25 Beautiful Wedding Candle Centerpieces For A Romantic Look

An important focal point, your wedding centerpieces not only set the mood of the event, but they tie your theme together and elevate your reception space, so choose wisely! 

While floral arrangements continue to be a popular option, there are other types of centerpieces you might like to explore.

Wedding candle centerpieces, for example, are a modern take that will add a touch of romance and sophistication to any tablescape!

Take a look at these brilliant wedding candle centerpieces ideas…

Geometric Terrarium Wedding Table Decor

Geometric Terrarium Wedding Table Decor

Gorgeous cube terrariums with gold trim! These are perfect for airplants, succulents, table top decor or as a standalone piece! These make wonderful centerpieces that your guests will love to take home! 

These small centerpieces use a design that is reminiscent of the planters we often see for succulents or air plants.

Using them as candle holders will make your reception feel more modern.

Flameless Timer LED Flickering Candle

Flameless Taper Candles

 Our moving flame taper candles made of unscented white colored wax, looks and feels like a real candle. You will be definitely impressed by the amazing effect of a life-like flickering warm white flame.

For those worried about safety, LED candles are a great alternative to the real thing.

Plus, you can use the timer feature to have them light up by themselves as the guests find their seats!

Personalized Wooden Candle Holder

Personalized Wooden Candle Holder

Personalized engraved wooden candle holder with custom names. These 2 candle holders can stand beside each other, or they can be used separately.

We love the rustic feel of these centerpieces.

Have them engraved to match your overall theme and turn them into a fun keepsake for your guests!

Unscented Floating Candles

2" inch Set of 12 White OR Ivory Floating Candle

This listing is for a set of 12 White or Ivory Floating Candle only. Unscented. Will burn up to 6 hours. Beautiful as an accent piece for your special event.

If you’re planning a backyard or tented wedding, then look no further!

These floating candles will fit your theme to a T. Consider floating them in mason jars and decorate with twine. 

Gold Votive Candle Holders

Gold Votive Candle Holders

These are perfect for your wedding centerpieces for candle holders, the Gold is exquisite with a warm yellow gold LED.

These small candle holders are the perfect addition if you’re going for a soft and romantic feel.

The gold finish will certainly create some interesting light effects once the candles burn.

Tall Rustic White Candles

Tall Rustic White Candle or Floral Centerpiece

This set of candle holders features a shabby chic style, glass votives and three varied heights. Place all three together for an elegant centerpiece or space them out to provide a little light along each table.

Combine these tall rustic holders with a flower arrangement for a natural look, or emphasize the shabby-chic effect by pairing them with reclaimed objects.

Real Wax Flameless Candles

Pottery Barn Premium Flicker Flameless Wax Votive Candle

Enjoy the warm glow of natural candlelight completely worry-free. The perfect option for family-friendly spaces or an outdoor gathering, our Premium Flickering Flameless Wax Votive Candles create a stunning effect.

Flameless candles are an alternative and safe option for indoor venues.

We like these LED candles because they use real wax and look just like the real thing. Plus, the birch design will work well with natural themes and soft color palettes.

White Lotus Floating Candles

White Lotus Floating Candles

These LOTUS candles ~ FLOAT ~ Make a dynamic floating floral centerpiece for weddings, special celebrations and holidays. Ready to deLIGHT your next bath. A natural and eco friendly treasure for holiday gifting.

Wedding candle centerpieces don’t have to replace traditional flower arrangements!

Why not combine the two trends with these serene white lotus? They make beautiful candle wedding favors too! 

Wood Candle Lantern Centerpieces

Bulk Wedding Lantern Centerpiece

 These candleholders are wood. Faux flame candles are recommended.

These centerpieces are ideal for larger reception tables.

We love the way the lantern design frames the candles while creating a protective box around the open flames.

Tealight Candle Holders

Tealight Candle Holders

Add a modern/industrial twist to an event or to your home! Handmade with concrete and finished by hand. Due to the nature of concrete, expect a few bubbles. 

