24 Jr. Groomsmen Gift Ideas To Make Them Feel Just As Important!

Firstly, you may be asking, what exactly is a junior groomsman?

Well, a junior groomsman is a member of a wedding party who is too old to perform the role of ringbearer but is not old enough to be a groomsman yet.

Junior groomsmen (and junior bridesmaids) are often seen at weddings of an older sibling, or a second wedding if they’re a child of one of the members of the couple. Sometimes they’re even the children of close family friends.

Because junior groomsmen are usually teenage boys, you might be wondering what on earth a teenage boy would want as a gift on this special occasion; your wedding day.

Luckily, we have compiled a list of our favorite gift ideas, many of which can be personalized; handy if you have more than one helpful young man.

Check out our junior groomsmen gift ideas below!

Mini Mushroom Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Ciglow Mini Bluetooth Mushroom Speaker

Mini size and lightweight, easy to carry. Good sound quality, clear and beautiful sound. Noise reduction brings a better music experience.

The perfect gift for the young man who’s both into music and video games, this portable Bluetooth speaker is complete with a suction cup at its base so he can secure it anywhere he goes.

The sound quality is good too, despite its small size. He’ll never have to be without his favorite tunes again!

LED Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

CLEVER BRIGHT Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Triangle Bluetooth Speaker as HD and HIFI powerful stereo sound, so you always enjoy the high-definition metal bass and subwoofer sound brought wonderful enjoyment

If your junior groomsman is more into music than video games, this wireless waterproof speaker may be a better choice for him.

Not only does this speaker deliver clear sound, but its LEDs also have seven color modes. He’ll bring the party with him whenever he has this speaker!

Magnetic Chess Set

Chess Set Magnetic Travel Games

This premium quality chess set gives you smooth hand-feel while lightweight. Smooth processing for each chess pieces in order to lower the sound while moving.

This miniature magnetic chess set is perfect for bringing everywhere, whether it’s a long car trip or a friend’s house.

The pieces are held in place on the chessboard via magnets so cleanup is super easy!

Junior Cornhole Set

GoSports Portable PVC Framed Cornhole Toss Game Set

ULTRA PORTABLE: Set Folds Up and Stores in the Compact Carrying Case and Weighs Only 15 Pounds

A miniature version of the well-loved lawn game, this junior cornhole set comes with two boards, eight bean bags, and a carrying case for the game pieces.

It’s a great gift for the budding athlete who loves to be outside!

Video Game Controller Poster

Retro Video Game Posters for Walls by Haus and Hues

Pay tribute to some of the most memorable video game controllers by displaying this eye-catching gaming wall art from Haus and Hues.

Maybe the junior groomsman in your wedding party is a big-time gamer or watches streams of gamers all the time.

Either way, this poster of the evolution of video game controllers will definitely up the cool factor in his room. 

Mini TV Video Game Console

Classic Mini Retro Game Console

This is a retro TV video game console from the 80s of the last century that has collected many games from the last century.

Does your junior groomsman long for the classic video games of the past? This may be the perfect gift for him!

Though this 8-bit video game console may be miniature, its capacity is not; it has 620 different classic video games built into it! 

Hogwarts Castle Hand Crank Music Box

Hogwarts Castle Hand Crank Music Box

HAND CRANK - this unit plays the 18 note song only while you turn the handle, playing the song in a steady but slow pace lasts about 30 seconds, and then you can repeat it!

Whether the young man in your wedding party is a big fan of Harry Potter or is just getting into the series, this hand-crank music box that plays “Hedwig’s Theme” from the movies is sure to be treasured forever!

With Hogwarts castle engraved on the outside, it’s not only a beautiful musical gift but also visually appealing.

This music box can also be made into a personalized gift, with the option to add different quotes from the series or a personal message.

Leather Wallet with Personalization

Personalized Wallets for Men

STYLISH & VERSATILE: This custom wallet is carefully designed and laser engraved to make sure the engravings are easily readable and won’t fade away even after years of use.

More of a grown-up gift, this slim wallet, made from genuine leather, is the perfect choice for the young groomsman just beginning to become a man about town. 

Note that you also have the option of a custom laser-engraved message (how cool does that sound?) to make this a personalized gift for the worthy junior groomsman in your wedding party.

Crossbow DIY Kit

Gift For Men, DIY Kit, Crossbow with Rockets and Targets

Wooden crossbow kit, do it yourself gift for kids and adults. A full kit of 46 wooden parts, screws, string, Rubber band and zip ties with instructions booklet.

A great gift for the more adventurous lad, this DIY crossbow kit is sure to be right on target!

The kit comes with the necessary instructions and materials to build a crossbow and its rockets.

It also comes with targets and is easy to build, making this a perfect junior-groomsman-specific gift or even a perfect groomsman gift!

Personalized Compass

Stanley London Engraved Compass Personalized

Our solid brass, antique pocket compass houses a bright, easy to read, copper compass rose and a red-tipped, black compass needle that will always point toward magnetic north

This compass is a great personalized gift because you can have it engraved on any surface of the compass that you choose.

A personalized compass like this is an excellent gift choice for boys who love activities like camping or hiking.

