Wedding Slideshow Ideas

Your wedding day is an entire story in itself, right? But where’s the back story? Where’s the context!? 

Most of your guests probably know at least half of the story, but why not spell out the whole thing and really celebrate the life you two have shared so far.

Your wedding guests are kind of obligated to pay attention for a little while, so seize the moment and highlight your wedding slideshow!

It’s not something every couple decides to include on their wedding day, but if you’re interested, then go for it! There are plenty of ways to incorporate video slideshows in your wedding. 

Wedding Slideshows Ideas

Top Things to Consider for a Wedding Slideshow

So you want to show off your whole romantic story, but what does that even look like? 

Think About How to Showcase It

The first thing you’ll want to think about is where and when to show off your wedding slideshow skills, and you’ve got lots of options here. 

If you want people to relish in your story before the big day, then consider a video wedding invitation! Include a QR code or a link on your save the date or invitation, and send your guests to your wedding website!

You can highlight an engagement photo or two and then send them right into the fabulous slideshow you curated. Bonus- they can RSVP right from their mobile devices. 

They have less work, and they get to watch a cute AF video of you two? You’re already on your way to the coolest wedding yet. 

But if you want that video creation of yours to be more center stage at your event, consider showing a short clip during the wedding ceremony!

An unconventional choice sure, but it can break up the wedding ceremony in an entertaining and engaging way. 

A longer wedding video may not fly here, though. So, if you want to stuff this thing full of your entire highlight reel, then a special moment at the wedding reception or the rehearsal dinner might be best. 

Which option depends on who your audience is! If you’re packing it full of inside jokes for your wedding party and close family, go with the rehearsal dinner.

If, however, you want it to be a fun stop on your wedding day timeline, go for the wedding reception!

Does Your Photographer Create Slideshows?

Groom and groomsmen
Photo by: Lavinia + Louise Creative Company

Another thing to figure out is if your wedding photographer offers same-day slideshows! 

Now, this puts your wedding photographer in near magician-like status, but some are really able to pull it off. No, this won’t be a complete timeline of your relationship up until this moment.

It will be a few choice photographs lightly edited and put together to tell your wedding day story.

If your photographer offers this, it might change your mind about doing your own slideshow on the wedding day, or you may want to incorporate theirs with yours. 

Test the Tech

If you’re going to highlight this video front and center on your wedding day, don’t go in cold. 

Make sure someone has thoroughly tested the slideshow before you hype it up. It’s technology. Something is bound to go wrong. 

You might as well test it early and deal with any issues that arise before you have all your wedding guests’ attention. 

Creative Wedding Slideshow Ideas

Now you’ve decided where you’ll be displaying your slideshow, let’s figure out how you should actually make it!

Your Story Through Photos

Couple in the sunset
Photo by: Nichole Babiez Photography

Keep it simple and tell your sweet, sweet story through a collection of favorite photos. 

You could start with photos from right before or after you met, and go through your engagement photos. Or you could go back, way back. 

Solicit your parentals or other family members for some cute baby photos. Bonus points for the extra embarrassing ones. Weave those adorable memories into the beginning and really tell the complete story.

You may also want to include a selection of pictures that showcase your family and friends. 

Listen, our human attention spans are woefully short at this point. But do you know what helps them perk up? Talking about ourselves. Or looking at ourselves. Or really anything to do with ourselves. 

So include some photos of your favorite moments with your favorite people, and you’ll be rewarded with a group who are actually paying attention!

Interviewing Family and Friends

wedding day hugs
Photo by: Elissa Deline Photography

If you want to take it up a notch, get someone to interview your besties. 

Include video clips of your favorite people! What should they say? 

Well, you could have them say beautiful, kind things about you two, or perhaps have them send you good wishes. Maybe they could answer some rapid-fire questions. Or you could have them roast you. 

If you’re looking for a good laugh, I’d go with that last option. 

Video Clips

Spice up your slideshow with more video clips! 

We live in a world of social media, and we all love a good Snapchat, TikTok, or Reel. So if you’ve got a collection of videos, then sprinkle them throughout your slideshow!

Remember, the more embarrassing, the better. And the more people that you can include, the more engaged your audience will be. 

Funny + video + clips of the audience = success. Guaranteed.*

*not actually guaranteed. 


couple piggybacking in a field
Photo by: Taylor Rae Photo + Film

When you get into the editing stage and start thinking about what music to add, you’re going to want to consider two things – the vibe and the rhythm. 

Everything will work better if the movement of the slides matches the rhythm of the music. A good transition is *chef’s kiss.*

But not even a good transition can fix a bad music choice. Figure out the main tone of your slideshow. Is it fun? Sentimental? Romantic? Then think of the overall vibe of your wedding.

Choose your music with both of those things in your mind, and remember to factor in your personal style and taste. You don’t want your slideshow to feel completely out of place!


The last thing you’ll want to think about is how long you want your slideshow to be. Remember those attention spans? You can’t ask too much of them. 

In fact, you really can’t ask more than 10 minutes from them. 8-10 minutes is the ideal length for a wedding slideshow. 

Obviously, you’ll want it shorter if you’re showing it during the ceremony. And you could go longer if it’s just on your website. 

But if you actually want people to watch it, cap it at 10 minutes. 

Final Thoughts

couple at the alter
Photo by: Elissa Deline Photography

Don’t put work into your fabulous slideshow only for people to feel lost. Consider getting someone to MC it. If you have a DJ, see if they’d be willing to introduce the slideshow and perhaps follow a little script. 

No DJ? Get a bridesmaid or groomsman to get up there and narrate it. It’ll help the flow of things and leave your audience feeling like they get what’s going on. 

Plus, if something goes wrong, there’s already someone guiding the audience through the slideshow.

And on that note, as I said before, technology can get moody sometimes, so be prepared to skip it if the tech fails. 

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