These small candle holders use geometric shapes to add a touch of class and modernity to your wedding.

Give them away as wedding favors so guests can reuse them as cute succulent planters!

Love Lantern Wood and Glass Candle Holder

Love Lantern Wood and Glass Candle Holder

So taking my cue from the "summer of love" I chose some paisley and little bursts and then finished the letters with tiny cuts creating a sort of hand-stitched detail that is really very sweet. 

This love lantern uses an intricate cutout design.

We love that it will create a diffuse and intimate effect since guests won’t look at the open flame directly. We recommend it for a statement piece on a large table!

Wine Bottle Candle

Wine Bottle Candle

Each candle is made from an up-cycled bottle, mostly wine bottles. Each bottle has been washed, cut, and carefully sanded. Soy wax and different essential oils help to bring new life to these bottles that would have otherwise been thrown away.

These reclaimed candle holders are fun and original.

They use the lower portion of old wine bottles and would make a fun addition to a relaxed outdoor wedding. Pick a different wine bottle and essential oil for each table.

Geometric Gold Lanterns

Gold Hanging Lanterns

A perfect modern detail to add to your wedding décor, this large gold geometric hanging tea light holder is totally on trend. Constructed of sturdy gold wire, this versatile hanging holder makes a stunning centerpiece element.

Using small votives creates a sophisticated effect, but it can be easy to have guests overlook them

This hanging candle holder is the perfect remedy. It will stand out with its geometric design and make smaller flames a lot more noticeable.

Mirrored Candle Holder Centerpiece

Mirrored Candle Holder Centerpiece

This item is made to give it that aged antique look. It has unique patina to give that rustic charm.

These handmade centerpieces use the natural beauty of wood.

Besides showcasing the rich grain of the wood, it also has a mirrored effect that will reflect open flames for a warm atmosphere.

Tall Black & Gold Candle Holder Centerpiece

Tall Black & Gold Candle Holder Centerpiece

Finished in a classic black with gold interior accents that give it a modern appeal, the curved wire walls of the geometric candle holder’s openwork structure casts candlelight in a unique fashion. 

These centerpieces make a statement with their black and gold color pattern.

The colors evoke luxury, and the caged design will shield guests from open flames.

We also like the fact that these holders have small handles so guests can safely move them out of the way if needed.

Brass Candelabra

Vintage Brass Candelabra

Vintage brass candelabra that holds 4 tapered candlesticks in an elegant scroll style. Nice patina. There's one tarnished spot as shown in the photos. Dimensions: 4 inches tall and about 8.5 inches wide.

For a vintage effect, think about adorning your reception tables with some candelabras.

We think these would look beautiful amongst romantic flowers like roses, for a real statement piece. 

Farmhouse Lantern Centerpiece

Round Lantern Candle Holder

This file is designed to be cut out of 1/4" (.20in.) PureBond Plywood. If you choose to use 1/8" you will need to adjust support holes and slots. This design will fit on 1 sheet of 12"x19". 

Are you planning a DIY wedding?

You can download the digital files for these laser cutout farmhouse lanterns and make them yourself. Feel free to play with colors and customize them!

Handmade Crystal Candle Holder

Handmade Crystal Candle Holder

Add a touch of glam to your home decor with these stunning crystal candle holders handmade with delicate detailing, making it a perfectly subtle design accent for your home or to complement someone’s abode.

These delicate holders will look just right if you’re planning a boho wedding.

Luxurious and glam, we also like the texture of the crystal that perfectly reflects the light.

Concrete and Green Glass Tealight

Green Glass and Gray Concrete Tealight Candle Holder

A hand-cast concrete candle holder for use with tealight candles. Pieces of broken green glass are intermixed with the gray pigmented concrete to allow the light to shine through. The candleholder is finished with polyurethane for easy maintenance.

