20 Beautiful Silk Flower Wedding Centerpieces

Yes, fresh flowers are beautiful – lush, colorful, and fragrant. They can be used to add a pop of color, some texture, or visual interest to wedding decor. And when arranged correctly, they brighten any table where they’re used as a centerpiece. 

But what if you can’t, or don’t want to, use fresh flowers? 

Then go with silk flowers! I know, I know – you’re thinking of those fake-looking flowers they use in staged houses, but trust me, silk flowers have come a long way! 

Nowadays, artificial flowers often look just as good, if not better, than fresh flowers. Used in floral installations, they can create the same effect that fresh flowers do. Plus, you can keep them forever, no drying required!

Read on for our favorite silk flower wedding centerpieces! 

White Ten-Inch Peony Centerpiece

White Ten-Inch Peony Centerpiece

Artificial Flower - Handmade Silk Flower Bouquet.

These white silk peonies are so lush and full, but their price is definitely wallet-friendly! Use them on their own or as a filler for any empty spaces in a multi-flower wedding centerpiece.

Either way, these quality silk flowers will add a flourish to your wedding decor!

Artificial Lavender Flowers

Artificial Lavender Flowers

This lavender plastic flowers made of environmentally friendly plastic, poisonless and harmless. 

These artificial lavender bundles are incredibly versatile!  Of course, they can be used as-is in a vase for a centerpiece or, if you prefer, included with other flowers.

But you can also use them as a decorative accent. Simply cut them from the stem and attach to place cards and menus, or tie them to napkins with some twine.

Silk Hydrangea Wedding Centerpiece

Silk Hydrangea Wedding Centerpiece

Delicately handmade with exquisite detailed petals, stem and leaf textures. 1:1 size ratio to real hydrangea

If you’re a little self-conscious about using silk flowers, why not go for this silk hydrangea wedding centerpiece?

It comes with faux water in the vase, which looks so real it’ll fool anyone into believing these bountiful hydrangeas are real – even the most judgmental of guests!

Red Roses Wedding Silk Flower Arrangement

Rose Arrangement With Real Touch Silk Roses

 Display these as your wedding centerpiece and keep them to use as home decor or for special events and parties. Enjoy the the look and feel of real roses that do not fade or lose shape over time.

Red roses have long been considered the most romantic flower of all. For this reason, why not include them in your wedding decor as a wedding table centerpiece?

These silk roses are available in different sizes and a ton of color options. You also have the option of adding rhinestones to the roses themselves!

White Silk Magnolia Flower Arrangement

Magnolia Flower Arrangement

This Premium finest real touch floral design features the best real touch magnolia.

Magnolia flowers are gorgeous, as you can clearly see, but it’s their size and beautiful, glossy dark green leaves that make them striking.

Place a single “real touch” silk magnolia in a small vase, or include a few as an accent. Because of their size, too many may be overkill.

Real Touch Orchid Centerpiece

Real Touch Orchid Centerpiece

Total Length of the orchid stems: 38". Each orchid stem features delicate wires that allows you to bend and shape the stems to the desired position.

For those who love elegance, orchids are the way to go. This silk orchid is perfect on its own, but you could place small candles or fairy lights around it for a little illumination around your table centerpiece.

Our favorite thing about it is the greenery at the base of the flower. The little green plants and moss make this orchid wedding table centerpiece look almost like a live orchid plant. And doesn’t that moss look soft enough to touch?

Rosy Pink Artificial Wedding Centerpiece

Rosy Pink Artificial Wedding Centerpiece

Different types of premium silk roses mixed with real touch in blush, soft pink, dusty pink, dark pink and cream combination with foliage in pink vase.

With roses in various shades of blush pink, posy bunches, and groups of hydrangea flowers, this multi-flower artificial arrangement has us blushing with its sweetness!

Some flowers in this artificial wedding bouquet are silk, while others are “real touch”, and others are dried, so there’s definitely a good mix here! 

Silk Tulip Flower Wedding Centerpiece

Spring Floral Arrangement

This contemporary and elegant artificial real touch flower arrangement with tulips is the perfect focal point of the room.

With their clean lines and sleekness, tulips are the perfect wedding flower. These silk tulips come in three different colors: white, red, and yellow.

So, no matter your color scheme, there’s a complementary or matching color of tulip here for you! 

Blue Anemone Flower Wedding Centerpiece

Blue French Country Anemone Thistle Hydrangeas Floral Faux - Etsy

Presented in a glass vase with water illusion, this faux anemone thistle bouquet is the perfect accent for brightening up any space.

