Awesome Ideas for Square Wedding Cakes to Wow Your Guests

Growing in popularity, wedding experts and brides-in-the-know are opting for square wedding cakes instead of the traditional round cake.

With clean lines and sharp angles, a square wedding cake instantly gives your special day a more updated and contemporary look.

Taking center stage, the cake has become an essential part of a wedding celebration and is no longer just “nice-to-have,” but rather more of a “got-to-have.”

So, to make sure you leave a lasting impression on your guests, we suggest you toss out the round cake tins and find out why it’s hip to be square!

Dress It Up

Whether it’s ruffles, lace, or colors, we love the idea of a bride using her wedding dress as inspiration for her square cake.

Cake designers who know their stuff will be able to come up with creative ways to incorporate the most intricate details from your dress into your cake, but here are a few of our favorite ideas…


Show off the delicate embroidery details from your wedding dress on your cake. Use color-coordinated sugar flowers to recreate the look.


Creating a lace pattern in fondant is a clever, yet really simple way to replicate the lacework from your wedding dress. This looks particularly fantastic on the base of a square-tiered cake.


Add movement to your cake with ruffles inspired by your dress. A small, and often overlooked, detail like this adds a playful and unique look to a traditional white wedding cake.


Although wearing a white wedding dress is a long-standing tradition, some brides are opting for other colors.

Blue, blush pink, gold, red, black, and ombre gowns are the most popular choices, as well as dresses with florals. Clever cake designers will be able to create a work of art using the color (or colors) of your gown.

Play With Shape

Can’t decide on a round or square wedding cake? Why not mix it up with both? Here are a few ideas we think you’ll like…

Round and Square Tiered Wedding Cakes

Create a contemporary masterpiece with a round and square-tiered wedding cake.

We suggest starting with a square base and building up from there. Two or three tiers work especially well with this idea.

Square Groom’s Cake

For couples who can’t agree on the flavor or shape of their wedding cake, here’s an idea – why not serve two cakes?

A trend that’s becoming more popular in 2022 is a square groom’s cake. Not only does he get to feel as special as the bride, but guests are also treated to two delicious cakes!

Square Wedding Cakes and Geometric Shapes

BalsaCircle Gold 19 in Geometric Hexagon Wood

Featuring a geometric metal arch, this cake stand will help to create a striking look for your dessert tables.

Another way to include different shapes in your wedding cake is with metallic frames.

Whether it’s a floral hoop or a wooden stand with a hexagonal-shaped gold frame, it’s an effective way to add an interesting visual element to your square cake.

Tiered and Tested

Modern square wedding cakes are all about tiers! Ask your cake designer to “stack ’em up and stack ’em high” for a truly magnificent work of art.

Show off the tiers with a naked wedding cake, incorporating different colors or textures or placing the layers at varying angles.

Use Cake Stackers

Cake Pedestal Acrylic

This business is based off of planters but a clear acrylic box is a clear acrylic box and it makes for a beautiful modern new look for a wedding cake riser!

If cost is an issue, you could use a clear resin or acrylic cake stacker to add height to your square cake.

Fill it with coordinating flowers from your bouquet to add a touch of romance.

Create Height With Negative Space

Metallic Square and Rectangle Cake separator

With its unrivalled, seamless mirror finish and choice of colour, our spacers are extremely strong with the ability to support even the heaviest of your creations.

Another option that we love is creating height using negative space.

To achieve this effect, we suggest using a metallic square and rectangle cake separator. With minimum effort and at no extra cost, your two-tier square cake quickly, and easily becomes a three or four-tiered masterpiece!

Get Inspired By Your Theme or Venue

There’s a good chance you’ve chosen your theme or venue because it has significant meaning to you, so why not use this as inspiration for your cake?

Rustic Square Wedding Cakes

If you’re planning a rustic or boho wedding, look to nature for inspiration!

Add cascading flowers, greenery, or fresh fruit to your cake. After all, the square shape gives you plenty of space to fill without overdoing things.

