16 Balloon Wedding Centerpieces To Display On Your Big Day

When most people think of balloons, their first thought might be birthdays or school dances, but balloons can bring cheer to any occasion; especially weddings! 

Whimsical and charming, balloons brighten the mood, so why not use them on your reception tables?

From impressively tall displays to perfect reflective orbs of sparkling light, balloon wedding centerpieces can be a wonderful addition to your big day and the possibilities are endless.

Take some inspiration from our list of favorite balloon centerpieces below…

Warm White LED Balloons

12 Warm White LED Balloons

LED lights will stay lit up to 72 hours before needing replacement.

Available as a set of 12, with either 18-inch or 25-inch clear balloons, these LED lights add glimmer to any display. 

You can style them as suggested in bunches, or split them. You might pair the LED balloons with other decorative elements or simply let them shine alone.

The simplicity is lovely for moderately decorated areas or as a highlight for a constellation theme. 

Pearl Balloons with Subtle Light

Wedding Balloons

Heavenly wedding balloons! Whimsical wedding decor that float our fairy lights. 

Are you looking to add some iridescence to your display? Or maybe you’re adding height? 

If you want to dimmer the glimmer but still want some light, these pearl balloons feature a string light wire.

Balancing simplicity with glamor, these pearl balloons are classy without being overpowering.

If you’re not keen on the pearl, the chrome rose gold, chrome gold, and chrome silver options are our other favorites. 

3-Foot Giant Balloons

Giant White Balloons Wedding Party 36"

The Huge oval balloons will add a bit of a 'wow' for weddings or parties!

Ready for a statement piece? These 36-inch balloons are a real crowd-pleaser!

There’s a lot to like, from the sheer amusement to the eye-catching value. You can use these for reception tables or mark particular displays—for example, your guestbook table or gift area. 

The Esty maker has styled the string with white hearts, but you can modify it. You might want to leave the tail plain, tie ribbons, or attach polaroid photos. 

Another practical idea is to use the string for table numbers. Your guests won’t get lost with giant balloons showing the way!

Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloons

 It is a pearl white 24" balloon with 24" net.

Before your guests worry about their fear of heights, these are miniature hot air balloons. Instead of passengers, the net baskets carry a floral arrangement!

Romantic and whimsical, these hot air balloon wedding centerpieces might add a little charm to your tables or continue an aeronautical theme.

The balloon size is optional, either 16-inch pear-shaped or 17-inch round.

With no floral arrangements included, it’s up to you to decide how you want the lower half of the decor to appear. 

You might even add a basket carrying a miniature bride and groom or mementos that represent your lives together.

Rose Gold Foil Balloons with Tassels

Metallic Rose Gold Round 15” Foil Balloons With Tassel

This beautiful round Rose Gold balloon is 15"!!! Perfect to decorate any occasion.

While plenty of color trends die quickly, rose gold continues to be a firm favorite in the wedding world.

If you love rose gold too, your eyes will pop while admiring the metallic foil and voluminous rose and ivory tassels on these balloons. 

While you can select tassel-free, we like the potential leveling and volume tassels add.

However, if you’re anti-tassel, we recommend adding a unique string attachment. We mentioned table numbers previously, but you might try other rose gold decor or float the foil balloon above another centerpiece element for dynamic leveling. 

Tulle Balloons with Stand

12" Wedding Party Decoration Tulle Balloon

2pc 12" balloon. Colour matching tulle panel size approx. (120cm x 120cm).

Tulle is often a go-to wedding material, particularly for veils. 

But, uniquely, these balloon wedding centerpieces take the material one step further. If you want to avoid anything flashy but still want a unique display, these tulle-covered balloons add a soft, light touch to your tables. 

The stand has two height options: 10 or 20-inches. The height allows flexibility for a stand-alone balloon or combining multiple decor elements.

Love Heart Balloon Stand

Balloon Column Arch with Base

You will receive 15 pcs straight poles, 1 water bag, 1 base and 8 connecters. The arch kit is reusable. Balloons are NOT included.

Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, why not showcase a heart-shaped wreath of balloons on your table? You can also showcase the word ‘love’ in balloon form if your special day calls for zero subtlety. 

We love that this goes all-out. The 17-inch balloon stand allows you to customize the color palette and let all your guests know how much love went into your wedding.

Mr. & Mrs. Minimalist LED Balloons

36 inch Mr & Mrs LED Balloons

Lightsfever 36 inch Mr & Mrs LED balloons are a fantastic addition to any wedding party decor, the enchanting warm white LED colors really bring the white paper garlands to life and look beautiful reflected in the white balloons shiny surface.

You’re tying the knot, and your balloons are making it official!

You can bombard your venue with the declaration of your marital status or simply mark the head table with a single set.

The 36-inch ivory balloons are highlighted with 10-foot string lights and cascading paper garlands. 

The set creates a classy look with a minimalist twist, so if ivory or white is your prominent color, try these charming LED balloons to announce the new Mr. & Mrs.

