29 Whiskey Groomsmen Gift Ideas For Some Of Your Favorite Men

What is it about whiskey that brings people together? Chances are, you’ve had some late-night bonding experiences with your best guys and a couple of buddies named Jack Daniels and/or Jim Beam. 

The friends who stand next to you on your wedding day have been there for you through thick and thin. So what better way to thank them than with a whiskey-inspired gift?

Perfect for toasting to the good old times and cheering for the days to come, we’ve accumulated a kickass list of all gifts whiskey-related for your whiskey fanatic buddy.

Check out our curated collection of barware, bitters, boards, and barrels (say that five times fast) and you’ll be sure to find something as awesome as they are!

Make Your Own Whiskey Kit

Make Your Own Whiskey

100% recyclable packaging. 100% biodegradable product.

For the crafty groomsman of your wedding party, this DIY “Make Your Own Whiskey” kit is creative, experimental, and worth it! 

The set has 12 glass cylinders, two empty bottles, six stainless steel ice cubes, and three recipe options. 

All you need to make this happen is a bottle of mild vodka, and you can have your own custom whiskey moment in no time.

We love the botanical profiles provided, and we can see the delicious magic brewing now!

Custom Groomsman Whiskey Label

Groomsmen whiskey label

A classy, fun, and unique way to ask them to be in your wedding! Peel and stick, glossy, thick, QUALITY sticker label for you to add to your liquor bottle. Stickers are laminate to ensure waterproof protection!

Is your groomsman a die-hard single malt whiskey fan? If so, this should be easy enough. 

Surprise him with a bottle of his favorite spirit with a personalized label to commemorate this big moment. You’ll receive an easy, peel and stick, high-quality label for your high-quality buddy!

Cocktail Smoking Kit

Cocktail Smoking Lid Kit

This Cocktail Smoking Kit contains everything you need to smoke your favorite drink at home or on the go!

For the groomsman who can’t get enough of that smoky, peat mossy, Highland malt vibe, here’s the gift for you. Give him the ability to infuse that unbeatable smokiness into his next cocktail!

This kit comes with a customizable lid and restaurant-grade smoke infuser as well as wood chips…need we say anything else? Get us a drink too, while you’re at it.

Personalized Oak Whiskey Barrel

Personalized Oak Whiskey Barrel

This handsome oak whiskey barrel is a practical and fun addition to your display.

We go nuts for the customized stuff, and we know your groomsmen will also. Especially when they see this incredible barrel that holds up to 3 liters of their favorite whiskey. 

This isn’t just for a fun display (well, it can be….), it’s also authentic and meant to be used to age spirits! A personal aging barrel is a special gift for any whiskey connoisseur. 

Whiskey and Cigar Combination Tray

Whiskey and Cigar Combination Tray

This rustic cigar and glass pairing tray is a combination of a drink holder, ashtray and cigar holder.

Whiskey and Cigars go together like birds of a feather, so it’s only right that they would be paired as such on this gorgeous, engraved tray.

When you gift this to your groomsman, why not include a nice cigar and cigar cutter to round out the entire experience?

With so much to celebrate, gift this on the day of the wedding to make full use of it with everybody in attendance!

Four Glass Whiskey Flight Board

4-Glass Premium Whiskey flight with Engraved Center

This 4 glass premium barrel stave whiskey/bourbon flight features two metal barrel ring plates on each side.

Handcrafted from reclaimed wine and bourbon barrels, these flights are perfect for anybody who loves tasting and enjoying whiskey flights. Not only that, but these make great decorations for a home bar as well.

The best part is, the center of the flight tray can be engraved with a small logo or name for that extra above-and-beyond touch.

Double-wall Highball Chill Glass

Inventions CHG-12B Double-Wall Beer

Chill glass keeps your drink cold without diluting it - no ice needed.

We love anything that is insulated with double walls… we’d never go anywhere without our vacuum-sealed insulated tumblers! That being said, applying this science to whiskey drinkware is not anything new… we just like how this one looks. 

You’ll get 4.5 ounces of your favorite spirit, with a cork sleeve to absorb condensation and protect your hands while doubling as a coaster!

There’s a re-freezable fluid sealed between the two walls, so pop this sucker in the freezer and you’re good to go. 

Bourbon Bitters Bundle

Bourbon Bitters Bundle

You will receive (1) Aromatic, (1) Spiced Cherry, (1) Orange, and (1) Cholocate Woodford Reserve Cocktail Bitters, 2 oz each

Woodford Reserve brings us not only delicious whiskey but great aromatics and bitters too! Surprise your groomsman with this set of 2 oz. bitters to enhance his whiskey experiences. 

The four aromatics have also been aged in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels; it’s a match made in heaven!

Scottish Glass Water Pipette

Pipette for Scotch

Just one drop of water can change the composition of your whisky, so if you like a wee drop in your dram, this is the perfect tool for you.

