43 Wedding Necklaces That’ll Go With Any Bridal Look

You’ve picked out your dream wedding dress and are now wondering what accessories will work best. Why not consider a statement piece, like a necklace?. 

We all remember the ultra-bold necklace look The Hills’ Heidi Montag wore to her wedding back in 2009. Whether you want to stack on several pretty necklaces à la Heidi for a layered look or prefer to take more of a minimalist approach, these necklaces are sure to make you look fabulous.

Dainty Gold Beaded Necklace

This 18K gold necklace is so delicate and subtle that it works for both a layered look and on its own. Wear it as a choker, or order a longer one for layering.

Herringbone Snake Chain Necklace

Did you know snakes represent fertility, birth, and new beginnings? This brilliant snake-style chain necklace wraps beautifully around your neck and offers an elegant yet effortless shine to your wedding outfit.

Pearl Backdrop Y Necklace

If you plan to show off your back on your special day, this pretty backdrop chain is perfect. Designed for low-back or backless dresses, these simple pearls on a gold chain add just the right amount of oomph to your already sexy ensemble.

Gold Custom Initial Necklace

We love anything custom-made. This dainty gold chain comes with cascading letters down the side that you can personalize with your name, initials, or your hubby-to-be’s.

Natural Fresh Water Pearls

A fresh take on the classic pearl necklace, it works well for a Boho Chic bridal look. Dressed up or down, this gorgeous piece of jewelry can be worn long after your wedding day.

Rose Gold Pearl Necklace

The rose gold chain holds seven pearls at the center for a simple, yet sophisticated look. 

Crystal Leaf Pendant Necklace

The crystal leaf necklace is stunning without being fussy. This delicate pendant features a falling-leaf design atop a classic teardrop crystal.

Eleanor Lariat Statement Necklace

We love a low-hanging statement necklace with a deep plunge. This intricate chain gracefully draws attention to a deep V-neck or deep-plunge dress.

Ring Holder Necklace

For a sweet statement, hang your wedding ring, or a sentimental charm, from this classic chain.

Gold Starry Bridal Necklace

We love the cascading stars on this gold and crystal necklace. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that’s whimsical.

Malachite Boho Necklace

Adding just a touch of bold color looks amazing with any bridal outfit, and this Malachite necklace perfectly blends a deep forest green with a pretty gold chain. 

Ruby Cluster Necklace

Another necklace that adds just a pop of color, this cluster pendant displays a beautiful array of different pink and red shades for a very romantic look. 

Angel Aura Quartz Choker

This is a very bohemian piece with a rustic-cut quartz crystal, perfect for free-spirited brides who want to bring out their inner Hippy. We love this necklace for any nature-themed wedding as well.

Silver Crystal Pendant Necklace

If you’re looking for a subtle statement necklace, this one has just the right amount of crystals hanging from a lovely silver chain. 

Cubic Zirconia Lariat Necklace

You can wear this gold and zirconia Y necklace with a plunging neckline for a very delicate, feminine look.

Raw Citrine Pendant Necklace

For an elegant, somewhat Boho vibe, why not go for this raw citrine pendant necklace? It’s also available in sterling silver.

Silver Fringe Necklace

Sterling silver on silver, this cute fringe necklace reminds us just a little of the roaring 20s without being overwhelming or too “costumey”. 

Stainless Steel Heart Locket

A heart locket always looks sweet and romantic. Find your favorite picture of you and your significant other to place inside.

Rose Gold Short Lariat Necklace

This Lariat-style necklace adds just enough length to look good with multiple necklines. It features a square and teardrop crystal for the perfect amount of sparkle. 

Rose Gold Moonstone Lariat

This is a sweet and funky find, with a faint rose-colored stone paired beautifully with a hanging moonstone. It’s a lovely Lariat-style necklace that adds just a touch of color and sparkle for a minimalist look.

Crystal Camila Necklace

We love the white teardrop-centered stone on this silver chain! If you want to mix a little bit of your own style with a more traditional look, then this is the necklace for you.

Pearl Moondrop Necklace

Timeless comes to mind with this pearl moondrop necklace. It works well with classic-inspired bridal looks featuring a pearl moondrop on a simple gold chain.

Rose Gold Athena Necklace

This rose-gold necklace features a petite circular stone encased by tiny crystals and can definitely be dressed up or down, depending on your style preference.