Balloon Column Stick Holder

7 In 1 Balloon Stand

This is a very cost-effective party decoration product. The installation is absolutely beautiful.

Bring on the volume! This 7-in-1 holder lets you display seven balloons in one stand. 

We particularly like how the vendor uses a mix of transparent and opaque balloons. The clear or speckled balloons improve visibility, so your guests can still see without sacrificing a voluminous centerpiece.

The lowest tier is 15.5-inches, while the highest is 28-inches. This height and fullness provide the wow factor!

As you choose the balloons yourself, you have the flexibility to mix and match the balloons you wish to show off.

Jumbo Pastel Balloons with Tassel

36 Inches JUMBO PASTEL Balloon Macaron Balloon Candy - Etsy

You have the option to choose the Balloon itself or with a tassel kit combo: for the kit please choose balloon color + tail combo or add separate balloon tail onto your order.

For a soft color palette, consider these 36-inch jumbo balloons. The pastel colors and tassel tails are available in a variety of colors. 

If you love the idea of the substantial size but want a more subtle appearance, pastel is more delicate with reduced glare.

There are plenty of available colors, so you can easily match the jumbo balloon centerpieces to your other decor for fantastic stand-alone centerpieces. Your guests will definitely be excited to pose and snap pictures next to them!

Big Heart Balloon

White Giant Heart Balloon

These amazing balloons make fantastic decorations and props for weddings, parties, fetes and fairs or any event you can think of. Use singly or in groups, with helium or without.

Display your love of love with 36-inch heart-shaped latex balloons. You can style the big hearts solo for delicate nods or in bunches for overwhelmingly adorable clusters. 

The seller has six colors available, although the white, rose, and clear are standouts. We especially love the vendor’s fun styling idea: decorating a solo-heart tail with a long garland. 

The tassel tiers are just stunning, plus you can wrap tails with elements in keeping with your wedding theme, such as climbing plants or beading.

Mr. & Mrs. Black and White with LED

Light Up LED Mr and Mrs Balloon Set

Suitable for use with helium or air can inflate to very large size of 20-36 inches.

These printed Mr. and Mrs. balloons may be in minimalist black and white but they certainly create an effective and elaborate border of your newlywed titles!

The 12-inch balloons also have LED lights inside for a gentle glow. We like to call them ‘elegantly unsubtle.’ 

Sold in pairs, they allow for unique setups. For example, you might add a Mrs. balloon to tables seating guests on the bride’s side and the opposite for the groom’s side. 

Alternatively, you can keep them together, reminding guests that you two will float united forever.

Balloon Bundle with Chrome and Confetti

Balloon Bundle with Chrome and Confetti

Balloons ship flat & deflated. Can be filled with air or helium. Filling balloons with air will not float.

If you have a color theme that includes burgundy and rose, these might be the perfect centerpieces.

Each balloon bundle contains two of each color, including rosewood, rose gold, chrome gold, burgundy, and transparent with gold confetti polka dots. 

Burgundy is often a go-to shade for autumn weddings, but these centerpieces are fitting for any time of the year.

We like the fullness of the entire bundle together, but you can also split the pack with one of each color per table.

Giant Balloon Arch

Metallic Gold and Grey Balloon Arch

The elegant combination of Sage Green, Blush, and Grey balloons, accented with shimmering Metallic Gold, will create a stunning focal point for any event. 

The giant balloon arch commands the spotlight as the backdrop for guest pictures or as a centerpiece drawing everyone’s eye. 

The balloons are 18-inches, 12-inches and 10-inches. The kit includes 124 balloons, with gold, green and grey balloons.

You might set an arch next to a significant place like your wedding cake table. Alternatively, you could stand a few around your venue to give your guests more chances to pose and enjoy.

Circle Balloon Stand

Balloon Garland Arch Kit Round

Package included: 1 water injection base, 3 transparent straight sticks, 7 curved sticks, 2 connectors,1 T-shaped connector and 5 balloon rings.This product does not contain balloons.

The circle stand is ideal for a table-topper balloon centerpiece or lightweight decor you can hang around your venue. It’s dynamic, but not difficult to put together.

The seller recommends 60 balloons, each 5-10-inches, for the 25.5-inch circle frame. Alternatively, you can change up a few balloon sizes for a more dynamic display. 

We like the addition of the ‘love’ balloon in the center, but leaving it open can also improve visibility for guest tables.

Colorful LED Lights with Clear Balloons

Led Balloons

We made our Premium quality TPU LED Clear balloons thick enough to breakage resistance. Balloons inflate up to 24 inches. Use it for indoors or outdoors: 

For venues with dim lighting, you can make your decor magical with colorful LED lights. The mix of LED colors is stunning around this transparent, floating globe. 

Of course, you might split the pack for a single balloon per table. Still, we love seeing the triple clusters glowing together.

Either hanging from above or hovering over tables; the effect is beautiful. 

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