The Best Wedding Welcome Signs: Different Styles For Your Big Day

Your wedding is fast approaching, and you need to help your guests navigate the venue! Do you want the bride’s friends and family to sit on the side where she stands, or do you want folks to mix and mingle? 

Would you like to take advantage of the scenic view surrounding your venue, or do you want a quirky cartoon portrait of you to greet guests? Adding a welcome sign that provides some needed information can help you accomplish the goals of your special day and help your guests feel welcomed and comfortable. 

Welcome Sign Options

Wedding welcome signs vary from large and information-heavy to light and dainty. These signs can direct guests to the seating area or point them to a sign-in book so that you can remember who attended your special day.  

Typically, welcome signs at weddings have three core components: 1) the welcome, 2) the couple’s names, and 3) the date of the wedding. 

However, you can add other items to the sign. For instance, a significant phrase or quote – “I love you, and I like you” – is an excellent way to set the tone of your wedding before the ceremony even begins. 

Some couples also decide to add important times to the welcome sign, like when the ceremony starts, when the reception will start, and even when the bride will toss her bouquet. 

Below are the best wedding welcome signs on the market and some options for crafty brides and grooms. Regardless, below you will find welcome possibilities for all kinds of weddings. 

Consider a Personalized Welcome Sign, If appropriate  

A personalized sign can display the bride and groom’s first names or show their new last name. What’s more, the sign can read “welcome” and have the couple’s first names. 

After the wedding, the newlyweds can flip the sign, and the reverse side can read “Congratulations to The Smiths!” Using a welcome sign in multiple ways is a great way to decorate your venue and save money. 

Couples can use a wedding welcome sign personalized with their names after the wedding in their home as a piece of décor. Hanging or displaying your wedding welcome sign in your foyer is a great way to remember your special day and to offer a personalized greeting to people who enter your home. 

Getting personal is a primary consideration. It will usually mean that you might need to work with an artist or graphic designer to ensure your welcome sign is correctly individualized. 

Personalized welcome signs are lovely for every bride since each can include their particular wedding theme or venue. From a wooden welcome sign to a repurposed glass window pane to a simple cardboard sign, a personalized sign is an excellent option for every bride, no matter the budget or the goals! 

Personalized Rose Gold Welcome Sign

Rose gold is a beautiful and modern color to add to your wedding, and this option from Etsy is perfect. It is soft yet readable and can be an excellent choice for a welcome sign. 

Text can be carved into an acrylic sign; this method adds an air of sophistication and class to your entryway. Alternatively, creators can apply printed stickers directly to the acrylic welcome sign, which might be more budget-friendly. 

Another method, which is very popular on the website Etsy, is a hand-painted option. Creators use an acrylic base and paint personalized lettering in rose gold or custom color. 

Acrylic signs are growing in popularity, so it is an excellent option for a modern wedding welcome sign if you want a different color or different vibe. 

This type of welcome sign is the most versatile and can be very affordable. Due to the increased popularity of acrylic wedding signs, many venues now offer access to easels as part of the venue’s basic package.

Rustic Wood Wedding Welcome Sign 

Wedding Welcome Sign

Our wooden wedding welcome signs come personalized with your names and wedding date. 

Including reclaimed wood or driftwood in decorations is a budget-friendly and trendy way to introduce personality and enchantment for a beach wedding.

The bride and groom can have a date day on the beach, or multiple trips, to collect the driftwood themselves. Not only is this a fun way to spend time together, but this type of fun welcome sign is also a good option for do-it-yourselfers. 

A rustic driftwood sign can also point guests in multiple directions: where the ceremony will be held, the cocktail hour, the reception, and the getaway car! 

Collecting driftwood to use for your wedding is a memory that you can cherish for years, and the driftwood used for the sign can be easily repurposed as home décor after the ceremony. 

Changeable Letter Board

Felt Letter Board

Gray Felt Letter Boards 10 x 10 Inches, Luxuriously soft announcement boards with letters is made from sustainable polyester.

This awesome option will add some spice to your big day! Letterboard signs are reminiscent of academia and scholarly pursuits, so if your wedding vibe is one of a whole library, complete with old book smells, then a traditional letterboard sign could be a great addition. 

Usually, a black background with press-in white letters, a changeable board like this will allow you to add lots of information in a small space and keep a tidy appearance. Many people have started using letter boards in home décor settings, so their availability is skyrocketing, and their diversity is ever-increasing. 

For instance, different letter fonts are now available for pressing into letter boards! Using a different font can affect the entire aesthetic of the welcome sign. 

Not only can you use a letter board for your wedding welcome sign, but you can also use it for parties and events for years to come. 

What’s more, letter boards are now available in various colors and sizes, so it will be simple to incorporate this type of design into your wedding day aesthetic. 

Rustic Welcome Sign With Custom Painting

Large Wedding Pallet for Wedding Ceremony

Our standard pallet has 6 lines or 9 lines of personalisation.

Mike’s Fine Designs on Etsy will create a beautiful personalized upcycled welcome sign for you. Wood pallets are available at every home improvement store across the country and are often free if you are feeling more DIY!

If your wedding venue covers an ample space, then painting a hand-lettered welcome sign on a wood pallet might be a good idea. A more prominent welcome sign will catch your guests’ attention from a distance and help your guests navigate a large space. 