Freshwater Pearl Lariat Necklace

Made with sterling silver, 14k gold fill, and freshwater pearls, this stunning necklace looks amazing with a crisp white dress. The pearls’ snow-like shade makes for a nice contrast against the gold color of the chain. 

Crystal Charm Beaded Necklace

The size of the crystals on this necklace is fabulous and creates a fun, modern twist on the pearl necklace. The light reflects beautifully off these beads as well.

Sterling Silver Sapphire Necklace

You’ll have your “something blue” covered with this dainty sapphire necklace. It’s the perfect shade of blue to pair with your white dress and has a very vintage Elizabeth Taylor feel to it. 

Sterling Silver Beads Necklace

These oversized frosted hollow beads on a string with a lobster claw clasp are perfect for flamboyant brides who want extra shine in their jewelry. 

Silver Wave Pendant

If you’re planning a destination beach wedding and need some inspiration, why not consider this lovely silver necklace that features an ocean wave on a simple pendant. 

Swarovski Crystal Necklace

This Swarovski necklace is one of the bolder choices on our list and features a crystal leaf design all around. It’ll complement and emphasize any floral accents on your dress and looks especially amazing with lace.

Dainty Pearl Choker

This tiny pearl choker delicately wraps around your neck for a very poised, elegant look. We love how the simple piece combines both a modern and iconic look so effortlessly.

Triple-Layer Gold Necklace

For brides wanting to stack on the jewelry on their wedding day, this triple-layered gold necklace is the perfect piece. It’s made up of three gold chains of various sized chain-links to create an attention-grabbing pattern. 

Cubic Zirconia Statement necklace

This cubic zirconia necklace makes a statement just as it is! The crystals are large and leaf-shaped and a bit Pnina-esque if you ask us. 

Floral Rhinestone Necklace

This floral rhinestone necklace is perfect for a winter wonderland inspired wedding. The beads and rhinestone patterns give it a very wreath-like appearance. 

Olive Leaf Vine Pendant Necklace

Super modern and chic, this olive leaf vine pendant necklace features giant white crystal leaves on a gold chain and has a very soft, feathery look. 

18K Gold Double-stack Chain

This gold double-stack chain necklace is one of our favorite pieces! Made with18K gold and two pretty layers of tiny bead accents, it creates a sultry, romantic look.

Glam Zircon Statement Choker

This choker is one heck of a statement piece and features a Marie Antoinette-inspired design with lots of crystal layers. If you want something big and flashy, this one is a winner.

Vintage Coro Diamond Necklace

With just a hint of amethyst color, this vintage choker makes a massive statement. For those who love the charming vibe of the fifties, this will look perfect paired with other vintage jewelry or a vintage-style wedding dress.

Moissanite Diamond Tennis Necklace

While not in everyone’s budget, we think this Moissanite diamond tennis necklace is worth a mention. Offering a Queen-of-the-Nile feel, this diamond choker packs a punch with an intricate square-link pattern.

Pearl Cluster Choker

We love the wintry feel of this pearl cluster choker. It is another showstopper piece, with an intricate design that’s best worn on its own.

Vintage Crystal Teardrop Pendant

For traditional brides who love a bit of bling, this vintage-inspired crystal pendant necklace is perfect.

Sterling Silver Triple Teardrop Chain

This beautiful triple teardrop necklace features a modern twist on a traditional design, with three dangling crystals on a sterling silver chain. It’s the perfect choice for brides who love classic jewelry pieces. 

36-inch Pearl Necklace

Whether you love the layered look or simply can’t get enough of the classic pearl style, this dreamy necklace is just the right length to modify your vision. Wear it in multiple stacks or just one or two for a more subtle feel. 

Black Cubic Zirconia Pendant

Who says you can’t wear black on your wedding day? This black cubic zirconia pendant looks elegant and adds just enough color to make a bold statement. 

Buying Guide

Shopping for bridal jewelry is fun and exciting! Remember, it’s your special day, so make sure to play up your true style and enhance the look of your dress with the perfect piece.  

When browsing necklaces, keep in mind the kind of vibe you’re going for. For soft and romantic, opt for simpler patterns and subtle beads or stones.

If you want loud, expressive jewelry, consider a bold tone to pair with your white ensemble. We love deep blue and green hues the best.

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