This concrete and glass candle holder is a one-of-a-kind modern centerpiece that is sure to be the talk of the party! 

We like the mix of green glass that evokes nature and contemporary concrete.

Mix and match different materials to create a unique effect!

Crochet Table Centerpieces

Crochet Table Centerpieces

The crochet candle holders are wonderful handmade products hand-crocheted of cotton thread.

These elegant crochet table centerpieces can fit small votive candles.

The delicate crochet design will match a rustic-themed wedding, and the crochet will cast some interesting shadows as the evening progresses.

Sand and Seashell Candle Holders

Sand and Seashell Candle Holders

Each candleholder contains beach sand and a handful of shells sealed within the glass. Jute accents and a decorative candle are added to make each candleholder set unique.

These candle holders are fun and playful.

Wine glasses are turned upside down to make a unique candlestick filled with sand and seashells; the perfect centerpiece for a beach wedding!

Why not steal some inspiration from this idea and create some fun DIY centerpieces filled with different elements?!

White Candle Sand

White Candle Sand

Pour your wax into any type of vessel of your choice, add your wick and light!

Don’t see any centerpieces that match your theme on this list? Don’t worry, you can make your own with this candle sand!

All you have to do is pour the sand into a vessel of your choice and add a wick.

This fun DIY project will help you incorporate a wide range of reclaimed items into your reception. Why not even use a different item for each table?

Wood Candle Holders With Wooden Heart Shape

Wood Candle Holders With Wooden Heart Shape

Wood candle holders. Beautiful heart candle holder. These 2 candle holders can stand beside each other, or they can be used separately.

These wood candle holders stand out thanks to their heart cutout design.

We love that this romantic centerpiece represents love whilst using a material that will work with a rustic or natural theme.

Mint Taper Candles

Green Taper Candle Mint Taper Candles

Each taper candle is scented with hints of sweet and floral notes with one wick at the top. When lighting the candle, we highly recommend trimming the wick to less than 5mm.

The delicate scent of these mint candlesticks will definitely set the mood for your reception!

We like the idea of using green instead of the traditional white to add a splash of color to your reception tables. Plus, the green color almost mimics a flower arrangement.

Tall Geo Candle or Floral Centerpiece

Tall Geo Candle or Floral Centerpiece

A perfect modern detail to add to your wedding décor, this tall gold geometric centerpiece or candle holder is totally on trend. Constructed of sturdy gold wire, this versatile prism shaped beauty makes a stunning centerpiece. 

This piece is a versatile option. It’s a geometric holder that you can use to house a candle or a small arrangement of flowers.

The geometric lines and metallic accents will add a touch of modernity to your wedding decor, and you can easily personalize them with other elements of your choice.

Your Guide to Selecting Wedding Candle Centerpieces

The centerpieces you choose should match the theme and color palette of your event, but there are a few additional considerations if you’re considering centerpieces with candles.

Table Size

Small votive candles won’t quite make the splash you were hoping for if you display them on large tables.

Instead, opt for larger statement pieces with a bit of height like pillar candles. Or add flowers to make more of an impact. 

Lighting Sources

It’s important to consider the different light sources in your venue. Your candle centerpieces will add a soft glow, but watch out for light sources that could overpower them.

Avoid candle centerpieces for an outdoor reception that will take place in the daytime. You should also avoid light sources placed directly above the tables so the candles can stand out more.

Scented or Unscented?

Scented anything is a win in our book but don’t overdo the potency!

While a beautiful scent can certainly contribute to the atmosphere of your wedding, keep in mind that some of your guests might be sensitive to smells!

Open Flames or Flameless Candles?

There are some obvious safety considerations when using candles at your wedding.

We recommend candle holders that shield the guests from open flames, especially if they’re likely to reach over the table.

You should also check with your venue and make sure they allow candles!

Practical Considerations

Don’t forget to plan for lighting the candles, if possible before the guests take their seats. You should also look for holders that will catch any wax drippings.

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