What To Do With Wedding Photos Once Your Big Day Is Over!

Have you just started working through the hundreds of wedding photos taken on your big day, and thought, what to do with wedding photos? Today we’ll share our top ideas!

There is no better feeling than arriving back from honeymoon, flushed with the joy of a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, and finding out the pictures from your big day are ready! That is one heck of an exciting notification!

And if you’ve recently experienced that, we’re pretty jealous right now. But while leafing through that gorgeous photography, and mentally picking out your favorite images, it’s pretty common to start wondering what to do with your wedding photos.

After all, there are hundreds, and they can’t all go up on the walls! Can they?

Over the coming days at least, the storage and display of your wedding photos will be fairly far from your mind, as you’ll both be happy just reliving your special day through this wedding photo album, and discovering those special moments you didn’t even know had happened.

But soon the time will come to showcase the beautiful images around your home, online, and wherever else you choose to share them! And why not, it was a wonderful day, and you should feel proud to show it off.

What To Do With Wedding Photos

What to do with Wedding Photos Following Your Nuptials

Here are a few cool things you can do with your favorite wedding photos after the celebration.

How to Display Wedding Photos

To be honest, the bulk of your wedding albums will live on your hard drive, and as long they are safe (we’ll get to that), that’s ok. But your favorite moments from the day should be visible and on display.

A Photo Album

Ok, this is hardly a groundbreaking solution to displaying your beautiful wedding images. But these days, there are so many cool, and more interesting wedding photo albums than there used to be.

On the whole, most couples opt to have their wedding photographer create their physical photo album for them. This is often the easiest solution, but, depending on your photographer, may not be the most creative.

Sure, having someone put together your album who was actually there on the day is useful, and great for creating a timeline, but it’s more than likely your photographer will have a more limited amount of print and publishing options than you.

You’ve got the entire internet at your disposal after all!

There are so many incredible wedding photo album creators online these days, each of whom will be able to take your unique presentation idea and create something, well, equally unique!

This will be a fabulous representation of your beautiful wedding day. One you’ll be proud to flick through on your coffee table, provide as a gift to treasured loved ones, and pass down for generations to come.

Frame Your Wedding Photos

If you’ve already decorated your home, and are feeling unwilling to adjust the decor to incorporate your wedding photographs – don’t give up.

There are a million different ways to display your photos on the wall, and with a little research, you’re sure to find a solution that’ll match your aesthetic.

Whether that’s choosing a specific type of frame to match the wood paneling in your home or a more modern style of framing to coordinate with your present artistic pieces. There is always a way to give your day pride of place in your home.

There is more to framing wedding photos than just frames too. You also have the option of a canvas – the perfect solution if you do want a more contemporary look, as the frameless appearance of a canvas is infinitely more modern than the traditional alternative.

A cool idea we love is breaking up an image into three or finding photos that go well together, and printing those images across multiple canvases.

Such a simple way to create an epic gallery wall.

Create Mugs with Your Favorite Couple Portraits On

If you’re a couple that loves nothing more than settling down in the evening with a hot chocolate or waking up with a steaming mug of coffee, why not give your daily mug a personal touch, and cover it in beautiful wedding photographs?

If you’re not a big coffee drinker, how about a Polaroid wedding photo on a throw cushion? Printed on a calendar? Or on your own deck of cards?

There are so many convenient and cute ways to incorporate your online galleries into your daily offline world. There are so many! In fact, Etsy has a lot to answer for!

Wedding Vows Art

The words you shared during your wedding ceremony were carefully prepared, and every word written was from the heart. Therefore, that wedding day moment and that sentiment should be celebrated, right?

We love wedding vow art, and the ones that incorporate professional photos from the big day really feel a cut above, whether the words sit side by side with the image, around it, or on a separate frame altogether.

Create Thank-you Notes with Your Wedding Photos

Ok, we’ve shown how to display your wedding photos around your home, but how about your loved ones? They deserve to have some of your gorgeous images in their homes too!

For us, aside from creating gifts, the best way of doing this is with thank you cards.

The chicest style of thank you cards with photos, for us, are with a single shot on the front cover. A compelling way of showcasing your wedding photography, and your love for that shot.

However, if you’d rather show off a few more images, then a carefully laid-out collage can be equally impactful.

Whichever way you choose to present your thank-you cards, they’ll make a beautiful and thoughtful decorative piece for your loved ones.

How and Where to Store Wedding Photos

When your photographer emails you a link to your digital wedding photos, it’s important you download them. Maybe not straight away, but sooner rather than later, as online galleries are not live forever.

Your wedding photographer has to pay for every bit of online storage they have, so they can’t just keep your photos up indefinitely.

Downloading all your beautiful wedding albums will take up a lot of space on your computer, which is not ideal. And certainly not the safest way to store them.

Take our advice, and purchase one, or maybe two hard drives with at least 1 terabyte of storage, and back up all the photos to these drives.

If you prefer having images always available online, consider uploading your photos to some kind of cloud storage as well.

Should you Share your Wedding Photos on Social Media?

There will always be a minority of your online network of friends and family who consider that seeing more than just one of your wedding photos is getting pretty close to receiving spam. And occasionally that’s fair.

Let’s face it, we’ve all thought it at some point when seeing someone’s significant life event, over and over again. Therefore, it’s reasonable that someone else might think the same about your special day as well.

What you need to do is attempt to navigate the fine line between sharing, and over-sharing.

Publishing an album on Facebook soon after the big day is perfect. And updating your profile picture and cover art is to be expected.

Your loved ones will adore looking through all the shots, especially if they think they’ll be able to spot themselves. But that excitement will wear out over time…

Some couples chose not to publish their wedding photography on social media, as they fear it may offend those who were not invited. This is very noble, and of course, a personal preference.

If you do feel this way, then you could always share your photos with just a pre-selected list of people. That way, your nearest and dearest will get to see the photos, and you won’t upset anyone.

How Long Should You Keep Wedding Photos Up on Social Media?

Before we even give an answer, it’s important for us to say – you do you.

It is not necessarily for us to offer definitive advice, or for helpful resources such as  Glamour Magazine to tell you how long you should have the pictures of your wedding up online. The decision is yours, and yours alone.

But it might be worthwhile considering this as an answer – no longer than 6 months. And let us explain why.

Obviously, as we said, there’s nothing wrong with leaving that profile picture up longer or tinkering with that cover art slideshow after nearly a year, however, it may send out the wrong message about you.

If you’re still periodically posting shots of your wedding 6 months after you tied the knot, you should know that your audience is less excited about seeing them than you are.

And using someone’s anniversary or birthday as an excuse to share a wedding photo with them in it will not go unnoticed!

Your friends and family may start to think your posting behavior is a little indulgent, and maybe even just a tad self-absorbed.

Just try to see things from an outside perspective before posting another bridal portrait.

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