40 Spanish Wedding Songs That’ll Make Your Wedding Even More Magical

Who said that every aspect of planning your wedding has to be stressful? Putting together the music for the day might just be the most fun part of it!

It’s a good way to take your mind off dress fittings, menu selection, and picking the right centerpieces, so try to have as much fun as you can!

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate amor than with some música español. No matter where you come from, Spanish music is a guaranteed way to set a fun and exotic tone on your special day.

Can you think of anything more festive and romantic? We didn’t think so!

We know how different songs suit certain segments of the wedding experience. This is why we put together the ultimate playlist for your special day!

Here are 40 Spanish wedding songs that’ll make your wedding an unforgettable affair…

Spanish Wedding Songs

Here Comes the Bride – La Ceremonia Procesional

This is it. This is where it all begins. Your grand entrance should be treated as a big deal, so we brought you some Latin songs fit for the occasion!

“Lo Mejor de Mi Vida Eres Tú,” by Ricky Martin (feat. Natalie


This is one of the greatest love songs of our generation. Of course, you’ve swooned for Ricky Martin at some point in your life. Who hasn’t?

Ask your band or your DJ to play this song while you walk down the aisle. Your family and friends won’t forget it and we can’t think of anything more romantic!

“Amor Narcótico,” by Chichi Peralta and Jandy Feliz

The Dominican Republic’s sweetheart, Chichi Peralta is complemented by the soothing sounds of Jandy Feliz in this tune.

Just picture yourself walking down the aisle. Can you hear Peralta’s angelic voice? Then add it to your list!

“Pasos de Gigantes,” by Bacilos

Marriage is a big step, or you could say, “pasos de gigantes.”

The perfect mixture of love, romance, and happiness, this song ticks all the boxes for your opening ceremony

“Hoy,” by Gloria Estefan (Spanish Version)

What’s better than Gloria Estefan singing in English? Gloria Estefan singing in Spanish! This Cuban sensation will turn your wedding upside down.

Did you know she’s dubbed as the “Queen of Latin Pop”? Now you have more reasons to include her on your special day!

“Aventura,” by Abel Pintos and Marcela Morelo

Your wedding is a celebration of love, and this incredible song celebrates love like no other!

The soothing voice of Abel Pintos is mesmerizing. Combined with Argentinian diva, Marcela Morelo’s, it’s a match made in heaven!

This will certainly give your guests the right dose of dopamine to start the day!

“Andar Conmigo,” by Julieta Venegas

“Andar Conmigo” means “Walk With Me,” so what better way to ask your loved ones to walk you into your new life with you than with this tune!

You don’t need to say anything more than that, just let Julieta Venegas do the talking. Your friends and family will follow your lead on this one.

“Te Regalo una Promesa,” by Sie7e

It’s not fair to mention Spanish wedding songs without mentioning Sie7e.

This Puerto Rican heartthrob is very popular among the Latin Grammy community. He’s even named after one of the luckiest numbers in the universe!

You May Kiss The Bride – El Beso

Now that everyone is seated, you’ve said your vows and confessed your love to one another, it’s time for the first husband and wife kiss!

Here are some songs to complement this magical moment:

“La Vida Entera,” by Camila (feat. Marco Antonio Solìs)

“La Vida Entera” will bring joy to all attending your wedding and will certainly shine the spotlight on your special moment.

Just imagine kissing your partner while listening to this beautiful piece of Spanish goodness.

“Darte un Beso,” by Prince Royce

Do you know what “Darte un Beso” means? It means “give you a kiss.” Pretty perfect song choice!

“Robarte un Beso,” by Carlos Vives and Sebastian Yatra

While the last song was called “give you a kiss,” this one is called “steal a kiss from you,” or “robarte un beso.”

Still very romantic!

“Lucky,” by Jason Mraz (feat. Ximena Sarińana)

This is a Spanish twist on some popular Western sounds.

Jason Mraz is definitely synonymous with love songs. Remember his hit song “I’m Yours?” Well, this one is even better!

Add it to your list now!

“Sin Ti,” by Donato Y Estefano

This Latin pop duo from Havana, Cuba has musical chemistry like no other.

Kiss your new bride to the harmonious tunes of Donato and Estefano.

Off to the Reception – El Recessional

It’s time to guide your guests into the wedding party so turn it up a notch. Give them some upbeat music so they know it’s time to party.

Here are some Spanish songs that will lead the way:

“Bonita,” by Juanes and Sebastian Yatra

It’s time to get a little more festive!

“Bonita” by Juanes and Sebastian Yatra is a good tune to walk into your wedding party.

It’s actually one of the most important musical collaborations in the Latin world. This is you telling your guests: prepare yourselves for a good time!

“Un Poquito,” by Diego Torres and Carlos Vives

Back in the day, slow songs were played at the end of the wedding ceremony.

These days, it’s more trendy to play something upbeat, like “Un Poquito” by Diego Torres y Carlos Vives.

“Colgando en Tus Manos,” by Carlos Baute (con Marta Sánchez)

This one has got it all. The dancing, the festivities, and the drama. Carlos Baute and Marta Sanchez successfully made this song very famous.

“Bailar Contigo,” by Carlos Vives

This song is happy, upbeat, and has a fast tempo.

“Bailar Contigo” is the perfect song to prepare your guests for the dance floor.

We recommend that you add it to your recessional list.

“Como La Flor,” by Selena

This song is by the Queen of Tejano Music, Ms. Selena Quantilla-Pérez. She was one of the most beautiful Latin singers of our generation and remains one of the most famous Mexican-American musicians in the world!

We all know the tragedy that took place in Selena’s life, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t commemorate her lovely music. “Como La Flor” is a good song to honor love and start your journey as a new married couple.

