15 Unique Wedding Directions Signs You Need For Your Special Day

Wedding planning can feel overwhelming to the newly engaged bride, but, in reality, it’s just a ton of small, manageable tasks that you can break down into sections until you’ve knocked it all out.

One of the more minor details that many brides don’t immediately think about when planning their wedding is their directions signs. 

A simple sign can serve a vital function – telling all of your loved ones where to go and where to be while you bask in your special day. 

If you haven’t thought about what you’ll do for your wedding directions signs, have no fear. 

We’ve done some of the more challenging leg work for you, so you can browse some of the sweetest signs online and find the perfect fit for your perfect day. 

Let’s get started.

Classy Gold Foil Signs

Reception Direction Gold Foil Signs

Reception sign customized in our modern Quickly style. Help your guests find their way with sparkle!

Gold foil will always be trending, and these wedding direction signs are no exception. Keep it simple with a wood frame and lettering pointing your guests to your reception, cocktail hour, or the next fun event!

You can even customize it to say your new last name or add in a “thank you” sign for the end of the night!

Wood Hand Painted Signs

Custom Wood Sign Hand Lettering

This 10x10-inch sign is full of possibilities. Choose your text. I will write whatever you would like. This is a perfect, unique, and personal gift for truly any occasion!

Deep, stained oak and white, bright, hand-lettered words stand out on this large customized directional wedding sign from Etsy. All orders come entirely customized to whatever you’d like it to say. It can include your wedding title, a direction, or other essential details you want your guests to access when they arrive.

Tip: These would be great to greet your guests along the road before your wedding venue, so consider planting a few on the street to point them in the right direction!

Elegant Printed Paper Signs

Custom Direction Wedding Sign

Wedding direction sign. Winter Wedding Reception Sign with a directional arrow for your guest to find the way. Best couple ever Direction Sign.

Make a statement with these elegant printed paper wedding directions signs. With a pale pink background, moody, dark green florals, and black cursive writing, you’ll set the tone for a classy affair for all involved. The best part? This signage keeps the language fun, pointing guests to the “Best Couple Ever” rather than the traditional “Reception This Way” copy many have used. 

Guests will love to see how you’ve infused your personality into your special day with this signage.

Aluminum Character Signs

Personalized Aluminum Wedding Signs

When was your family established? Customize this durable metal sign with your family name and date or personalize it for another family. Makes a unique wedding gift or anniversary gift! Available in three sizes and easy to hang!

One of the most frustrating parts of event planning is paying for so many things you’ll only use for a few hours. Not this! Aluminum signs are great for wedding decorations, but they can also be saved and enjoyed post-wedding, which offers a ton of value.

These aluminum character signs display the family name and date. They would look great on the street leading up to your venue or at the reception.

Digital DIY Wedding Sign Files

Wedding Sign Bundle

If you like this design, but want another colour, text or size changes, please contact me. I will provide instructions to purchase a personalized order.

This digital DIY wedding sign file is another great option for all you DIY brides out there. This sign file comes with all of the graphics you’ll need to print out professional-level signage on your big day.

This product comes with a sign for the ceremony and reception. Plus, you can even choose file types with layers you can take apart and edit yourself – or opt for files that come as one comprehensive piece.

Copper Direction Sign Frame


You can use your own photos, ribbon, etc. and: Decorate with greenery/flowers/battery lights/ etc. OR leave them off -- the copper pipe, and whatever you choose to display, will look great with or without greenery and flowers).

Wedding signage is essential, but the way you hang it matters, too! This copper direction sign holder is a great way to make your signs stand out while staying classy and on theme for your big day.

This copper frame has a simple curved design on the corners and a rectangular base to keep it steady even in unpredictable weather.

Party This Way Signs

Party This Way Signs

Fun funny quirky cute style signs Printable. The party is this way. Comes with both left and right pointing finger.

Are you focusing on the fun of your wedding day? Exude that in every detail, including your directional signs! This instant download option comes with a classic black and white poster with a detailed outline and bold, white cursive letters.

A white illustrated hand with a pointed finger will send guests in the right direction. Plus, they’ll know they are heading towards a real party!

Printable Large Arrow Signs

Large Printable Arrow Wedding Ceremony Direction Signs

The text on the poster has a sketchy texture, against a dark wood background.

Just because you’re using an online download doesn’t mean you’re limited in the size of your wedding signage! This Etsy product is the perfect example. This sign looks like it has a wooden background, so all you have to do is secure it to a large board.

And voila – it looks very convincing! It’s topped with what looks like hand-painted lettering and a whimsical arrow to lead your family, friends, and loved ones on to the next part of the night.

Coastal Directional Arrow Signs

Set of 8 Tiki Decor Directional Signs

Each sign varies in length from 16''-30'' depending on the length of the destination that is to be painted on each. Each sign will be unique. All our products are hand painted on 100% Reclaimed Lumber. 

