13 Best Dean Martin Wedding Songs – Our Top Choices for Your Day!

Dean Martin is a true classic artist and an American music legend. If you’re planning on having a wedding with a 1950’s theme or just simply love music from that era, there are so many Dean Martin songs for each part of your wedding day.

Dean Martin was part of the loose club of film actors, musicians and singers called the Rat Pack (which famously also included Frank Sinatra) and released his first album in 1953 called ‘Dean Martin Sings’. He was also a part of a singing and comedy duo with Jerry Lewis, one of the period’s most successful comedians. Dean and his timeless songs are well-known across the world and are loved by many.

Check out our list of the best Dean Martin wedding songs for any part of your special day.

Dean Martin Wedding Songs

Dean Martin Processional Songs


This song has a romantic, cascading piano that makes it an amazing love song. The signature 1950s Dean Martin style with a slow rolling pace makes this a great processional song.

This track is all about love. It’s about holding someone close, kissing them, saying you miss them, and asking them to make your life picture-perfect and make your dreams come true.

What could be more romantic for that walk down the aisle to the love of your life?!

“As Pretty as a Picture”

This song has that vintage 1950s crooner feel that makes for a great processional option and has a perfect, slow pace to walk down the aisle to.

The song talks about a woman being as pretty as a picture with her smile, that he will always keep that picture locked in his heart, and that she is a treasured work of art.

This is a great sentiment to walk down the aisle to and make your bride feel as special as she is.

“Everybody Loves Somebody”

This is a great upbeat option for that walk down the aisle in true 50s style.

This is about how everybody loves somebody sometimes, and that, once he had felt her kiss, he knew his sometime was now. It’s about how, although his dream of finding love was overdue, she made it worth waiting for. This song is all about waiting to find the one at the right time in the right place, and having love strike you with divine timing.

It’s great for a processional because you’ve finally found that one you’ve been waiting for, and this sentiment echoes emotionally throughout the song.

Dean Martin First Dance Songs

“That’s Amore”

This is one of Dean Martin’s most well-known songs, and one of his most memorable tunes.

Its unique, romantic, Italian feel and pace make it great for a first dance. This song is all about being in love and living a dream. What better dream to be living than to have just married your best friend and have that first dance?

This swinging track is sure to please your wedding guests.


This is a more unique option for a first dance.

It’s upbeat and poppy, something you could ballroom dance or even tango to. If you’re one of those couples that took dancing lessons before your big day, this song is a great option to show off your skills!

Impress your wedding guests with this well-known Dean Martin hit. They’ll be flooding the dance floor to dance the night away after this impressive song.

“True Love”

This poppy, upbeat song with cascading piano is a great option for a first dance. It really captures that perfect 50s beat.

This song is all about what the title says, true love. The lyrics talk about how they both nourish each other with true love and how it will always last.

This song is also a fairly short song if you’re looking for something short and sweet for your first dance.

Dean Martin Mother-Son or Father-Daughter Dance Songs

“I Wish You Love”

This mid-tempo Spanish-feeling song is great to dance to, especially if your mum or dad are passionate dancers.

It’s about setting love free and wishing for true love as well as for the best that life has to offer. When a child gets married the parents are setting them free to have their own life with their spouse.

Every parent wishes their child the best and hopes that they experience true love. It’s a great sentiment from a parent to their child.

This song is also another short and sweet option for that special dance.

“You’ve Still Got a Place in My Heart”

This song has that great 50s slow tempo to dance to.

It’s all about someone still having a place in someone’s heart even if the person they think is true turns their back on them, and even if the road they take proves to be a mistake.

All parents have a special place in their hearts for their children no matter what mistakes they make, so it’s a great sentiment for a father-daughter or a mother-son dance.

Dean Martin Reception Songs

“I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm”

This song is a great choice for dancing to at your reception.

It’s all about being in a winter storm and having his love keep him warm. There are no worries about how much it will snow because his heart is on fire and full of love, and he will weather the storm.

This song would be a great option for a winter wedding and would be a wonderful choice to dance to or as a background song during your dinner service.

“Ain’t That a Kick in the Head”

This upbeat song is great to dance to at any wedding reception.

This is one of Dean Martin’s most popular and well-known songs. It’s all about getting married, and if this is just the beginning then his life will be beautiful.

It’s all about love, how lucky he is, kissing her and her kissing him back, and how love is a kick in the head.

This song is sure to have your guests out on the dance floor in no time.

“Dream A Little Dream of Me”

Another of Dean Martin’s most popular and beautiful songs, this is a great option to slow down the party between dances.

The graceful melody and cascading flute make this song a great slow song to dance to with your sweetie. It’s about saying goodnight to the one you love, longing to linger until dawn, and hoping that they dream of you and your love.

This would also be a perfect song for that last slow song of the night with your new spouse.

“You’re Nobody till Somebody Loves You”

This signature 50s song is great to dance to at your wedding reception.

This swing-style song is all about not being anybody until someone loves you, and how all the gold in the world won’t make you happy if you don’t have someone to share it with. This gorgeous track is all about how love transforms us.

Get your guests swinging on the dance floor with this song.

“Mambo Italiano”

Another great Italian-style song, this is a super upbeat number that would be great to send the couple off to. Show off those dance skills to your wedding guests and close out the night with this poppy-feeling song. It’s a timeless hit that is well-known and well-loved by many.

Get your guests doing the mambo and close out the night with a bang.

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