For example, if you are getting married in a rural farmhouse or barn, parking might be on one side of the property while the ceremony is on the other. Having multiple large hand-painted welcome signs made of wood pallets can help streamline traffic and make your guests feel confident as they approach your venue. 

Painting lettering yourself can help with budget constraints, or if you would like professional lettering on the wood pallet, hiring an artist – like Mike from Etsy – is a great option. 

Free wood pallets are multi-functional and can be used to tie the welcome sign with other design elements throughout your wedding. For instance, filling a wood pallet with plants or flowers can be a great photo wall background or added floral decor to a reception area. 

Welcome Sign and Timeline with Icons

Welcome Sign and Timeline with Wedding Day Icons

This listing is an Instant download digital file for you to edit right in your web browser with Templett after purchase.

Endearing Paperies on Etsy uses icons to create a unique wedding day timeline on your welcome sign. Using pictures to convey information is an excellent option for a wedding welcome sign. 

Icons across the sign present a novel and interesting visual schedule of events, like the wedding ceremony, dinner, dancing, and departure.

Using familiar images allows a couple to add more information about their big day to a singular sign. Furthermore, graphic designers are skilled at developing new takes on icons, so no matter the theme of your wedding, an icon board can help you pick what would work best with your vision. 

Wedding iconography can include tiered cakes, floral bouquets, high heel shoes, or even dogs wearing bow ties! Couples can either hire an artist to create the entire welcome sign or purchase just the icons to save money. 

However, you or someone you know would be responsible for placing the icons and constructing the wedding sign. 

Chalkboard Wedding Reception Sign 

Rustic Menu Display for Restaurant

The oversal size is approx 22 by 40 Inch which is perfect for share dual-messages indoors or outdoors,or put outside your store, pub, or cafe.

A sandwich board is a great way to offer a stand-alone welcome message to your guests. Couples have various options if choosing to use a chalk sandwich board.

First, you can purchase the chalk sandwich board from many retailers like Amazon or Hobby Lobby. Then you could use it for the wedding and also for other events moving forward. 

Second, you could purchase the sandwich board and hire an artist to write your welcome sign message in a particular style or font. While some artists might use chalk, others use something more permanent – like paint – so your board will be a wedding keepsake. 

Finally, you could purchase an already completed sandwich board welcome sign from Etsy, which connects artists with clients who want specific items. 

Finding a pre-made welcome sign can undoubtedly relieve the stress of crafting before the big day! 

Mirrored Acrylic Welcome Wedding Sign

Mirrored Acrylic Welcome Wedding Sign

Our high quality inspirational vinyl decal "Welcome To Our Beginning" adhesive design comes in 19 inches by 24 inches.

Suppose your venue is amongst sprawling green hills, a lush forest, or a purple, misty mountain. In that case, utilizing the natural landscape to highlight the welcome sign is an exciting and excellent idea. 

This premade mirror from Amazon is perfect for just that!

Brides can also attempt to DIY the look. The best place to find large mirrors with unique frames is thrift shops. 

In preparation for your wedding day, having fun thrifting dates with your partner is an excellent way to add some fun to what can be a stressful planning process. 

Another option when searching for the perfect mirror is scouring estate sales. Often when older homes are being cleared, mirrors are tossed in the rubble. Finding and visiting estate sales is also a great date idea. 

Additionally, if you find a frame that you really like, it is possible to have a mirror cut to fit the frame – with so many options, mirrors are practical and versatile. 

Once you have found the perfect piece, use paint pens, purchase custom stickers, or hire an artist to inscribe your welcome greetings. Furthermore, you can have the mirror etched with the wedding welcome information for a classy and long-lasting option. 

Illustrated Portrait Wedding Welcome Sign

Wedding Welcome Sign or Guestbook Alternative

Digital File - High Resolution Digital File to print where you like.

Blush and Bloom Paper Co. on Etsy offers a wonderful, personalized painted welcome sign for you and your partner – and you can even include pets! 

You have taken beautiful engagement pictures – use them! Ordering a large print of your favorite engagement photo of you on a canvas then adding words of welcome to the bottom is a great way to greet your guests. 

If you are not into using an actual photograph of yourself, many graphic designers can create cartoon versions of you and your partner for a hand-written welcome sign. This type of drawing can bring fun and show personality in the welcome message. 

Additionally, when you are drawn as a cartoon, you can add your favorite things like pets or hobbies to the picture. It is fun and will be intriguing for your guests to see. 

You can also use an illustrated portrait as a guest book! Displaying the portrait as a welcome to your guests and asking them to sign their names is a fun and creative way to engage guests from the beginning and to show your personalities. 

Buying Tips

As you are deciding which welcome sign will best suit your needs, a few considerations are necessary. 

First, determine how much money you plan to spend on a wedding welcome sign. The cost of signs can vary immensely. 

For instance, you might spend ten dollars for wood pallets and paint supplies or one hundred dollars on an etched acrylic customized sign. Working within your budget is critical to ensure that your wedding is everything you want. 

Second, decide what you would like your welcome sign to say. 

While that might seem intuitive, remember that you’ll need a more spacious sign if you would like additional information like directions to the ceremony or a timeline of the wedding events. Welcome sign size can impact costs, so be sure to know what you want from the beginning, so you do not buy something outside of your budget or plan. 

Finally, find something that makes you happy! 

It is your big day, so every choice should focus on your dream for this special day. Buying a welcome sign for your wedding day is a great way to set the tone for the event and make your guests and family feel comfortable.

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