as the focal point of your wedding table centerpieces, or you can use them as an accent to a floral arrangement.

White Pumpkins in Soft Chenille Fabric

White Chenille Pumpkins Handmade

This is vintage chenille so colors and designs may slightly vary.

How gorgeous are these white pumpkins made from chenille? Available in small, large, and extra-large, these hand-made pumpkins will add texture and that WOW factor to an existing centerpiece!

White Floral Arrangement in White Pumpkin

White Floral Arrangement in White Pumpkin

This fall centerpiece is in a beautiful rustic metal white pumpkin basket with metal leaves and filled with high quality pods, berries, fall cream leaves, wheat, preserved eucalyptus and cream hydrangea.

If your wedding is taking place sometime between fall and winter, an arrangement like this may be the perfect fit for your decor!

The white pumpkin holding this artificial flower and greenery arrangement is fuzzy, which is a cozy detail perfect for the colder days of late fall.

The white flowers, combined with the silver glitter accents like berries, bring a sense of winter to this centerpiece, as well.

Yellow Gold Floral Arrangement in White Pumpkin

Yellow Gold Floral Arrangement in White Pumpkin

These cute pumpkins will dress up your fall decor and the sola wood flowers will never wilt and continue to look gorgeous year after year!

One of autumn’s most beautiful colors, yet one of the most overlooked when it comes to wedding color schemes, is yellow gold, or goldenrod.

Our favorite thing about this particular arrangement? The wood flowers! We love the texture they add to this wedding table centerpiece. 

Burgundy Floral Arrangement in White Pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin Floral Centerpiece

Faux pumpkin is embellished with dried flowers, nigella pods, vines and other dried botanicals grown and harvested on my small farm.

This burgundy floral arrangement inside a white pumpkin is perfect for the understated and elegant bride with a wedding vision to match.

Burgundy, red’s maturer older sister, is just as sensual and romantic as other shades of red. We think the gentle, light green of the leaves offsets the burgundy flowers beautifully.

White Fur Pumpkins

White Fur Pumpkins with Real Pumpkin Stems

These Fabulous White Fur pumpkins are made to order. I use a LONG-PILE faux fur to make them.

Wonderfully unique and definitely unexpected, these white fur pumpkins are sure to be a hit in your wedding decor! Associated with wealth, these centerpieces will bring a sense of opulence to your wedding decor.

Plus, a whole lot of fun. The kids at your wedding will be obsessed – and we’re sure the adults will be delighted too!

Fall Floral Arrangement with White Pumpkins

Pumpkin Centerpiece

This is a White/Cream Pumpkin filled with hydrangeas, dahlias and more awesome flowers.

Complete with some of the most iconic fall colors – rust orange, golden yellow, olive green, burgundy, and ivory – in a white pumpkin, this is a pretty and quintessential autumn wedding centerpiece.

We love the addition of the little white pumpkin – it’s like a miniature version of the larger white pumpkin it’s arranged in.

Fabric Blue and White Pumpkin

A more vintage-inspired fall wedding item, these blue and white fabric pumpkins are elegant and classic. It’s the toile fabric that makes them timeless.

We love how the blue pattern on the ivory fabric is floral, so you don’t have to use flowers if you don’t want to do so. These pumpkins come with the option of adding a floral accent to the stem, too. 

Orange Floral Arrangement in White Pumpkin Vase

Orange Floral Arrangement in White Pumpkin Vase

This Fall pumpkin centerpiece is made with artificial florals. The pumpkin is foam and all florals are glued.

Orange is one of autumn’s most popular colors, especially when it comes to weddings and wedding color schemes. That’s probably because so many of the flowers that blossom in the fall are orange or yellow-orange.

This silk flower arrangement, in its white pumpkin vase, uses colors that vary from barely orange, to golden yellow, to light orange and burnt rust orange.

The different shades make this mostly monochromatic arrangement more visually interesting and give it more dimension, too.

White Pumpkin Place Cardholders

White Pumpkin Place Card Holders

They look like the real thing and they are elegant as well. Each pumpkin is handmade by me, no molds are used.

How cute are these white pumpkin place cardholders? Simply place them on each plate for an adorable, autumnal accent.

The color of these pumpkin place cardholders means that they’ll coordinate with whatever color centerpieces you choose, and whatever colors you use in your general wedding decor, as well.

Our favorite detail has to be the curled wire that holds the card – it looks just like a pumpkin stem!

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