This gorgeous pipette is handmade in Scotland and is the perfect gift for a scotch enthusiast.

If your groomsman is getting into the finer experiences of whiskey, he’ll know that just adding a few drops of water can enhance the aromas!

Handmade and luxurious, this 200mm glass pipette comes with a velvet-lined box, perfect for gift giving. 

Whiskey Cocktail Infusion Kit

Whiskey Infusion Kit

Are you looking for a different kind of craft whiskey? With Aged & Charred, you can craft your own flavor of whiskey, in just 24-48 hours.

This delicious set of three includes a classic Simply Old Fashioned, Hot Toddy, and Maple Fig & Rosemary. Just add 12 ounces of whiskey, strain it after a couple of days, and you’ve got yourself a delicious drink. 

For a winter wedding, this would be a great gift for a groomsman who loves those whiskey cocktails on a cold, snowy day.

Glass and Gold Cocktail Shaker

Luxury Glass Cocktail Shaker in Gold

Introducing our textured glass cocktail shaker designed to spice up your bar or kitchen area.

Every home bar needs a touch of luxury when it comes to whipping up whiskey cocktails. Elevate your groomsman’s set up with this gorgeous cocktail shaker. 

Sure, it’s easy enough to pour some whiskey neat, but maybe this will encourage him to explore a bit!

“The Dead Rabbit Mixology & Mayhem” Cocktail Book

"The Dead Rabbit Mixology & Mayhem" Cocktail Book

The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog in lower Manhattan has won every cocktail award there is to win, including being named "Best Bar in the World" in 2016. 

Hailing from New York City, this graphic novel cocktail book is focused primarily on the world-renowned, award-winning “Dead Rabbit” bar in lower Manhattan.

Told in the style of “Gangs Of New York,” this book portrays modern bar personalities as heroes and villains, and features 90 recipes!

Your buddy is going to love having this stunning novel within arms reach in his home bar. He just better invite you over when it’s time to make the cocktails!

Leatherbound “World Whiskey” Book

Graphic Image World Whiskey Limited Edition Book

Our leather editions will attract the admiration of all who hold them in their hands.

For the whiskey enthusiast who can’t get enough of all the global expressions of the spirit, enhance their learning journey with this limited edition “World Whiskey” book!

Inside the pages are references to every important distilling nation, from the US to Scotland, from Asia to Australia.

Made with handcrafted calfskin leather, this is truly a next-level coffee table book. 

Bourbon Barrel Shelf

Bourbon Barrel Shelf With Engraved Logo

This is a real bourbon barrel top. It has your choice of Woodford Reserve, Bulleit Bourbon, george T Stagg, Booker's, Buffalo Trace, and a few others on the top.

Made from a real bourbon barrel top, you can choose from Bulleit Reserve, Bookers, Buffalo Trace, and Woodford Reserve, among others.

This shelf would be the perfect addition to any man cave or bar area in the kitchen. 

Custom Monogrammed Whiskey Ice Cube Mold

Whiskey Ice Cube Tray

Our high quality silicone molds are hand-made to order.

For the classiest of gents, this 2-inch silicone ice mold is perfect for making ice cubes with his very own monogram!

There’s nothing better than a slow-melting big ice cube in a glass of whiskey, but as any whiskey fan knows it’s better to control the melt as much as possible for a truly great experience. 

Spherical Ice Globe Tray

Spherical Ice Globe Tray

Our silicone sphere freezer mold creates FOUR 2.5 inch large ice balls.

Been to a hipster speakeasy in the last few years? Chances are, you’ve probably seen spherical ice cubes making their way into the glasses of whiskey cocktails.

If bulky cubes aren’t his thing, gift him these ice spheres instead and let him live out his home bartending fantasy!

Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

Personalized Whiskey Stones

If he likes his drinks on the rocks, he will love these engraved monogram whiskey stones! 

Whiskey “on the rocks” has taken an interesting turn. Some people like to keep their whiskey cold without the whole “melting ice” thing getting in the way of their sipping experience. 

If that’s the case, check out these stainless steel ice cubes. We love that they can be monogrammed on one side to make them super personalized for your groomsman.

Golf Ball Whiskey Glass and Stones

Perfect for the groomsman who loves both golf and whiskey, these whiskey stones are shaped like golf balls and come with a beautiful golf ball glass!

This gift will make an eye-catching addition to the home of a true golf enthusiast.

Engraved Whiskey Decanter and Glasses

Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers and Whiskey Glass

If you're still drinking your whiskey with ice cubes then you're probably a Patrick Reed fan and you're probably complaining about it. 

Up your groomsman’s whiskey game and gift him a 9-inch engraved decanter set for his favorite spirit!

These sets come with the option of just the decanter or up to eight additional glasses. 

