14 Gorgeous Hydrangea Wedding Centerpieces That’ll Make A Statement

Planning a wedding comes with many important decisions, and one of the top decisions on the list is determining your centerpieces. 

There are tons of options to go with: candles, lanterns, wooden slabs, candlesticks, and, of course, flowers. But today, we’re here to talk about what MSN calls one of the most popular wedding flowers ever: hydrangeas. 

An arrangement of hydrangea blooms is nothing short of impressive. Their massive, full heads make it easy to fill out a space with just a few stems.

Plus, they come in so many colors that it’s easy to match this bloom to your wedding theme. 

Let’s check out some of our favorite hydrangeas wedding centerpieces to add some life and color to your reception. 

Silk Hydrangea in Clear Vase

Sometimes simple elegance is all you need for the perfect reception tables. Enovahome makes that happen with this clean and appealing hydrangea piece.

Available in red, white, pink, and blue colors, this centerpiece has a simple bundle of hydrangeas set in a clear glass vase with faux water for an authentic look. 

It’s paired with just a couple of leaves to finish it off, making the brightly colored hydrangeas the star of the show. 

This product really lets the hydrangea speak for itself. 

Blush Hydrangea and Lamb’s Ear

Large centerpieces are great because they fill in space efficiently, so you don’t have to get as many of them. 

This particular piece is 20 inches long and sports blush hydrangeas with dark pink accents, leaves, and lamb’s ear as the final touch. 

The base is a wooden tray that doubles as a 5-piece candle holder, so not only do you decorate your space, but you can add a warm glow to your evening.

Who doesn’t love candles for a little extra romance? 

Long Hydrangea Planter Box 

This planter box centerpiece is the perfect choice if your reception has long, rectangular tables instead of round tables. It’s a whopping 34 inches long and can make any table setting come to life.

The wooden box holds eight hydrangeas along with 20 stems of eucalyptus for greenery and filling. The hydrangeas are white, but the seller works with customizations as well. 

Additionally, you get to choose the stain color of your planter box. You can pick from smoke gray, weathered gray, antique white, dark walnut, and weathered oak to match your decor. 

This centerpiece is sure to make a statement, and it can easily double as a decor piece for your home after your wedding. 

Elegant Large Floral Centerpiece 

Hydrangeas are often used to fit rustic, homey themes and add some fun color to your reception, but their versatile look can also be quite elegant. 

This particular centerpiece showcases that ability very well. 

The whole piece is planted in a large tulip-shaped plaster urn. The urn has a weathered stone look to it. 

The arrangement features a large peach hydrangea bloom in the front, surrounded by orchids, snowball hydrangeas, white berries, fern, and other greenery bursting from all angles. 

While the urn itself isn’t too large, the stunning arrangement makes a big statement. It’s perfect for the center of big tables and is strong enough to sit by itself.

Let’s just say this now: we want to take this piece home after the wedding.

Small Silk Hydrangea 

Silk flowers are soft and inviting. They offer a lifelike appearance that is sure to sweep your guests into the magic that is your special day. 

Although these arrangements are small, they are captivating. The fashiontouchhome shop pairs champagne hydrangeas with cream and blush peonies for a full and fluffy arrangement. 

The flowers are accented with small touches of branches and beads, and the whole thing comes together in a small, wooden container. 

We love this versatile piece because it can go with a wide range of themes, whether you’re aiming for fun, shabby-chic or elegant class. 

Extra Large Cascading Centerpiece

If there is any day to make a statement, it’s your wedding day! And this centerpiece is precisely the way to do that. 

The extra-large arrangement sits in a tall, skinny, crystal vase – which is elegant in and of itself. 

It has both white and classic-white hydrangeas arranged with delphiniums, wisterias, snowballs, and roses. Touches of greenery, ferns, and dark blue ranunculuses add depth to the piece. 

This piece is tall and stunning and is perfect for tables, runners, churches, and more. 

Blush Dry Floral Arrangement

Did someone say blush? Mention that color, and we come running. 

Blush flowers are soft, beautiful, and sophisticated, and they go with every wedding theme. 

