30 Brilliant Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples Already Living Together

Need help choosing the perfect wedding gift for the couple who already live together? Well, look no further!

We’ve put together a list of 29 of the best wedding gift ideas for cohabiting couples about to tie the knot.

From bespoke goodies to handy gadgets and pretty much everything in between… we’ve got something to suit every taste and budget.

So with less ado, and more “I do,” let’s get started, shall we?

Custom Night Sky Guest Book Print

It’s written in the stars! Make sure the happy couple remember their special day with this customized Night Sky Guest Book Print.

Not only does it include messages from friends and family, but the star map is unique in that it aligns with a date and location of your choice. 

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Quick and easy: This breakfast sandwich maker cooks your custom sandwich in just 5 minutes; Perfect for brunch or a quick, healthy meal on the go.

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker is a must-have item for any couple, married or not!

This nifty kitchen gadget whips up breakfast in under five minutes, is compact, and best of all, comes in under $25.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s also super-easy to clean?

Milestone Wine Labels

Milestone Wine Labels

Milestones Wine Labels - Wedding Gift First Anniversary Bridal Shower Gift Wine Basket Engagement Gift Married Moments

A great choice for smaller budgets, these personalized Milestones Wine Labels are the perfect way to celebrate new milestones as a married couple.

Think first Christmas, first wedding anniversary, new home, puppy, or even a baby!

We love that the labels include the couple’s initials and names, the date of their wedding, and the location. 

Sponsor an Animal at Best Friends

If the soon-to-be-married couple is mad about mutts (or any other animal for that matter), why not give a gift that keeps on giving?

From as little as $25, a Best Friends sponsorship provides any one of the 1600 animals at the sanctuary with a warm place to stay, food, care, and a whole lot of love until they find that forever home.

Personalized Set of Vegan-Friendly Leather Coasters

Personalized Set of Vegan-Friendly Leather Coasters

Our vegan leather coasters can’t help but lend a feeling of sturdiness and dependability to any place you have them.

Practical doesn’t have to mean boring!

Whether it’s for the happy couple’s big day or to celebrate three years of wedded bliss, this personalized set of coasters isn’t only animal-friendly, it’s easy on the pocket too. 

Ninja Specialty 10-Cup Coffee Maker

Ninja Specialty 10-Cup Coffee Maker

Bring the coffeehouse home with the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker. Combine super-rich coffee concentrates with hot or cold frothed milk to create delicious coffeehouse-style drinks or enjoy flavorful iced coffee that never tastes watered down.

Beam me up Coffee! Spoil the newlyweds with the Ninja Specialty 10-Cup Coffee Maker.

It has four different brew styles, including classic, rich, iced, and specialty, and whips up everything from a cappuccino to a macchiato.

We love the built-in frother and how it keeps your cup of java warm for up to four hours!

Personalized Charcuterie Planks and Beer Flights

Personalized Charcuterie Planks and Beer Flights

Serve your guests with style and panache with a personalized Charcuterie or Beer Flight Serving Trays.

Sharka who? Shaa·koo·tuh·ree! Who cares if you (or the married couple) don’t know how to pronounce it – these customizable Charcuterie Planks and Beer Flight Serving Trays turn ‘meh’ snacks and drinks into momentous occasions.

Available in four different styles, the wooden serving trays are also the perfect fifth wedding anniversary gift.

Victrola Vintage Portable Suitcase Record Player 

Victrola Vintage Portable Suitcase Record Player

The Victrola portable suitcase record players classic design lets you take your tunes anywhere! A portable design with convenient carry handle, 3-speed belt driven turntable and built-in Bluetooth speakers seamlessly play smartphone audio for all to enjoy!

No home is complete without a modern-slash-retro record player, and we especially like this one from Victrola.

The Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player with Built-in Speakers lets you play good ol’ fashioned vinyl, or if you prefer, you can stream music from any device with Bluetooth.

There are over 30 colors to choose from, including a to-die-for tie-dye version! 

Laurel Wreath Personalized Galvanized Beverage Tub

Laurel Wreath Personalized Galvanized Beverage Tub

All personalized gifts are specially made to order and ship quickly for any of your gift giving events!

Need a gift for the coolest duo in town?

This beautifully designed Laurel Wreath Personalized Galvanized Beverage Tub makes for a beautiful centerpiece at the wedding reception, in the married couple’s sunny yard, or on the beach.

The galvanized iron can withstand all sorts of weather conditions, and it comes with two handles to make carrying it around a whole lot easier.

Build A Box

Build a Box

There's nothing better than receiving a gift box that has been created with love and thoughtfulness!

Pamper the pair with this Build A Box gift hamper.

You get to choose exactly what goes in the box, including luxurious bath and shower items as well as live succulents, natural perfumes, ChapStick, candles, and of course, the obligatory Salt Water Taffy and Gummy Bears.