We love the clean, minimalistic look of the decanter engraving; they’re very Art Deco! The entire decanter is made of glass (no rubber stopper), which gives it an ultra-luxurious look.

Adventurous Globe Whiskey Decanter

Adventurous Globe Whiskey Decanter

This decanter will make anyone admire the artfully detailed antique ship, beautifully set in the etched globe decanter & whiskey stones.

Why does this look like something out of Ron Burgundy’s apartment? We’re not complaining. 

Great for the adventurous groomsman, this decanter and matching glasses will definitely be a conversation piece in his home. 

Stainless Steel and Wood Hip Flask

Wooden Hip Flask - Stainless Steel & Real Wood

Whether you’re relaxing at your in-home bar or on the road, our stainless-steel wooden Bar Set is a great accessory to compliment all your favorite beverages.

The mountains are calling! This handcrafted gorgeous steel and wood flask is a must for the next hiking trip. 

They can hold 6 ounces of your groomsman’s favorite spirit and are made from high-quality real wood sourced in the US, so each one is totally unique!

Honey Whiskey Soap

Honey Whiskey Soap

The sweet natural scent of cinnamon is blended with black pepper, vanilla, and raw honey to create this deliciously sweet and spicy scent. 

We’re sure your groomsman would prefer receiving a bottle of whiskey, but whiskey-themed things are always a nice alternative or addition!

We love this sweetly scented soap with hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and honey. It even has some oats as well for a nice exfoliating effect anybody would appreciate!

50 Whiskeys Scratch Off Poster

50 Best Bourbons or Whiskey Scratch Off Poster

When it comes to transforming your house into a warm, welcoming living space that you can truly enjoy, choosing the proper decorations and accessories is definitely a must.

Any adventurous whiskey enthusiast needs this in their home. It’s a perfect addition to any space, and a great way to keep track of a growing hobby. 

Gift this poster along with an interesting bottle of whiskey from a different country, or an up-and-coming small-batch distillery, and you’re golden!

Personalized 14″ Round Wood Whiskey Bar Sign

Your groomsman is going to need to fill out the man cave display once he starts collecting all the whiskey paraphernalia.

Surprise him with this wall accessory that has his name on it, and you’ll have your very own “Cheers” bar with the gang soon enough. 

Whiskey Patterned Socks

Whiskey Men Socks

These whiskey novelty men's socks are designed for whiskey lovers.

Classic, cozy, and comfortable cotton socks are a must for any groomsman.

He can wear these on the day of the wedding with a glass of Lagavulin in hand, or hang around the house with them later while he’s thumbing through his new whiskey coffee table book. 

Either way, these socks scream “whiskey enthusiast” like no other.

Custom Funny Pour Line Glass

We think this glass is pretty “neat.” See what we did there?

For the man who prefers more than a couple of fingers per pour, this cool whiskey gift is guaranteed to get a chuckle. 

Scotch Ness Monster Glass

Scotch Ness Monster Glass

Looming far into the Scottish Highlands, the Scotch Ness Critter roams around its habitat in secrecy.

Made from stainless steel, the elusive “Scotch Ness” monster can be found swimming in your groomsman’s next glass of smoky, peaty scotch!

We love the playfulness of having a critter in your glass. It adds a dose of fun while keeping the spirits nice and cool. 

If he’s not a fan of the Nessie, it actually can be unattached via its silicon suction cup. (We think it’s pretty cute though.)

The Scotch Father T-Shirt

The Scotch Father Shirt

This Scotch Father T Shirt is a great gift idea for any dad who loves drinking single malt.

If your scotch fanatic friend already has most of the above bar-related items, this shirt will be sure to please.

Anybody who is proudly passionate about the finer things in life will love the reference to the Godfather on this t-shirt!

Single Malt Caramel Bar

Single Malt Scotch Caramel Bar

This is a medium, light caramel made with a generous amount of 16-year old The Glenlivet® Nàdurra creating a rich, velvety texture that ultimately melts in your mouth.

Does your groomsman have a sweet tooth? Lucky for you, we’ve found the perfect combination of sugary, creamy caramel flavors and peaty, smoky, and spicy 16-year-old Glenlivet scotch. 

These handmade candies are so indulgent, we hope he shares them with everyone! (But we wouldn’t blame him if he hogged them all.)

Famous Quote Whiskey Glasses

Famous Quote Whiskey Glasses

Collect our six (6) best selling famous quote etched whiskey glasses.

Ask any whiskey or scotch fan – late nights pondering the meaning of life with a glass of whiskey is an all too common occurrence.

If your groomsman is a deep thinker (and drinker), perhaps his intellectual curiosity would benefit from these six quotes from famous men throughout history. 

These whiskey-related quote glasses are sure to be a unique conversation piece at his home bar. 

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