Concrete Square Wedding Cakes

City slickers, take note! It’s not only Mother Nature that inspires wedding cakes. 

Concrete-inspired cakes are all the rage and add a quirky and modern twist to the traditional wedding cake. Spruce it up with fresh blooms, succulents, edible gold foil, or chocolate shards.

Art Deco Square Wedding Cakes

Art deco-inspired weddings, have and always will be, a popular theme for couples.

Take inspiration from this era with classic color combinations such as black, white, and gold. Use loads of geometric shapes or add feathers, pearls, and sugar flapper-style tassels to a simple and modern wedding cake design.

It’s All in the Presentation

Dessert stations or buffets with cupcakes, donuts, and macarons are always a hit, especially for the young, and young at heart.

But for a different take, why not serve up your favorite (round) sweet treats on square-shaped display stands and walls?

Serve Cupcakes on Square Nesting Dessert Risers

MyGift Modern Tabletop Square Dessert Stand Risers

Varying heights and sizes create a visually stimulating display for any culinary creations or merchandise placed on them.

We think these square nesting dessert risers are perfect for displaying cupcakes. They can be used on their own or tiered to create a more striking effect.

To take it up a notch, decorate your cupcakes with accents from your dress, your bouquet, or the overall theme.

Tiered Macarons

Square Macaron Tower

Our products are handmade, and we use genuine wood.

Mad about macarons, but not sure how to display them in a slick and modern way? Why not get creative with a tiered macaron tower!

Tip: Use one with detachable tiers so you can create different heights easily and effectively.

Dish Out Donuts From a Wall

We’ve never met a donut we didn’t like, and chances are your guests agree!

Rather than just placing them on a plate, use a donut wall to display your tasty treats and provide guests with a taste sensation.

All Your Questions About Wedding Cakes Answered

Is There a Traditional Flavored Cake?

In the past, a fruit cake was considered to be a traditional wedding cake. Today, however, there are no hard or fast rules, and brides and grooms are getting increasingly creative with flavors and texture combinations. 

What Style of Cake Is Best?

There’s no such thing as the “best” style, but what we do suggest is incorporating it into your overall theme.

A rustic cake, for example, will look gorgeous in an outdoor setting or a barnyard wedding. It would probably look out of place at a formal reception though. Choose the style after you’ve confirmed a theme or color palette and venue.

How Much Should We Spend on Our Cake?

Weddings overall can be expensive, and costs can quickly get out of hand.

We suggest that you discuss your budget with your baker and stick to it. In our experience, quality isn’t always equal to the price!

How Big Should the Cake Be?

The number of guests attending the wedding usually determines how big the cake needs to be.

Having said that, if you like the idea of a multi-tiered cake that takes center stage, but don’t have enough guests to justify the cost, you could use cake separators or styrofoam layers to add height.

Buttercream or Fondant?

Good question! While it comes down to your personal preference, you also need to keep the weather in mind. Buttercream icing won’t hold up very well at a beach or summer wedding!

Discuss the details of your wedding, including the date and location, with your baker to make an informed decision.

Do We Have to Have a Cake Topper?

We can’t stress enough that this is your special day, and you make the rules!

You don’t have to have a cake topper, but they do add a personal touch and finish your wedding cake off nicely.

With so many options to choose from, including custom-made possibilities, you’re bound to find one you love!

Who Delivers and Sets the Cake Up?

To save you time and a lot of stress, it’s a good idea to ask whoever’s making the cake to deliver it and set it up.

If it’s a professional service, they’ll have the necessary packaging (and experience) to get your cake to the venue safely and put together correctly.

Is a Wedding Cake Essential?

If you don’t want to serve a cake at all, then there are endless wedding dessert alternatives to explore!

Couples are getting creative with sweet treats, and we’re seeing everything from donuts, cupcakes, and macarons being served. Speak to your baker about ideas for possible options. 

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