28 Stunning Gothic Wedding Centerpieces

Halloween-themed weddings, and the level of detail and straight-up spooky, romantic vibes are off the charts!

If you’re curious about how to bring the gothic aesthetic into your wedding, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re inspired by Dia De Los Muertos, Halloween, Victorian vamps, or basically anything macabre, here are some killer ideas for gothic wedding centerpieces that you must see. 

Black Spindle Candleholders

Set of 3 Black Spindle Candle Holders

Add gothic elegance to your DIY wedding, party or shower centerpieces with this set of totally on trend vintage inspired candle holders.

No gothic wedding could be complete without matte black candleholders. We love how elegant these are with their velvety texture. It adds a bit of an old-style romantic edge, rather than a shiny candle holder.

Switch up the colors of your tapered candles with ivory, blood-red, or dark violet candlesticks to match whatever aesthetic you’re looking for! 

Matte Black Macabre Vase

Gothic Skull Vase

New matte black skulls range is this vase which is shorter but wider and a different shape to by tall vase.

Got the flowers all ready but looking for the perfect vessel? Check out this drippy, macabre black vase. A closer look will put you face to face with one of the three painted skulls on the vase. We especially like the dripping black gloss that runs down the rim. 

Gothic Test Tube Stand for Flowers

Miniature Flower Stand

A stand for tubes inspired by Gothic architecture. Made of plywood and covered with black varnish.

Want the ornate, black Victorian aesthetic but the freedom to choose your own floral colors? This gothic test tube stand is just what you’re looking for. 

You can put anything your heart desires in the test tubes, and the black Gothic architecture of the stand makes it darkly romantic. Voila; thank us later.

Ornate Heavy Duty Iron Candleholder

Handcrafted Vintage Candelabra

Material: heavy-duty cast iron; painted in antique black brown color, absolutely a gorgeous item, very solid and durable, can be last for many many years.

This one isn’t for the light-hearted (get it?) because it’s a heavy cast iron candleholder! You’ll get a stunner of a centerpiece that screams luxury.

This antique candle holder is just begging for some partially melted candlesticks and dripped wax. Even though some assembly is required, it’s totally worth it. 

Death’s Head Moth Decorative Glass Vase

Black Rectangular Decorative Glass Vase

This huge rectangular glass vase has been hand-painted black, and a very intricate white skull death moth has been added as the focal point.

Got a supernatural kind of love? Then you’ll want to feature the iconic Death’s-head hawkmoth, made famous by the movie Silence of the Lambs.

With the symmetrical moon design in the back, this striking vase is made to hold any bewitching bouquet you can come up with. 

Halloween Stamped Book Set

Halloween Stamped Book Decor

This set is designed and inspired by the all time classic Addams Family, for all you halloween lovers this is the perfect unique piece for your home!

Are you and your future partner set on a romantic Halloween-themed wedding? If so, look no further. 

This set of stacked books with the big purple rose and black ribbon makes us want to cozy up next to a fire with our sweetie and spend a Halloween together. 

Bat Shaped Candle with Bat Skull Inside

Bat Shaped Candle with Bat Skull Inside

Spooky Bat Shaped Candle. Unscented Decor Candle - Perfect home décor piece for Bedroom or Living Room. Accessorize any space with this stunning Home Candle.

Bats are the epitome of all things dark, spooky, and goth, which is why you need this black bat candle. Another reason: THERE’S A BAT SKULL INSIDE.

The candle has a burning time of between 10 and 15 hours, so you may want to start them right before the guests arrive to get the full effect. 

g Beetlejuice vibes; vintage, ghoulish, and can be made romantic with lots of flowers and candles. 

Red and Black Wood Flowers with White Mason Jar

Goth Inspired Mason Jar

Add an unexpected twist to your decor with this sola wood flower mason jar arrangement.

Planning on keeping it simple with red, white, and black for your wedding colors? This sola wood flower arrangement comes in a white mason jar and is topped with a peek-a-boo skull. 

