17 Awesome Black and Gold Wedding Centerpieces

Black and gold is a classic color combination, and for good reason. It’s mysterious yet regal, but also very reminiscent of the Great Gatsby, Roaring 20s, and of course, the iconic Art Deco style.

No matter what your wedding theme – whether it’s a cut-a-rug fun 1920s themed wedding or a midnight masquerade ball – we’ve put together a list of black and gold wedding centerpieces for you. 

Hopefully, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for from our list!

Black and Gold Kissing Ball on Gold Stand

GOLD and BLACK Flower Ball

These look amazing hanging from branches, hooks, chairs in your ceremony and reception, table centerpiece, for your Flower Girl, Bridesmaid, Bridal Shower or Engagement Party.

Kissing balls are a traditional decoration, but this black and gold one is modern because of the stunning color combination.

The neat circle shape gives it a look that’s modern and sleek. A bold choice for the bride who knows exactly what she wants.

Black and Gold Mason Jar Vase

Black and Gold Mason Jars

The jars can be used as flower vases or for general storage. All jars are sealed. 

This onyx mason jar wedding centerpiece vase fades upward from black into a beautiful metallic gold, complete with gold glitter that will catch the light and reflect it back.

You can top this black and gold wedding centerpiece with any color palette you want. Our recommendation would be white flowers to continue the most classic color combination – black and white and gold? Can you say elegance?

Black and Gold Ribbons around Pillar Candle

Black Gold Tone Ribbon Candle Ring

Handmade; measures approximately 10-11”; inner ring diameter approx.: 3.35-3.5”, contains a variety of ribbons.

If you or your fiancé have allergies to flowers and/or greenery, there are other options to choose from. Take this black and gold ribbon candle ring for example. 

Place the candle ring around a simple pillar candle, or even around a pillar candle with a fun design, and you’re done with your black and gold wedding centerpiece!

Black Roses on Gold Stand with Hanging Crystals

This is a stunning black and gold wedding centerpiece! We might even say it’s our favorite feature on the list!

From the opulent black roses, and the gold stand they’re sitting on, to the beautifully cut crystals hanging delicately from the stand, this black and gold wedding centerpiece is sure to wow your guests with its chic and luxurious look. 

Black and Gold Geometric Hoop with Hanging Candle

Black and Gold Geometric Hoop

Each completed piece includes a black floral hoop secured on a black wooden base with a suspended gold geometric candle holder and a natural pine wood bead

This black and gold geometric wedding centerpiece definitely makes a statement, without being overwhelming! We love how the gold candleholder is hanging from a black hoop over a bunch of greenery and a large black flower.

It’s a modern, yet charming design for a wedding centerpiece, and will suit pretty much any wedding theme you can think of.

Black and Gold Mini Pinwheels Wedding Centerpiece

Gold and Black Wedding Party Favor

These are perfect for favors, cake/cupcake toppers escort cards. The possibilities are endless! They actually SPIN too!

Pinwheels are fun and pretty – they look like flowers, but they’re also toys! This funky combination means they’re perfect to use at weddings as part of the decor, accessories, flower set up and even centerpieces.

You can place these little delights in a floral arrangement for a fun accent, or use them as flowers among a bunch of greenery. They’re great for outdoor weddings, especially, because they’ll spin whenever there’s a breeze!

Black Ostrich Feathers and Gold Mask Centerpiece

The 1920s was a time of The Great Gatsby, bob hairstyles, feathers, flappers, and a whole lot of sparkles! And then there’s the Art Deco movement, A great way to play up an Art Deco theme is to use ostrich feathers.

These are a great option for those who can’t or don’t want flowers in their wedding centerpieces, because they’re lavish and lush.

Black Books with Gold Lettering

Black Decorative Books With Gold Lettering

These charming books will add personality and style to your shelf, bookshelves, coffee table, or nightstand. 

A really clever and unique centerpiece option is to use books… especially if you and your soon-to-be-hubby are serial bibliophiles.

