10 Amazing Andrea Bocelli Songs for Wedding

Did you know that Andrea Bocelli is a multi-instrumentalist?

You’ve probably heard his gorgeous, operatic voice, especially if you’re a diehard romantic like me, because Bocelli’s tenor is like pure love straight into the heart!

As a young kid, Bocelli learned to play many instruments, including the flute, guitar, and drums. But many people also know Andrea Bocelli because he’s totally blind… he lost his vision at age 12 after a sporting accident.

Fun fact: Andrea Bocelli also went to law school, and he worked in law for a year before winning a singing contest and becoming an international star. We’re happy he made that career change!

Beautiful brides like you know—Andrea Bocelli songs for weddings are a must!

Andrea Bocelli Songs for Wedding

Amo Soltanto

This original song is wedding perfection since it was written in English by no other than Ed Sheeran—another favorite of mine when it comes to romantic music for one of the biggest days in your life.

Ed and his brother Matt composed “I Only Love You,” which got translated into Italian for Andrea Bocelli to put his legendary vocal stamp on.

I can hear this in a beautiful church setting, and you should also check out our handy guide for taking the most stunning wedding photos in a church!

When to play: if you haven’t already seen the adorable video for “Amo Soltanto,” check it out! You’ll see why the song is a beautiful bride’s entrance for your formal wedding ceremony.

Perfect Symphony

Ed and Andrea have worked together before on this song, notably a symphonic version of the simple ballad “Perfect.”

The “Perfect Symphony” version is a duet between Andrea and Ed. Ed begins the tune in English and Andrea comes in with a gorgeous Italian translation of the lyrics, accompanied by an orchestra.

When to play: The tempo here is a bit quick for a bride’s entrance, but it would be nice for a ceremony recessional or a sweet waltz-type first dance at your reception.

Can’t Help Falling in Love

It might sound crazy, but Andrea has covered some love songs made famous by Elvis Presley, including a stunning rendition of “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” 

He recently performed the song at the Italian wedding of Kourtney Kardashian to musician Travis Barker. The video above shows Kourtney and Travis swaying while Andrea serenades their first dance.

When to play: you can find videos of Andrea singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love” live online, and it would be a perfect first dance at your reception, although I couldn’t find a studio version. Andrea’s version will also be a great song choice if you hire a trained singer to perform at your ceremony.

Ave Maria

Andrea must be special to collaborate with—in addition to working with Ed Sheeran on multiple projects, Andrea has frequently collaborated with songwriter and bandleader David Foster on piano.

Their version of Ave Maria is simply stunning, with Andrea’s sensitive vocals over David’s gentle accompaniment.

When to play: this is perfect music for your wedding ceremony, particularly during the signing of your wedding register.

Fall On Me

This stunning original song is a vocal and piano duet between Andrea and his son Matteo Bocelli. Matteo and a songwriting team co-wrote the song, and he sings in English while Andrea takes on his lyrics in Italian.

When to play: Andrea has been quoted as saying that “anyone who is a parent, anyone who knows the precious responsibility of being a mother or a father, will fully grasp the meaning of this piece…” So that makes “Fall On Me” perfect for a father/daughter, mother/son, or family dance at your reception!

The Power of Love

American singer-songwriter Jennifer Rush co-wrote and cut “The Power of Love” in 1984. After her first version was released, other bands and singers, most notably Celine Dion, covered the song.

While we adore Celine’s version, Andrea also recorded his version of “The Power of Love” for his 1995 album, simply titled Bocelli

When to play: I would love Andrea’s version of “The Power of Love” to be a wedding couple’s first dance—it’s as romantic as any cover I’ve heard, and his tenor voice adds a pleasant warmth to a stirring song.

The Prayer

A powerhouse songwriting team, including David Foster and Carole Bayer Sager, wrote “The Prayer,” and both Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion recorded their version of the majestic tune for separate albums.

While both versions are special, Celine and Andrea realized that blending their voices on “The Prayer” would be extra special, and their duet is considered the best, most romantic, and most potent version.

When to play: Andrea and Celine’s version of “The Prayer” makes a gorgeous first dance.

Time to Say Goodbye

Andrea’s duet with famed operatic actress Sarah Brightman on “Time to Say Goodbye” became a huge hit. However, the original song in Italian carried the title “Con te partirò,” which, literally translated into English, means “I’ll leave with you.”

When to play: Considering the English translation of this gorgeous song, it’s a great way to end your reception with a huge, celebratory group dance!

Amazing Grace

Andrea released his 17th studio album, Believe, in November 2020, with some awe-inspiring cover versions of Broadway songs and traditional hymns, most notably a cover of the 18th-century hymn “Amazing Grace.” 

Andrea’s version of “Amazing Grace” features the uplifting vocals of bluegrass country artist Allison Krauss. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love this song!

When to play: it’s a beautiful bridal processional at a rustic wedding and equally well-suited for your music during the registry signing.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Andrea’s version of a popular, old-time Broadway song, “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” is also from his album Believe

I read notes on the songs Andrea chose to cover for his album Believe, and his selection of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is incredibly emotional. He wanted to sing songs that have sustained him throughout the more challenging times in his life, and this song is a beautiful example.

When to play: there won’t be a dry eye at your wedding reception if you make this cover song by Andrea Bocelli your father-daughter, mother-song, or family dance!

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