Are you planning a wedding by the sea? Keep everything cohesive with directional wedding signs that feel relaxed and coastal. This Etsy find is perfect for the beachside wedding, one by a marina, or even a wedding off of the rocky shore.

Choose the colors you prefer and select a template that fits your theme the best. With that, you’ll be able to tell your wedding guests where the wedding and reception are, all with one sign.

Acrylic Welcome Sign

Personalised Acrylic Wedding Welcome Sign

Laser cut and printed acrylic sign/printed poster paper printed in house.

Want a welcome sign that stands out and catches everyone’s eye? This absolutely gorgeous acrylic welcome sign is just that. This acrylic sign includes the colors, lettering, and font of your choice to set the tone for your special day.

Watercolor Directions Sign Template

Watercolor Wedding Sign

White floral editable This Way To The Wedding sign templates for wedding ceremony and reception direction.

Keep things simple and classy with this template for a beautiful watercolor directional sign for your big day. A crisp white background is accented with red watercolor flowers and greenery along the corners to avoid overwhelming the signage. Sometimes, the simple things really are best.

Wooden Arrow Signs

Wedding Arrow Directional Signs

100% customizable & made to order! You choose the stain(s), amount of boards, what you want written and if you want a direction for each sign.

Are you planning more of a country, farm, or backyard wedding? Keep it casual with these wooden arrow signs that you can customize with your stain of choice. Choose from a list of 25 different fonts to ensure the finished product is exactly what you’re looking for.

Shabby Chic Rustic Directional Sign

Rustic Wedding Decorations Theme

Spice up your life's most special occasion with this Wedding Sign.

You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel for your entire wedding to feel special and unique to you. Finding an easy and affordable option on Amazon deserves no shame! This rustic arrow sign gives us a shabby-chic vibe that would go great with so many outdoor weddings.

Cardboard Road Signs

Three Double Sided Wedding Direction Signs

Our Wedding Road Sign Kit is a must-have wedding party supply that will make your big day a little less stressful.

If your venue is at an odd location or one that might be a bit off the beaten path, these cardboard road signs can help point your guests to the right destination. This set comes with three signs: one white and two black. One black sign says “Wedding This Way,” while the other two simply say “Wedding.”

Almost There Sign

Wedding Directions Sign Almost There

Guide guests at your event with this vintage style hand pointing the way. Almost there. With two files one pointing right and one pointing left!

If you don’t want your guests to get discouraged – perhaps on a long and windy road to get to the wedding venue – adding an “Almost There” sign on the road can be extremely helpful. It also adds some humor to the situation to put everyone in a good mood!

Buying Tips

Now you have a ton of wedding direction signs to choose from. Who said wedding planning needs to be hard? It’s our goal to make it easy for every engaged couple out there, so we’ve got a few buying tips for you to keep in mind as you browse this list and make your final decision!

First, we’ll review what to consider when choosing the right wedding sign. 

Then, we’ll talk about managing the budget for your wedding directions signs. Finally, we’ll talk about finding a good seller on Amazon or Etsy to find these items.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Directions Signs

You should keep a few things in mind when deciding which wedding sign to invest in for your big day.

  • Your Wedding Theme: You should consider the theme of your wedding so you can find signage that matches the style and feels cohesive. If you have an elegant, modern, and minimal ceremony, you likely don’t want a shabby-chic style sign to welcome in your guests. For instance, if you have an outdoor barn wedding, it might feel off if you have a supremely fancy hand-lettered acrylic sign.
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Is your ceremony inside or outside? What about the reception? Indoor ceremonies call for certain types of signs, like those with copper stands, while outdoor events usually require a sign with a stake to keep it steady in the elements.
  • How Big is the Venue?: Is the venue huge? Then you might need multiple signs to keep people on the right track to the next area. If it’s smaller, then you may only need one sign.
  • How Many Directions?: Do you only need to tell people where to go for the reception, or is the cocktail hour in its own area? If so, you will need more signs.
  • Budget: Of course, you’ll need to consider your budget. You don’t want to spend too much on signs and not have enough left over for cake! 
  • After-Wedding Use: For some couples, this matters. Of course, for others, it does not. However, if you want to reuse your wedding signage after the wedding, you might want something vague in its wording.

How Much Should You Budget for Wedding Directions Signs?

You should budget about $100 for wedding directions signs. Depending on your final choices, you may spend a little more or a bit less, but this is an excellent place to start with the budget.

How to Find a Good Seller on Etsy or Amazon for Wedding Directions Signs

If you don’t want to be disappointed with the sign you order, you want to be sure you’re purchasing from a reputable seller on Etsy or Amazon. 

To do this, look for a seller with at least 100 reviews and a rating over four stars. The ratings tell you that enough people have tried the product and loved it.

As such, you can feel safe with your choice!

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