To create the effect, simply remove the jackets to show the hardcovers with black and lettering. Place them under a vase, or stack them against the table number – the possibilities are endless!

Black, White, and Fuchsia Rose Flower Arrangement

BLACK WHITE & FUCHSIA Rose Arrangement

 Enjoy the the look and feel of real roses that do not fade or lose shape over time.

This arrangement with black, white and fuchsia-colored roses brings a nice pop of color to the overall theme.

The thing we love most about this black and gold wedding centerpiece is the crystal in the gold stand where it’s sitting. It ties in beautifully to the cut crystals that hang from the area below the roses.

Black and Gold Pumpkins

Handblown Gold Metallic Black Pumpkin

Each handblown pumpkin has a iridescent stem with hints of amber, purple, gold, and silver.

Perfect for autumn or Halloween weddings, these black and gold painted pumpkins add a bit of quirkiness to the decor, while still keeping it classy and tasteful.

With their base of black paint and covered in splatters of ivory paint and an overlay of gold metallic crackling paint, these mini pumpkins are the stuff of glam-goth dreams!

Black Feathers in Gold Vase

For centerpieces that make a statement, look no further than feathers! They’re an excellent alternative to flowers and are friendly on the budget.

We love these lush black ostrich feathers in their jeweled gold vase – we especially love the way the feathers drape over the sides of the vase. The effect will make it so that your guests feel they’re in an intimate or exclusive space – perfect for VIPs!

Black and Gold Paper Roses in Gold Vase

Centerpieces Black Gold Paper Flowers Roses

Paper flowers are perfect for easy weddings , parties or other event set ups as don`t require water and is easy to transport.

These black and gold roses look almost real, but don’t let them fool you – they’re made from paper, which means they’re recyclable!

We love how they can be the main piece of a black and gold wedding centerpiece, or if you prefer, a smaller accent piece at the reception table. Either way, you use them, they’ll fit perfectly with any black and gold theme!

Give them to your guests, or keep a few for your memory box as a reminder of your special day.

Black, Gold, and Ivory Floral Wedding Centerpiece

Black Wedding Statement Centerpiece

Black Wedding Statement Centerpiece with Trailing Amaranth & Black Pampas Grass

A more subtle example of the black and gold wedding centerpieces is this bouquet of pampas grass and dried flowers.

The black pampas grass gives a similar lush vibe that ostrich feathers do, while the dried ivory flowers look almost gold in some places. We love how dainty, yet dark it looks – very vintage, Victorian gothic! 

Black and Gold Roses Wedding Centerpiece

Black Gold Paper Flowers Centerpieces

You can place it on a vase or cup holder,basket or directly on the table.

We love the drama of these oversized paper roses! They’re black and gold, but we love how the lines between those two colors seem to blur and shift every time they move.

For a bold statement that’s dramatic and elegant, try these gorgeous paper roses in black and gold. 

Black, Gold, and Ivory Pampas Grass Centerpiece

Similar to the other dried flowers on this list, these black and ivory pampas grass arrangements are absolutely beautiful.

Using a bouquet like this dried flower bouquet is a subtle way to include a black and gold wedding color theme into your wedding centerpieces.

Black and Gold Candlesticks

Black and Gold Candlesticks

Traditional yet contemporary best defines these beautiful black and gold candlesticks. They are graceful and tall, while maintaining a sleek and modest decor. 

If you want to use black and gold more as an accent than as the main attraction in your wedding centerpieces, these black and gold candlesticks could be the answer.

They’re a beautiful play on the traditional candlestick design – perfect for the bride who loves tradition with a twist!

Art Deco Printable Luminaries

Art Deco Printable Luminaries Set

Set of 3 printable Prohibition Era candle wrapper files for DIY luminaries. Ready to download and print, cut, wrap, and glue. 

These Art Deco-style luminaries are ready for you to print after purchase! Can’t you just see their design looking at home in Jay Gatsby’s Long Island mansion, or an Art Deco era theater? Well, we certainly can!

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