Scratch Off Travel Map

Scratch Off Travel Map

The detailed scratch off travel map for world traveling couples.

The Scratch Off Travel Map by MagicMap is a must-have gift for the newlywed couple with wanderlust.

Not only can happy travelers scratch off places they’ve already visited together, but it’s also a great way to tick off those bucket-list destinations. 

Master Vintner Small Batch Fruit Wine Making Kit

Master Vintner Small Batch Fruit Wine Making Kit

Everything you need to make remarkable wine from scratch in under an hour from your own fresh fruit.

Give the married couple a wine experience they’ll never forget with the Master Vintner Fresh Harvest One Gallon Small Batch Fruit Wine Making Kit.

The starter pack comes with everything the oenophiles (that’s wine lovers to you and me) need to get making, and tasting their own vintage… and it’ll go perfectly with the personalized wine labels included on our list.

Facebook Portal with Alexa

Master Vintner Small Batch Fruit Wine Making Kit

Call anyone, anywhere. Use Messenger, WhatsApp, Zoom and more to connect with friends and family—even if they don’t have a Portal.

Stay in touch with family and friends with the Facebook Portal Smart Video Calling 10″ Touch Screen Display with Alexa.

It’s the perfect engagement or wedding gift to reunite loved ones that can’t be together for whatever reason.

The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit

The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit

The cheese kit that makes you say, “Well, that was easy!” In less than an hour, you can whip up your favorite cheese, at home and with minimal effort.

Say cheese! Let the happy couple tap into their inner turophile with the Ultimate Cheese Making Kit.

The DIY gift box comes with everything – including molds, spices, and an easy-to-follow recipe book – to make the most delicious homemade goat’s cheese, ricotta, mozzarella, halloumi, or paneer, to name a few.

PSA – you will need to supply the crackers!

Personalized Street Sign Wedding Gift

Personalized Street Sign Wedding Gift

Commemorate the moment your paths first crossed and look forward to walking down the same road together.

How amazing is this Personalized Street Sign Wedding Gift?

In a classic black and white print, this timeless street sign is the perfect way to signify the couple’s paths crossing.

It’ll look great as part of the wedding day decor, and as a center (and talking) piece in their home.

Pizzazz® Plus Rotating Oven

Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven

Top and bottom heating elements bake foods from both sides. Heating elements are separately controlled, allowing you to select top, bottom, or both elements for perfect results every time.

Wedding gifts don’t come better than this!

The Pizzazz® Plus Rotating Oven can be used to bake homemade pizzas or takeaways, quickly and easily.

It can also be used for snacks like eggs rolls, chicken nuggets, jalapeño poppers, cookies, and cinnamon rolls. With top and bottom elements and a rotating tray, the food is baked evenly every time. 

Personalized Stoneware Crock

Personalized Stoneware Crock

It's ideal for everything from chilling champagne, as a planter in which to grow flowers, as an ice bucket...with a Christmas decoration, it's great for a large poinsetta too. 

We think this multipurpose Personalized Stoneware Crock adds a touch of shabby chic charm to any home.

Suitable for indoors or outside, this practical gift can be used as a planter, a storage holder for large kitchen utensils, or as an ice bucket.

It’s also the perfect gift for couples celebrating nine years of wedded bliss.

Farmhouse Personalized Monogram Throw

Farmhouse Personalized Monogram Throw

This cozy-soft, Farmhouse Throw is 67" x 51" and comes with a personalized laser engraved leatherette patch.

Nothing beats cozying up on the sofa with a stylish blanket.

We especially love this Farmhouse Personalized Monogram Throw. The gorgeous herringbone design, tasseled fringe, and monogrammed leather patch all add to this unique, and oh-so-thoughtful, engagement, wedding, or anniversary gift.

U.S. Traveler Carry-On Luggage Set

U.S. Traveler Carry-On Luggage Set

Internal deluxe retractable push-button, Self-locking handle system for easy maneuvering

What’s not to love about the U.S. Traveler Rio Rugged Fabric Expandable Carry-On Luggage Set?

Not only is the set available in a wide range of colors, but it also has a self-locking mechanism to keep your valuables safe.

The suitcase provides plenty of space for travel essentials, but if push comes to shove…. and a shove a bit more, then packing capacity can be increased by 25% thanks to the expandable feature.

DELUXY Mr. and Mrs. Luggage Tags and Passport Holder

DELUXY Mr. and Mrs. Luggage Tags and Passport Holder

Studies indicate that couples that travel have stronger relationships. Ignite more romance in your life with these delightful matching luggage tags and passport holders.

Travel map consulted, destination and luggage sorted. Now all that’s needed is the personalized DELUXY Mr. and Mrs. Luggage Tags and Passport Holders.

Made from high-quality vegan leather, the customized items are lovingly created to last. Long after the bouquet has been tossed, the mister and missus will be able to remember their special day for years to come.

