6 Minions Wedding Cake Toppers For A Fun Addition

Of all the things that go into planning a wedding, cake toppers might be the most fun thing to pick out. After all, everything else can be stressful or cost a lot of money, from the dress to the venue to the cake itself. 

 The cake topper, however? That’s easy and fun! You are allowed to pick whatever you like, and it doesn’t matter what your theme is. 

If you’re reading this, I’m going to take a guess and say that you have a good sense of humor and are planning a pretty laid-back wedding. That’s great – humor is a must-have when you’re planning a wedding! 

Minions Wedding Cake Toppers

These are all creative and clever ways to top your wedding cake. If you’re a Minions fan, you’ll be hard-pressed to choose which one you like most! 

These delightful little guys are hilarious and cute. They even make an appearance at a wedding in one of the Despicable Me movies. 

 However, since you can’t hire them as the wedding singers (wouldn’t that be great?), the least you can do is let them take the cake. 

Let’s take a look at the best Minion wedding cake toppers! Spoiler alert though, some may have you laughing out loud so think NSFW!

Personalized Bride and Groom with Minion Cake Topper

Despicable Me Minion Wedding Cake Topper

Romantic Porcelain bride and groom figurine

Cute PVC little minion.

If you have a child at your wedding party (also known as the cutest ring bearer or flower girl ever), this personalized bride and groom with Minion cake topper will be perfect for you. Your kiddo will be immortalized on top of your cake in the form of everyone’s favorite yellow Minion! 

 The bride and groom are completely customizable, with skin color, hair color, and height (or two grooms, two brides, whatever best fits you!). The little Minion will look the same, but he can be on either side of the couple. 

 This piece is charming and delightful, and completely customizable. I love how the couple is dancing in the pictured version (although the poses can vary too – just let the artist know). 

Minion Bride and Groom Outline Cake Topper

Wedding Cake Topper

Сake topper is the best decoration of the cake, which will make your holiday unique and unforgettable, emphasize your individuality and leave a good memories for life.

For a more simple Minion cake topper, this personalized Minion outline is perfect. It’s one of the least expensive cake toppers on this list, but that doesn’t make it any less ideal. 

 This cake topper is black but can come in multiple colors to match your wedding theme. The Minions look delightfully happy, as you will be on your wedding day. 

 You can personalize it to your and your spouse’s names and keep it forever after the wedding. It’s the perfect way to save money, stay classy, and show off your love of Minions. 

Personalized Bride and Groom Edible Minion Cake Toppers

Personalized Bride and Groom Edible Minion Cake Toppers

This Topper has been made using edible modelling paste, edible glue and food colourings, some toppers also contain dried spaghetti for strength.

If you want another option for a personalized fondant Minions wedding cake topper, take a look at this. They have a smoother finish than the other shop’s cake toppers and are just adorable. 

 Your wedding cake topper is really about what you think is beautiful and what you want on your cake. These Minions are looking at each other in love, and it’s very sweet – it’s exactly what you want on your wedding day. 

 You can personalize the outfits on the Minions and the hair color on the bride (there’s no hair on the groom – sorry men) to make this cake topper your own. It’s also relatively inexpensive for a handmade fondant cake topper. 

Minion Photo Cupcake Toppers

Minion Photo Cupcake Toppers

Minions photo cupcake toppers for your little one's minion themed birthday party! Comes 12 on a sheet.

Instead of a cake, are you serving cupcakes for your wedding? Here’s a creative idea: top them with individual Minion cupcake toppers! 

 These cupcake toppers are more than just Minions, however; they have slots for pictures of you and your spouse! Have some fun with it and use pictures of you and your spouse at varying ages (you could even make a wedding game out of it). 

 Either way, these cupcake toppers are a fun and creative way to decorate your cupcakes in keeping with your love of Minions and the theme of your wedding. 

Minion Cake Topper Set

Fondant Cake 3D Toppers Minions 3pcs

All my characters are hand-made. Small deviations in size shape and colors are possible.

Here’s a set of three Minions that aren’t quite wedding-themed, but much less expensive than the sugar paste and fondant wedding Minions. They are small, adorable, and best of all, edible! 

The toppers are made to order, so you can ask for any variation of the Minions’ poses and tones. I’d bet you can even ask for one to be holding flowers to make it more wedding-themed! 

 As always, give extra time for personalized orders and orders that involve edible ingredients. These creators work hard and are often overworked during the wedding season, so have patience and order early! 

Minion Cake Topper One Piece

Minion Stuart Topper

If you are looking for a perfect cake topper, you came to the right place. I have a variety of cute toppers, and if you can't find your desired figurine, please contact me and I'll create it especially for you.

Like the one before, this Minion cake topper is edible. However, he’s only one piece. If you like this version better than the previous one, you’ll have to buy two (which would be hilarious). 

 Made of fondant, this Minion is looking grumpily off to the side. Not the vibe you’re looking for on your wedding day? You can contact the artist (after all, they make each one fresh) and ask for a different expression. 

 One of the best parts about buying from small businesses is that they are almost always willing to help you customize things for your special day. Let them know what you want, and see if they’re able to assist.  

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