Coffin Planters for Succulents

Coffin Mini Planter & Stand

This unique & cute pot has small drain holes and it comes with a custom made easy to use interlocking stand.

Do you want some greenery to be included in your centerpieces? If you’ve got a dark sense of humor, check out these adorable coffin planters. 

Choose from two sizes of coffins and black, white, gold, silver, and copper for color options to match your wedding theme. We think this would look so cute on the tables to give it just a bit of life… ironically. 

Golden Skull Wreath Centerpiece

Gothic Golden Skulls Candle Centerpiece

Set this piece anywhere for a touch of spooky elegance. 

This spooky and romantic centerpiece features a ring of golden skulls surrounding a red mosaic LED candle.

With burgundy, black, and red roses that have been touched by hints of gold paint, this centerpiece is perfect for a gothic, black-and gold-themed wedding. 

“Dracula” Book Wedding Confetti

"Dracula" Book Wedding Confetti

The scatter confetti is the perfect way to release your inner Classic Victorian Goth during a passionate vampire horror theme wedding celebration, adding a hint of your gothic literature fandom and individual dramatic passion to your unique fantasy special day.

If you and your partner are bibliophiles, you’ve got to see this beautiful Dracula confetti. It comes in both paper hearts and star shapes. 

Unleash (and celebrate) your inner classic vampire with a smattering of this confetti on the reception tables. Curious guests may only just have to pick up a handful to figure out which book they were made from!

Dried Black Roses

Dried Black Roses Bunch Colored

All our photos are without any touch-ups. However, it is difficult to render the true colours of a product.

What’s more gothy and romantic than dried black roses? You can put these in a simple vase for classy, dark aesthetics, or jazz them up with other colored dried flowers for a look that says “till death do us part.”

Stacked Skull Pillar Candleholders

Skull Candle Holders

Unique decorative concrete skull candle holders that can double as bookends when purchased as one of the pillar styles.

Is there really a line between Halloween decorations and gothic wedding-themed centerpieces? We say no. These stacked skulls would look awesome with an ivory pillar candle.

And to really achieve the melted wax look, you may want to have them lit for a while at home so they’re ready to get all that good wax running during your wedding. 

Upright Stamped and Bound Vintage Book Set

Upright Skull Stamped Book Decor

This stamped book set is perfect for any goth home or Halloween decor.

There is something so Victorian and gothic about books. Reading in the dim light, falling in love with characters and prose… books are romantic and there’s a reason why they’re used as decoration!

We like these in particular for the stamped skull and wrapped black yarn and twigs. It’s a simple but effective centerpiece!

Vintage Brass Ram’s Head Scalloped Planters

Brass Ram Head Planters

The last one has mild tarnish on the outside, a bit more on the inside of the bowl and two tiny dents.

There is a lot of symbolism in the goth subculture surrounding the rams: namely sacrifice, strength, and leaving your comfort zone.

Why not check out these funky brass ram’s head planters. These vintage planters would look incredibly filled with flowers of your choosing. 

Burgundy, Black, and Gold Rose Petals

Burgundy, Black, and Gold Rose Petals

The petals are all hand-cut by me personally, no two petals are alike, just like the real ones. I use only high-quality satin fabric.

Wanting just a splash of color against the mostly black and white decor? Consider scattering rose petals in burgundy, black and gold all around your tables to give it just a touch of romance. 


Gothic Wooden Picture Frames

Gothic Wooden Picture Frames

Measurement: With overall dimensions of 7"W x 9"H x 1"D, you can hold one 5" x 7" photo to display your favourite memories in this beautiful picture frame.

The versatility of ornate, black wooden picture frames cannot be overstated. The applications are endless!

We see these as centerpieces that feature awesome black and white pictures from your spooky engagement photo sesh, or even some creative, artsy pics that are both creepy and exciting!