Pallet Art Wedding Gift by Rawkrft

Pallet Art Wedding Gift by Rawkrft

Made & Assembled with Wood. High Definition Color Printing.

A traditional photo album is nice, but it can prove challenging trying to show off the big day in a huge book.

Why not get the just married couple this stunningly designed Pallet Art Wedding Gift by Rawkrft?

Timeless, tasteful, and touchingly personal, it’s the perfect way to remember an even more perfect day.

JoyJolt Spirits Stemless Wine Glasses 

JoyJolt Spirits Stemless Wine Glasses

Impress your friends with these modern style JoyJolt red wine glasses curve to perfectly fit in your hand, and this stemless wine glass can be conveniently washed in the dishwasher.

You can never have enough wine glasses, right? Right! And we love these JoyJolt Spirits Stemless Wine Glasses for Red or White Wine.

Available in packs of four, they’re durable, shatter-resistant, and suitable for red or white wine.

The wide bowl shape design enhances the flavors and best of all, the glasses are dishwasher-safe.

Personalized Engraved Wooden Wedding Sign

Personalized Engraved Wooden Wedding Sign

This sign is made out of completely natural wood. The "character" of natural wood is that each piece will vary and have it's own unique look.

Another winner as far as unique wedding gifts go is this Personalized Engraved Wooden Wedding Sign.

The gorgeous wedding memento is the perfect centerpiece on the couple’s big day, and will also look stunning inside, or outside their home.

AstroAI Portable Mini Fridge

AstroAI Portable Mini Fridge

You can connect the compact refrigerator to a 100-120V home power supply, or you can connect to a 12V car power supply; NOTE: Make sure to only run your cooler/heater while your vehicle’s engine is on or you risk draining your vehicle’s battery

You get a cold drink! And you get a cold drink! And you all get cold drinks with the nifty AstroAI 4 Liter Portable Mini Fridge and Warmer.

This amazing gift is perfect for keeping drinks, food, and snacks cold, or warm and its compact size means they can take it with them wherever they go. 

Personalized Handmade Solid Wood Keepsake Box

Personalized Handmade Solid Wood Keepsake Box

This cute and sturdy, reusable solid wood gift box is constructed of rough-sawn poplar in a glass-smooth vintage finish color of your choice.

Can we just say we LOVE LOVE LOVE these Handmade Solid Wood Keepsake Boxes!

Perfect for trendy couples who don’t take themselves too seriously, the boxes can be personalized… or not!

The color choices are amazing, and the box itself is sturdy. They’re also a good size to hold photos, notes, trinkets, and other little treasures. 

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Skillet

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Skillet

Enameled cast iron delivers superior heat distribution and retention.

The happy couple will be cooking up delicious meals in this Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Iron Handle Skillet.

The frying pan is designed to heat evenly and the non-stick surface needs little to no oil.

Made from sturdy cast iron, it can withstand daily wear and tear and is stain-resistant. It’s also dishwasher safe, which means less time washing up.

Personalized Rustic Cake Server and Knife Set

Personalized Rustic Cake Server and Knife Set

These rustic set cake knife with handles from Driftwood wood.

Let them eat cake… in style!

The ultimate in shabby chic has got to be the handmade Personalized Rustic Cake Server and Knife Set.

Made from driftwood and personalized with the newlyweds’ names and wedding date; no one item is the same. 

Welcome Doormat 

Welcome Doormat

Our Mats feature a slip resident back, with a coir front. We use high quality cured UV Ink on the door mats to help prevent fading.

Greet guests in style with this gorgeous Welcome Doormat.

Designed with form and function in mind, the front is made using coir, and the back is slip-resistant.

Rather than vinyl, the couple’s name is printed using cured UV ink, so there’s less chance of it peeling or fading.

Customized License Plate Sign

Customized License Plate Sign

The sign in the photo is sold, but its a beautiful example of the anniversary sign that is customized. Select the number of letters in the drop down menu.

Everyone’s going to be oohing and aahing over this Customized License Plate Sign!

Quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and lovingly made, we think we’ll get one of these for home.

The rustic sign will look good in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, or even outside for passersby to admire.

Amazon.com Gift Card

Amazon.com Gift Card

Gift Card is nested inside a premium gift box with gold accents

At the end of our list, and still not sure what to get as a wedding gift?

Why not let the married couple choose what they want with a beautifully presented Amazon.com Gift Card? It may not be the most original of ideas, but we’ve yet to find anyone who has turned their nose up at a gift card!

So, there you have it! Our top 29 wedding gift ideas for couples already living together. Original, personal, bespoke, or a bestseller, we’ve covered all the bases and included something to suit every style and budget. 

Now it’s your turn! Tell us what your best (or worst) wedding gift has been and whether you’d recommend it to other readers out there. Just drop a comment in the section below.

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