13 Celine Dion Wedding Songs for Your Beautiful Day

If you’re looking for a powerhouse vocalist to bring your wedding playlist to life, Celine Dion is the way to go. Throughout her longstanding career, Celine has gained millions of fans, prestigious awards, and endless praise for her raw talent and musical ability.

In her discography, you’ll find some of the most romantic love songs and moving ballads ever written. For this reason, Celine would make a perfect addition to your dream wedding playlist.

With so many incredible hits to her name, it can be difficult for couples to find the right Celine Dion wedding songs for their big day. You can finally put those concerns to rest because it doesn’t get any better than this.

celine dion wedding songs
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Because You Loved Me

If you two have experienced a life-changing love, this is the perfect song to add to your wedding day playlist. For couples who cannot wait for a lifetime of joy and romance, this song will help you start things off right.

Because You Loved Me makes a great first dance song, as well as a processional tune right after the ceremony. Wherever you choose to use this iconic song, it’s sure to highlight the beauty of your incredible love story.


Another one of Celine’s most powerful hits, Miracle will make a wonderful addition to your romantic wedding song list. This song champions the kind of love that feels like something truly out of this world.

When your love story is more extraordinary than anything you’ve ever experienced, it deserves a celebration that’s just as moving. With this in mind, Miracle is a must-have on your finalized playlist.

Miracle can be used as a first dance song, as well as a last dance tune at the end of the night. Either way, this song is best enjoyed during romantic, intimate moments with the one you love.

Power of Love

As one of the Canadian singer’s more pop-centric tunes, Power of Love is a certified crowd-pleaser. This one is sure to get guests out on the dance floor, moving to the rhythm as they belt out the chorus to their partners.

With Dion’s famously powerful vocals, this song might be difficult to imitate, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. As you share a slow dance with your brand-new spouse, you’ll love swaying back and forth to the beat of this romantic tune.

My Heart Will Go On

From the hit movie Titanic starring Leonardo DiCaprio, My Heart Will Go On has been featured on countless wedding playlists. As dramatic as it is romantic, this song will help you celebrate your union in all its glory.

With this undeniably beautiful song, you can enjoy an intimate moment during the reception. Holding each other tightly without a care in the world, you’ll be reminded of all the reasons why you two first fell in love.

This hit single also works well as a processional song, signaling the beginning of an incredible love story. As you two head into this new season of life together, you’ll know that there’s nothing that could ever separate you.

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Although it was originally recorded by another artist, this beautiful ballad is one of Celine’s most popular songs. Penned by Roberta Flack, this hit single will bring a touch of emotion and romance to your wedding reception.

If you would prefer to keep the reception upbeat, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face can also be played during the bride’s entrance. Its overall tone and messaging will remind you of all the warm fuzzy feelings you got when you first locked eyes with your soulmate.

When I Fall in Love

Featured in the hit rom-com Sleepless in Seattle, When I Fall in Love is another crowd favorite from Celine’s discography. Paired with the gentle tone of Clive Griffin’s vocals, Celine’s powerhouse voice brings this song to life.

This song is an ideal choice for your first dance, allowing you to celebrate falling in love with your spouse all over again. You’ll love reminiscing about all of the moments that led you to this beautiful event together.

When I Fall in Love can also be used for an intimate last dance once all of your guests have gone home for the night. With the dance floor to yourselves, these two powerful voices will serenade you into this wonderful new season of life.

To Love You More

To Love You More is a sentimental song that your guests won’t be able to resist singing at the top of their lungs. A bit more upbeat than Celine’s other singles, this catchy tune is more of a dance song than a power ballad.

To Love You More works well when you want to keep guests moving and grooving on the dance floor. As they belt out this classic-sounding love song, you’ll be amazed at the beauty, joy, and endless fun experienced on your special day.

I’m Your Angel

If you and your spouse love smooth, soulful songs, I’m Your Angel is right up your alley. This exquisite love song is a great choice for any point on your wedding day.

If your partner is like a gift from above, you’ll definitely want to use I’m Your Angel as your first dance song. The romantic lyrics are perfect for setting the tone for a lifetime of love and commitment to each other.

This mid-tempo song can also be used as a processional tune or an exit song once the wedding reception has ended. No matter where you use it, I’m Your Angel is sure to highlight all the best moments of your wedding day.

Have You Ever Been in Love

Have You Ever Been in Love is one of Celine Dion’s greatest hits, and it’s easy to see why. This romantic song has been on repeat in countless wedding playlists over the years, largely due to its profound, heartfelt lyrics.

Have You Ever Been in Love makes a great first dance song, inspiring you to reflect on the years you spent falling for your partner. As you prepare for married life together, this song will help you to start your union off on the right foot.

This classic Celine Dion song is the perfect track for your wedding playlist due to its incredible charm and versatility. Whether you play it at the beginning of the ceremony or during the exit, it’s a perfect celebration of your love story.

Tell Him

Featuring Barbara Streisand, this beautiful track will bring plenty of depth and romance to your wedding day. If you’re looking for a few more slow dance songs to add to your wedding song list, you’ll definitely want to keep this one in mind.

Its steady rhythm and powerful lyrics make this song ideal for a dance break during your wedding reception. When guests need a moment to sit down and chat, this is the perfect background song to keep them upbeat and engaged.

It’s All Coming Back to me Now

As one of the most popular singles in Celine Dione’s song catalog, this tune is a perfect fit for your special day. This traditional love song is all about the kind of romance that lasts forever, no matter how much time has passed.

While there are plenty of song selections in Celine’s discography, this is one that most of your guests can sing along to. Featured in several films, advertisements, and television shows over the years, this song has had incredible commercial success.

The best thing about including well-known songs on your playlist is that you can pull them out at the perfect time to get everyone going. When there’s a lull in the reception, this tune is the perfect way to pick things back up.

If You Asked Me To

Another hit from the queen of ballads, If You Asked Me To is great for couples who have helped each other through difficult times. As Celine sings about past heartbreak, she admits that her new love interest may be the perfect person to restore her faith in true love.

If that sounds like you, we’d suggest using this as a processional or first dance song on your wedding day. Its steady rhythm is perfect for dancing without distracting from the beauty and romance of your special moment.

Beauty and the Beast

Sang with Peabo Bryson, Beauty and the Beast is a classic song that appeals to wedding guests of all ages. From the beloved Disney movie of the same title, this wildly popular song celebrates unique love stories of every kind.

On your wedding day, we recommend using this fairytale-inspired song during your first dance. Although it may make your guests a little teary-eyed, this song is sure to stir up powerful emotions on your most special occasion.

If you’ve already got a first dance song picked out, Beauty and the Beast would also be a great choice for your private dance. When every guest has left the room, you two can share an intimate moment to celebrate the beginning of your greatest adventure.

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