The 14 Best Firefighter Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cake toppers are one of the most fun things to pick out for your wedding day. Often, they are a perfect addition to whatever theme you’ve decided on. 

 For our wedding day, my husband and I had a beach theme. We found the perfect cake topper – it was a lovely couple standing barefoot in the sand with waves nearby and the bride holding up the bottom of her dress.

 Is your theme based on the passion and fire of the love you share? Or is your future spouse a firefighter and you want to show how much their career means to the two of you? 

 If so, then you’ll want to check out this list of the best firefighter wedding cake toppers for your future wedding!

Customizable Fireman and Bride Cake Topper 

Fireman Wedding Cake Topper

This topper is the perfect gift for any significant occasion!

This customizable fireman and bride cake topper features a firefighter kneeling and kissing his bride’s hand who is holding a flower bouquet with her other hand. The best part of this beautiful wedding cake topper? You can customize it to say whatever short phrase you like underneath, and it’s available in a wide range of colors, including black, blue, wood, turquoise or glitter finishes.

Firefighter and Bride Showing Some Canine Love

This customizable and two-dimensional wedding cake topper features a fireman and bride, as well as their canine companion. It’s a great choice because, not only can you customize your new last name, but you can also include your wedding date in a sweet carved heart.

Nurse and Fireman Wedding Cake Topper

Fireman and Nurse Wedding Cake Topper

Personalized cake toppers, with last name, pets, couple silhouette customization, customizable topper design.

Are you a nurse and your future spouse is a firefighter? If so, this is the perfect wedding cake topper for both of you! We love that it looks like the bride’s dragging her groom down the aisle! 

Firetruck with a Bride and Firefighter Wedding Cake Topper

Fire Fighter Wedding Cake Topper

This topper is the perfect gift for any significant occasion!

Another fun twist to the firefighter wedding cake topper is to include the firetruck! You can just hear the noise of the firetruck driving down with the firemen to save a kitten in a tree. We also love that you can include your wedding date and last name, along with the cute heart shape on the side of the bride’s dress.

Wedding Cake Topper with a Modest Nod to Firefighters

Fireman and Wife Personalized with Date Wedding Cake Topper

Make your special day even more extravagant with this one of a kind unique cake topper.

This cake topper is great if you’re looking for a more minimalist or modest association with firemen. The top and left side of the cake topper has a lovely firemen’s helmet, while the rest of the design includes a customizable Mr. & Mrs. last name. 

Bride and Groom Riding a Firetruck

Fireman Couple On Truck Personalized Wedding Cake Topper

Our Cake Toppers will be the perfect addition to your cake. 

If you want a showstopper for your wedding cake, then this cake topper with a bride and groom lying on top of a ladder attached to a firetruck is the perfect choice. It even has a design that makes the firetruck look like it’s moving fast.

Porcelain Firemen to the Rescue Cake Topper

Rescue Fireman Groom Porcelain Figurine Cake Topper

Features a Fireman ready to rescue his damsel in distress on a ladder easily propped on the side of your cake.

Something completely different is this porcelain Fireman to the Rescue cake topper! You’ll love the cute fireman climbing up a ladder to rescue his bride on your wedding cake. He even has a hose wrapped around his arm!  

Firefighter Showing Love to His Bride

Firefighter Showing Love to His Bride

This topper is made of 1/8" ABS black plastic with non reflecting pebbled surface coated with a shellac finish.

This is a lovely wedding cake topper with a firefighter holding up his bride. He’s wearing a helmet and holding a fireman’s axe. Best of all, the two-dimensional design includes a heart between the words Mr. and Mrs. And you can even personalize it to include your new last name underneath.

Humorous Firefighter Wedding Cake Topper

Humorous Firefighter Wedding Cake Topper

Our one-of-a-kind, fireman-themed cake topper will make your special day even more memorable!

If you want your guests to have a good laugh, then this wedding cake topper is the one for you! In this design, the bride is pulling her groom and keeping him from running back to the firehouse. On the side of the cake, there’s a firefighter helmet and coat, along with the boots and axe associated with a fireman. The best part? You will love the heart shape with a fire department logo and the words “fire alarm.” 

Novelty Firefighter Clay Figurine Cake Topper

Fire Fighter Wedding Cake Topper

Every girl dreams of her perfect wedding with personalized touch but don't want it to cost an arm or a leg, then you are finally at the right place.

If you are having a wedding with two brides, and you’re marrying a woman firefighter, then this is the perfect wedding cake topper for you! This is a cute and silly clay figurine cake topper with one bride pulling forward the firefighter who is on the floor with an axe.

Funny Fireman Wedding Cake Topper

Funny Fireman Wedding Cake Topper

lso Great for the Bachelorette Party and will be Awesome on the Groom's Cake too.

If you’re looking for a good laugh, then this cake topper is the perfect choice. The groom’s wearing a fireman helmet, and is sitting down with his face in his hands and shackles around his foot. The bride, has a set of keys in her hand and a firefighter’s helmet on her head. This scene is truly hilarious! Your friends and family will love it!

 Simple and Traditional Fireman Wedding Cake Topper

 Simple and Traditional Fireman Wedding Cake Topper

Bride and Groom Made of Plastic. Measures 4 1/2" Inches Tall.

If you’re looking for a more traditional and straightforward firefighter wedding cake topper, then this is a good choice. The bride’s wearing a real veil and the groom’s got his fireman’s helmet on. Simple, straightforward and affordable, it’ll add that little bit of personality to your wedding cake, and day!

Fireman and Bride Silhouette Cake Topper

Fireman and Bride Silhouette Cake Topper

The personalized wedding cake topper is a modern sentiment and will make any cake elegant. we use laser machine from high quality acrylic or wooden and features an elegant script that will make your wedding cake all the more special.

If you love the idea of a silhouette cake topper with a fireman and bride, but you don’t want it personalized, then you’ll definitely want to look at this as this design.

Personalized Bobble Head Firefighter Cake Topper

Firefighter Wedding Cake Topper

Using your photo or other photos you like as references, we can create custom caricature figurines made to look like you or your loved one. 

Who doesn’t love a bobble head? If budget isn’t an issue, then you can order your very own personalized bobble head wedding cake topper that features you and your partner’s face. Unique, classic, funny and an adorable keepsake, we can’t recommend this one enough.

Cake Topper Buying Tips

What Material Is Best for Cake Toppers?

There are several types of materials that you can choose from when deciding on a wedding cake topper. Each material has its benefits. The most common types of materials for cake toppers include:

  • Acrylic
  • Wire
  • Ceramic
  • Metal

How Big or Small Should Your Wedding Cake Topper Be?

You will need to make sure that the diameter of your cake topper is no larger than the diameter of the wedding cake you’ve picked. If the cake topper is short and light in weight, then it can have a larger diameter. 

 Our best advice is to make sure the topper’s slightly smaller than the cake. So, for example, Nonetheless, if the cake measures 9 inches in diameter, then the topper should be around 7 inches.

Should Your Cake Topper Relate to Your Wedding Theme?

It’s completely up to you! After all, it’s your big day. Rather than choosing a topper that relates to your theme, think about the overall look of the cake, the venue and your personal likes (or dislikes).

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