30 Luxurious and Affordable Coaster Wedding Favors

What is laser-cut or leatherette, glass, wood, or has the look of gold agate?

If you said a coaster, you’re right, and it’s one of the most popular favors given out at weddings!

Coaster wedding favors range from super-special and unique to fun and budget-friendly, and guests especially love them because they serve a really useful purpose for a good long time.

Besides, they’re a great reminder of your special day!

We enjoyed bringing you info and inspo on coasters because so many choices are available. So let’s coast right into this. Enjoy!

Bring on the Bulk Wedding Coasters

Circle, square, glossy, or matte? Your bulk coaster wishes come true with this selection!

The materials used include a cork backing or a hardboard finish. Personalize this coaster with your wedding details or maybe even some custom artwork! 

An Espresso Coaster for Coffee

These Baltic birch plywood coasters have a good diameter (3.5 inches) and a nice thickness to absorb the condensation from beer bottles or wine glasses; a beautiful table saver for your guests!

Your wedding details are laser-engraved onto these chic little coaster dishes. We like the availability of colors here, including Natural, Creamy White, Caramel, or our favorite in this selection, a rich Espresso.

Some brides have added magnets onto the back of these coasters for a dual-purpose party favor. What an excellent idea!

Beautiful Birchwood Coaster Wedding Favor

Do you want an affordable wedding favor and a designer to help you with the concept? Look no further because this selection offers 3.5″ diameter coasters cut from genuine Baltic birchwood and a crafter who’s ready to incorporate your ideas!

Stop in the Name of This Coaster Wedding Favor

We love the hexagon “stop sign” shape in a coaster, and your guests will stop to love these personalized wedding favors from you!

The hexagon effect continues with the laser engraving, and the floral details make it even more eye-catching.

All color choices have their appeal, but the white is outstanding and highlights the unique design.

Affordable Acrylic Makes Awesome Coaster Favor

Acrylic is an affordable and durable material, and this selection proves that acrylic is equally beautiful and worthy of your wedding favors.

What makes these 3″ diameter coasters exceptional is the process of UV printing. Images and text (including your personalized message and design) are printed on the acrylic and immediately dried with a UV light. This process ensures the images on your coasters stay sharp with breathtaking definition.

Custom Cork Coasters for Your Wedding Favors

Disclaimer: we’re always on a mission to learn stuff here at Wedding Pioneer, and we discovered some fun facts about cork that we’d love to pass on to you!

Natural, sustainable cork is durable, and it’s also naturally absorbent and dries out quickly after use. In addition, cork is non-abrasive, so it won’t scratch wood surfaces or leave those telltale blotches on granite countertops. What’s more, its absorbency adds a grip, so it stays put under glassware, bottles, or mugs.

We also found out that cork doesn’t attract dust, which impressed us the most since we spend so much time chasing down the dust bunnies around here!!

So when we saw these gorgeous, customizable cork coasters, we were delighted. You’ve got a choice of shapes and six design options, and here’s the music to our ears: the price on these wedding favors gets discounted on bulk orders!

Wedding Coaster Favors in Gorgeous Glass at Great Price

Do you like the sound of a silkscreened glassware wedding favor as much as we do?

These personalized coasters look elegant, and they’ll fit practically any wedding budget, especially if you’re looking for 150 pieces!

Your square coasters measure 3.5 inches in clear glass, and you have extensive choices of colors and designs to catch the spirit of your wedding day.

Silkscreening your text and images directly onto the glass surface gives the finished product a fantastic look. We also like those little rubber feet affixed to the bottom of every coaster, so there’s no slipping around on surfaces.

Magnificent Mango Wood and Acrylic Coaster Favors

These high-quality, laser-engraved mango wood and marble acrylic coasters will astound your guests.

They feature six designs as your base and either a round or hexagon shape. Whatever you choose, these favors are pure class.

It’s Your Best Day Ever Coaster Wedding Favor

We love what you get with this wedding favor: a solid, dishwasher-safe glass coaster with the best message silkscreened onto it for everyone to enjoy.

45 Ways to Customize Your Coaster Wedding Favors

These clear glass coaster wedding favors come in sets of 26, a good starting number, especially for bulk orders.

But the thing that sets this selection apart is the number of choices you get with text colors, everything from turquoise to dark blue, lilac, purple, pink, scarlet red, black, copper, gold, and more!

Your choices don’t end with the color of your personalized message, either. We love the 45 different messages to choose from, whether you’re planning a destination beach wedding or looking for beautiful affirmations.

Everything from cute sayings like “This Is Forever” or “So Happy Together” to timely messages for a seasonal wedding like “Fall in Love,” means you can customize to your heart’s content!

Glass Coaster Favors With Options Galore

These larger glass coasters look very distinctive with a simple black font. But if you want to add some bling, there are 49 different design options!

For example, there’s a “Love Is in Bloom” option in an exquisite violet-colored font with your wedding details (up to two lines of personalized text with 20 characters per line, including spaces and punctuation).

You can have a lot of fun designing your coaster wedding favors here!