“Tengo Tu Love,” by Sie7e

It’s Sie7e again, but this time he’s guiding your guests into a cool wedding party! Trust him. He knows what he’s doing. Don’t skip out on his mesmerizing tunes.

“Celebra La Vida,” by Axel

“Celebra La Vida.” Celebrate life. This is the exact vibe that you want filling the air on your wedding day.

Plus, there’s no one better to put your guests in the celebrating mood than Axel from Argentina.

“Gotas De Agua Dulce,” by Juanes

This song is from Juanes’ fourth studio album La Vida… Es Un Ratico

It’s passionate, lovey-dovey, and delightful to listen to. You can count on him to spread the love at your wedding.

“Me Enamora,” by Juanes

Why have one Juanes song in your playlist when you could have two? “Me Enamora” is also from Juanes’ hit album.

 The Colombian singer’s songs are a staple for many weddings around the world, and it’s easy to see why!

 “A Fuego Lento,” by Rosana

Rosana is one of the most important names in Latin music history. This Spanish singer’s voice gets you right in the feels.

Just imagine preparing for your wedding party while listening to this iconic song.

“Nada Fue Un Error,” by Coti

Roberto Fidel Ernesto Sorokin Esparza… Wait, you won’t remember this name, but you’ll remember his stage name, Coti.

He made this song to assure you that everything is going according to plan. Play this in your recessional and relax to his soothing melodies.

Dance the Night Away – El Primer Baile

May I have this dance? Of course, you may!

This song choice might just be the most important on your playlist. The first dance. The moment that you’ll cherish forever. Here are some songs to make it extra special:

“Somos Novios,” by Andrea Bocelli and Christina Aguilera

This song has been covered by so many wonderful singers.

Originally sung by Armando Manzanero in 1960, it was 10 years later when Elvis Presley sang “It’s Impossible,” which sounded the same. People accused him of stealing it.

Luis Miguel was also famous for singing this song in Spanish. He actually said that it should be only sung in Spanish because of its Bolero style.

But forget this drama, this is a beautiful song for newlyweds to dance to.

Listen to the Andrea Bocelli and Christina Aguilera version. You’ll thank us later.

“Te Mando Flores,” by Fonseca

This one is a little different. If you feel like a slow first dance is a little too cliché, replace it with an upbeat one!

Listen to “Te Mando Flores” by Fonseca. You’ll like our idea. 

“Bendita Tu Luz,” by Maná

Maná is a hip rock band from Mexico. Wait a minute, rock? Yes, rock can be romantic, too, sometimes.

This is the case of “Bendita Tu Luz.” It’s a well-composed song and full of passion. Just imagine yourself dancing with your partner. You’ll forget everything else at that moment.

“Estoy Enamorado,” by Thalia and Pedro Capó

Start your new life by telling your husband or wife, “estoy enamorado,” which simply means “I’m in love.” 

 “Algo Contigo,” by Vicentico

Argentinian musicians always do it better!

Vicentico won Best Rock Album in the Latin Grammys in 2021 and this song is from his self-titled album. It was one of the milestones of his solo career.

Listen to it and you’ll know what we mean. You’ll be choosing it for your first dance.

“Tu Recuerdo Divino,” by Aleks Syntek and Los Ángeles Azules

The first dance showcases the love and unity between a couple, and “Tu Recuerdo Divino” is all about that union.

The sounds of Aleks Syntek and the Los Ángeles Azules group are amazing. Let them beautifully portray the harmony between the new bride and groom.

“Que Me Alcance La Vida,” by Sin Bandera

Last but not least, this song should be definitely be considered for your first dance. It’s one of Sin Bandera’s most romantic ballads ever!

Party All Night – La Fiesta

Now we’ve reached an important part of your wedding. The part where everyone takes off their uncomfortable shoes. The part where you dance until the sun comes up!

Celebrate while dancing to songs sung in the language of love.

Here are the most festive songs on our list:

“Tu Amor Me Hace Bien,” (Salsa Version) by Marc Anthony

Of course, you’ve heard Marc Anthony sing “Tu Amor Me Hace Bien” with his ex-wife, Jennifer Lopez. People mistakenly thought he wrote this song for her, but he said that all of his songs tell short stories.

This song would be a good addition to your own story, wouldn’t it?

“Shape of You,” (Latin Remix) by Ed Sheeran (feat. Zion & Lennox)

Even in Latin, Ed Sheeran never stops being romantic.

Listen to this remix. You’ll add it to your reception playlist right away.

“La Bicicleta,” by Carlos Vives and Shakira

Latin dancing is synonymous with this diva. Shakira: the queen of Latin dancing!

Your party won’t be complete without her on the list. Those hips never lie.

“Sueńos,” by Diego Torres

Diego Torres strikes again. This time with “Sueńos.”

“El Mar de Sus Ojos,” by Carlos Vives

More from Carlos Vives. You can never go wrong with him.

“Càsate Conmigo,” by Silvestre Dangond and Nicky Jam

This combo of singers will light your dance floor on fire.

Seriously, make sure to include Silvestre Dangond and Nicky Jam in your list. They’ll give you an unforgettable night of dancing.

“Nińa Bonita,” by Chino & Nacho

Chino and Nacho from Venezuela. Enough said. Your night will be made.

“Sueños,” by Diego Torres and Julieta Venegas

Make sure to ask for the MTV Unplugged version of this one, so you get the raw sounds of Diego Torres and Julieta Venegas.

“La Vida Es Un Carnaval,” by Celia Cruz

The name says it all. You only live once. Live it with the iconic Celia Cruz.

“Te Esta Pasando Lo Mismo Que A Mi,” by Marcela Morelo

The more Marcela Morelo, the better, and you simply can’t go wrong with this Spanish song!

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