This arrangement is simple yet unique, combining several very different plants for a comprehensive product. 

It uses a full hydrangea, two fluffy bunny tails, two Italian Ruscus, and one everlasting rose. These components sit in a cascading hand-blown glass vase with a rose gold accented top. 

This arrangement is enough to make any bride giddy. 

Coral and Navy Mason Jar Centerpieces 

Who says rustic has to stick to muted colors and shabby-chic painting? While we love a good rustic vibe, we also love a unique twist on the expected styles. 

These arrangements have both coral and navy colors mixed together, combining the bold and the beautiful. 

The gold glass mason jars contain coral roses, navy calla lilies, and white silk hydrangeas. Classic baby’s breath and dusty miller fill out the rest of the space.

In addition, the AdoredOccasions shop is entirely willing to talk about customization ideas, so you’re not stuck with these color choices if you don’t want them. They’ll even work to personalize the mason jars! 

Fall Farmhouse Long Table Centerpiece

Not much else goes better together than fall and farmhouse decor. These two themes have lived in harmony for as long as we can remember, so why not take advantage of the beautiful trend for your wedding?

The fall farmhouse centerpiece takes hydrangeas to a place we never expected. Though they’re typically considered a spring flower, this arrangement uses bold maroon and orange hydrangeas to latch onto that fall feeling.

It’s a large piece that sits about 25 inches long on a farmhouse-style metal tray. It also features faux pumpkins, roses, peonies, and greenery for a fabulous mix of autumn colors. 

Your guests will simply “fall” for it. 

Eternal Flower Herbarium 

Bright, vibrant colors, a long lifespan, and a unique design all in one, Janeflorist’s eternal flower herbarium is the perfect way to steal your guests’ hearts and attention all at once.

These pieces use preserved and dried real flowers that are guaranteed to last 3 to 5 years with proper care. The entire vase includes an arrangement of hydrangeas, roses, baby’s breath, greens, and more. 

The inside of the vase is filled with more beautiful plants set in special herbarium oil, allowing them to float and move naturally. 

If you’re looking to make a lasting impression that you can enjoy for several anniversaries to come, this is the arrangement for you. 

Boho Vintage Arrangement

Vintage, darling; need we say more?

Your wedding can have the style you’ve always dreamed of with this classic boho centerpiece. It boasts a dusty rose theme of peonies, hydrangeas, greenery, olive leaves, and more for a stunning display. 

The flowers are based in a gorgeous mosaic pedestal vase, making it look like an ancient statue in a royal garden. 

This unique arrangement’s muted pastel pallet easily matches a wide range of decor ideas and can serve as the absolute best accent to your wedding day. 

Dark Purple and Green Elegant Centerpiece

We typically expect wedding decor to be bright, inviting, flashy, and glitzy, but this centerpiece is shocking and stunning in all the best ways.

The dark pallet is full of deep purple and burgundy for a robust, romantic feel. It’s arranged with roses, hydrangeas, purple leaves, and other greens.

The piece is set in an elegant ceramic planter vase that has its own unique gold enclosure. It’s guaranteed to bring elegance, color, and dimension to your special day with a dark romance that will reel your guests into the mood.  

Forever Real Hydrangea Wooden Vase

Classic beauty sometimes means leaving well-enough alone. EmpressFloraES works to preserve the natural beauty of real-life hydrangeas, making them last for 3+ years.

That’s more than enough time to enjoy them during your post-wedding life.

These timeless beauties come in gorgeous shades of yellow-pink, brown, and lemon-lime. They sit in unique wooden vases that use interchangeable technology, meaning you can take the flowers out and replace them. 

The planters are the perfect size for decorating a reception room or a cocktail hour.

Electric Blue and Orange Arrangement

If you love bright and vibrant colors, you need to check out this final arrangement on our list. 

The centerpiece features large, electric blue hydrangeas paired with yellow-orange ranunculus and various sprigs of white flowers. It sits in a white metal basket accented with green branches and red sticks for all the color you could ever need. 

The colors themselves are relatively versatile, making this an appropriate piece for spring or fall. It’s quite large and makes quite a statement as a centerpiece or accent piece. 

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