Halloween Skeletons In Love Centerpiece

Halloween Table Decor

This beautiful centerpiece has a large figurine of a skeleton couple in love, adorned by a large bow and blush roses and black mums!!

Make Halloween feel like Valentine’s Day again with this unique skeleton-in-love centerpiece! It features two skeletons, in love, and is finished off with a large bow and flowers. It’s ghoulishly hassle-free decorating at its best!

Skeleton Lantern Table Numbers

Skeleton Lantern Table Numbers

Light up your gothic night with our Coffin lantern, it feature creepy skeletons and is the perfect creepy piece for any spooky theme.

If spooky and romantic is what you’re going for, these skeleton lantern table numbers are a must-have! With a strong nod to the Hasanlu lovers, your guests will feel the power of the kind of love that takes you into the afterlife. 

Floating Cup Centerpiece

Gothic Floating Cup & Saucer

Gothic inspired floating teacup sculpture. Perfect as a table centrepiece!

This whimsical floating cup and saucer set is just waiting to be dolled up with flowers and candles. 

Romantic Gothic Centerpiece with Midnight Eucalyptus

Gothic Romance - Red Queen Rose

Darby Creek's Centerpiece Collection provides year round and seasonal beauty for any area in your home.

Looking to cover a wider, more horizontal area? This romantic centerpiece is made with sprawling midnight eucalyptus, red roses, and black peonies.

It’s perfect for a romantic, Victorian gothic head table with a red and black theme. 

Spinal Cord Candle

Zellinni Spine Candle

A Candle Like No Other - Show off your horror decor and dark side by illuminating your goth furniture with this spine bones candle.

If you’re obsessed with the macabre, you’ll probably want to give your guests just a little tingle down their spine at your wedding, right?

Well, look no further than this incredible spinal cord candle! It’s startlingly realistic and sure to be a conversation starter.

lowers coming out of the top of the house with lots of candy and treats scattered around!

Submersible Black Floating Flowers

For a darkly elegant and romantic touch, fill your tall cylindrical vases with water, submerge one of these faux black flowers and top it with a floating candle. 

Black and Silver Mesh Ribbon Centerpiece

17" Halloween Deco Mesh Skull Centerpiece

Add a little sparkle to your tables with this cute centerpiece.

There is seriously no end to what can be done with ribbon. We love this mesh centerpiece that features black, silver, and skull-printed ribbons. 

There’s also no end to what you can put in the center of this arrangement- they’ve featured a candelabra but you can go nuts with a pillar candle, as well!

Skulls and Roses Table Runner

Skulls/Roses - Table Runner & Centerpiece

Beautiful fabric and may be used for dresser top, back of couch, table runner or even a wall hanging.

What’s prettier than the iconic pairing of skulls and roses? Not much. Utilize a runner like this to tie in all of your beautiful decors!

Spooky and Glam Candle Centerpiece with Eyeballs

Halloween Candle Centerpiece

Spooky glam centerpiece, sure to have an eye out for ghouls!

We’ve been “eyeing” this centerpiece for a while now! It features little hidden creepy designs like miniature eyeballs and spiders, and we love that it encapsulates the spirit of Halloween while not holding back on the fun, glittery glam!

Eternal Black Rose in Glass Dome

Handmade Preserved Roses in Glass Dome

Selected Rosebuds: Every rose selected is 2.7-3.2inch in diameter.

Beauty and the Beast fans in the house, we’ve got a gothic take on eternal love for you! Take a look at this beautiful preserved black rose encased in glass. Gorgeous, eternal, effortless; just like your love.

Silk Burgundy Dahlias

Silk Burgundy Dahlias

This wine red artificial silk dahlia bouquet, with large flower heads and overlapping petals, which are slightly curled on the outside, looks like real dahlias, lifelike.

Definitely going the DIY route? You’ll want to pick up some of these beautiful dark wine-red dahlia blossoms to work with because they just add a perfect touch of brooding romance.

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