7 Best Burlap Aisle Runners For Wedding Day

Have you heard about those new burlap socks? We’re just itching to wear them (insert groan here).

While that’s not one of our proudest wisecracking moments, burlap clothing jokes exist because genuine burlap can be super-scratchy and just plain unwearable to the touch.

So let’s pretend that burlap socks never happened and appreciate the good, which is, burlap is totally on point as a wedding aisle runner!

Natural burlap fabric (also known as jute material) is highly durable and anti-static. Plus when used as a wedding aisle runner, it adds a chic note of rustic perfection to your day.

We’ve got the 14 best ideas for burlap aisle runners and decorative accents to make your wedding runner something special. We’ve also included a few essential tips to make sure you float (not fall) down your aisle. 

Let’s get into this!

You Own This Burlap Aisle Runner For Wedding

The whole deal with burlap is its rough-hewn simplicity, but no one said you shouldn’t add a touch of swish to your aisle runner by personalizing it.

Here you have the choice of nine possible designs!

Let everyone at your wedding know that you two own this day!

Watch Your Step Aisle Runner

Dad Quote Custom Wedding Burlap Aisle Runner

Changes can also be made from DAD to Grandpa, Mom Etc. The runner is 40 inches wide and can be made any length you need.

We’re serious about watching your step.  

If you want your dad to know just how you feel while he’s walking you down the aisle, he’ll be overcome with joy when he steps on this personalized aisle runner and reads your message.

You’ve got choices with the print style and length with this item, but whichever option you choose, there won’t be a dry eye in the house as you get escorted down the aisle.

Lacy Details Aisle Runner

Weddings Aisle Runner and Decor

The burlap Wedding Aisle Runner is natural with white lace on both sides.

This burlap runner comes in a 40-inch width and seven possible lengths from 15 to 100 feet long. It’s a naturally-sourced, premium no-fray material, and the decorative lace border certainly adds a high-quality look.

Satiny Finish Aisle Runner

Burlap Custom Made Aisle Runner

Custom Made Aisle Runner made from rustic natural tan burlap. This listing is for 46inches wide and 25 feet long Runner Includes a satin Ivory border 3 inches on each side

Prefer a satiny shine to a lacy flourish?

The signature detail on this burlap aisle runner is its sophisticated satin border, the color of which is customizable to match your decor and theme. 

Tickled by Ivory Wedding Aisle Runner

Ivory off White Burlap Custom Made Aisle Runner

38 inches wide and 30 Feet long but I can make any size. Runner is professional seamed all the way around.

If you’re not 100% in “lurve” with the beigey color of burlap, here’s a sweet shade surprise.

You can get a burlap aisle runner in various colors, including very soft ivory that is simply striking and beautiful.

Two details to mention are the professional seaming around this entire runner and the handy pull cord to allow painless and quick-rolling down the aisle.

When a Burlap Aisle Runner Isn’t Basic

Burlap Aisle Runner Beach

Walk down the aisle of your outdoor wedding in style on this burlap wedding aisle runner. Whether placed atop concrete, grass, sand, or tile, this burlap runner brings a tasteful, rustic touch to any environment.

What’s so special about unadorned burlap available in one size (36-inches by 100 feet)? 

Well, this aisle runner suits longer walks down the aisle, and its durability is perfect for outdoor wedding ceremonies. Its quality burlap with a serged edge will work on grass, concrete, tile, or sandy beach weddings!

You also have the choice of an off-white color or the traditional burlap tan. And, if you do want to add decorative touches, silky-soft flower petals will knock this plain Jane burlap aisle runner out of the park (more on those flower petals in a bit).

Make It Stick with Aisle Runner Tape

Duck Brand Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Tape

Excellent adhesion to smooth and rough surfaces.

We know that walking down the aisle can make butterflies explode in your stomach. 

But don’t give yourself the additional worry of tripping on an aisle runner that won’t stay put! Instead, make that aisle runner stick with carpet tape, milady!