Substantial (and Sustainable!) Wood Slice Coaster Favors

The story behind these coasters is pretty remarkable. Orders start between 75 to 100 solid slices of engraved Aspen wood, with a natural oil finish as an option.

Your coasters get harvested using sustainably-sourced wood from mountain forests in Northern New Mexico, and the craftspeople use solar energy to cut and engrave these beautiful wedding favors! Talk about eco-friendly appeal!

Super Cool Slate Coaster Wedding Favors

These extremely impressive slate stone coasters measure 4″ in diameter, and each coaster has bottom pads to prevent slippage.

The rough-cut edges have a natural and rustic appeal, and your guests will adore this special gift personalized with your wedding details.

Put Their Name on This Coaster Wedding Favor

For real individuality, these wedding favors take the cake.

Each guest has their name personalized on the coaster, making it a great choice for smaller gatherings or civil ceremonies!

Custom Image on Your Acrylic Wedding Coasters

This selection is also an acrylic base using UV printing to create exceptional designs. You can see the quality of the images on actual pictures sent in by happy buyers.

The seller encourages custom orders, and there are bulk prices for different quantities of coasters, making this an exceptional and hassle-free experience for any bride.

These Cork Coaster Wedding Favors Are All You

The seller describes these cork coasters as being handmade with love. We agree because the laser-engraved and personalized images they create for you look outstanding; the perfect addition to your wedding day. 

Wine Barrel Wedding Coaster Favor

Check out this selection if you’re leaning towards a cork coaster with an even more rustic look!

Your coaster design is customized and printed in-house with eco-friendly, water-based inks, and there are two choices for thickness. The finished product has a wine barrel effect that looks outstanding!

Laser and Leatherette Coaster Wedding Favor

Leatherette is a specialty fabric that looks and feels like genuine leather without the hefty price tag!

This synthetic fabric has a rich texture, and it’s durable and easy to clean. Laser-engraved images look sharp on these coasters, and the availability of colors will ensure a knockout gift for your guests. 

Golden Resin Coaster Favors With Pearly Shell Pieces 

These deluxe coasters resemble genuine agate, with a pearlized ivory finish, shell pieces, and gold accents.

You can personalize these very special tokens for your wedding guests to add to the effect.

When It’s Got To Be Real Agate Coaster Favors

A coaster made from genuine agate makes a jaw-dropping wedding favor that’s truly luxurious.

These stunning handcrafted items are all one-of-a-kind and feature high-quality stone and a gold-plated rim around the edges.

Cork and Ceramic Together in Coaster Wedding Favors

Hand-painted ceramic coasters with cork backing are like little works of art!

There’s a superb selection of colors and styles to create beautiful and functional wedding favors, and bulk pricing is available.

Fun Foil Coasters Are Great Wedding Favors

Here are round or square coaster wedding favors made of premium foiled pulpboard and featuring your personalized wedding details.

Choose from matte inks like charcoal, maroon, orange, kelly green, classic pink, or shiny inks like rose gold, copper, teal, lavender, or amethyst.

These look high-quality, and they’re an affordable bulk purchase.

Rose Gold Coaster Favors Are Instant Wedding Classics

We loved the look of this round acrylic coaster with its hexagon design and rose gold accents.

This seller works with bulk quantities (anything over 20 pieces), and they encourage you to present your ideas to create memorable wedding favors!

Finally, a Heart-Shaped Coaster Favor

Wow, are these coasters pretty or what!

The heart shape on white acrylic really stands out, and you can see the quality of the craftsmanship with the UV-printed image.

The seller specializes in bulk orders of over 20 pieces, and the price is definitely wedding budget-friendly.

Picture of You Wedding Coaster Favor

This coaster is so unique and classy because it’s all about you two!

The seller uses your photos to create this “from behind” UV-printed image on acrylic with your wedding details. What a cute idea!

Personalized Coaster Favor with Baby’s Breath Design

We found this two-coaster set interesting because of the way it gets created. The seller uses a different process called heat pressing and sublimation, and each piece is a nice size (4.25″ in length and width) with a cork backing.

This baby’s breath design is a real standout, and it’s customizable with your wedding details. In addition, the seller can arrange a discount price on bulk orders over 50 pieces, so keep that value-added information in mind!

Photo Coaster Is a Great Wedding Favor

You didn’t think we’d forget photo coasters, did you?

This selection is for four coasters in a circle or square shape and a matte or glossy finish. Why not include different photos to add variety? 

Wedding Coaster Favors for the Boho Couple

These coasters look sensational. We love the design, and there are many foil color choices!

Colorado Rockies Wedding Favor Coasters

Rocky Mountain wedding couples, here’s a gorgeous landscape on cork for you!

We like the color variations you can choose for the landscape in this design, so have fun choosing a look that suits your wedding color scheme and is most unique and personal to you.

Coaster Wedding Favors Made of Real Wood

Perfect for a rustic wedding, these solid, engraved wood coasters come in a circle or a square shape and are handmade from different types of wood, like light beech wood or a darker walnut.

This selection also conveniently offers you quality wedding favors in bulk. Check out the different designs in their online shop!

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