Personalized 18-Inch Mini Baseball Bat

Custom Personalized Mini Baseball Bat

This is the perfect idea for a Groomsman, Ring Bearer, Jr. Groomsman, Wedding Party or Birthday

This mini 18-inch solid wood baseball bat is the perfect gift for the baseball fan in your life.

It’s also fully customizable!

Baseball Life Lessons Poster

Baseball Life Lessons Poster

LIFE LESSON INSPIRATIONAL POSTERS: unique educational wall art provide a compliments and improve mood decorative effect.

Playing a sport is one of the best ways to learn many different and important life lessons.

This poster is one of our favorite sports-related gifts because it outlines some of those important lessons for your junior groomsman when he’s not on the playing field.

Pro Football Stadium Scratch Off Map

Pro Football Stadium Scratch Off Map

This Pro Football stadium scratch off map is a perfect way of tracking your adventures, as you tour your way through all the pro football stadiums.

Pro football can be an exciting thing to be a fan of, so if your junior groomsman is an NFL fan, consider giving him this scratch-off poster with the stats of each stadium. 

Personalized Football

Full Size 12″ Official Size 9 Football with Base

Perfect gift to give to Grandson, Dad for Fathers Day, Football Coach, Football Player, or any Football Fan that is hard to shop for

If your junior groomsman plays on his school team or is a huge fan of his hometown team, a personalized football can be an ideal gift for him.

He can display it or play with it, knowing that he’s known and loved by the people who gave it to him.

Recycled Skateboard Guitar Pick

Recycled Skateboard Guitar Pick Custom Guitar Pick

Each pick is handcrafted using lumber from a broken skateboard.

Honestly, what’s cooler than a skateboard or a guitar? A guitar pick made from a recycled skateboard of course!

This is the best gift option for the junior groomsman who’s too cool for school but also loves to learn and play guitar. 

The Ultimate Guitar Reference Poster

The Ultimate Guitar Reference Poster

Easy to read, large print and bold graphics, 49 open chords and 96 movable chords, Chord fingering suggestions for every chord.

If the junior groomsman in your life is a guitar player, this guitar reference poster is a great gift option for him, whether he’s just learning or is on his way to mastery.

It’s helpful, but also cool – just like the boy himself!

Interactive Illuminated T-Shirt

Interactive Illuminated T-Shirt

Unleash your creativity by drawing your own design on the glow in the dark canvas. Designs last up to 5 minutes before magically fading away. Leaving a blank canvas, to start all over again!

This T-shirt comes with a “glow pen” that allows the wearer to draw a design on the white part of the shirt.

The glow effect lasts anywhere from five to ten minutes, so you can draw on the shirt over and over again without worrying about staining or permanence.

This shirt is a mom’s best friend, especially if her son is an artist!

Custom Basketball Blanket

Custom Basketball Blanket

Trying to find the perfect gift can be stressful, so just relax and personalize this blanket, you’ve found the precise present they’re going to love. 

This soft fleece blanket is great for warming up after a cold day of layups.

This thoughtful gift can be customized with your junior groomsman’s name to show him that you know he’s a star.

Customized Sunglasses

Customized Sunglasses

These ADORABLE sunglasses make the perfect gift for bachelorette parties, girl's getaway, bridal parties, spring break and so much more!

An affordable option that’s great for summertime weddings, these kids’ sunglasses are customizable.

Write his name on one side, and “junior groomsman” on the other, and everyone will know who that cool and well-dressed fellow is on your wedding day. 

National Parks Puzzle

MasterPieces 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults

Our matte finish helps reduce glare for an improved puzzling experience. Here is what's featured in this National Parks Collection - Detailed hand drawn map of U.S. National Parks.

If your junior groomsman is an outdoorsman who loves to travel, give him a taste of the best of America with this National Parks puzzle.

Putting the pieces together will be like a hint of traveling to those places, helping to scratch the travel itch until summer break finally comes!

Woodland Animal Tracks Sign

If the junior groomsman in your wedding party is a fan of being outside all the time and also loves animals, this sign that identifies different woodland animal tracks can be a beautiful and practical gift for him.

Learning these animals’ tracks will certainly make walks in the woods more interesting, and maybe he’ll get an achievement at Scouts!

Personalized Solar System Art

Personalized Solar System Art

We create personalized prints of our hand-painted solar system artwork, using NASA algorithms to accurately align the planets to your chosen date.

A personalized solar system can be an awesome gift, especially for the junior groomsman who’s also a budding astronaut.

Personalize this solar system poster by putting in his date of birth, so he can see exactly how the planets were positioned when he entered the world.

This is a gift with tons of cool-factor that he’ll love for years!

USS Constitution Model Ship

USS Constitution Model Ship

Detailed instruction manual will be your helpful accompany of spending happy building time.

Does your junior groomsman dream of sailing the open sea? Is he currently obsessed with pirates? This wooden model of the ship the USS Constitution may be a great gift for him!

The USS Constitution, also known as “Old Ironsides,” is the US Navy’s oldest and most well-known tall fighting ship.

That makes this gift a great option for boys who are also big into American history!

Wooden Toy Sword

This sword is made of wood and can be engraved on one or both sides.

Make this a personalized gift by having the seller engrave the junior groomsman’s name so no one can take his toy sword from him. 

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