Carpet tape is usually double-sided, and a carpet tape rated for indoor or outdoor use is your best bet for maximum strength and durability.

A Little Something for Your Burlap Aisle Runner

Silk Rose Petals

100% Handmade with satin fabric. They will never wilt and be reusable.

A burlap runner looks romantic, strewn with silken flower petals in dreamy colors like jade pink, coral blush, or noble burgundy. Affordable and understated elegance for your wedding day!

Stakes Are Great

100 Pack Garden Landscape Staples

Made from strong, extra heavy duty 9 gauge galvanized steel.

Centuries ago (when roads or walks were unpaved), an aisle runner was laid down for the bride to keep the outside dirt, dust, or muddy ground from ruining her dress.

These days, an aisle runner can be equally necessary, particularly at outdoor weddings or beach nuptials. Many of us know how hard it is (no, wait, make that freakishly impossible) to walk in heels on grass or sand!

So a critical measure to take with your outdoor burlap runner is to stake it down. This way, your runner stays strong and true if the wind picks up, and you and your wedding party will find it easier to glide down the aisle in heels.

Butterfly Kisses Solar Stakes

Butterfly Lights Garden Decorative

These garden lights come with built-in rechargeable batteries, they can be automatically charged under sunlight. Fully charged battery will offer sustainable lighting for 6-8 hours.

A backyard wedding is instantly elevated with breathtaking details like these solar stakes.

A unique and memorable accent to line both sides of your burlap aisle runner for a wedding, these butterfly stakes act as decorative features around your garden wedding canopy. 

Each stake is adorned with fabric butterflies and dragonflies, and the wings appear to flutter in the wind. At night, the stakes light up, adding a romantic glow to an outdoor reception.

You can use these stakes in a garden long after your wedding day and enjoy years of happy reminders. We love this idea!

Follow the Wedding Aisle Signs to Your Destiny

Wedding Aisle Signs Set of 8

These gorgeous aisle signs will make a great addition to any wedding decor and can be used after the ceremony in the home.

The messages on these signs come from old Bible sayings that are as fitting now as way back in the day.

You have a choice of three stains to pretty up the natural pinewood material, and you can order eight signs or custom-order six to ten signs based on the length of your aisle and the size of your wedding.

The modern barnboard look and fresh white font are chic and complementary accents for your runner, and they’d make gorgeous wall art in your first home together.

Fairy Lights for Your Aisle Runner

Fairy Lights With Replaceable Batteries

Run time is 60+ hours on one set of batteries.

A trendy decoration at many wedding receptions is battery-operated fairy lights in mason jars.

It’s as beautiful as candlelight and far safer and more reliable, especially when you account for wind or dry conditions at an outdoor wedding.

We think the firefly look in a mason jar is a romantic accent for your burlap aisle runner. Battery-operated tea lights floating in a mason jar are another heartwarming option.

The Lowdown on Burlap

So are there any concerns with burlap you should know about?

When looking for the proper aisle runner, be aware that natural burlap or jute material may have a slight odor. Still, the smell should go away by leaving your runner outside in a dry and shady area for several hours.

If you’re concerned about rain or condensation, natural burlap withstands moisture but cannot absorb it. This means your burlap runner isn’t waterproof, but it won’t lose its shape or durability when it comes into contact with light rain or condensation from grass.

Natural burlap is supposed to look shabby-chic, but they can label it premium because of its durability.

For example, it’s much harder to tear through burlap or dent the fabric when you’re wearing pointy heels. You’ll understand the difference if you’ve ever tried to tiptoe across cheaper artificial materials or slippery plastics.

Don’t forget we said natural burlap. There is also synthetic burlap made of plastic or propylene yarn. You might get the rustic look with synthetic burlap, with none of the advantages of the real thing.

Another important note is that naturally-sourced burlap is non-toxic but flammable. When you think about lighting around your aisle runner or wedding canopy, LED tea lights or battery-operated fairy lights are a fantastic and much safer idea.

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