With beautiful blue anemone flowers, bunches of blue hydrangeas, and faux eucalyptus stems, this blue wedding flower bouquet is both modern and classic. 

Yellow and White Silk Flower Wedding Centerpiece

Yellow is such a joyful color, and perfect for a wedding celebration. We love this yellow and white silk floral design because it combines white and yellow to create a floral arrangement that is both pretty and pleasing! 

Artificial Orchid Branch Wedding Centerpiece

Artificial Silk Orchid Plant

Material: Felt Cloth, Plastic, Iron Wire, Glue.

Each Orchid include 10 flowers.

Orchids just scream “luxury!” That’s part of what makes them a wonderful choice for a wedding flower. Not only are these branches laden with silk orchid flowers, but they’re also available in 6 different colors.

Pick one color for a cohesive look, or mix and match colors to add more visual interest to your wedding table centerpieces.

Pastel Rose and Hydrangea Centerpiece

Pastel Rose and Hydrangea Centerpiece

The vigorously growing hydrangea and rose shrub symbolizes growth, heartfelt emotions, and prosperity. 

Touches of bright pastels can be a great way to add a touch of color or colors to an otherwise plain bouquet.

Roses and hydrangea are popular wedding flowers, but not in colors like these! Your silk flower wedding centerpieces are sure to stand out if they’re anything like the ones pictured here.

ap them around a candle centerpiece on a circular table. The options are endless.

Blue or Red Hydrangea Centerpiece

Blue or Red Hydrangea Centerpiece

The vigorously growing hydrangea shrub symbolizes growth, heartfelt emotions, and prosperity.

These full silk hydrangea blossoms are available in both red and blue, so you can choose one for all your wedding tables.

Combine them with white silk flowers to create a patriotic sentiment that’s perfect for weddings that take place around holidays like Memorial Day or the Fourth of July!

Silk Roses Wedding Flower Centerpiece

Silk Roses Wedding Flower Centerpiece

This cute design has 12 real touch roses in a square vase filled with faux water. 

This simple rose wedding centerpiece is anything but basic! With a dozen different color options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your wedding decor!

Best of all, all the colors of these roses come in square glass vases complete with faux water, to make them appear even more real than they already do!

20-Inch Tall Burgundy Dahlia Flowers

20-Inch Tall Burgundy Dahlia Flowers

Decorate your special day with these readymade silk 20 in tall dahlia spray stems.

At 20 inches tall, this dahlia silk flower pair makes for a dramatic wedding centerpiece. Of course, you’re not limited to using their full height.

Trim them down to whatever length you want, so you can make your DIY flower arrangements.

Artificial Silk Rainbow Roses Centerpiece

This bouquet of silk rainbow roses isn’t only bold, it’s beautiful too. With every color in the rainbow included,  they’re sure to match your wedding decor.

Our tip? Place these bouquets on a stand that has crystals or is made from crystal, and put them in the sunlight. Ta da – you’ll have even more rainbows to bless your wedding day!

Grape Purple Ranunculus Silk Flowers

Realistic Peony Bouquet

Our real looking fake flowers are perfect for any romantic flower arrangement or centerpiece for home decoration.

For those brides who love a more dramatic look, why not go for these grape purple ranunculus silk flower centerpieces? Deep and alluring, no one can call this color choice dull.

Tropical Silk Flower Arrangement

Silk Flower Arrangement

Materials: artificial flower.

Width: 11.8 inches. Height: 23.6 inches.

Talking about drama! This tropical silk flower arrangement would be at home both in a botanical garden or in a high-ceilinged grand ballroom. 

If you’re having a summer wedding, a silk flower arrangement like this one could be the perfect fit for your wedding table centerpieces. It’ll definitely delight and impress your guests! 

Blush and Ivory Silk Flower Centerpiece

Artificial Silk Dahlia Flower Arrangement

Adding these into your decorations and arrangements will give your party or home space a refreshing and exotic appeal and sophistication.

This blush and ivory silk wedding flower centerpiece is absolutely charming! We love how the ivory and blush are such similar colors but are just different enough from one another to add dimension to the design. 

The leaves in this arrangement are undoubtedly a plus, too – they add a striking contrast to the softer-colored blossoms. 

Faux Greenery Wedding Centerpiece

Vicky Yao Faux Floral

Exclusive Design French Style Artificial Flower Arrangement.

These faux greenery wedding centerpieces are the epitome of luxury and lushness.

We love that they come in unique, Art Deco type vases, and are available in 3 sizes-small, medium, and large. For a hassle-free, but the oh-so-stylish option, this is a must-have!

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